The Quick and the Dead.

Level by Hendrik.

Walkthrough  Dutchy.

The level could have been changed after writing this walkthrough, so maybe you don't find the crossbow in level 2

Strange at first, Lara in cowboy outfit, but the levels look great and are really fun to play, music’s good, so… here we go;

1 The Quick.

The Bank.

After the flyby where you see a bank robber leaving the bank and mounting his horse, go to the bank, avoiding confrontation with this guy ( he has to be killed to get a key for the jail house, but right now it is hard to do). In the bank, shoot right hand window next to the burning teller and step up, jump/grab the ledge to the left and up, run through the window there to the ledge in the front room of the bank for some Ammo, return to the back and find the Jump switch on the wall, pull it (a door opens back in the courtyard where you started this level) and go to the other side of the back room, jump/grab the ledge up there and get the Flares. Make your way around the bank to the W courtyard and enter the door, go over the pool to the ledge in SW corner and pull the Jump switch there, a gate opens under water. Jump in the pool and follow the tunnel to a room with a Croc, get out in the far left corner to a courtyard with a stone arch, there is a slot for a Gem ( you’ll get back here later), find the crawlspace in the N under the arch and climb up, backflip and jump/grab the next ladder over the opening, climb to the lever up there and pull it to open a gate next to the bank (you have to stand in the corner, just hold the shift button, facing left and Lara will get to the right place).

Get back down and go to the W courtyard and go around the N side of the bank to find the open gate to your left, enter the small courtyard and into the building to the E and go left, go straight into the passage below the small window, turn and look up to see a Jump switch you can pull, a gate opens on higher level. Go back through the passage and around the corner

To the right, there is a trapdoor in this passage, open it and get the grenades, stay on the boxes and you don’t have to kill the Scorp there, back out to the ground floor and to the E, there is a crowbar door there, for later, go to the courtyard with the saloon and head S, there is another lever next to the small house, you can reach by a backflip onto the roof of the small house and jump/grab the ledge with the lever.

A gate opens in the structure E of this courtyard, go in and to the NE, in the corner on the box is some Ammo, return and around the room next to you. Open the blue door and climb the ladder, go outside (look over the balcony and you’ll see the balconies of the Saloon, with some goodies, take them now or later, jump over the railing to the balcony without railing, jump to the right one for some Ammo and return, go over the other ones to the last, with a blue door, you’ll find the Uzis inside, which you can use on the Baddy in the courtyard down stairs) and go S, kill a Dog on your way and at the last building, just before you enter (inside you will see a gate you will return to later), grab the roof and shimmy left to a lever, pull (it opens a trapdoor in the jailhouse) and turn, now backflip over the roof so you can slide grab the edge, pull up, backflip/roll/grab the next roof and shimmy till you are over a Jump switch, pull it and land facing the jailhouse door in front of you.( the Jump switch opens a trapdoor in the bank courtyard) Enter the jailhouse and climb into the trapdoor between the cells. Get the Shotgun and Ammo and return outside, look left in the courtyard and find the gate that will provide a shortcut to the Bank, pull the Jump switch to open it. A Vulture will attack in this courtyard. Make your way back up the roof tops to the small building you just climbed, this time go in, over the spike pit and get the Crowbar in front of the gate, (the gate will open and 2 Dogs will try to push you into the pit, so run jump forward into the room where you can take care of them. Here is a gate to be opened with the Portal Guardian (so it is obvious you will return here later).

The Saloon.

Drop down to the courtyards and head over to the Saloon, to the left of the entrance is a palm tree, there is some Ammo under it. Enter the Saloon and get ready to rumble, as the bartender starts shooting at you, go up the stairs and to your left is a Baddy that will start shooting, take him out and look for the Jump switch he was protecting, it will open a door downstairs. At the top of the stairs is a blue door to a room with a Medipack. Now go down and around the stairs in the E, one more Baddy will appear. Open the door to your right and there is the door you just opened, enter the store room and look for the movable crate in the NW corner, pull it aside and go into the opening behind it, take the rightevolver. Behind you, in front of the window, high in the wall is another Medipack.

