Research Centre 2.

Level: Tijay.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Iíve noticed that several switches donít really work well, if you leave the Tile under them too quick. Sometimes you have to step back on to trigger the event.

Into The Base.

Go into the Store room, climb the crates on W wall, shooting some of them to go to the top and find the Swipe Card, use it in the reader next to the passage you entered from and go run up the ramp W, outside to get out of shooting range of the Sentry-gun and take care of the Guards, go over the Dam and into the Base, use the switch r and go into Room B-104, pull out a crate on right hand wall and push in the one that was behind, enter and get the small medipack in front of a switch. The switch will open the door in the other side of the room with the crates, Timed, so make room by pushing the 1st crate out of the way.

The Research Basins.

Sprint into the Research Basin, go left and shoot the Guards in the control room, get the Desert Eagle and Ammo in the corner and go into the toilets next to the Coke machine, get a Medipack in the back and use the switch to open an under water door in the Basin. Go back out and try to shoot as many Sharks as you can. Jumping up and down at the fence will help you to shoot over it. About 2 Sharks will survive I think, try to avoid them and keep a finger near the 'Medipack keys'. Swim into the long tunnel and follow through a room with pipes, go right and out into the Lake at the Dam, swim along left wall and find the under water lever behind the block with the pipe, it will open a door for later in the level.

Swim back to the Basin after you checked the air supply and to the passage right of the control room, turn around after picking up he Flares and shoot the Soldier. Go down into the sloped passage and run to the Fire pit, jump over and quickly up into the right hand passage to a basin, Boulders crashing into the pit behind you.

Jump into the basin and use the under water lever left of the door to open it, the one right will open a Timed door inside the tunnel, swim in and after the door, stay left and high up in the tunnel to get into a small room, use the switch to drain the basin. Go out through the open door and safety drop into the shaft in front  of the timed door, go to the basin (had some Bug here as the basin was still filled with water) and up the ladder, over the walkway in the Research Basin, shoot the Guard on the landing and go where he came from, (notice the closed door here) right and to a Store room.

The Store room.

Drop down to the floor, be careful, those marked Tiles are burners, get a Medipack on a crate under the Crane W, look over to the W and spot the crate hanging on a chain, shoot it from under the crane here and doors open in far W wall. Then go to the E side of the room and find the Jump switch (kills the flames on the ledge) on a pillar with the only Tile that doesnít burn you, now look for a light grey tile between 4 burner Tiles, just under the entrance, thereís an invisible block on it. (I think the idea was you had to move a crate on it, but you donít have to) Run jump up diagonally and grab up to the steel platform, go over the platforms to the N ledge and right to the switch to open a door in the room with the Moving Pillars.

Go W over the ledge and jump/grab the MS. Go past the steam blowers pumping Medipacks and go against the wall at the centre of the last one, drop/grab the Jump switch to open that door on the landing. Go out through the W doors and pass the Lasers as you did in level 1, along a wall and in when the Laser is up, drop into the lower passage and jump over the Spike pit, get Secret #1, a Golden Rose from the pit, as the Spikes deactivated when you jmped over. Follow the passage to the landing and go right, down the stairs to theÖ

Moving Pillars.

Find your way through the Pillars and get Medipack and Flares on your way over to the open door W, go right and into a fenced off area of the Store room and get the Swipe Card, go back out and use the card in the reader just outside of this passage right side, a double door opens. Go to the ladder in the other end of the corridor and up to about halfway, backflip into an alcove and get Secret #2, a Golden rose and the Restricted Area Access Disk.

High Fall.

Jmp back to the ladder after saving and go up, slide down a slope, jump/grab from the end of it to a crack in the pillar in front, go left till you are over the Jump switch. Drop/grab and jump/grab from the sloped pillar youíll land on to a pillar in the pool, grab the Medipack and jump to the door in front, get some Ammo and an AK 47 (Boy do I like this gun) go through the office area, shooting all Resistance. Go into the last room left and get a Swipe Card from the shelf. Go out and left/left, get the Medipack and another AK 47, use the Disk in the terminal, a door opens behind youÖ

Breakable Platform room.

Stand on the edge of the room, the floor is made of break tiles, you can see the door you opened before in the far left corner. Thereís a switch in an alcove over the entrance, I didnít find out what itís for, but if you want too, hop backwards onto the break floor and jump/grab to the ladder under the alcove. Use the switch, climb down to the entrance, drop/grab and now stand jump to the break floor, run jump/grab the part in right hand far corner, shimmy right around the corner and pull up. Run jump to the tile under the door and a runningjmp will get you inside.

Now you have to look in the mirror to find the pillars to get over to the door on the other side of the room, right is to the mirror image of the room, nothing there, to the left is to an outside area where a Guard is watching over the Quad. Shoot him of course and take the Quad up the sloped path, speed up when going into the Cave as you have to jump the pit and go to level 3. (not automatically)  

                                                                            Research Centre 3