Recon Labs I+II.

Level by Emoo.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.


A nice flyby will show you that you are in a huge Laboratory Complex; you stand in the garden of the Complex, with some Guys, which will help you as long as you donít shoot at them, so be careful.

Check out both fountains for a Medipack and a pile of Ammo and enter the Complex, open all blue doors that are near the entrance and get the Revolver left, Lasersight right, some ammo and other goodies. (Notice the keyhole in the office opposite the entrance and a cut scene will show a high shaft, we will get to later, when you approach the door.) Meanwhile the Guys are killing a big Scorpion for you. After getting all goodies, go N in the main corridor, the grey door will open for you.

Donít bother shooting the Guard inside, just roll and sprint back to your Buddies; they will take care of him. When heís gone, you can go back to the toilet area, donít pull the switch at the entrance, but go to the far left corner to get the Uziís, next to the closed door, look for and opening in the wall right near the flickering light as you approach another switch on the wall, inside thereís some Ammo in the left side tunnel (leading back outside, so no need to follow it.) and a closed trapdoor in the right one. When you get back out, pull the switch on the wall to open a door around the corner here, go out and into he office that will open to your right, get the Ammo on the floor and there are 4 switches on the wall, that will bring out 1 more Scorp and a Bug, but if you stay here, the Scorp will be killed by your buddies and the Bug will come here, where you only have to shoot it a few times to let it drop.

Donít know exactly what those switches were for, but it didnít really harm to pull them anyway. Donít go out to the corridors for shooting the Bug, it is very likely you shoot one of your Buddies and then they will turn against you. The switch on the sloped block is to close the entrance door. Why? You only want to go back out. Go to the 1st elevator on the right as you come out of the office, and look up for a hole in the right back, climb up in it and see the shaft you saw in an earlier screenshot, climb the ladder till you reach an area with a greenish light, get up till your feet are on the silver bar and do a backflip/roll/grab and pull up into the passage, shoot the gratings, while on your knees and go in.

Kill a Guard inside and take some Flares, on the other side of the room is a climbable wall, climb it on the right side and from 3 steps form the top, do a backflip/roll/grab and pull up on the ledge, get the ammo and see the Silver key at the Electric discharge, stand close and save, watch the discharge for a while and notice that there is a pause sometimes, this is the moment youíll have to run up to the Toalete Key and get it, hop back quick, donít go off the edge and back to the ladder, stand jump/grab to it and go back down to the room, be careful, a big Scorp is waiting for you. After you took care of him, go back to the offices, one of the 1st offices you entered had a keyhole, remember? Go use the key.

Go over to the toilet area, the door where you got the Uziís is now open, go follow the passage, till it gets wider and get the Ammo left, shoot the grating on the duct right, just before the cave in, climb through. Some ammo to your left in the corner and a Scorp in the other end of the room, the centre floor is dangerous, walk slowly from the left side diagonal across to the right hand other side and youíll be OK. Push the button on the wall and a door opens behind you at the dangerous floor, a Scorp will make things even harder, kill it first and then go back the way you came over the dangerous floor, enter the passage you opened and go to the office, get some ammo and push the button on the wall under the lamp.

A Scorp will come in, so shoot it and go back to the toilet area, shoot a Guard on your way and go past the office with the switches, past the elevators to a big hall in the end, thereís a dead Guard on the floor, pull it aside by grabbing his hair and get the Shotgun from under him. Face the entrance and then turn right to a plant on a block, next to a door like thing, climb the corner of the plant closest to the door and turn, do a stand jump/grab and pull up to push the button on it. The door below, at the dead Guard should open.

Thereís a staircase inside, follow it up a bit and sprint back to your Buddies, as a bunch of Bugs will come after you, they will shoot at them, but will not kill Ďem all, so look for a quiet place and shoot the rest, be careful not to hit your friends. Go back up the stairs and follow to a hall, get some ammo in the corners and look for the small door, kick it in and go inside the next room, get 2 Medipacks and the Crossbow, go back out and look for a crack in the wall to the left at the 1st small door. Behind it youíll see a red light, over a fuse box, equip the Crossbow with the Laser sight and shoot the lamp, a door in the opposite corner, to your right, will be open now. (No, donít try to open the grating in front of the duct in the hall yet.)

Go there and enter, donít be scared, itís only water coming from those sprinklers, in the room upstairs, a door will open releasing a Scorp, that will kill one of your Buddies, so take it out after that and follow the room to the grated floor and look for a hole in it, drop down and wade to the goodies, get back up and go into the red passage, to a room with a rope, the alcove left holds a Sentry-gun, to the right is a pole, jump/grab, to go down and look for Secret # 1, arrows, in the other end. Back up the pole and when you reach the black wall with your head, backflip to the platform.