Now head back to the bank and in the bank courtyard (use the shortcut), look in the NE corner of the Bank courtyard and behind the wooden box is the trapdoor that opened before, go down and get Secret #1, some Goodies. Go up and go look for John Wayne on the horse, if you are lucky like me, he’s stuck in the small passage at the pool, stand right in front of him and start blasting him with your pistols, to save Ammo, when he drops from the horse he will come after you, change weapon and drop him, quite hard to kill that "Wayne character". He will drop the Jail key, get it and return to the Jail, open the gate and get the Lasersight and a letter from Billy the Kid, he writes, that you have to shoot a Swinging ball and return here. Go to the Saloon and left into the alley, up the stairs and into the building, follow the passage and when the camera angle changes, walk till you are over the crowbar door, use the revolver and sight and find the Ball in the roof of the building across the courtyard, shoot it as Billy said and return to the Jail. In Billy’s cell you will find the "Gem" called Billy’s Gratitude, and you already know where you can put that one, a flyby will show you one more time. Go there through the pool and put the "Gem" in. A gate opens in the top of the Arch. Find it and shoot the Bell, a gate opens in the SW corner of this place, climb the ladder there and when you are behind the towel, with your head just visible, backflip/roll/grab the edge of the opening, get the "Ornate Handle" and use the monkey swing to go left around the corner to get some Arrows outside in the wall space. Drop down and now go back to the Saloon courtyard, where you saw the crowbar door, open it and enter the Stables.

The Stables.

The flyby will show you some Goodies and some Baddies, shoot the Baddies and get the Goodies and use the pole to climb/backflip to the attic go over to the NW corner, meet another Baddy and find the ladder to climb to Secret # 2, some Ammo, drop down and back to the pole, go past to a stone door and look left across to the other side and spot a bulls eye on the other side you can shoot with the revolver, and the door next to you will open, go through, kill the Baddy and get the "Medicine Man". Combine it with the Ornate Handle and make your way up to the room over the spikes, where you saw the receptacle before. When you place the "Medicine Man", the Big doors in the Jailhouse square open. Go through and turn right, be ware of two Scorps lurking around this place, go right again into the small passage in the wooden building and look for the Jump switch.

The rightooftops.

A block rises, go out and right, shoot the Scorp and climb on the block, turn and jump/grab the roof edge of the building opposite the block, shimmy left a bit and backflip, to land on the roof of the wooden house, go left and onto the higher part of the roof, to your right is the roof of the center building, stand on the SW corner of the high part and turn facing S, see the windows sticking out of the roof of the center house, run jump over to the first window and turn right, there is some Ammo if you want on the roof of the building W, go get it and return here, now jump to the last roof window and turn to the building W, you’ll see a gap behind the roof, run jump to the last piece of the roof that ends in this gap and slide in. Get Secret #3, a Medipack, Ammo and return to the roof windows again, stand on the one in the middle and turn left, jump to the higher part and then over the trapdoor onto the roof facing E, so you will slide down to a roof window there, from here you will see a Jump switch in front, from the edge, stand jump/grab the switch and shoot the Scorp as you land, you will see a gate open. On to the roof of the wooden house again and go E all the way, jump over to the small square roof in the E and slide/grab the edge, shimmy all the way to the right and backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind you. Climb to the right around the corner twice and backflip onto the balcony there, pull the lever you saw when you placed the "Medicine Man".

The trapdoor on the roof of the center building opens, go back the same way you came, just be sure you backflip from the left or right corners of the square roof, to land on either low part of the wooden house, make your way to the trapdoor and get in. What’s the use you will think, there is nothing here, but shoot the wooden door and again nothing, till you look down, there is a crevice below, so drop/hang and grab the crevice, shimmy to the right and pull up, a flyby will show you another "Ornate Handle". Go in and deal with 4 Baddies and get the Handle, 2 Medipacks and some Ammo. Get out and drop down, go to the E side of this building and push the doors open, get inside for some Ammo and a Medipack. Back up onto the roof of this building and over the trapdoor to the roof window from which you jumped to the switch, if you look E, you will see a balcony behind the houses there, run jump to the roof of the house with the Jump switch, so you’ll slide and start jumping from one roof to the other, aiming for the balcony. Go S and jump to the ledge with the Ammo, jump back and enter the building E, go left and open the trapdoor. Shoot 2 Dogs from up here or drop down and deal with them there. Go into the crawlspace and left for a Medipack (some Bats attack) and right for a lever. Go back upstairs and to the other side of the passage, climb into the open trapdoor, get arrows and the 2nd "Medicine Man", which will trigger the wooden door at the Jail to open. Go there and enter, combine the Handle and the Medicine Man to use the "Portal Guardian" to open the door to the rightailway Station.

