Level: Miss Kroft.                                                     

Walkthrough: Dutchy. (revised 30-05-2008, Josť found me another Secret.)

Great Music, really gets you in the mood.

Level 1: Philae and the Isis temple.

Swim over to the other side of the pool and shoot the vase inside the building through the gap with your pistols, return to the pool and dive into the NW corner of the pool, get into a tunnel at the bottom and follow to a room where you shoot a Scorp, pull up on the lower side of the small sloped pillar, backflip and slide/jump to the ledge behind, get into the crawlspace (crawlspace) W and push the button, kill the Scorp and go back to the ledge, jump to the corner pillar with the Medipack and go back to the pool, the Temple door is now open.

Shoot the Scorps on the floor and the Ninja up on the ledges and go to the ladder in the NW, climb up and follow to the other side to climb the next ladder to the top, go over to the vase NW and shoot it to get the Guardian Key inside. Go back down and W, reach the Temple Courtyard.

The Temple Courtyard.

Go left and left and reach an area where there are 3 metal gates, go to the SW corner and climb up the sloped block, backflip and jump/grab from the one behind to the ladder on the block, up to the top, turn around and do a run jump/grab to get to the MS (monkey swing) go all the way to the other side and use the Guardian key in the slot. The gate below opens, just drop from the ledge and hold the Ctrl key to minimize damage. Go in and around the corner carefully, a room with a burning floor.

The 1st Tile at the entrance is safe, then run diagonally (you can also stand jump) over the corner to # 2, go on to #6 next to the exit slope, the burners in the alley go off, jump in and drop into the hole in left wall, shoot the Scorps and climb the ladder on N wall, backflip to the pillar and run jump/grab to the alcove S, use the reach-in switch to open a door, drop down and shoot some Scorps on the floor, get into the crawlspace in E wall and left, shoot the vase to get Secret # 1, the Crossbow, the other passage is a trap. Go back to the burner alley and left, to the end, take the Ammo at the steam blower and enter the door right, turn to shoot the Ninja behind you and follow this Steam alley to a room with Crocs in a pool below. Dive in and get out onto the block, shoot the Crocs and swim to the NE corner and into the tunnel there, to the next room, stay close to the bottom and go around the center structure, into the small tunnel and get the Golden Vraeus inside, go out and onto the structure, from the higher part, jump/grab the ledge on the wall and watch out for the darts, use the button and get the small medipack.

Down to the pool and enter the gate you opened there. Follow to a courtyard, go into the crawlspace in the SW corner, right and into a room with 3 reach-in switches, with steam blowers in them, endure the steam while you use all 3. Go back outside and left, to the cage that raised in the NW, climb it and jump to the ledge under the ladder, climb up and backflip to the pillar behind you, turn left and run jump to the building, go left and just over the crawlspace down in the yard, is another one high up in the wall, drop from the edge, hang and drop/grab to pull in there, push the button and you see a door opening up in the Temple courtyard. Drop back down to the ground floor and up the cage and ladder, from the pillar, jump to the opening in the wall, stand backwards to the slope and walk back as far as possible, in the center of the passage, you can just see the Scissors moving, when they are closed, hop back and slide down, grab the edge of the slope and backflip to the gate.

Back in the Temple Courtyard.

Youíre back in the Courtyard, go forward and left, there is the small Tomb, enter and drop down, get Secret # 2, the Shotgun. Pick up the Ĺ Medipack above before you leave, go out and left around the corner and from the high part of the sidewalk, you can grab the roof of the Tomb to get the Lasersight there, drop back to the ground and go to the gates again; place the Golden Vraeus to open the last gate. Climb backwards down the ladder to a ledge below, turn and stand jump/grab the pillar, go down all the way and get Secret # 3, the Ammo in the pool, climb the pillar up to the end and pull up, backflip/roll/grab the ladder, go up and push the button on top, see a door opening up near the pool in the courtyard, go down the ladder, backflip/roll to the pillar, slide and grab to climb down again, backflip to the ledge under the gate and climb out. Go to the NW side of the courtyard and shoot the Croc in the pool, see the vase, shoot it with the Crossbow, combined with Lasersight. Dive in to get the 1st Canopic Jar, which was inside it. Swim back to the building and get out. Inside, kill another Croc and enter the door, follow the passage to a room right, shoot all the light colored vases and get up onto the ledge in the corner. Shoot the 2 vases on the opposite ledges and run jump over to them to collect the 2nd Canopic Jar. Go out of the room and right, the gate is open now, climb into the crawlspace left up in the wall.

