Out of Curiosity.

Level by Blacksheep (Atsushi Yamakawa)

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

The Pool.

Lara is in a pool in front of a cave, get out on the beach, and turn, look E and see a rock in the water close by, but not so close that you can jump to it, swim into the gap between the rock and the N bank, turn towards the slope at the bottom of the bank and Lara will try to stand, as soon as she does, backflip to the rock. Turn and see the pointy rock SE, run jump over there and then E over the point, turn right and look at S bank, jump/grab the rock, you can shimmy along the rock face to the right and up to a flat piece of rock, go up and follow the path to a low cave, pull the switch in the end, a trapdoor opens somewhere and slide back to the pool.

The Building.

Enter the W building and go along the left side to the W, notice the big gate with the keyhole in the center of the big hall. In the end there are 2 lion statues on W wall, climb up between them and drop into a water filled shaft on the other side, swim through to a room with a center pillar and blades.

Going up the Blades.

Climb the N brown block and jump to the jump switch on the pillar, the other block rises, the blades start rotating as well. Climb the S block and stand jump/grab the ledge, hang and shimmy over to the wall, pull up there and stand relatively safe against the wall, look what to do next and as soon as you have a chance, make it to the next ledge, go around like this till you come to a ledge with a lever and a Medipack, turn E after you pulled the lever (which will open a gate) and see the opening in the E wall. Go over and in, climb the ladder, follow to a room with a climbable pillar, jump to it and climb around t the opposite side of the room, backflip into the opening and go out to the roof. Get into the opposite passage and slide down backwards, you’ll hang in a shaft over the entrance of the W building. Drop/grab and shimmy left, pull up into a room with a lever, pull it to open an underwater gate in the lower pool and 2 Wraiths will come and haunt you, drop down to the entrance and sprint down as a boulder will come down after you, go left or right to avoid it and jump into the pool.

The Pool.

Swim E past the rock and into the lower cave in the bottom, swim W and into the open gate in front, down and time the swim through the Can openers, go sharp left and up and see a hole in the ceiling with golden light, there is a little statue there that will kill the Wraiths.

The Water room.

When you explore the water room you’ll see a trapdoor in the ceiling and another passage NW on what I will call the upper level and a passage in the SW lower level, both with Can openers so be careful take the upper first, pull the lever, swim up into the small tunnel and get Secret # 1, a Golden Rose and go back, you can pick up the Medipack in the deep hole on your way out, go back for air and now take the SW tunnel, pull the lever in the end and go back to the water room and get up in the trapdoor that will be open now. Take the Key from the pedestal and be careful, turn on the pedestal and jump over the spikes as they’re down go quickly past the Skeleton and swim back to the building, followed by a hungry Croc.

The Building.

Go to the left side of the central structure and open it with your Key, pull the switch in the window opening to the left and go into the hole next to the coffin (notice the little square on the wall with the signs on it, go back here later), drop to the stairs and go down all the way to the torch, turn and climb down the ladder, pull the switch (better save in front of this switch) on the bottom and while the cutscene plays, do your work, you can’t break the cutscene so do it blind, roll/run forward, jump/grab the ladder, go up and then when you can see again up the stairs to the first corner, jump/grab the crawlspace left and pull in quick. The ball will break open a passage in the pit where it went in, but first go back up the stairs and to the small square with the writing on it, it changed into a crawlspace, go in and get the “Devil’s Eye”.

The Grave Room.

The Top.

Go back down the stairs and climb in to the pit, backflip into the opening created by the ball and follow to the grave room. Jump to the right pillar base and then over to the next, go N like this and around the corner to that double pillar there, run jump/garb over to the N side of the hall and up on the strange structure with the 3 receptacles for the “Devil’s Eyes”. On top there’s a ladder with a closed trapdoor, so lets slide backwards S off the red “carpet” to the 1st receptacle and use the Eye. Turn around and go forward, slide off the next slope and jump in the end, holding action and you’ll land on a bridge on ground floor.

Ground Floor.

Go on to the lever you see in the S and pull it. (it will drop a rope from the ceiling on ground floor you’ll need later) Drop down to the grave cellars.

The Grave Cellars.

