Rommelís Treasure Series.

5- The Necropolis of Seth.

Level: Pouco2.

Walkthrough by Michael Prager. (with some additions by me)

Straight ahead through the opening gate an onward. Drop one level down, then up the stairs on either side and onto the transparent tile in the middle of the four pillars. Jump across and see crawlspaces on both sides. Explore both for Lasersight, Uzi ammo, flares, small medi, revolver ammo, explosive crossbows and shotgun ammo and kill a mutant along the way. Then come back and now up the central staircase.

When Lara arrives on last step, two flying skeletons are appearing. Shoot at them and they return into the ground. They continue to be around but do not bother Lara any more. Continue straight ahead down a short
flight of stairs. See a closed grate on the left. You can shoot the wall on the right. In there, jump across, crawl below darts, activate the two reach in switches and go back to the basin, now filled with red water, which is not deadly.

Swim into the opening and collect Secret #1 (Uzi, 2x Uzi ammo and a small medi). Get out and across through the now open grate. Kill two 'tinmen'. Shoot them with the pistols, while hopping backwards facing them. Collect flares, explosive arrows, shotgun and the trapdoor in the center opens. Drop in and avoid the trap via jumps. Activate the reach in switch (Crawltrick, crawl to it and stand as soon as possible, use and duck again, crawl back) and go back to the now open door. Two more reach-in switches and pickups in the rooms to find (small medi, explosive arrows and crossbow).

Back to the room with the spiketrap, you dropped into and out through the now open door. Light a flare to jump over the two holes in the floor. Pick up the big medi at the skeleton and jump away to avoid the fire. When the fire dies, jump in again to trigger the trap door, jump on the (timed) trap door and from there into the opening on the SE side. Climb up twice. The pillars are all movable blocks, so go ahead and reveal 4 openings.

Let's start with the first on the right (south-west). Go through the opening door. Approach the skeleton and then quickly return to the entry ledge to safely kill the appearing mutant. Pick up shotgun ammo and a small medi in the side passage to re-open the entrance door and don't forget to pick up the torch. Move on to the south-east opening. Go left and light your torch when the fire does not (!) blow.

Now let's go to the opening on the opposite side (north-west). Upstairs you can collect some Uzi ammo in a sarcophagus (check if you picked it all up, sometimes there will be something left, in that case, crawl in front of the coffin a bit angled and get it.) Downstairs you find the torch on the wall that needs some fire, so light it to open the door. Drop your torch but remember where as you will need it later. Move on, pick up revolver ammo twice and kill two skeletons. Stand facing the N wall and sidestep to the spikes, turn right a bit so when you sidejmp left, you will land on the slope over the hole, grab and you can go to the centre, so you will land exactly on the Medipack below. Immediately backflip and jump/grab from the slide onto the central pole and move upwards before the spikes hurt you.

Push in the movable block under the head of the skeleton to open a door in the north-east opening and pick up Uzi ammo. Push in the NW block in twice, then pull it out of the way to push a third block under the head of the skeleton in. This reveals a reach in switch, which opens the grates near the starting area.

Jump on the block and leave the room upward to find yet another skeleton, this time the movable block is under its feet. But first get secret #2 by shooting the wall left of the movable block. Then push it and a trap door will open and you end up at the one spike trap again which you need to escape via a few jumps. Find your way back to the four openings and enter the now open gate in the north-east opening.

Upstairs is some Uzi ammo if you wish to collect that. Enter the new area and kill two skeletons. Go left, pull the chain and you get a cut scene of a door opening. Find it in the south east opening (but get the Torch first, you need it up there.) where you lit your torch before and go through it, hairpin turn, up the stairs and forward to the room with two transparent pyramids and to the right though the opened gate. Watch the scene showing you an unlit torch and two tinmen mounting their horses. Kill them and pick up the revolver. Keep hopping backwards on the side where they donít carry the sword. It will take a while but itís possible certainly if you get a chance to pick up the revolver the 1st will drop.

Now, hopefully you will remember where you left your burning torch as it's time to get it and light the one on the wall shown by the previous cut scene. Also, make sure you do bring along your torch as of now as you will be needing it again.

Back to the north-east opening at the 4 blocks, where the gate has opened near the chain you pulled earlier (Drop the Torch on safe ground at the entrance and go right instead of left to the chain). Note there is a difference between blood and lava, wade through the blood and climb up in the passage, follow to a lavapit, make it to the other side with two jumps. Use the reach in switch and see the gate opening through the window on your right. Go back there (use the sloped block for the first jump). Go pick up the Torch.

Follow the new path to the Necropolis. Kill three skeletons and find the lava lake with two columns and four platforms. Jump on all four of them to open a gate, kill another skeleton and exit through that gate. Walk to the edge, then take two steps back and from that position make a running jump and keep jump pressed to reach the other side. Go to the back and exit to the right to get to the outside of the castle.

