Rommelís Treasure Series.


1- The Intrusion.

Level by Pouco 2.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Check out the places where Guards drop, they will usually leave a pickup. I may have forgotten to mention a Guard or 2, as there are many in this level.

Slide down and shoot the 2 Guards, get their Shotgun and Ammo and go NE, climb to the passage and shoot the vase for Ammo and use the lever to raise a block on the other side of the cave. Go out and to SW, up the slopes in the corner and get Secret #1, Ammo on top. Go to the SE, up the block; shoot the vase next to a Crowbar door for Ammo and a cut scene will show you where to get the Crowbar. Follow the passage past a closed door to the Lava Cave.

The Lava Cave.

Shoot the Guard in the room with the floor grating, get the small medipack and Flares and head back to the passage where the door opened now, drop down and go follow the path along the lava, use the 1st monkey swing (a closed door here) and around the corner a 2nd monkey swing, at the end of which you can run jump to the central structure. Shoot the Guard and get the Ammo, go to the lava fall, turn left/right and jump over to the other side, enter the passage left and shoot the Guard, pull the lever around the corner and run jump through the open door to get the Crowbar, jump back and go left at the lava falls, Lara will look up to a walkway, high up, shoot the Guard from here and see the Lasersight he drops, run jump around the left corner to the ledge there and go up to the walkway to get it. Go N and climb down there, into the N passage under the walkway and run jump back to the path at the lava, go back to the Crowbar door and open it.

The Heli Pad.

Get the Ammo and small medipack and throw the lever to open the door at the monkeyswing down at the lava. Go there and enter, run jump as far as you can to the other side slope, start jumping right and land on the flat ledge, run jump into the passage other side, go around and run jump to the ledge over the lava, from there to the corner where you see the ladder. Climb into the next room and go left, around the NATO crates, shoot the Guards and get the Revolver (equip it with the Lasersight). From the NW corner behind the crates here, you can shoot a Fuel barrel next to the Chopper; it will explode taking the Sentry guns with it. Another Guard appears, take his Ammo and go to the Heli pad take out all the Guards and get the Uzis, find the Jmpswitch in the corner, pull it to get a rope down from the ceiling over the electrified track. Climb the grey crate and swing over to the other side, go right and start taking out all Guards, checking if they dropped anything, get a Medipack and Flares in the NE near the crates and then go to the NW and find the small door in the dark behind the crates. Notice the closed door in the passage.

The Storage Area.

You will come to a big storage area, shoot the Guard and go left, over the camouflaged stack along the wall and get some Ammo. Return to the entrance and go past it and right into the dark corner, get the Ammo and shoot another Guard, climb the camouflaged stack E and go over to the other side, see the passage in the dark SE, go through and you will be behind the Sentry guns, shoot the Guard and pick up all the Goodies. Go to the end, find the Jmpswitch and use it, climb the crates and try to take out the guns from here, they should be pointing away, if not, go around to the other side again and shoot them there, when they are gone, you can get the Goodies on the crates in the centre of the area, taking care of more Guards. Return to the passage from which you entered the area and into the now open door.

Getting the Bike.

In the passage you will pass the closed door to the Bike, get the small medipack and see where you have to go to open this door. Follow the passage to the next Storage area and shoot the Guard, get his Ammo and go left to the NW corner of the next area, taking out the resistance as you go. Go to the next area and climb the camouflaged stack in the NE, from there you can take out the Gun and Guard next to it. Go to the area the gun was protecting and fin the Jmpswitch in the NE corner, the Big Gate in the N is open now, go up the stairs and right up the next, the other one is a slope. In the Cafeteria you will have to shoot more Guard, and go into the N passage, right and shoot the next one, go on and left into the dormitory. Check out all beds for goodies but donít shoot the vase on the locker. They really adore Lara, donít they? posters everywhere. Go to the showers in the E and shoot the Guards in there. Go on to the pool S and get the small medipack and Left Greave from the bottom.

