Armageddonís Temple.

Level: eTux.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.


Tibet the year 2002, Behind the Mysterious door...

In the alcove right you will find some Ammo, slide the slope N and go to the right side of the cave, jump onto the sloped area right and get a small medipack, go N and through the waterfall, the doors will open for you, in the next room is a hole in the floor, slide down backwards and grab the edge of the slope, drop to the block below, Shoot the boxes to find Ammo, Crowbar and the Shotgun, also one of the doors opens and go enter the Main room.

The Main room.

Turn left and jump to the corner ledge with the Ammo, turn back to the center bridge the way you came (the other ledge in this pool of lava is a trap) and go to the SE corner where you see more Ammo, back over the same ledge and to the stairs at the Throne, jump over the ledges to the corners to get a small and a Large Medipack. Go back to the crossing of bridges, go into the W passage and the door will open down the slope, through the hall with the burners and drop down the hole in the end, slide all the way down to a passage, which leads to a fountain. There are 2 passages here, take the right hand one and into the door, step onto the Teleporter Tile and be taken to a big cave.

The Carpet Cave.

Carpets hanging from high ledges and lava flows down on the bottom, shoot the Skeleton from the bridge and go past the burner blocks, left side is a carpet, line up to run jump to it and you will land on an invisible ledge, stand jump/grab the carpet and climb all the way up, get the small medipack and climb down the same side, to the end and drop/slide/jump onto a ledge on the other side of the lava, jump back over the lave and to the left of the slope, go to the NW corner of the cave and get the Ammo there, jump to the other side again and go into the S passage and get some Flares in the dark, follow to a room with Secret #1, the Uzis and Ammo on a block, step into the Teleporter in the back and let yourself be taken to the bridge.

Go over to the other side and climb the ladder in the passage, follow to get some Ammo in the end and go left, run jump/grab the ledge and go to the NE corner for the Ammo there, return to the previous ledges so you can go over to the center block, and over to the S wall, all run jump/grabs, up the ladder and right, follow all the way around right corner to the end, out on a ledge in the top of the cave, jump the ledges to the center platform and go gat the Ammo you can see on the ledge next to it, return and pull the Chain, a door opens in the N wall, go there and shoot some Harpies, now or later, enter the room and use the jump switch down in the end, go back shoot some more Harpies and to the passage with the ladder to go one floor down and go to the center block, left and into the door which opened now.

The 1st Holy Beetle.

Take the Medipack and in to the Teleporter to take you to a room with the Holy Beetle right and the Destructionís Effigy left, a Demi God will appear, shoot him and get the 1st Tibetan Idol he will drop. A block raises in the room, climb it and up left side, check your health before you go on, go up the ladder and endure the Steam, run past the other steam blowers when they are down and reach a room on top of the fountain, drop from one of the holes into the fountain, place the 1st Tibetan Idol next to the door and go to the W passage, to the Lava River.

The Lava River.

Stay on this side for now and follow the river to the right and when you reach the Falls, jump around the corner and up the steep slope, the next slope you can walk on, turn right to the wall and climb up to a hole in the wall, climb the ladder to the top and down the other side, follow to a large cave, look on top of the hill right and in the 2 corners on N wall for Ammo, enter the room N and go onto the teleporter on the block. On the other side, go through the Mirror room, (nothing here) and into the passage in the back, reach a room with Secret # 2, the Crossbow and Arrows left and right on ledges. Go to the back of the room and into the Teleporter. Go back through the cave and put the old brick on the keyboard while you get a cup of coffee and let Lara get up the ladder in the meantime, (donít run into the ladder hole on the other side, so you will have to do the climb again like me) return all the way back to where you entered the Lava river and use the Monkeyswing to cross over to the other side, go right and follow, 2 Harpies will attack when you go around the corner at the Falls, go on all the way to the end, at the Origin of the Lava river, take the Ammo left and jump over to the other side, left on the ledge near the burners to get the Revolver. Now stand on the ledge under one of the burning holes S and back on the edge of it, so you can stand jump in and run forward when the flame is down, use the Chain and the Lava flow will be blocked, so you can return to the other end of the Lava River. Time your run through the burner, there will be only a very short moment when you can go through. Shoot a Harpie on your way back and when you reach the other end of the river, 2 Skeletons will wake up, shoot them or just run past and slide from the slope to the door down S.

The 2nd Holy Beetle.

Go get the 2nd Holy Beetle left and the Guardians Staff right and yep another Demi God will attack. Shoot him, you have the fire power now and get the 2nd Tibetan Idol. Go to the S door and leave, now hereís a nice trap for you, go up the ladder in the center and after you jump/grabbed up, take 13 steps up and wait for the burner to go down, then go up fast (and donít look back) backflip from the ladder to a passage behind, Burner alley, jump through the flames when theyíre down and go pull a jump switch in the left corner, for the door to open. You are in the room with the holes on top of the fountain again, drop into the water below and go place the 2nd Tibetan Idol. The door will open, go up into the portal and the Teleporter will take you to another portal. Go out the N door and down the ladder, youíre back in the Main Room. Now enter the E passage down the slope and into the open door, dive into the water and follow the cave to a hole up and follow this passage to another fountain.

