Rommelís Treasure Series.


2 -The U-Boat Sarcophagus.

Level by Pouco 2.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

You slide into a room, pull out the Shotgun and shoot the Scorpion. Go into SW cave with a skeleton, get the Ammo and go to the NW, jump up to the sandy ridge and follow to the S, run jump to the slope in the alcove, roll in mid air and jump/grab from the slope to the ladder, backflip to the ledge and go to the pillar, jump around to the other side and climb up. Drop on the other side to a ledge, get the small medipack and run jump/grab into the passage N, and follow to a Connection room with a pit. Shoot the Guard get his Ammo and dive in.

The U-Boat.

Follow the tunnels to a big flooded Dock; a big U-Boat is on the bottom but there is a place where you can swim under, about in the center, get up in this room and get the Crossbow and Ammo. Thereís a screenshot of the Left Gauntlet on a grating, around you are several gratings, with goodies behind them.

Gate #1.

Dive back in the water to find the gate in the NW, which opened taking the Crossbow. Climb out and go to the connection room, shoot 2 Guards when entering the store room and go S, into the passage W, left at the Wanted poster, shoot the Guards, get the Ammo and see the Key in the Croc pool behind the window. Go to the end of this passage and get some Ammo behind the crate, go into passage S, between the Croc pools, left past the Scorpion cage. Follow, shooting the Guards to a single grey block in the W corner, push it once and get the Ammo right, now push it where the Ammo was and a door is revealed, go in shoot some boxes to get room to move and pull the grey shelf right out and aside, shoot the grating and go in, nice view! Pull the lever, go back shoot a Guard from the crawlspace, go left out of the blue door and into the open door N, shoot a Guard on your way. Get the Goodies inside and push the button. A gate opens, go back out and around the Scorpion cage to shoot 3 Guards behind it, get some Ammo in the small Ctrl room in the center of the Scorpion cage and a door opens at the Wanted poster.

The Boulder slope.

Go back to the poster in the down passage. The W door is open. left is the Boulder slope; go up along right wall till 1st Boulder went by and run down behind it, right into passage, wait for the 3 Boulders come down and go up along the right side and after 4th Boulder, along the left side, sprint to the opposite side of the passage and shoot some Guards when approaching the next room, hereís a Sentry gun, you canít take out, go all around the room to the NE corner, get the Medipack and see a door open through the gate, get back to the Boulder slope and stop at the top of the slope, look up, thereís a ladder in the left hole. Climb it and follow the passages to behind the second Sentry gun. You can shoot it out of revenge, but it is not necessary. Look for a Grating near the sand hill and get Secret #1, Ammo inside, go out to the door in NE corner. Shoot the Guards down there and climb down the NE hole on left side of the ladder, roll and shoot the Scorp, get the Key and go to the other side, circle along the left wall to the Skeleton and get the Ammo, go back shooting another Scorp (sometimes it appears, sometimes not) and climb the same ladder. Go back to the Wanted poster and up to the passage where you pushed the block, right/left down the slope and use your Key at the left gate, the door opposite the gate opens. Go in and shoot 2 Guards, go to the far end and get the Ammo, throw the lever and another gate opens in the Dock.

Gate #2.

Go back over the Boulder slope, at the Wanted poster left, through the store room and into the hole at the connection room swim back to the Dock and to the SE gate, you can get some air in the U-Boat halfway, because it is quite a swim there. Follow the tunnels, past a Croc (in this part of the U-Boat you see here is also the possibility to get air, there is a keyhole inside and a closed gate, so I think youíll be back here) and up in a room with Air. Look E and see a gate where you will be returning from later when youíre finished here.

The Depot.

Swim into the NW tunnel and follow to the connection room, run out E and hop onto the red crate (ignore the Scorp), turn and run jump to the Portal Crane W, go left and run jump/grab the grated walkway next to the platform S. pull up quick and shoot the 3 Guards, go find the wooden crate on the higher ledge and climb it, standjmp/grab the N side of the container hanging in the crane and climb up, climb the crane pillar and go around to the E side, backflip off to the ledge behind. Shimmy around the blue/grey crate and get some Ammo, back and hop over the wooden crate, crawl into the S room. Shoot a Guard and go to NW corner, over the wooden crate to get a small medipack behind the grey crate and go back, push the greenish block into the SW passage till you can enter the walkway left, (screenshot of Goodies next door.) Follow the walkway, go right and left, up the crawlspace left and down the pole, reach the poison pit. Jmp to the red centre ledge and a door S will open jump to the left red ledge and into the door grabbing.

Shoot 2 Guards and go left, in the corner is a grating in the wall, get Secret #2, Ammo from behind it, go to the opposite side of the room, pick up some Ammo the Guard dropped and find 2 buttons to push, one for blowing out another opening at the Dock, a big tunnel this time. The second will open a door at the pole, so go back to the pole and climb up, look in N wall and go down in that passage, pull the block once and go back past the pole, through the crawlspace to the walkway pull the block there back twice and circle through the other room to the other side of the walkway, so you get behind this block, go get Secret #3, the Goodies inside. Backtrack to the Platform at the crane and go into the gate in W wall; you saw when you swam here.

The Big Tunnel.