Taking the Gauntlet will open the blue door on the bed in the NE corner near Laraís pin up poster, follow the crawlspace to the end and pull the lever, go back to the dormitory and S, a wall opened, pull the lever after you shot the Guard. Back to the shower and into the E door. Just around the corner, you can climb up to a higher passage, turn and jump to the other side, get Secret #2, the Grenade Gun on top of the shower, drop down and enter the passage again, take the lower one now and follow to a cave with a lever and a door. There are several passages in the walls and under water. Dive in the water and swim to a small tunnel in the Se corner, go in to get Secret #3, Ammo. Back in the water and go to the S waterfall, climb out there and follow the passage jumping to the opp. side, follow to the next jump, look left and spot the rope, run jump/grab and swing to the next, aiming a bit left of it and now from one step from the bottom of the 2nd rope, aim for the point where the sloped ceiling ends in the flat part of the opening SW, grab to land inside. Run jump/grab over to the N side, go in and shoot the Guard.

Use the lever and jump back over the water to the S, go shoot the Guard left and get his Ammo, and enter the door E. Follow the crawlspace and shoot 2 Guards on the ledges above the Storage area. The walls are climbable, shimmy to the open window in SW corner, go in and collect the Goodies. Shoot the Guard and use the Jmpswitch you saw when you were at the Bike door. Step out the window and go to the left side of the ledges, drop to the camouflage nets below and go over to the SE corner, follow back to the door where the Bike is. Go out and straight, left when you come to the Storage area and the same route around the camouflage nets and crates to the Big gate, up the stairs and now to the N up the slope, to reach Storage room A. Go left into Room B and run over all Guards you can find, just cruise around a bit and collect all dropped Ammo. Leave the Bike somewhere and go to the deep pit in the N of Room A.

The Deep pit.

Dive dooooown and swim into the N opening, right and up the ladder, backflip off and look just N of the entrance for a Jmpswitch, find the next ladder up and backflip from the top. Drag the Body from the head and get the Medipack. Dive into the pit again and go S now, into either hole, they will end up in the same place and climb out at the corroded structure, jump over to it and get into the door, swim the tunnels to the end, "into the light" and climb the ladder, and reach a Lava room. Run jump to the camouflage stack, shoot the Guard and go to crates SW and jump to the ones S. Shoot a couple of Guards from here and look for a low ledge right just behind a pillar, jump to it and use the Jmpswitch. Go to the S crates and to the SE corner of the room, run jump over to a raised block and go pull a lever in the Ctrl room, return to the previous room and now to crates along the E side of the room, next to where you came in. Drop down and you are back in one of the storage areas, find the way back to the Cafeteria and N into a new opened gate, up the slope to Room A, up the left hand crates and into the door, pull the lever and return to the Cafeteria, the N gate opposite the stairs is open, shoot the Guard and get the Right Greave. Look in the dark corner at the doors S and get into the crawlspace, follow to a room, shoot the Guard and go N through the blue door, throw the lever in the Ctrl room.

The Train Station.

Back to Room A, go to Room B and S, the wall opened, shoot a Guard on the stack (get his small medipack) and enter, 3 Guards here, take them out, one is on the train. The tracks are deadly, be careful. Go to the W and climb the centre red Containers, with the walkway overhead. On it you will find a dead Guard, when you approach, Dirty insects will come out of the half eaten Corpse, go down to the container quick and run to and fro to get rid of them. Now get the Ammo from under the corpse and go down, to the W side and run jump using the alcoves in the tunnel to reach the SW corner, climb the ladder and go to the Ctrl room, shoot the Guards there and use both levers at the E window, 2 doors open in Room B. Go there and enter the NE door on the ledge, shoot the Guard and go to the green crate SW to pull the Jmpswitch. Return to Room B and go into the W side door opposite the last door. In the Lava room, you can use the monkey swing to cross over the lava. Use the wall to go to the other side, a Guard will start shooting you, drop, take him down and get the small medipack and Ammo at the gate, use the lever. Walls open in the Train Station.

Go back to the Station and to S side, up the right hand passage first, get the Right Gauntlet and go back, go into the left passage, get the Breastplate and the door will open. Go in there and shoot a whole bunch of Guards. Go over to the passage on W wall and inside you can throw a lever to open the trapdoor in the centre of the room. Go out and shoot more Guards, run jump into the trapdoor to leave this level.

Very good level.


                                                                  Rommels Treasure 2-The U-Boat.