Go N and left at the crossing, (notice the block in front of the structure N) find the switch hidden in the corner left in the end, pull it and return to that block, it went down, revealing a Key. Take it and push in the Skull block where the key is. There’s a switch left in the corner, pull and enter the gate that opened in the N of this room, take the Medipack (you’ll need it soon enough) and the Golden Skull on the pedestal. A bunch of Skeletons will wake up, so sprint back to the switch W to raise the block (where you got the key) again and climb up quick, be careful, those Skeletons can climb up this block too, jump/climb up the red part of the structure and go right, to the receptacle there, now you have to jump to the pillar base on the S side of the room, stand E as far as possible and slide/jump and steer left grabbing, so you’ll land on the pillar base at the double pillar, go over the floor to the gate E and open with your key.

The Torch.

On the other side of the room is the Torch on a pedestal, but you have to work to get it out. Runjump to either side and start jumping aiming left or right to get to the torch, in the end you’ll land on the ledge on either side and get that torch, now back is a bit harder, jump aside till you are at the end of the slopes, just before the ledge at the door, now just jump straight, you have to slide down far as possible so you land high up on opposite slope, the last jump will put you just on the corner of the ledge, be sure to release the jump button in time. Get out and down to the Skeletons in the grave cellar, under the door you just came from is a burning torch where you can light yours, sprint to the crossing and right, light 2 torches next to the gate there and enter the room with the dead Alien (or something like it).

The 2nd “Devil’s Eye”.

Go stand next to the vase behind the corps and let one of the Skeletons hack the vase to pieces. Throw the torch and get the 2nd “Devil’s Eye”. To get  Secret #2, the “Golden Rose” you will have to burn the Alien with the torch, if there are too many spectators, just sprint out of here and let them follow you, sprint back and get the torch to set it on fire, the gate in the W of the Grave cellars will be open, get the Rose and a Medipack.

Back up the block at the crossing and put the Eye in the left receptacle, look out into the grave room, to the W and see the gate opened in the far wall, same trick here, slide and jump right to the base of the double pillars. Down on the ground floor and over to the Medipack there, climb one of the pillar bases next to it and stand with your back to the wall, do a run jump/grab with a curve to the rope and you’ll grab it after some tries, swing to the open gate in the W and in grabbing, (noticed the little statue under the gate on ground floor? Probably we have to deal with some Wraiths again and this is the place to get rid of them!). Follow the passage.

The Burning Pool.

There’s a Medipack in the SE corner, you can go get it first if you want. Go N and do 2 standjumps over the burner to the corner, turn right and over to the next ledge, do a run jump/standjump to the switch in the corner and pull it to raise a block near the entrance of the room, go back there (stand with your back against the switch and do a standjump/run jump back to the safe ledge, the rest you know. At the entrance, run jump/grab the raised block and jumpgrab the ledge on the brown pillar. Do a diagonal run jump with a curve to the ledge on N wall and then to the E one on that wall.

Go stand close to the sloped pillar, with your back to it, but not too close to the burner below or you will get fried, now backflip and land just on the point of the slope, jump/grab the ledge on the brown pillar and pull up, turn around and standjump/grab the rope, swing to the switch and pull to raise a block on the ledge in the SW corner. Now jump to the brown pillar again and go diagonal to the NW corner, (a couple of Wraiths were released when you pulled the switch, better get rid of them first, although it means you have to go down to the Grave room again. From landing on the corner ledge you can roll, run off in E direction and turn W run off again and land on the water level ledge in the NW corner, remember, 2 standjumps when the flame is down and sprint back to the Grave room, roll, drop back from the edge drop at the little statue, stand aside as the 2 Wraiths kill themselves. Now go back up to the brown pillar and the ledge with the raised block.

The 3rd “Devil’s Eye”.

Get up the block and run jump to the brown ledge on the pillar, climb up, turn left and standjump from the higher point to the bridge up there, the 3rd “Devil’s Eye” is on the pedestal. Take the Medipack in the W first, then go to the pedestal and see the opening in the wall E, when you take the Eye, jump over the pedestal, sprint to this opening and pull up, get in quick, you’ll find out why….

