The Rat City.

Level by Mash.

Walkthrough Dutchy.


Lara is looking for a legendary panel, named "The panel of luck".

She looked in India for the panel and spoke with a monk, he said "Only people with a pure heart are allowed to find the panel".

Lara flies with his airplane in the direction of the states, there where the panel was seen.

But the airplane crashed in a dead city... (Is the city dead?)

Important places are in blue to find them more easy later

As the name of the level already suggests, the city is invaded by Rats, too many to mention, as they are no great threat I wonít mention them, just keep the pistols out!

Youíll end up on a roof of a high-rise building, the whole place is burning after the plane crash. From standing on the lowest point of this safe ledge, do a diagonal run jump, with a sharp right curve, to a green ledge N. get the small medipack and dive down into the Canal below, climb out on the W side after a short swim S and to the right is a street leading to a door that needs the Theatre Key. So for now, follow the signs (you noticed the green arrow sign, didnít you?) and go into the Museum.

Museum part 1.

The sign clearly states you are not to climb the sculpture. So better not, they found a way to keep you off it. Go on to a door on the left, go around that little control room and shoot the gratings, in the pit is a keyhole for the Sewage Key, behind the stack of crates and inside the control room are the Jeep keys on the panel next to the door. Go out again and notice the red structure with the Panel of Luck youíre after. Leave the Museum for now and head right outside, on the big parking lot is the Jeep you can use, get in and wait a bit to see all the Rats kill themselves.

Drive over the bridge in front of the Museum and straight into the next street, then right and park next to the alley between the building and the grassy hill to the left. On the building is a ladder, go up and jump to a roof on the NW building, grabbing the edge as you slide off, go left and pull up where you can climb to an alcove with the Crowbar Key. Go down and jump to the walkway on the building S, walk up to the windows and grab up to a crack, go all the way around the left and finally after half an hour you will reach a walkway between 2 buildings, drop and grab Secret#1, a Golden Rose. Look for the advertisement column on the SW side of the walkway and run off to land on top of it, notice the closed door in the building there. Go E and to the fountain in the grassy hill and shoot the fence in front of the fountain, get the Old Coin from behind it and re-climb the building near the Jeep. Now jump to the grassy hill S and enter the house after shooting the grating, use the coin to open the door and get the Revolver inside, on leaving, pull the switch on the left wall (see the door open behind the advertisement column) and go slide down the slopes to the Jeep.

The Crowbar.

Drive S and right into the next street, stop at the bridge and look for that open door behind the advertisement column, pull up in (you donít need the pole) and see a pushblock #1, go on to the next pushblock #2, Push #2 once and then #1 once, go around #1 and push it once more, go left and pull #2 twice and go around to enter the passage to the Crowbar, open the door and get out, go to block #1 and pull it twice, go around, push #2 twice and you can leave. Drive the Jeep back to the fountain and right, stop where you see the small blue door in the building, open it and get the Flares and the Sewage Key from the desks, the door will have opened, go in and left, thereís a fire place there, go down all the stairs and open the door, go left and to the end of the passage, open the left door and push a block all the way, then pull the other block onto the blue Tile (stop the fire in the fireplace) and head back upstairs, looking for a switch on the wall to open the gate in front of the fireplace.

Go in and climb the back wall to the top and backflip into another passage, jump over the street and onto the roof on the opposite building, go left and from the lower part of the end of the roof, jump around the right hand corner to land on the small roof sticking out to the N, slide to the end and jump/grab the platform. Get the Medipack and Secret#2, a 2nd Golden Rose. Go down on the side of the grass and get the Flares hidden in a plant. Get down to the street and go S into the street where the Truck is parked and into the blue door there.

The Elevator.

Pull the switch and go down into the elevator shaft, push the button on the wall and go up the ladder to the 2nd floor, shoot a grating and get into the crawlspace, after shooting the grating there, you can drop/grab a Jump switch on the side of the building. Get back inside and pull the switch one more time, go up the ladder in the elevator shaft and to the 3rd floor (too long these climbs), go out to an opening in the N side of the building turn around to face inside and sidejump to the roof outside, grab the edge and shimmy all the way right, pull up and jump/grab the ladder with a left curve from the lowest part of the ledge. Climb all the way up and be sure to climb right a few steps before pulling up to the roof, go to the W side and drop to grab the edge of the roof and drop to the walkway below.

