The Rest in The Hotel.

Level: Piotr Klonowski (Pedros)

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

The short plot introducing you to this level:

Lara flew to Poland, because she has never been doing there any research. She booked rook in the Hotel in Kraków, and in the next day she started to travel through Poland. While she was driving to Tatra mountains she signed that one specific car was following her. But then this car disappeared. In Tatra mountains Lara discovered very interesting stone, which she got for the more precise research. But when she was going back to Kraków she saw again that specific black car. This was strange for her so in case lost the stone, she had driven to Warsaw to Hotel Prima and stayed in an apartment. In the late evening, she wanted to go to bed, when the hell stared. Big group of terrorist broke into the hotel and Lara had to go away. I was not possible to escape from window because it was to high, and Lara had to find another exit...


There are a lot of Baddies in these levels. Too many too mention, you will meet them in due time. (The pile of bodies will be about 3 meters high when you’re done) The Flyby camera will zoom into a room window on 1st floor, where you can see an important yellow fuse (Key) on a table.

The Hotel.

Go out of the room and left to a red hall, go right and open some white doors left and right to get Ammo, a small medipack and a Shotgun (on the flower-pots). Go out and to the red hall, down the stairs and into the hall below, and E to open more white doors, go left for a Key in front of one of the couches in the TV-room (crouch to pick it up) and right for Ammo. Go down one more floor and E into the blue foyer, open the white doors and the door right with the key. Follow the passage to a shooting range, shoot all the bulls eyes (use pistols and sidestep slowly along the gap) and go back to the stairs. The opposite door is open, follow to a passage left.

The Club.

Go to the smoke filled Club and to the W wall, the Key to the Larder on a table there, next to it is a door that needs a Key first. Go into the NW corner, in the store rooms shoot the first crate you see and stand on the spot it was on to open doors somewhere (doors to the Hall), get the Ammo and Uzis in the flower pot and more Ammo on the desk NW. Go down the stairs of the NW passage and down to the

Kitchen/ garage/larder.

A red door to the left leads is the exit from the Kitchen, it will stay closed for now, go open the door at the end of the stairs with the Key to the Larder and enter, go right/left at crossings, ignore other closed doors for now and enter a store room, go find some Goodies on crates and in the back right under the hanging meat. Notice the fences in front of a closed door (remember) and go out, left in the passage is another closed door (later). Go back up to the Club go back out the E passage and to the stairs, left and down to the 2 open doors.

Go right or left, they both lead to the Hall.

The Hall.

Fight your way down the stairs and in the ground floor Hall, go behind the check-in counter N and find the Universal Door Keys on the flower-pot. Back around the counter to the right and shoot both Computers on the counter (opens the door to the swimming pools for later) open the brown doors next to the counter, to go into the dining rooms.

Kitchen/ garage/larder.

Go to the back and open the light brown doors there. In the Kitchen next to the burning stove is a button on S wall, push it to open a door in the W wall, (it will open a door in the basement too, this is the closed door you saw from the other side, next to the larder store room), so now we have a shortcut to the larder. Go into the door W and left/right/left and into the last door right, in the dark NW corner of this Boiler room is a ceiling-hatch, open it and follow the crawlspace to a machine room, shoot the gratings in the NW and go to next room, get Ammo on desks and the Revolver in the SW, throw the switch in the SE to turn the power off in the Kitchen.

Go back through the crawlspace and out of the Boiler room. Go left/left and follow the stairs up to the red kitchen door right, it’s quite dark now, with the power off, but the stove is off too, hop on it and find the Control Disk in the dark. Go back down into the basement and to the larder store room with all the crates, shoot the fences in front of the door in the back and open it with the Control Disk, go in and left, find the switch on the E wall and use it to open the cover on a button. Go out to the passage and right, open the left hand door and use the button on the E machine to open the door to the garage.

The Hotel.

Out and left/left and follow the stairs back up to the Club and go to the SW corner for a moment to open the door there with the Universal Door Keys and pick up Secret #1, Ammo in the piano room. Go out to the Hotel stairs, go up one floor and to the right, open the first room right and get the Conference’s Room key from the flower-pot, take all Ammo you can find and go back out to the Hall, E and left in the end to open the doors, when you place the Key in the receptacle hidden behind the plant.

Conference room.

Go in and find Ammo and the Key to the Garage in the back. Go back to the corridor and to the opposite WC.Open the WC door and go to the second room, find a block to push left and push it till you can enter a passage left, get Secret #2, Goodies in the next WC’s. Go back out, right and down to the Hall, on the top of the N stairs, you can hop onto a ledge with 4 big pillars, run jump to the W chandelier and climb up, so you can backflip onto the higher one, do a run jump/dive (Alt+Shift) over the railing, to get Secret #3, Revolver, small medipack and Ammo. Drop from the N side and go down to the hall.

The Hall.

Go S in the lobby and run jump/dive (Alt+Shift) over the fence and between the 2 plants on the ledge, get secret #4, Ammo and hop back, Go into the E passage next to the plants, in these toilets are some Goodies. Go out of the toilets to the Hall and left, left into the next passage, here you can use the Swipe card (Key to the Garage) and open the door.

Swimming Pools.

But first enter the door at the end of the passage which you opened when shooting the Computers. Follow to where you get the screenshot of an under water tunnel, the NW pool is the one you want, go in and to the W side, just under the plant is an under water door, open it (Ctrl) and swim to the Secret pool (Secret #5), get the Goodies on the flower-pots and return to the Hall, shooting the Baddy on your way. Go into the door you opened before with the Swipe Card and down the stairs to the garage.

The Garage.

Go left and follow the S wall to the W, right in the end, shooting everything that moves (and that is a lot) take cover behind a pillar where you will be shot at by 2 Sentry-guns and here you have to sprint past them, keep in the center of the corridor, so the flames won’t harm you and follow the ramp up to the street, where you will see the signs of the Centre and the Airport, the level ends here as Lara will go to the Airport to take a plane home to London.