Drop other side and slide, pulling out some weapon to a yard with 2 Ninjas, shoot them and get some Ammo in the pool. Return and go into the W building, up the block at the ladder and jump/grab, go up to a ledge and grab the MS. Go over to where you can place both Canopic Jars. A gate will open N on ground floor, go down and jump over the burners into a flooded treasury room, shoot the Croc and get the Amulet of Horus on the pile of gold. You will see a door opening up outside, from where you stand, jump/grab the ledge on N wall and shoot the vase; turn and shoot the vase on the other ledge go there and push the button that was behind it. This will raise a cage in the Jar room. Go back through the burners and onto the block, run jump to the cage and pull up to the opening in the wall. Follow the ledge to the door, run jump/grabbing in. (Maybe you meet the Ninja here or later inside, but there is one around here) Use the MS to go over the pit and push the button on the other side, turn around and run into the right hand passage, leading to an alley, drop and go N, when you go under the building, look on right wall and climb the ladder, on the roof you can get some Ammo. Go down and N, shoot the Ninja on the wall where the vase is and go over the wall to the Courtyard. Dive into the pool and swim N, left into the opening and right, to the bottom and into the tunnel there, leading to level 2.

Level 2: The Dam.

The Sewers.

Swim right and to the hole in the bottom, you can get some air first if you want, because the tunnel is hard to navigate, stand on the top of the sloped ledge in the next room and stand jump/grab the ladder in the shaft, go up and wait on top, look down to see another ladder above, at the end of the slide, this one you have to jump/grab, otherwise youíll find yourself back in the big pool. Climb that ladder and left over the shaft which leads back to the pool, jump around the corner over the Spiketrap, pull the lever and go to the other side over the Spiketraps and up in the crawlspace, follow and go right at the crossing, walk around the left corner and hop back quick, a Spikeball comes down. Go all the way around this structure and climb up in the spot where the Spikeball was, shoot the vase you can see in the distance (an explosion rocks the place).

Drop back in the passage, go right into the room where it took place, climb the rubble and get the Hand of Sirius from the pedestal, shoot the Ninja on the ledge behind and return to the Shaft to drop to the pool. The gate in the N is open, go to the next pool, swim to the end and climb out into the right hand tunnel, get the Hand of Orion. Swim to the other tunnel and stand on the N slope, line up for the rope and run jump/grab, turn to the N wall and see the crawlspace there, aim for the left side of it (rope on the left corner) and start swinging, jump/grab the edge and pull in, watch out for the Spikes and go place the Hands left and right, crawling to avoid the Darttraps, the gate opens up.

The Lake Area.

Drop into the shaft and swim out to the lake, up onto the bank, get into the crawlspace and find a room with a pole, Spiketrap under it, stand on the little mount and run jump/grab to the pole, go up and backflip off to a room with 4 levers, the SE one is the one you have to use. A gate opens outside, climb the SE corner to jump back to the pole, slide and backflip off (Spiketrap remember?). Go out and swim to the cave in the SW, stay close to the N wall and look for the Cartouche in a pit. Go to the gate in the NW and reach the street, shoot the Ninja left and go get some Ammo where he was, then enter the room behind the Land Rover and into right passage, be careful not to step on the Spiketraps when you go over to the Statue, pull/push it to the other dark tile in the opposite corner, the gate opens. Place the cartouche to open the gate in the room up at the Land Rover.

Go in and shoot a Ninja, drop into the hole in the W, get the Medipack and throw the lever, climb out and go into the open gate S, only use the right hand lever. Go out and find the floorgrating in the yard open, climb down into the Ctrl area.

The Control rooms.

Go right and left and climb the ladder on right wall, backflip into the room behind and pull the lever in the pool, go down and sprint through the spikes to take the least damage, shoot the Ninja inside and climb into the crawlspace, get the Hand and return to the 1st passage of the Ctrl rooms, there is a room at the window where you see the Palm trees where you can use the Hand.

It will open the grating on top of the ladder, so go up and right, behind the pillar are some Flares, go S, in the passage where you can se the rope, you can climb down into a shaft go S and to E side of the room, look for a safe ledge between the burners on the ledges, grab the crack in the wall and go left, in the crawlspace there you can get a small medipack and drop on the other side to kill the Ninja for his Uzis, go back to the safe ledge, look over to the W side of the room to see another safe ledge there, go there and shoot a Ninja on the way over, get some Ammo on the ledge. Now, you probably noticed the ledges with the levers already, so letís go and throw them. Climb back up the ladder to the higher passage and run jump/grab the rope.

Aim a bit right of the 2nd rope because Lara will jump a bit left. A Ninja will start shooting from ground floor, ignore him for now. Swing from this rope to the top of the ledges, use the lever and drop form the W side, grabbing the lower ledge, use the lever and drop from E side to grab the last ledge, the 3rd lever will open a gate at the ladder of the control room. Drop to the floor and shoot the Ninja, climb back up the ladder and go N, into the gate there and up the ladders to reach the top of the Dam, go right and shoot 2 Ninjas, turn and 2 more, dive down into the big lake, it looks like you canít go into the big cave ahead, so go N and into the tunnel to level 3.