Follow the crawlspace to where you can climb out and right on the ladder, then go up and around the corner to find the spot where you can climb up to the roof. Go over to the N side and look down to spot the roof below and the opening in the opposite building slide down to the lower roof and run jump with a grab to land in the opening, look around for the Theatre Key and a small medipack, put your helmet on and then take a swan dive from the W side into the canal below, swim left and then right into the side-canal with the barge, swim underneath the barge and close to the back is a small triangular tunnel in the right hand wall, follow the tunnel and climb out, grab the Flares and turn to jump/grab the wall over the pit, climb up the long ladder to find Secret#3, the 3rd Golden Rose and a Medipack. If you can find a good spot, (SW) run jump/dive down into the canal, otherwise drop down into the ladder-shaft to land in the water.

Climb out at the back of the barge (at the arrow sign) and look for the Uzis on the deck, then go to the front of the barge and get some Arrows (why arrows). Shoot the Rats on the street and hop onto that street along the church and head back for the Jeep or just continue on foot like I did. Stay on this side of the canal and go N, into the Museum and drop into that pit in front of the Control room. Use the Sewage Key and the door left opens, go into the Sewers and wade through the murky water to the where youíll find a hole in the floor. Swim E and up into a dry room, open the Crowbar door and use the Jump switch to open a door for later on. Stand at the slope leading into the water and run jump around the left corner into the passage there, follow to the Lasersight and get back into the upper passage to slide down the slope into the Canal. Swim left and climb out on the sloped street where you got out before and go right.

The Theatre and the 1st Jade Stone.

Open the door to the Theatre and go down to the stage and get the Ammo from the bright green crawlspace, climb the ledge over the crawlspace and turn right, jump to the ledge under the Boulder and now run with a sharp right curve over the dark green square as the triggers the Boulder, then jump far away and wait till the danger is gone. Youíll get a screenshot of the empty crawlspace, but what really happened is that a rope came down from the ceiling. Climb the rope and swing to the ledge over the stage, use the Jump switch to open doors left and right. Go right and into the passage to a ladder, backflip from the top and run jump to the sloped left side of the pit, jump and keep jumping right till you land on the ledge in front of the 1st Jade Stone. (a screenshot of a roof with a button) Make your way back to the Theatre and go out the doors at the Jump switch and over to the Museum, follow the street along the canal to the S and look up right where you see the Tomb Raider advertisement, thereís the way up to that roof with the button, go around the right corner and to the 2nd building in this alley.

The 2nd Jade Stone.

Open the Crowbar door and pull up the left hand slope inside, backflip into the passage behind you and go to where you can jump/grab the monkey swing and go over to the next building, push the button and get the 2nd Jade Stone from behind the door. Go to the E side opening and jump/grab the ladder out right and go up to a red roof. Look for the walkway to the blue roof and jump up to the top of the roof. Jump/grab the upper edge of the Chimney and go around to the other side, push the button to open a trapdoor on another roof. Look S and see the Medipack, drop/grab the edge of the roof to shimmy over there and from here a run jump to the roof of the church, be sure to have full health and drop, roll as soon as you hit the street to soften the impact and get ready for a walk, or take the Jeep.

The 3rd Jade Stone.

Go to the N on the E side of the Canal and look down into the water at the yellow building (the one the plane crashed into). Thereís a door there you will have to get to later in a timed run. Go into the E alley next to the building and at the next crossing, you can see a ladder on the corner of the right hand building. Get up all the way and find the open trapdoor next to the chimney, turn N from there to spot where you have to go in a bit. From the NE corner of this roof to the roof on the yellow building and then sprint left and off the end to land into the Canal at the open door. But now you have to open it first, go down the ladder in the trapdoor and find the switch, pull (hit look to get out of the screenshot) head for the ladder, backflip/roll from near the top and run to the corner of the roof, jump over to the N roof and head left, sprint over the highest part and drop down into the canal, roll and swim up to climb into the doors. Pull the switch left of the door and head E, into the passage with the barrel. Up the ladder and left over the grating on top. Open some doors to find the 3rd Jade Stone.

The Panel of Luck.

Make your way back to the bottom of the ladder and head up the slopes to the parking. Go to the Museum and hop on the crates in the back, turn and look in the red building for the object to shoot, the door behind the crates will open slooowly, go in and place the Stones one by one to get a rope from the ceiling at the crates. So climb the crates and up the rope, swing/grab the ledge over the opening and drop/grab to pull up in, drop into the room, shoot the final Rat and get the Panel. Walk to one of the windows and the level will endÖ

 Dutchy 10-10-2004