Kill the two skeletons if you wish. There is a closed gate to the left, so take the downward stairs to the right. Drop the torch before you go into the river of blood. Follow the 'river' to the two waterfalls forming a corridor and kill a mutant. Go get the torch and return here. On the right near the wooden crate, you see a passage going upward. Follow it and slide into a room with four horses. Light the two torches on the central pillars of the north and south sides to open a trap door.

Drop the torch and go swimming through the trapdoor, explore both sides. There is tons of revolver ammo and an 'Eternity key' to pick up, and you see a gate opening and the tinmen mounting their horses. Save and get out and, although with all the revolver ammo it should be manageable to get rid of the four horsemen rather quickly if you use it wisely and find a sloped ledge in the S or N side of the room along E or W wall to shoot from without getting Lara hurt. When they all dropped off the horses, you can go to the big room and hop backwards, facing them while pumping them full of lead (pistols will do too). Pick up the 'Heart Stone' and place it in its receptacle on the north side. Drop through the trap door and end up in the bloody river.

Make your way back up the stairs through the now open gate on the left (north) and follow the steps upwards. Find the reach in switch to the right and see the cut scene. Make your way to the chain it shows you, via five running jumps with grab (the bridges at the steam-blowers are invisible). Pull it and see the gates on the other side of the big bridge opening. On your way over there, stop for secret #3 behind a pushable block opposite the reach in switch. Then go over the bridge and slide into Part 2.

Part 2 ( 2 secrets):

Begin fighting three skeletons and three tinmen for a 'Heart Stone' Place the gem, go through either of the opening doors and up on the left for a small medi pick-up and another skeleton to kill. Then go back and through the now open gate on the left. Jump down to a block slightly to the right, climb up to the next block and jump into the opening (Or a run jump with a right curve from the lower block). Jump across to the reach in switch and use it to open the trap door below.

Drop down into the catacombs and meet three knights. Pushing in 5 blocks (donít use the left one on W wall) in the alcoves reveals a big medi, a small medi, some Uzi ammo and a reach in switch (and gets rid of the spikes). Make sure you use the reach in switch (left in S wall) last, as it not only opens a trapdoor but also releases beetles and starts a timed sequence. You will need to climb up the structure with the burners and through the trap door. Easiest for me was to start on the west side. (Looks like the trapdoor is timed in some way.)

Climb up, to the right around the corner, up and pull up and immediately jump and grab, then to the left around the corner and out. This way you do not need to worry about any of the burners. Move on, kill to skeletons and the doors open as you approach and you enter an area with cages hanging from the ceiling.

Jump to the column in front of you, then a long running jump to the right onto the 'stairs' and duck immediately as the cages come tumbling down. Move to the top step and then across to trigger all the cages to fall. Watch out on the last one. Jump forward and then immediately back again to avoid the cage. When all is clear, jump across to the crucified skeleton and pick up your second 'Eternity Key'. From there jump back and across to the now open gate (west side) via the column.

Jump across the pits to collect flares and Uzi ammo. You can now kill the three mutants down below safely from above with the revolver and laser sight if you can spot them or you will have to battle them down below. Do a safety drop down, avoiding the fires. Find the movable block in the south west corner. Push it in and collect small medi, Uzi ammo and shotgun ammo. And also behind the coffin, a crawlspace behind which you can find Secret #4.

In this room there is another pushable block that gives you access to the chain you could see from the room with the fires. Pull it and watch the cut scene. Go back and find a newly opened gate, which brings you back to the starting room. Make your way through the doors again and this time jump to the left which is now open. Repeat the reach in switch and drop through the trap door routine.

Drop and slide and then keep that finger on the jump button and add a left on the forward jumps to make your way across. Move on through the passage. When you reach the deep black pit, jump on a flat tile in front of you. Then a long running jump to the right (north) to the next one and one more to a tile two rows further down. From there you can jump across the pit (a little to the left) and pull up. Simply jump upward to the left and then to the right. A long running jump along the same row towards the south (Stand at side of pit and step back as far as possible). Another one, slightly to the left to grab the edge, shimmy to the left and pull up to the ledge.

Simply jump towards the exit and pull up and out. Follow the steps upward and then there is some more back and forth jumping with added direction key to get further upwards. Closed door on the left, so activate the nearby reach in switch to open it. Watch the cut scene and proceed through the now open door and pick up Secret #5 by shooting a wall on the right. Then cross the bridge and youíre back where you had started the adventure.

Place the two 'Eternity Keys' and meet Seth, or rather not, i.e. run through the opened grate like you did at the start and find the room you saw in the last cut scene, where the 'bridge' has turned now. Jump on it and climb up and around one corner to drop and make your way through the opening (opposite the closed gate). There is a block to push and after that the final reach in switch which opens that closed gate back there, so activate it, retrace your steps and slide down and after a few more jumps back and forth over the slopes to avoid the spikes the 'Exit' awaits you.                                                     

 And yet again they managed to ruin great rooms, what is it with those guys at TRO-Online?  Remark from me (Dutchy)