Level 3: Assuan. (outskirts)

Climb out in the hole in the end of the tunnel and go into the crawlspace, shoot the fence and go up the stairs to the end, jump/grab the jump switch and go up the stairs, climb the N side of the pillar and backflip into the door, slide down into the town, go right and open the door, go in and left/left, shoot the Guard and get the Medipack, go out and left, to reach the Library.

The Library.

Climb the ladder on the block to 1st floor and go left, around the corner and look for the crawlspace in the S wall. Go in and straight to the bathroom, use the jump switch and notice the lever in the pool, go to crawlspace and left, to the Garden, Drop and shoot 2 Dogs, climb up the hedges and get the Medipack, go over to the S side and use the lever hidden between the hedges, back to the bathroom and now use the lever in the dry pool, go back to the Library.

When you stand on the block with the ladder you can see a rope hanging from the ceiling, use the rope (aim a bit left of the rope) to swing/grab the jump switch on the N wall, and to swing to the ledge over the entrance for some Ammo. Then swing/grab to the open window in the wall and climb through.

The Pool.

Go to the building E and climb down the hole to the basement, shoot the Bat go to the next room and past the burner, get the Crowbar from the water, back to the 1st room and open the crowbar door, shoot the Bats and get the Ammo inside. (Notice the lever behind the window) Go up to the pool and dive into the tunnel in the bottom, open the crowbar door behind the Darttrap and use the lever, go back to the pool, you can get stuck in this tunnel, just roll and try again. Back outside, go down to the basement and to the room where you got the Ammo again, there is an open hatch you can climb in to, shoot the vase to get the Nitro canister from it and throw the lever to open the big gate in the pool area. Go back up and into the yard, see the Sentry gun left, go right and follow the wall to a crawlspace in the W wall, go in to throw the lever and return outside, go left a bit and look E, see the block raised in the center structure and the hole above, jump over the hedge, up the block and into the hole. Get the Arrows and look through the gap in the wall, shoot the swinging ball and a door opens in the E wall downstairs, drop back and get in quickly, going around the S side to avoid the gun as much as possible.

Assuan. (center)

Follow the building and go left when you reach the street with the 2 closed doors. Arm with the Crossbow and explosive Ammo, run through the gate. Lara will look left at the teamed up Guards and recognize Sergey amongst them. At least thatís what I understood; blast them anyway now they are standing so nice together. Go to the N side of the street to get some Flares and then E, shoot the little fence and get in to the crawlspace, drop and get the Ammo in the alcove, follow the crawlspace to a ladder, go left there and pull the lever in the end, return to the ladder and go up, climb the ladder in the courtyard and backflip to the ledge, run jump over to the other side and stand on the right side, facing the opening in the wall with the fire trap.

Hop back and do a run jump/grab to grab the ceiling, stay on right side and go forward to the lowest point, just in the corner of the trap and when the flame is about to go down, go quickly forward and sharp around right corner. (you will make it after a few tries) Run jump/grab over the street where you shot the and pull the lever, it will open one of the doors in the 1st street, drop back down and go into the S passage first, shoot a couple of Bats in the pool and follow between a couple of fences and where you see 2 lanterns on the walls. Standing near the E fence and in front of the left lantern (here the fence is not so tall than the others), do a left side jump over the fence to the grass. Go N, shoot the barrier and turn to the NE corner where there is a dark climbable wall. Climb it and get Secret # 4: Crossbow Ammo, Shotgun Ammo and a Medipack. Make your way to return to the main street near the lanterns going down and doing another sidejump over the fence.

look up S and spot a Swinging ball, shoot it and look right, 2 Guards are coming. Shoot them and follow the street to a big gate right, 2 Dogs attack, shoot them too and enter the gate, up the hill and look in far right corner for the Valve pipe on the wall, pry it off and go back to the 1st street.

The Bike.

Enter the door and drive the Bike a bit from the wall, so you can pull the jump switch on the wall behind it. Take the Bike outside and into the right hand door, right and stop on the left side of the slope; dismount and shoot all fences, look for the jump switch on a pillar there. It will open a door at the bottom of the slope, combine Nitro and Valve pipe and use them on the Bike, get on and pull it back into the passage you opened, all the way. Hold sprint key down and race the Bike over the pit, hit the brakes on other side and go to the Helipad in the end, dismount and hop over the barricade to the Chopper, which will bring you home to London.

End of these great levels.

Found 4 Secrets, there could be more.