Quest of the Lost Diamond.

Level: Bibi Phogue.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.


Level 1: The Cave area.

1st Pool.

You’ll drop into a pool, there’s graffiti on the wall, and such a pity as the room really looks great, so do the rest of the levels. Swim left and right on the bottom for some Ammo, then go NW and into the small tunnel there for Secret # 1, go left into the small hole and right/right, get the Medipack, roll and right/right for the Ammo, roll and straight, left for the rightevolver, roll, right/right and left out of the small hole at the sloped floor, get the Ammo at the entrance of the tunnel if you have air left, otherwise get some first. Swim SE and get out on the beach, jump into the passage there and follow to a door right, go on to the 2nd pool, shoot the Crocs in the water, in case you fall in, and run jump to the ledge right, run onto the next and jump/grabbing around the right corner to the corner alcove, turn and grab the vines on the ceiling, swing over to the other side, shoot the Scorp, stand with your back to the wall and stand jump over the sloped block, slide and jump/grab the next, into the passage, go to the 3rd pool.

3rd Pool.

Shoot a Croc as you go over to the building and on the right side of you is an alcove in the rocks with Ammo, explore the rock on the E side and find some more Ammo on it. Enter the SW room, shoot the Scorp and the boxes to get the goodies, find a sloped passage in the SW corner, slide with a flare in hand and jump/grab over the pit, get into the crawlspace (crawlspace) follow to the Scissor trap, stand on the center of the Tile and stand jump (When the Scissors are open) to the sloped block under the Scissors to slide and jump/grab the opposite block, go left and pull up, turn and jump to the crawlspace leading to the Golden Vraeus and the door opens. righteturn to the 1st pool.

The Golden Vraeus Door.

Go to the corner where you got the Secret and climb onto the ledge right, place the Vraeus to open the door. Shoot all the Crocs in there and dive in the water, take the S tunnel and go left/left, open the under water (under water) door, in/right and up. Push a button on the wall and dive back in, go through the door, straight and r in next cave, get some Ammo and then go to the E and through the door you opened, up and get Ammo in the SE alcove, go out and jump onto the block left on the corner in the dark cave, get the small Medipack and shoot some Scorps from here. Go to the pool in the NE and in the NE corner of it you can swim to the next cave, wade to the 4 obelisks and go into the tunnel there and reach a room that looks like death but isn’t yet, go over to the ledge on other side and jump to both sides of the Arch over the gate to get Ammo and a Medipack, get into the passage in the N wall and get through the Scissors, use the reach-in switch to open the gate back there and get in, 2 Ninjas attack, take care of them and go get the Canopic Jar.

An earthquake will rock the room, go back and see the floors caved in, stand jump to the pillar and run jump/grab past the right side of the sloped pillar to the gate, run jump/grab over the abyss in the next room and avoid the traps when going back to the exit, swim back to the 4 obelisks and go swim back to the cave where you shot the Scorps. Go S and stand on the S side of the pit, run jump with a left curve so you will land on the S slope, slide back and grab the edge, go right and pull up, get the small Medipack in the alcove there and run jump left around the corner to the ledge there, get the Flares in the passage and shoot a Scorp in the dark, at the crossing, go right and at the door left/right and follow S, go left and use the reach-in switch, go back to the door and in, follow to the end to get more Flares and return to the door, spot the crawlspace in the wall next to the door and get in. Follow/climb up right, to a room with pillars, get the Shotgun and push the button on the wall behind it, get the Ammo and small Medipack and exit the door, go right and you are back at the 3rd pool. Go to the building and left, to a passage leading out to a canyon with a wooden bridge, stand jump around the corner left to a ledge, one more stand jump and you can get Secret # 2, Medipack and Ammo. righteturn to the 3rd pool and go into the 1st door left, place the Canopic Jar and shoot the vase to get the Ammo from it. Go out and left/left into the open gate, get through the Scissor trap and up the stairs, turn and jump up the next, run past the Scorp and reach a purple cave. Look in the NW corner after you shot the Croc and get the Ammo.

Hop onto the block behind the pillar on N wall and slide down, gun in hand, shoot the Ninja on the bridge and get his Ammo, go over to the other side and enter the cave, get the Ammo right and go up the cave, get Flares right and go into the passage NW and reach a room with deadly water.

The room with the deadly water.

rightun jump/grab the block in front and turn left, when you stand at the edge of the slope, you can see the crawlspace up in the right hand wall, slide and jump/grab the ceiling, ( find out the best spot to jump, not too soon and not too late) go over to the crawlspace and drop/grab, get in. Go left for the Guardian Key and the other side brings you back with a drop, to the 1st Pool. The under water door under the graffiti is open now. So swim S and go in, follow through a room with a grating overhead, in next room go left and up, follow the passages to the room with the grating and to the reach-in switch left, use it and shoot the opposite vase for Ammo and return to the water, swim W (added info: when you swim left at the entrance you can find the Uzis in a short tunnel *added by Marilyn*) and to the right in the end left past the Croc and into the tunnel in left corner, open the under water door fast and get out behind it. Look for the small Medipack in the left alcove and follow to a cave with a Ninja. Nice view outside from this cave, get some Ammo in the NE corner and go to the pool, dive in and swim under the rocks in the right hand corner and up into an old Temple area. Place the Guardian Key and enter the gate to go to the next level.

Level 2: The Jungle.

1st Forest.

