Port Wladorsk.

Level: Agnes.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.



Lara heard that some artifacts which disappeared in Germany during the 2nd world war

are smuggled from Russia back to Europe and they are sold very expensive,

Her enquiry leads her to Port Wladorsk, where she arrives by ship.

Lara finds a access to an area under the pier. There she starts her looking for the

people pulling the strings.

The Loading Docks.

Pull away the dark right crate and get some Flares at the gate before you go into the crawlspace that was behind the crate, go right and get some Ammo, go on and right/right, to shoot some small boxes in the end of this crawlspace, a door opens, return through the crawlspace and see Blondie trying to get into the crawlspace, shoot him in the legs and go out to the loading area, shoot both Guards on the other side and look on this side of the pool for a switch to open a Timed under water gate N, opposite the crane (the opening of the gate doesn’t always work well, the problem is that you have to stay on the Tile under the switch for a bit, to trigger the gate to open, after a few tries you will manage). Pull, turn left, run to the end, hop in and pull an under water lever to open a door on opposite side of the pool. Go into that door and up the right hand stairs, left into the room, get Flares and go to the next room here to shoot the Guard, get some Ammo behind the shelves and get back to the stairs, left and down to a crossing, go left and left into the room, shoot a Blondie and look behind crates for an ID Card and a small medipack in a crawlspace, go back to the crossing and left, into the next room. Shoot the Guard and go to the last room, there’s a switch on the wall and a crawlspace in the wall. Go in to get Secret #1, the Revolver.

Timed Run.

Now go to the switch and pull, roll and sprint down the S passage, right/left and through the open gate to the Poison Pool. (it’s a tight one, but you’ll manage eventually, try hitting Alt just before you reach the Gate.)

The Poison Pool.

Do a short (hold Ctrl) run jump to the first crate and go run jump to the next left forward, then to the switch on the wall, which will open a gate at the loading dock. Jump back to the last crate and use the MS to get over to the corner where you can get the AK 47.

Loading Docks.

Go back to the stairs and down the S end, look for the Reader to use the ID Card left and go in, the Key you need next is on the floor (hard to see) when you go left past the wooden crates and just in front of where the gate used to be. Jump over the pool to use the Key next to the Search light. In next room is a small medipack, go to the pool, where a Jump switch on S wall, over the Spikes, will open the under water gate. Grab the Flares and go right at the crossing, left is a closed gate.  Follow the tunnel leading to an old harbor.

The 1st Harbor.

Look for the under water lever under the pipe in the alcove under the Search light. The gate above opens, go in and up to a walkway, grab the edge of the roof, go right and around the pillar, climb down and backflip to the ledge behind, jump around the corner to the square, shoot the Baddie and pull a crate for some Ammo, find the ladder around the corner and go up to a small store room, shoot Blondie and go pull the center dark crate to a dark Tile in the next room, the under water gate in the tunnel near the loading docks opens. Go back, dive in the harbor and go swim back, straight at the crossing and into the open gate

The 2nd Harbor.

Swim into the NE corner and get out on a ledge to shoot a Baddy, the fence in the building is climbable, so go over to get some Ammo, get back over the fence and go S, look at the grey W building and spot the brick ladder on the corner, go up and right onto the yellow brick roof, get Secret #2, a small medipack and Ammo. Drop down into the water and go N, around the corner is an under water gate. It’s Timed and the switch for it is all the way in the SW. Climb up the ledge opposite the gate and run jump to a floor you can see in the NE, get a Medipack and swim SW, go just past the Speedboat and up the low ledge behind the pier, walk the pier to the building on E side, see the opening? From the tip of the pier it is possible to run jump in, or grab the ladder next to it with a curved jump/grab, go in and up the ladder, look over on the N side and find the Jump switch, this will kill the Lasers in a room behind the Timed gate.

Timed Swim.

Swim SW and past the low ledge, climb out at the crate, after you shot the Baddy you can shove the crate to the other side of the alcove, so you can do a nice roll/run/dive.

Pull the switch/Roll/Run and Jump holding shift, swim like the wind, don’t change course to much and cut corners, be sure to be on the right level so you can swim into the gate before it closes. Go to an office and grab the Key from the dark crate. Swim back to the low ledge and from the pier jump back in the E building, walk up to the Cable slide to go W and open the door there. Follow to a room where you will find the stolen Paintings and Artifacts.

Finishing the Assignment.

There’s a small medipack in a crate on opposite side, then drop down and take out the Baddies, inspect the Paintings and go look for a Key, dropped by one of the Bad Guys, open the office, go up to the desk and phone the Police. They will come to arrest Sonya the green haired crook, who’s probably shooting with blanks…

The end, Dutchy.