Jackson Pollockís Puzzle.

Level: Semitonic.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Quite dark the start of this level, youíre in the backstreets of an old town, turn around and climb a small structure in the SW, jump over to the one over the flames ands get the Shotgun on top. Go back down to the street and into an alley E, follow to another square and follow again to a square with 2 closed doors.

The Crowbar.

Look in the W wall for an alcove with a Spikeball, climb into the hole right and throw a lever in it, climb back out and go into the opposite open door, donít get the Crowbar yet, but throw the lever in the left corner, the other door in the square opens. Go back into the Spikeball alcove and throw the lever to close the door to the Crowbar. Enter the door in the SE of the square and in the next square with the big fence and the wooden structure, you can climb up the NW corner of the fence, left onto the roof and jump over the high sloped part S, get the Medipack and be sure to have full health before you drop into the hole in the roof. Hold the Ctrl to minimize the damage and inside you can now safely take the Crowbar, the Ball will hit the door.

Go onto the slope S and slide back to the square, go into the SE door again and up to the roofs, up to the flat roof at the hole and W, look down in the square and see the roofs W, run jump to a part of the roof just left of the Spikeball and jump to pillar S. then run jump over to the roofs E, up to the higher part and go E, jump to the pillar and then to a roof under the wooden structure SE, get Secret #1, Ammo and drop back to the square to climb back up the roofs again.

The Pharos Knot.

Go to the NW corner and see a roof, sloped down N, run jump to it with a left curve so you slide from it backwards and grab the edge, shimmy to a pillar W, stand on it facing E and back up as far as possible to the W roof, backflip and grab the edge of that one, pull up/backflip/ roll/grab the roof behind you, climb up the N roof and slide to some Ammo, go E from the Ammo and drop to a lower ledge in the small square with the flame, climb down to the flame and left, to drop in front of the Pharos Knot, take it and climb back up, grab into the crawlspace E and drop/hang on other side, shimmy around the corner and drop into a square with a pool.

The Current Pool.

Go to the W side of the pool and onto the wall in front of the white pointy structure, you can run jump into an alcove in the N side back of it, push a button to open a door in the structure, releasing a Skeleton. Drop to the ground and go shoot the Skeleton into the pool, go into the white building to get the Pharos Pillar, Beetles are released, run to the pool and run jump to the center block, get the Ammo while the Beetles drop into the pool. When you open the doors in N wall, with the Knot and the Pillar, youíll find that you need a couple of Gems first.

Music Scroll & 1st Gem.

So go back into the water and swim into the tricky S tunnel (from the flyby) the strong current will set you back a couple of times, but when you hold on, youíll finally will swim up into a room where you can get the Scroll. Swim back to the pool and get out in the SW, place the Scroll (who put those darts there?) and go into the door to throw a lever, see a flyby of the under water tunnels, the lever controls the strong current in the W and E tunnels. Now you can dive in the pool and get the 1st Gem.

Swim into the W tunnel and come out in a green pool, get out and go to the SE corner of this forest, behind the Church and follow the passages down to a room with an Altar in front of a Lara Picture.

Blessed are the ones who return to worship".

On the Altar is a Medipack, look around the room and see the text: Blessed are the ones who return to worship". You can exit there and follow the passages to a slide down a slope to a steel grated bridge with a lever, (weíll use that later) climb up the right hand wall at the bottom of this slope and go to the SE corner of the forest again, repeat what you did before and go worship Lara again, this time youíll find the 2nd Gem on the Altar, go out and return 2 more times to get the Lasersight and the Revolver. (Could be I didnít get it in the right order) Go back up to the forest and to the S side of the Church, climb over the block and go up the left wall to an open door in the corner of the Current pool, as soon as you spot a Spirit, you have to run back to the forest, and to the E side where you probably saw the little Bird statue, the Spirit will kill itself here, now go to the Current pool and use the lever in the Scroll door to re-activate the current in the pool. (If you have the guts, you can also use the lever while the Spirit chases you and then go back to the forest through the SW door, saves you a trip.) Thatís it, now you can go to that lever you saw in the room under the Church and here starts a timed run/swim.

Timed Run/Swim.

Save in front of the lever. When you throw the lever, a cut scene takes over and shows you an opened door somewhere. As soon as you regain control, roll and sprint for the hole up to the forest, just in front of the slope and climb up, turn right and sprint to the pool, dive in and swim S into the red tunnel to the Current pool go straight into the E tunnel and swim around the left corner and to a green pool in the end of it, up and right a bit to climb out on the bank, run forward and right, jump up the slope in the NE corner and into the open door.

Moving Pillar Room.

