Research Centre 3.

Level: Tijay.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Iíve noticed that several switches donít really work well, if you leave the Tile under them too quick. Sometimes you have to step back on to trigger the event.

Nice new outfit.

The Shaft, Swipe Card.

Drop backwards from the slope, grab and go left, (notice this ladder goes all the way up to a door, for later) go up a bit and into the left alcove with a button to open a trapdoor for later, turn and from next to the button, a run jump to the opposite alcove, grab a small medipack and Ammo, drop out and grab into the lower alcove to get the Desert Eagle and Flares, climb out and left to the alcove under the entrance slope for a Swipe Card. Go down, slide the slope to a lower floor (thereís a water tunnel here with a closed door) and grab up to the grated platform to get the Laser sight on it.

Go into the NE passage and follow to the 2 pool room, go up the right hand passage and at the Burner you can shoot an overhead grating, climb in and up right, get a Medipack and Ammo, drop to face yourself and drop/hang into a lower passage, grab the Jump switch on your way down and go to the lower part of the corridor to push the button that will open the door at the ladder in the Shaft.

Grab back up to the ledge at the burner and look in the wall for a crawlspace, jump/grab in and get Secret #1, a Rose. Drop down and go up to the burner passage again.

Return to the Shaft to climb up the platform and grab the ladder that goes all the way up, backflip into the open door and go to the end of the duct to get the AK 47, return to the hole in the ceiling half way and go up into the duct where you opened a trapdoor earlier. Drop and pull the wooden crate away to get the Medipack, go and right (donít be tempted to try the Caution passage, itís a trap) to a Store room.

Store room, Ducts, Access Disk.

Run jump to the wooden crates and go on the grated walkway for some Ammo, from a bit back, jump/grab to the single ledge sticking out of the pillar where the Ammo was and run jump to a ledge right of the crate with the Swinging Bag. Collect Flares and Medipack  and go back to the single ledge, shoot the crate under the bag and jump/grab up, follow the walkway right and over to a deep pit, slide back from the slope and grab your way down, a bit to the left. Use the Swipe Card to open a gate in the corridor where you opened the door in the Shaft. Get Secret #2, a Rose and climb down the deep shaft you just jumped over, get the Restricted Area Access Disk from down under. Go climb the 2 ladders to get back on track. When you follow the passages, nice music starts, shoot the wooden crate and get into the crawlspace behind it, get Secret #3, a Rose, shoot the wooden panel left and get out.

Drop down into another filthy passage and push 2 buttons to open a door and a trapdoor behind it, climb down through the trapdoor, drop to a huge room, shoot the 2 Dobermans and go S and push the button to open a door near the 2 pool room, a Soldier shows up, take him out and look for the steel grated stairs going down from near where you dropped into this room, follow one floor down and go look for the button in the center after shooting the Doberman. The button will open a door in the Store room. Go down the stairs and to the gate in the other side of the room, up the corridor to the burner ledge, the burner is on again, just sprint out and into the pool.

Go back to the Store room, you know, up the Shaft etc. Into the open door opposite the entrance and shoot the Soldier, push a button to open a door in the 2 pool room. The only way back there seems to be up through the Store room, over the Pit where you got the Disk, the Orange room and through the burner. Go into the SW open door in the 2 pool room and at the corner, you have to crawl over the brown Tiles, jump in the water and go left for a Swipe card, roll and swim into a room with an under water lever, this will open the door behind you so you can get back to the Shaft. Return to the 2 pool room and up the E passage.

Shoot the 2 Dobermans, there are Spikes in front of the door in the other side of the room and a bunch of buttons, push the button over the brown Tile left of the entrance as you come in, this is the 1st to kill the Spikes, turn E and push the 2nd one right of the wall lamp, then roll and go straight to the opposite  NE 3rd button.

Take a Swim.

Go back to the entrance and thereís a Timed button on the wall, next to the 1st button you pushed. Turn right, sprint to the door and swim down the deep shaft follow the under water rooms to a wider area and spot the open door right (2nd opening right), go in and use the under water lever to make a button accessible somewhere further in the level. Roll and swim left/left into the other room, here you can get air. Swim back to where you came down the deep shaft and get the Medipack you probably saw already, check the other rooms for some Goodies (why the Binocs?). Then swim to the end of the wide area and left, to come out into a corridor with a pool and some closed doors over a Break tile pit, go down into the pool and follow the tunnel to where you can climb up to a Ctrl room, shoot the Soldier left and get into the side room there, use the Jump switch to open a door E, go down into the lower S side of the Ctrl room and push the button. (donít know what for, but do it anyway)

Head out of the door E to come out at the break tile pit, run right and use the button there only when the Spikes are up. Jmp/grab the ladder over the pit to get Secret #3, a Rose. Go down and into the W room, look around for a wooden crate with some Flares and go to the other corner, next to the pool is a lower Tile with some Ammo. Jmp around the left corner over the pool, go up to a corridor and go over the wooden crates to use the Swipe Card and open a door to the Red Shaft. Go back and simply drop down into the pool below, swim straight forward and into a tiled room with Sharks.

Shark room.

Go up and left a bit to find the 1st under water lever in the upper corner alcove (opens a door in the Red Shaft), use it, swim out left and into the upper alcove for air, swim out and left, straight into the lower tunnel, left and under the grey pipes, left to get Secret #4, a Rose. Back to the air hole.Now out and left/left into the same level alcove, use the 2nd under water lever to open another door in the Red Shaft, roll and swim straight to the other side, lower level alcove for the 3rd under water lever, roll and swim back into the air hole.

To the Red Shaft.

Now out and down into the tunnel below the air hole and up the long shaft, climb out N and go left, around the corner to a ledge, climb the N ledge (you saw before in a cutscene) and look behind you, thereís a crawlspace in S wall, push the Timed button, grab the MS and go to the crawlspace, drop and drop into the lower passage, roll and run to the Medipack, get it, push both buttons, the one at the door maybe twice to reopen the door, get out of the crawlspace and drop in the shaft, climb out N again and go over the ledge into the N pool, look for 2 alcoves, one with  Secret #5, a Rose and the other with a button to lower a rope in the Red Shaft. Go back S and climb up to the ledge with the Timed button, go N and to the end, over the Spiketrap and to the Red Shaft.

The Red Shaft.

Get down on the lower platform and jump over to the other side, follow the passage to just before the Spike Bag room, climb up right and follow, something shoots you while climbing again, just watch the health and go around the corner fast, come out to the Shaft. Use the rope to swing into the right hand door (the other doors are a bypass if you didnít get the rope out) and follow to a passage down to a Terminal where you can use the Disk to open an under water door in the bottom of the Shaft. Go back and drop down into the water below, swim in and the level ends.