Save and dive down and go left, to the Dock and into the big tunnel in the NE, straight to the next tunnel up into a shaft, follow to a Connection room. You made it? Long swim eh? You can also get some halfway air in the U-Boat if you want. Go W and pull the block in the passage all the way out and aside so you can enter again, pull the one that was behind it once, turn left and push that one once, now you can push the other one aside so you can enter the passage behind it. Enter the Poison Factory.

The Poison Factory.

Go to the end of the walkway up the ladder, run jump to the yellow pipe in the pit and go to the SE corner, hop over the poison so you can climb the walkway on other side, follow to the ladder down to the big room and hop behind the pillar right, push the button and return to the yellow pipe. Climb the ladder inside the opened door and follow the passage to the top of the big room, shoot all Guards and go to the ladder NW, run jump/grab the platform S to get the Gate Keys. Jmp to the pillar S and get the Ammo, drop and go to the N side, open the Crowbar door and drop in the room, go for the button and backflip twice to get back in the opening, a gate opened in the centre structure, get the Amulet of Horus from inside and see the green beam down in the big room stop, it will make Secret #4, a Medipack accessible, if you want it, you have to go back down before you leave through E door in the top of the big room.

Gate #3.

When you follow the path down the slides, you are back in familiar territory, one of the Connection rooms, 3 Guards will show up, one by one, if you stay inside a bit. Enter the store room and go to S side, use your new Key there and throw the lever behind the door, youíll get a flyby of where to go next, but with all the turning around the U-Boat itís a bit hard to see where the gate opened exactly. Swim back and go to the Dock and go right/right, the gate is right next door. Follow the tunnel past the hungry Crocs, go right where you see the closed gate you will come back to in a bit. Follow till you can swim up in a hole, better Save there and swim W, past another bunch of Crocs and get the Guardís Keys in the end. Watch the health as the crocs are close, swim back to the air pocket and swim back to the crossing where you saw the closed gate, itís open now, but first go left and to the part of the U-Boat in this room, swim up in the hole and go behind the wall in the end, shoot the Guard and get his Amory Key.

The Amory.

Swim back to the Dock and to the gate SE, follow to the other end of the U-Boat, up the hole and use the Amory Key in the lock behind the wall. Go to the other side and dive in the tunnel which just opened. Follow to a hole right, go up and shoot a Croc, get the Ammo and go through the water again, find the next hole in the end, up and look for a ceiling hatch, open it and turn, jump/grab up and get the Left Gauntlet. Shoot the Croc if you can and return to the Dock, in the SE corner up on a ledge is a small medipack go get it on your way to the gate in the passage we came from before (get some air in the U-Boat), so swim into the left gate NW and follow to the crossing past the U-Boat and straight into the light grey wall, follow to a Connection room.

The Garages. (Be sure to save a few rounds of Revolver Ammo for the final stage of this level.)

See the dead bloke behind the glass in the next passage, and follow to a light green pushblock in the SW corner, get it out and aside. Open the door and go down to the truck, climb the crates and drop on other side, run for one of the crates there and hop on, shoot the 2 Scorps and go to the gate, open it with the Guardís Keys and go left up the ramp, follow to the stairs right, they will soon turn into a slope while you go down, jump in the last moment to go over the Spiketrap and run to the left, around the camouflaged stack and to the ladder on the E wall, get up fast and go right, to the end and into the opening right, grab the Monkeyswing and go W, drop when you are being shot at and kill the Guard. Run jump/grab back into the opening to get back on the monkey swing, follow to the opening in W wall.

Drop/grab and go in, drop from the edge and hang, get back up and shoot the Scorp inside with a Super grenade. Climb down and go NW under the yellow pipe, in the corner you can climb the pole, backflip off and go climb to the room with the corpse, pull it aside to get the Mystery Key and pick up the Goodies. Throw the lever to open the 4th gate in the Dock. Go back to the monkey swing and get the small medipack where you shot the Scorp. Run jump to the stack below and go into the opening at the start of the monkey swing, go left inside and to the end, open the Crowbar gate and go through the crawlspace to a ladder down to the next garage, shoot a Scorp and pull the corpse in front of the truck away from the Ammo. Go out the NW door to slide back to the very start of the level. Climb back up and get back to the Dock.

Gate #4, The Finale.

Swim to the SE corner and go into the right hand gate, follow up to a flooded Connection room, there is an air pocket up in the ceiling, swim into the flooded store room and right, to the end, go right/left and to a body floating on the surface, get up the crate and climb the ladder before the Croc gets you. Slide down the slopes in the end and jump in the last moment to get over the Spiketrap, run forward to the crates and hop on, shoot the Scorp. Look N and see a grating in the dark, go there and shoot it to go in, get the small medipack and push the button, slide down a slope back to the crates below and find a gate opened in the central building.

Get the Ammo inside and go to the poisoned pool, use the monkey swing to go to the other side and drop in front of the crate, thereís a Sentry gun here, you have to sprint left to a similar grating as on the other side, get in and through the crawlspace to get behind the Gun, you can shoot it from the crawlspace. Drop and get the Medipack, push the button on the crates and hop over, go to the open gate in the building and get some Ammo, a door opens at the poison pool, use the monkey swing to get in there, climb the ladder and backflip/roll off, so you can immediately shoot the Guards up here. Push the button on the machine in front to activate the green beam and go up to it. Walk in and youíll be transported up to a pool hanging in the sky, swim up into the hole and follow to the next level.

Great level, loved it.


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