In this room are grated pillars that change position every 2 seconds, when you stand on one and it goes down, you loose a lot of health. Main objective is to get into the SE corner to get the 1st Golden Star there, so watch where you can go and get that Star. Go back carefully and out to the Tower area and find a spot where you can climb up in the NW corner of the tree and the wall, get some Ammo there. Head back to the Church in the forest and go into the NE corner, a room with a sloped floor and changing ledges.

The Change Ledge Slope.

There will of course be several ways to do this, but hereís how I did it:

Stand under the first row of ledges from the entrance, where the 1st ledge is one square up the slope and jump and soon as it appears, walk up a bit left and jump to the next up and left as you expect it to appear, then up and right, up straight and up left and finally to the upper floor. Go W and run jump around the pillar there or use the ledge at the pillar to jump into that corner. Get a small medipack and go down into the passage, just around the corner are Spikeball traps, wait for the floor to slope up to the left and run in, grab up to the multicolor Labyrinth. (If you go into the right hand passage when you reach the top of the moving slope, a Boulder-trap will be activated, when you do it my way it will be activated when you leave-LOL.)

The Multicolor Labyrinth.

Go forward and right, follow the faces of Lara to the end of the passage, go left/right/left/left and down into the right hand lower passage. Go straight into the structure in the center of the room and stand in the corner of the small passage, just jump up a few times till you are on top of the structure, get the Gem and the 2nd Golden Star and check your health before safety dropping down to ground floor. Go back through the labyrinth and left at the Boulders, come back out at the Slope, the Boulder-trap will now be activated.

Placing the Golden Stars.

Slide down and go to the Current pool, go into the door in S wall and left into the alley, up right at the grating with the steam and up to the roofs, grab some Ammo in front and jump onto the flat part of the right hand roof where it ends at the S wall and drop on the other side, could be a Skeleton roams around here, shoot it off the roof and climb up into the SW door that opened there, drop on the other side and follow the green hills to an opening between 2 Pillars in the fence at the Church right. Slide down the slope and jump/grab into the Church, go down to the Star receptacles and place them to open the door, go in and throw a lever, which will activate the cross on the Church. Youíll see a Gem on it. A Spirit is released, get out of the Church fast and take the spirit to the statue in the forest.

Up Again.

Go to the Current pool and into the S door, follow the alleys to the Boulder room and go into the SE passage to the fence where you climbed up to the roof before, now go straight up and left around the corners. Thereís an opening in the grated structure, get in. Climb down the other side and backflip to the top of the inside structure for some Ammo, jump back to the ladder and go all the way down, into the SE corner to open a door with the Crowbar. Go in and follow the path to a lever, throw it and see a lever appeared in the Tower. Climb out of here in the NE corner and leave through the opened exit door. Go down to the Tower and throw that lever.

the Tower.

Youíll end up on top of the Tower, shoot the Skelton off the Tower and look for a Tile with the text Give Lara her control back". Itís a hint, stand on that Tile and face N, hop back from the edge, hold Ctrl and land safely on a ledge with a Medipack, grab it and run around to the N side of the Tower, run jump/grab over to the tree on N wall and go up, right and follow the path along the E wall to the grated structure, shoot the Skeleton into oblivion. Climb to the top of the structure and go all the way over to the SE side, shoot another Skeleton on your path. Run jump/grab a rope hanging from the strange wooden SE building. Swing to the lever and throw it to open a door on the roof of the building at the Current pool. Go back over the grated structure to the trees, jump down into the pool at the Tower. Go up to the top of the Tower and when you walk onto the W bridge, the 4th Gem is right at your feet. Go to the end of the bridge and drop down to the roof at one of the big pillars, the sloped base will break the fall. Go into the SW structure where the door opened and climb the brown pillar in front, walk the bridge and shoot another Skeleton into the deep.

The Cross.

From the high roof you can run jump to the cross when the leg points at you and climb up quick, get the 5th Gem and look down the W side of the cross, drop/hang and drop down when the leg points W, hop back, hang and youíll drop onto a sloped ridge on the roof. Get the Uzis on the roof. Get safely down from the roof and go to the Current pool, open the doors N and place the 5 Gems to open all doors, inside are vases. Whatever you do, donít shoot them, go into the passage down to the basement and up to a nicely painted room. Go pick up all the Ammo in the E wall. Deduce the order, Shoot or Die is the text on that wall. Again you will find 5 vases, I tried a zillion combinations, as I couldnít find a clue in which order to shoot them. Someone stated he got the right combination but didnít tell what it was and it will only make the blocks to climb bigger, I just left it at that.

Climb the hanging blocks in the room, climb into the top room and the level ends.