The Train.

Crawl under the train and go left/left between the crates to reach Secret #4, Flares, Ammo and another Shotgun. Now go back and climb aboard, the train leaves. You’ll find yourself in the first boxcar, one of the crates in front has a cracked side, open it with the crowbar and get Secret #5, a Medipack, go to the other end of the car and pull the lever on your way, left you’ll see a receptacle for a "Star" and to the right the door opened to the next car, jump over and go past first door, nothing there, open the second after you took care of the Baddy and get the grenades in the crate, go on to the flatbed car and drop off the right side, hang and shimmy right to the middle where you can climb up, deal with another Cowboy and get the Ammo he drops, go over the top of the load and slide down the other side, jump to the ladder on the left side of the next boxcar and climb up, a black Cowboy comes for you and they are harder to kill, so take out the Big guns, drop down and take care of one more Cowboy, find flares and arrows in the W side and a crate to open in the E end, here is Secret #6, Ammo. Climb back out of the boxcar and go down the ladder to the flatbed car with the trucks, backflip and run E past the trucks, a Sentry gun starts shooting, just bite the bullet and jump on the ladder of next boxcar, climb up and drop/hang in the center of the right side of the car.

There is a window, drop/grab and get in get Secret #7, shoot some pestering Bats and get some take the flares right and shoot the boxes to your left so you can shoot the fuel tank on the Sentry gun through the gap, get the Grenade gun in the box in the crawlspace and the Medipack where the Sentry gun was and get out through the hole it was shooting from, go over to the last boxcar and get in by dropping from the end of the car and crawling through the window, shoot the box on the crate left and get Ammo, take the Medipack to the right and climb over the crate there (make sure your health is full), shoot the Cowboy guarding the horses and 3 Wild Boars, use the Jump switch around the corner to the left, take the "Star of Wyatt Earp" and some Ammo in the box, stand against the fence near the horses, with your back to the grey wooden pillar and backflip/jump/grab the roof of the car, go all the way back to the first car and use the "Star" there, the door to the Locomotive opens, jump over and a flyby will show the end of the train ride.

2: ... and the Dead.

You are in the train station of the Pueblo, go E and look for a wooden wall, one of the crates is marked with a colored band, pull it out and aside, get in to claim Secret #8, the Crossbow and Ammo, get out and go right at the end of the passage, there is an extinguished campfire there, remember them all (there are more) you will have to light them later, open the wooden gate and throw the crowbar lever ( a nice flyby of the Pueblo with more switches, a closed gate and a Medipack on a ridge). From here go N and crawl through the low part to reach the Pueblo.

The Pueblo.

Climb the block left and up to the small roof with the low fence. Look out over the Pueblo and see the switches and the Medipack to the right. On your left hand is a small triangular ridge, run jump over there and turn right, stand jump to the next flat spot and drop/shimmy right (or run jump) to the corner, jump to the ledge around the corner and run jump to the switch. Use it and climb the next block, turn around and see some arrows on the ledge over the switch, hang/shimmy left to the front of the ledge and pull up, do not go forward, just take them or you will get stuck, down to the block again and face the next ledge in the corner, if you are lucky the 2 Bears there will walk in and out, so you can shoot them from here, otherwise jump over with the biggest gun out and blast them both, inside the cave is a Skeleton that does not need his Medipack anymore and another switch to pull.

On The rightocks.

Go outside and look down to the left, there is a crevice in the rock face with an obstacle you’ll have to shoot off. Now you have the choice, you want the Medipack (which is Secret #9) or not, if you do, jump to the high ridge and shimmy over there get it and return all the way to the Bear cave, then drop from the ledge and hang/shimmy right a bit and drop/grab the crevice below, shimmy right to the switch. The gate to the Mine opens, but you don’t have to go in yet, instead climb the blocks again, but this time go over to the building with the statues, enter the arch in the center and look for the Jump switch, go out and into the right hand arch now, follow to a square where a Native and a Dog are waiting for you, deal with them and go to the NW corner, open the wooden fence and get the Torch inside, light it at the campfire and go all the way to the other side of the Pueblo in the S. In the room with the small statue, light the campfire and go around the structure with the statue to find a Big Oil lamp to light, save and try to stand in the corner near the statue, you’ll burn very easy here, then go down to all the other campfires you saw and light them all, the one under the Medipack will trigger 2 Natives trying to barbeque you in the fire you just lit, so be careful there. Do not forget the one campfire near the crowbar switch, throw your Torch under the low part and when you light the last fire, the trapdoor you saw every time will open now. Go back to the place you found the Torch and take the Torch with you, climb the small center structure, run jump to the dark house in the right corner in front and find the open trapdoor. Drop in and light the final campfire, the door behind you opens, get the "Little Big Horn" and go over to the Mine now.