At this fountain we will have to use 2 Gems to open the door, there are 2 passages, take the left one and enter the water area, dive into the water and get the Fares, take some air first and swim to the very end of the under water rooms, straight into the hole down at the bottom in the wall in front, follow to an under water room with a lot of doors, one has an air symbol on the Tile over it, it is the one on center ledge N wall, 2nd from the right. Get air and save, swim out and look for 2 more doors with a water symbol under the ledges, go out and right, down to the bottom and the right hand door in the W wall for Ammo and Medipack, back for air and right up, left door in N wall, top ledge for Secret # 3, the Grenade gun. Back for air and right, next door on same level as air door, open it and swim in, left/left and follow past the purple light in the corner, swim up against the ceiling and find the hidden hole, climb out and pull the Chain to open a door in the passage near the fountain. Back out and left, follow for Goodies in the end, return for air and now go back past the purple light, right/left/right/left and follow to the end where you will drop into a poll at a water fall, get the Medipack from the bottom and climb the ladder near the blue door.

The 3rd Holy Beetle.

Get the 2 Holy Beetles (one is broken, but you can keep it as a souvenir) on the wall at the entrance and now first combine the Guardianís Staff with the Destructionís Effigy, before you take the Destructionís Effigy on the pedestal. (If you donít do this, the one you pick up will get lost and you need them both later) As always a Demi God will appear, shoot it, you have the fire power now and get his Gem, the 1st Guardianís Heart. Go down to the blue door and follow the tunnel behind it back to the fountain, place the Heart and go to the E passage from which you entered this area, the door left is open go in and be careful, scissors will start snapping, go through them and get Secret # 4, Ammo from the Sarcophagus, 2 Skeletons will awake, shoot them with some explosive stuff and go get some Ammo in the corner next to the door, go back to the fountain.

Enter the N passage with the plants inside, straight forward into the cave and find some Ammo behind the pillar, then go E and shoot the Skeletons which will wake up behind you or just get onto the 1st center Tile on the slope right and they wonít bother you anymore, you will have to go up the dangerous slope S, look for the Tiles with the water symbol, those are safe, stand jumps will get you up safe and climb down the ladder in the pit up there. Drop from several ledges to the last; shoot a Super Grenade down in the room, to break up some Skeletons lying around.

The 4th Holy Beetle

Drop down and stand on the Scarab Beetle there, facing the closed door W, pick up the Beetle and run into the open door, jump up where the ceiling is low and grab the monkeyswing, go forward to where you will reach a pair of Scissors and drop/roll, run back and jump over the Lava right side and into the open door, pull the jump switch in the end to get rid of the Beetles, pick up the Ammo in the room and go back to enter the opposite door in the hall, open the Sarcophagus to get the Ammo in it and go hang on the Monkeyswing again, past the inactive Scissors this time and drop/grab the stone bridge, donít get the Medipack now, Darts will start if you do, go right and to the door, open it with the Crowbar and pull the Chain inside, it will open the door on the other side of the bridge, get the Medipack and crawl into that room, get the 4th Holy Beetle right and take the Guardianís Staff. A Demi God wants to stop you from leaving; run up to him and one Super Grenade in the belly will do the job.

Leave the room through the newly opened door, use the Scarab in front of the Spiketrap to kill the Spikes, pick it up on other side and follow the passage to a high library room, go to the left side and climb the book case on the N pillar and backflip to the sloped block, slide/jump/grab the carpet hanging there and climb up to one block from the top, backflip and use the Scarab to kill the Spikes, get Secret # 5, Revolver, Lasersight and Ammo inside. Go back down the carpet and drop to the floor, climb the ladder on N side and swim through the tunnel in the end, back to the fountain, get some Ammo on your way there, in a corner at the Tile. Place both Hearts and the door opens, go out and up all the stairs, jump over the hole in the end and get some Ammo, climb down the ladder and you are back in the Main Room. Jump to the throne and use the Temple Guardian (you combined it before) and 2 doors open next to the throne, go into one of them, it makes no difference and into the right hand room for some Ammo, then opposite room (purple) to place the second Temple guardian. A cutscene will show you a door opening up and also another Demi God, go back to the Main room and run jump with a curve back to the ledge with the throne, go S and shoot the Demi God, go S and at the bottom of the slope another Demi God will wait for you around the corner, shoot it and use the Scarab in front of the Spiketrap to kill the Spikes.

The Pyramid room.

In the next room are 2 Demi Gods you have to dispose off before you can place the 4 Holy Beetles in the Pyramid. The pyramid will open up and you can get the Armageddonís Scroll. Return to the Main Room and see a hole appeared in the floor, in the center of the bridges, run in and to the end, place the Scroll quick and a cutscene will end the level.

Great levels by eTux, certainly for first project, my compliments.