Enter the naked lady room and take another Medipack right, open the trapdoor by standing on N side and go down, you’re back on top of the receptacle structure. Walk over the red “carpet”, back off, drop to the 1st “Devil’s Eye” again and slide/jump down to the ground floor, turn around and run jump to the ladder over the block, go for the right receptacle now, place the Eye and go down to the ladder, the gate N of the ladder, (you saw it before I think) is now open go in and use the lever behind the see through pillar with the pedestal, take the Gate key from the pedestal and jump to the exit, if everything went well, you’ll be swimming again, allowing you to leave through the roof, drop down for a Medipack and then slide backwards off the slope, you’re back at the ladder. Climb back up to one of the lower receptacles and from here you can jump to the extending red ledge, from which you can run jump/grab the right golden block floating in the air S, go to the open gate in the W, over the pillars and jump into the opening, pull the lever and now go all the way to the E and get into the next room.

Boulder room.

A nice floor with burner tiles, watch it, jump to the right or left ledge (brown) whichever you prefer and up the slopes, after the 2nd slope you reach the 3rd, as soon as you touch this slope, run off to the 2nd again, as a boulder will come down. Then go past and follow up to a ledge from which you can enter the central structure, here you’ll see a closed gate, a ladder on both walls leading to a closed trapdoor in front of it and a hole in the floor, get in and pull the lever there, it will lower a block in front of a Fire statue on 1st floor. Now climb into one of the widows so you can jump/grab back into the hole you dropped into and go down the slopes (be careful, there is a boulder on the other side of the room too). Hang on the edge, in a corner, at the Fire statue and hold the look button so you can see when the flame is down, climb up quick and turn/jump up/ grab the ceiling and move to the other side of the room to pull the switch there, before you get fried. When you pull the switch, the trapdoor will open on top of the ladder up in the room, behind the gate there is Secret # 3, the 3rd Golden Rose and some goodies, but the gate is timed. In the center of the room below are the Skeleton and a Face tile. From standing with your back to the switch take 3 steps forward, standjump/roll in midair and land on this tile the door will open, sidejump to the brown ledge and run jump/roll onto the start of the slopes, sprint up with your shoulder at the wall and when you bump into the high step, sidejump/roll and sprint up again, bump against the high step and sidejump/ roll and finally run jump/roll into the opening in the wall of the center structure and jump/grab over the hole in the floor into the (hopefully) open gate. Get the Secret and 2 Medipacks. Climb the ladder and follow the path to a room with a pool and 2 closed gates under water. Go to the other side and climb up the red slope, as soon as you pull up, jump/grab the roof. Don’t touch the water in the red pool, go left or right (makes no difference) into one of the passages, and follow to a gate where you can use the Gate Key.

The Globe Puzzle.

Jump over the Croc pool and climb the small pillar left of the center, in front of you to the E is a closed gate with marked tiles on the ceiling, matching the ones over the Globes, so you know where they have to go, turn and you can see 2 gates under water, and in front of each gate an underwater lever that will open the gate. There’s also a jumpswitch over the entrance you can’t reach yet and 2 alcoves, left and right with switches in it, also for later. Beneath you are 3 Globes, surrounded by spikes, we have to move the Globes, but first take care of those spikes and Crocs. From the block you’re on, climb up the higher pillars and try to lure the Crocs into the room as far as possible, go back in the direction of the pool and run jump to the left gate, open it and swim in, go into 1st tunnel and pull the lever there, or if there are too many Crocs you better swim to the other room, straight and circle the structure to lure the Crocs away (try to get them all here, then get back fast and pull the lever in the side tunnel, you can shut the Crocs out of the Globe room if you play it smart, so you can do your job in peace.

Pulling the lever in the side tunnel dropped a rope from the ceiling, climb the block near the pool and run jump/grab and swing to either alcove with switch, you have to pull ‘em both, use the grating on the ceiling to cross over to the other and finally use the jumpswitch by hanging over it and drop/grab. Go push the Globes to the right position (look on the ceiling and if you can’t get Lara to go between wall and Globe, just put her in the corner where she has to go in and push action, she will squeeze herself in between) and the E gate will open, get the Torch and jump up to the closest block to go up the high pillars and run jump to the burning torch in the alcove over the gate. Light your torch and run jump over the pool to the wooden ledge at the entrance. Go up the stairs in front of you and run into the gap between the passage and the roof with the red pool, you will drop onto the red slope and slide to the pedestal, light it and see the red pool beginning to boil dry, go up the roof again and get the “Amulet of Horus”. Go into right or left passage again and drop down look for the passage to the basement and follow to an open gate, enter to leave this level. Why no boat ride? Pity…