Go forward and get the Ammo and Shotgun from the forest floor, go back to where you started and hop on the trunk of the tree, to get the Ammo on it, jump over the ridge in SE direction to the 2nd forest. Go to a tree N and climb it, backflip to a branch and stand jump/grabbing to the next and a run jump/grab will get you to the S side. On this branch you’ll find Secret # 3, Grenade gun, Ammo and Medipack. Drop from to the forest floor and go to the SW corner, run out and slide to the Pit. From the grey ledge in this corner, you can do a long run jump/grab (with a little left curve) to the opposite side. Go to next area and find the jump switch right on the tree, it will bring up a bridge in the Pit. You don’t need it now, but in the end of the level.

The Canyon.

Drop into the hole on the other side and follow the cave down, get in to the crawlspace and left to the very point of the ledge (look down and you can see the stuff on the tree) run jump/grab to the branch of the tree, sticking out into the canyon. Get the rightevolver and Medipack and run jump of to the NW corner with a left curve, you’ll slide onto a safe ledge, run jump/grab to the passage E and reach the 2 way Pit. rightun jump into the left passage and get the Ammo where you land, go down and up the other passage and just in front of the pit, get the Ammo in the left hand alcove, go down the passage again and right into the 3rd forest. Drop from the ledge and go over to the SW, get up the trunk behind the tree and jump/grab the ledge hidden in the leaves in that SW corner, turn right and run jump to the branch under the monkey swing, go over to the center tree and run jump to the SE tree for Ammo and to the next for the Uzis. Drop back to forest floor and go SW, to the next cave. Get Ammo and Flares in the right hand alcove just before the 3 way Cave. rightun around the left corner onto the double ledge.

The 3 way Cave.

As the name indicates, you can go 3 ways, take the NW passage first. rightun jump over and get the Ammo in the alcove right, follow to a forest where a Harpie will attack you, shoot it and go W, past a slope we will slide down in the end of the level to a lake, go left and find the ladder there, climb and backflip to the tree, jump over to the tree house on the other side and get the Crowbar, Shotgun and small medipack. Drop back to the beach and return to the 3 way cave. rightun jump to the double ledge and jump into the S passage, and jump into the right hand alcove just before you go outside, get Ammo inside and go out to the river area. The wall right prevents you from entering the passage we have to go next, so first we will find a way to get it out of the way, hop over the tree and go into the passage E, go past the rock hanging from the ceiling and left into an alcove, get Secret # 4, Ammo and Flares inside and go out, into the opposite alcove follow to a pit, run jump from the point a little right and climb the ladder right corner to just above the branch right, backflip to the one behind and go over to the other side of the room, through the Scissors and open the crowbar door. Use the jump switch inside to blow up the wall in the river area. Go back there and hop over the tree, run jump/grabbing into the opening in SW cave. Drop into the shaft and follow to an under water door.

The 1st Hidden Temple.

Open it and follow up, climb out and get Ammo in right hand corner, go to the 1st hidden Temple and shoot 2 Harpies on your way over, enter the Temple and up the stairs, in the central room get the Ammo in the dark alcove in front first, the go to the E passage, slide a little left of center and jump with a left curve as far as you can into the room, get over to one of the blocks quickly as the water will start burning real soon. Go into the NE corner and come to a room with stone bridges, 2 Skeletons wake up, it’s up to you what to do with them, get the Ammo and go to the S reach-in switch to raise a block in the center, climb to 1st floor and open the door with the Crowbar, get the Hathor Effigy from the Sarcophagus and go back down, to the passage in the SE corner, follow back to the front of the Temple and go left, climb into the passage at the burning pedestal. Shoot the Skeleton into the pit and shimmy along the S wall to the other side, follow past a room with 2 pillars to a room with a door up in the wall, find the jump switch on right side of the door and it will open, climb up, get the small Medipack and go right (the left water hole is for returning here when you happen to fall in the river outside) get through the crawlspace and to the river area, to the 3 way Cave, from the double ledge, jump into the last passage in the SW corner.

The 2nd Hidden Temple.

Follow down to the entrance and go to the Throne room, shoot the 2nd box for Ammo and keep the Medpacks ready. Take one of the crawlspace’s next to the Throne and drop into the next room, jump up and get into the crawlspace quick, go back to the 3 way Cave and jump to the double ledge, followed by a horde of Beetles. Jump back once or twice to get rid of all Beetles. Go into the crawlspace again, and in the room where the Beetles came out, use both reach-in switches to open the door, follow through the Spiketraps to a room with a Sarcophagus. Get the Ornate Handle from inside and return to previous room, to shoot some boxes and get the Goodies from them. Go back to the 3 way Cave, jump back to the double ledge and to the NE passage to return to the 1st Forest. In the 3rd Forest, you have to climb up the trees again and from the center tree, you can run jump to the entrance ledge, follow to the 2 way cave and go around to the passage where you got the Uzi Ammo, from there jump back over the pit and come to the canyon, run jump/grab over and go left, run jump to a ledge in the SW corner and then to one just under the tree, next one on E wall and into the exit. Go through the crawlspace and up the cave, climb out to the place where you made the bridge appear over the pit, go to the 1st Forest and to the SW corner, here is the big slope we saw from below, slide and jump over the Spikes, slide and jump onto the Fallen tree, hanging over the slope, go right and place the Portal Guardian (Hathor Effigy and Ornate Handle combined) at the block to open the doors, go in and end this level…