Prise au Piege  (Trapped)

Level by Maxime Guidoni (Maximo)

Walkthrough by Gerty and Dutchy

Lara starts in a cave. Go to the W and slide and jump plus grab the ledge there. Climb into the opening, turn around and crawl through and pick up the revolver ammo around the corner. Go back and turn around again and jump back, grabbing the ledge and shimmy to the right, around some corners till you can stand up. Walk to the edge and a standing jump straight. Look N and shoot the scorpion there and running jump with grab will get you there.

There is a reach in hole on the left (cut scene) and drop in the hole at the end. Shoot the scorpion and at the end of this passage is a ladder, climb down. Look SW and take a two running jumps to get flares. Get back and now look SE and a standing jump to the pillar there, in front of that one is a ladder. A running jump to the ladder, climb up and when the hands of Lara are at the same height as the ledge, shimmy right and climb up. Walk through this small passage and there is the gate you saw in the cut scene.

Take a running jump with grab to the other side and take the first opening on the right. Follow through and you see some dogs roaming around. When you step further in the room the door there opens and the dogs come flying out.

Go into the door and pull the chain SW and another one NE. The gate opens and another pack of dogs attack.

Go into the new room, there are more dog there. There is a lever behind the railing but for now go right. Jump down and around the corner is the receptacle for the Cartouche. Straight (W) is a jump lever, jump down again and take a running jump and pull it. This will lower a block in the first room.

For now, climb back up and use the lever and the gate behind you opens. There is a burner around the corner and if you crawl under it you can take the BA CARTOUCHE lying on the pedestal. Crawl back and use the lever again to place the Cartouche.

Return to the room with the lever and through the door E, through the door with the running sand and go S (right), down a ramp and at the end is a ladder. Climb down, dive into the pool and get the AMULET OF HORUS. Climb out at a ledge NE and jump into the opening in the N wall. Jump down and climb onto the rock S and look NW, walk towards an opening there and you see lava flowing. Better save here.

Take a curved jump to the right over the lava and find the chain (cut scene). Go back with a curved running jump to the left and climb all the blocks to get to the ladder, picking up some shotgun ammo on the way. Save before climbing the ladder, there is a boulder, one on top, you hear the boulder, side flip left and jump back after the boulder. Go up the ramp, then NE, to the crossing and take a right and left, this is the room you saw in the cut scene.

Grab the TIMELESS SANDS and go to the room S and place the Timeless Sands.

Turn around and you trigger another cut scene. Go left and another scene. Go back to the room with the door with sand and into the other room toward the room with the lever on the floor. Flip the lever and go through the opening behind you, the burner will shut down when you approach and climb up to the right. Push the lever, go back again, push that lever on the floor another time and go into the opening behind you. Look up, there is a monkey climb. Use it and go around the corner and at the end let go and pick up TRIANGULAR DIAMOND (GUARDIAN KEY). Place the key at the door and run down the ramp.

Follow through, shooting some scorpions and at the end jump down. Take the first left and get the goodies there (small medipack and uzi ammo). Go up again and go W, down the ladder. E is the room you saw in a cut scene and at the other end behind the pile of sand is cave. In the corner S is a rock, climb up and look E, jump there and looking N you see a crack. Shimmy to the right, all the way, and get up in the crawlspace there to get the EPEE DU MAL (CROWBAR). Get out and now shimmy left a bit and climb into the next crawlspace. Open the door with the Crowbar. Take a running jump to the pile of sand and another to the door.

Left around the corner is a medipack. Walking to the W the door there opens, an earthquake occurs and walk down the steps and at the end, stay to the right, you fall through a floor. When you see Lara again, use the grab button to hang at the ledge in the end. Shimmy to the right and at the ladder, go down to the lava floor.

Turn left (N) and take a running jump to the next rock.

Turn W (to get out of the fixed camera use the look button) Better save at this point, as the next jump is pretty hard to make. The burner is off for such a short time so they way I did it, was to save and reload so you can get to the other side with a running jump.

Climb the ladder and go to the other side and turn N, a running jump to the other side and pick up the Grenades. Jump back and go to the S now over the bridge. There is a lever (cut scene). Retrace your steps to the ladder, go down and at the end look SE and a running jump to the slanted rock there with another jump to get to the ladder. Climb up and get into the crawlspace. Go right and save here.

Sprint into the opening right, go left and climb the block and use the monkey climb to get to a jump lever on the wall. This releases a rope so swing once to the other side. Jump down and a running jump to a ledge and use the lever there (cut scene). Do a safety drop down, go over the bridge and go to the E to the broken bridge there. Save here. Stand all the way to the left and a running jump will do the trick. Left and opposite the lava stream is an opening. Jump backwards and shimmy left over the spike pit. Climb the stairs and look up as there is a ladder. Almost at the top do a back flip.

You get into a cave like area and to the right is a monkey climb. On the other side are some scorpions and a crawlspace. Go right and left and the camera angle chances. Climb the ladder and use the lever (cut scene).

Descend and crawl back, use the monkey climb again, follow through and find another ladder to climb up. Take a back flip when you are almost at the top and get some arrows in the corner. Do a safety drop in the opening of the floor, shoot the dogs and go up the stairs.
E is the door to the pile of sand. Take a hop back and one step and a running jump to the sand, and slide down. Go W and climb the ladder, at the end back flip. Go S and open the door with the crowbar. Bat alert. Once you pass the door, look behind it, there is a jump lever there. Use it. Climb back up and cross the bridge, pick up the small medipack.

The door there is open and find Secret #1, uzi-, shotgun- and revolver ammo and the Shotgun.

Retrace your steps and go N, Go up and up the ramp, left over the monkey climb, go E out of the door, through the next and get the CARTOUCHE PIECE 1 & 2 (EYE OF HORUS) in the SE and NE corners. There used to be blocks there. Back through the door and I would flip the lever and go through the other gate unless you want to do the monkey climb again. Down the ramp and go W through the crawlspace, a running jump too the other side and crawl in.

Combine the two pieces and place the GOLD EYE. Some scorpions come looking and in the next room are two levers.

They both trigger some knives. Get out and NW is a medipack. Get out through the crawlspace and jump to the other side, down the ladder W, to the room behind the sand. Find the block in the S and go to the crack and shimmy again, not all the way to the end. Climb in the crawlspace and go to the door. Jump to the pile of sand and from there to the other door. Now go right, around the corner left is a small medipack. There is a dog and some scorpion, keep running and reach the end trigger.

Note, you can skip the whole lava room by running up those stairs, but you’ll miss out on the great looking lava cave.

Dutchy, 23-12-2004