Line up for the run jump and swing quickly, jump off the other side and follow the passage to a Lab with a strange machine, with Electric discharges.

Get all the Ammo and the Flares on the floor and push the grey shelf aside to reveal a grating, shoot it and go in, till you can stand, turn around and shoot the crate, climb in to the passage and go past the steam, shoot the crate in the end left to push the button, go back and shoot the crate left, you just passed it, go in and right, shoot one more crate and find an open door, push the button at the steam blower (watch your health) and go back to the lower passage and to the purple side, past the steam and enter the room with the pole. Up the pole is a keyhole, but we have to find that key first.

Go right, past the pole and there is an open door, with a sloped floor, donít slide yet, equip the Revolver with the Lasersight and slide backwards off the ramp, grab the edge and stay where you are for now, look right and shoot the little tanky on the Sentry-gun. Now the Scorps will come for you, so change weapon quick and shoot them, donít get too far out of this corner, after you took care of them, go to the pillar the Gun was on and pull the switch, there is one more switch on the opposite pillar, go over and pull it to open the exit next to it. Go follow the passage to a computer room. On the computer is another button to push, turn left and head for the exit, get the Medipack and follow the passage up. Youíre back in the room with the pole.

One of the closed doors is now open to the right. This is a dangerous passage as there are 3 Sentry-guns to the right you canít avoid. Sprint to the back and stop in the passage there, look carefully into the next room, shoot the crate and notice the red button on the wall left of it. (Check your health first) Sprint to the button, while being fired at by the Sentry-gun, push and turn right while pushing, get the Medipack and get back into the passage. When you sprinted here, from the pole room, you maybe already noticed something on the floor at the 3 Sentry-guns, and itís the Grenade gun. Go get it if you dare, sprint, running off the higher path and get it quick, run jump back onto the higher path and sprint to the exit. The last door in the pole room is now open for a visit; get the Arrows and the Iris Scanner Access keys.

Go up the pole now and backflip to the grated floor, use the Keys and see the machine stop in the other room, go there through the crawlspace and enter the passage, follow till the whole floor starts to explode and break out in flames, first I tried crawling to the end, it worked, the door in the end opened, you can also save in the passage just in front of the flames and reload, the flames are out, go left in the end and shoot the grating, to reach the hall again where you got the Crossbow, be careful in shooting the grating, maybe your Buddies are behind it, so be sure to shoot only once, as you donít want to turn them against you.

Go back to the office area over the stairs and left out of the big hall; enter the 1st elevator, which will take you one floor up to the Empty Offices of Recon.

The Empty Offices of Recon.

The cutscene will show that there is a Guard nearby in a small control room, guarding the Key hole, look for the hatch in the ceiling and open it, climb in and follow the duct to the control room, shoot the Guard and use the key to shut the Laser in the corridor down. Follow the corridor to the offices, go left and open the 1st office, get some Flares on the cabinet, from here you can see a Key on a cabinet in the other office, but youíll have to go around for that one, to the left of this office is a Key hole in the office there. Go out and left/left and into the 2nd office, go straight to the next and left, follow the offices to the one in the centre to get that Key. When you leave these offices, thereís a blue door to the left, you can open by pushing. Behind it is another door, closed, thatís what that Key is for. Go over to the other office with the Keyhole and get some more Flares (youíll be going to need those) in the small recreation room with the blue doors. Now itís time for some adventure, Go our of the rec. room and right to some stairs, down to the basement and get the Medipack in front of the collapsed corridor, use my MAP if you want. The thing is that you will have to find 2 offices with switches to get a door on the upper level open.

There are 2 Fire Dragons in this Basement, and about 4 Scorpions, but if you manage to get the Scorpions chase the Fire Dragons, they will kill them and start feeding on them, leaving you in peace to finish your business.

If you follow the map, go into left passage after taking the Medipack, back out and to point A, just run into the passage with a fresh flare and meet a Scorp, a Fire Dragon came out of the left passage, jump over the Scorp and roll, jump back over both Animals and go left, follow passage, going left at crossings and run into passage B, another Scorp will join the 1st to get that Fire dragon, when its dead, they will go feed on it, so you can do your thing. Go to point C and meet another Fire dragon, jump over it and follow the passage to the end, the Scorp will wake up, get him to kill that Fire dragon by jumping about and over the animals a few times, or just kill both. Look for door 1, the double blue doors in this passage and open them to pull the switch inside, go back to the other side of the basement to enter door 2 you just opened, pull the switch there and a door opens on the ground floor. Thatís it. Find your way back up and go to the N, open the blue doors and follow, kill a Guard and straight into the passage ahead, follow to a hall with a door marked H and go through to finish the level?

Could be I missed something, as there was a dry swimming pool to the left where the last Guard stood and a trapdoor? on the bottom of it. The other trapdoor that makes me wonder is the one in the toilets in the 1st level.