The Old Mine.

Enter the mine, shoot the fence with the danger sign and be careful when you go around the corner, a Boulder will come down, so turn around first, step back and immediately jump forward to the exit again. Use the same trick for the side the boulder came from, to trigger the second Boulder too, so you will not be surprised later, now go down to the next fence and shoot it out, use the "little Big Horn" to open next door and enter the room with the boiling pool, nice!. Stand at the edge, facing the second breakable platform and stand jump/stand jump/stand jump aiming left, turn left and stand jump/run right to solid ground at the bottom of a ladder, climb up and go on to the next breakable floor, Teethdoors will start snapping. Shoot the wooden fence you’ll see in the distance and run through, stop just around the corner for another set of teethdoors. Save and go through, you’ll slide behind a boulder, on the next slope, a boulder will come from behind, at the bottom of the slide, jump left out of harms way and swim forward, right/right and avoid 2 Crocs, get out in the corner and shoot 2 Scorps and the Crocs in the river.

The rightiver.

Climb the grey pillar and get the Ammo. Get a Medipack from the Skeleton, he probably won’t need it anymore and go to the SW corner of this riverbank, when the camera angle changes, you will see that you can get around the corner, so drop back off the edge and shimmy right till you can pull up, climb the ladder and get the 2nd "Little Big Horn". Another Croc appears in the river. Go back the way you came and go to the N side of the river bank, jump over the river, kill a big Bug and go to the far SW to place the "Little Big Horn", a rope drops over the river behind you, look E on the left side of the water fall under water is a wooden fence, shoot it from here and use the rope to swing E as far as you can, drop in the river and swim for the opening, be ware of the poison darts in there and find the under water switch in the end, take the Medipack underneath and return to the place where you can leave the water, behind the 2nd pillar in the part where the Boulder is, is some Ammo. Jump over the river again and look to the right in the corner next to the open gate, get the Clips and enter the next cave.

The Caves.

Climb up left and go through the low part, drop into the hole with the crowbar lever and use it to open a trapdoor to your right, climb in and up the ladder, one block from the top, backflip/roll and grab the ladder behind you, climb till you are out of sight and backflip (do not roll), land on the platform, jump back quick and stand jump to the ladder, climb up and claim Secret #10, a Medipack and Ammo, back down the ladder and drop on the ledge with the shotgun Ammo. rightun forward, grab the ladder and down again, at the bottom, let go and slide/ grab, shimmy right and pull up into the crawlspace drop one ledge and from the sloped ledge, stand jump to the left to grab the crevice in the left wall, shimmy right till the end and pull up, turn around and into the next crawlspace, left is some Ammo, turn and follow till you can stand, turn right and pull up into the only passage usable, follow to the lava pit and stand to the left wall, so you can run jump to the lower edge of the slope in front, hold jump button and you will jump to the left, grab the crack in the wall and shimmy to the ladder.

Pull up into the crawlspace (endure the Bats till you can shoot them), turn around overlooking the pit and see the lock on the door on the other side, shoot it and the door opens, back off the edge and hang on the ladder, backflip with a roll and grab the opening, pull the switch inside and a trapdoor over the ladder opens, run jump/grab the high ladder and climb in to get the "Golden Star". Climb back to the crawlspace and go right, over the pit, up the ladder to the pool cave. Go to NE corner and from the bank look over to the other side, you’ll see a Bug sitting on the ground, shoot him from here and jump over the pool, go around the pillar and look for the Swinging ball on the pool side of the pillar, in the ceiling, shoot it and jump back to get out of the way of the boulder that will come down, get in the pool, the door is open under water, to the left is a Medipack, to the right you can find the underwater switch to open the Steel door in the SW corner of the pool cave.

Von Croy’s prison..

When you approach the locked in von Croy, he will warn you for the Black Cowboy mounting the horse, shoot him like you did the other one emptying your rightevolver when you stand straight in front of the horse, when he drops, switch to Shotgun and do him in. he will drop the key for the gate so you can use the "Star" to open the prison, walk to von Croy and end the level.