Arctic Hole III.

Level by Agnes.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

MP= medpack, CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, have fun.

Level 1, Searching.

The Key.

You’re in the freezing Lake at the Sub you just left, turn L and swim along the S wall to the SW corner where you will find Secret #1, Ammo in an alcove in the wall, then swim back along the S wall to a SE corner where you will see a hole in the wall, better save here and swim in, to the R and find the tunnel with the Circular Blade, time your swim through and get the Shotgun behind it, in the room you’ll reach next, you can climb the ladder and shoot some pesky Rats, go forward from the ladder and L at the crossing for a MP in the CS at the bottom of the ladder and when you return to the crossing, sprint straight into the other passage and to the R to avoid being squashed by the Boulder behind you. Immediately open fire on the baddy and get the Key he drops. Make your way back through the Circular Blade and swim out to the lake, R and over to the N side and climb out on the bank, get the Flares and swim into the small lake at the Crane on the E bank, climb out R.

Into the Base.

Look for the Ice wall in the S wall; you can shoot it to get into the base, use the Key to open the door. Enter the Office and shoot the Baddy and his Dog, get some Ammo on the desk L, go to the lower desk in the center of the room and run over the Tile under the plant, in the direction of the door with the "Dock B" sign, jump over the fence, the door is timed, so be quick. The Baddy you will meet inside drops a Key, notice the door in the end of the passage and go back to the office, pull the L block on the W wall aside so you can use the Key there to open the "Dock A" door.

Dock A.

Follow the passage to the room with the fence in the middle; pull the block on W wall onto the marked Tile and the Dock B door on the other side of the fence will open. Dive into the tunnel at the block and follow to a climb up the ladder. Here is a block puzzle.

The Block Puzzle.

Push the block L of the ladder as you climb up to the S, turn around and push the opposite one in all the way, pull the one L of it to the ladder once to enter the passage behind it, push the 2nd last one L all the way in and go R/R to get Secret #2, a Revolver and MP. Go back to the ladder and L, push the last block L in once and turn R, push that one in all the way and get ready to shoot the Baddy and take the Ammo he drops, look SE for a ˝ Mp and take the Code Disk from the grating. Make your way back to the Office and enter the passage to Dock B, the door in the end is open.

Dock B.

Climb on the block R, just inside and get the Ammo, look up and spot the hatch you can open. In the end of the passage overlooking the Lake, is a lever, you’ll get a flyby of where to go next after you pulled it, so don’t hesitate and go back to the pool in the lower room, use the Code Disk in the Terminal on the wall and the gate will open, swim to the room with the 2 doors. You can get air here, break the surface, not straight up but swimming forward and up. Open the S. under water door for a ˝ MP and open the E. under water door, swim to the 3rd window L, it is broken, get the Revolver and swim up, follow shooting some Rats to another tunnel, swim W for the Lasersight behind the 2nd window L (broken) and go back, swim S now and 1st R for Ammo, back and R/R to reach a room where a Baddy will be shooting at you, climb out at the almost harmless Lasers and shoot him. Turn around and shoot the window (Combine Revolver and Lasersight) in the NE corner of the pool and swim in, follow to a Store room.

The Store room.

Pull the crate L of the entrance out to the other side of the room, so you can pull out the one that was behind it, go in again and shoot the grating in front of the CS, go in and drop into a small room, look for a ˝ MP behind the pillar and pull the crate next to where you dropped into this room aside so you can enter the passage. Follow the passage to a tunnel, swim to the under water lever and pull it to open a gate in a tunnel where we go later. Return to the Store room and pull away the crate next to the NW pillar, get the MP and go pull the crate on the W wall (SW corner) out so you can get behind it, watch the health and shoot the grating to get into the CS, climb up to 1st floor and get behind the crane, get the Ammo and pull the E crate away from Secret # 3, the MP under it.

Go back down and return to the Laser room and swim into the broken grating in the bottom, go L at the crossing to get some Ammo and then into the other tunnel, (here was the gate you opened with the under water lever) in the end on the floor is the Code Disk, turn and get some air up in the hole if you want and return to the Laser room. Climb out in the NE corner and use the Code Disk in the terminal, the door behind the Lasers opens, go run through the Lasers and enter to go to the 2nd Level.

Level 2, Surprise.

The Greenhouse.

Enter the room with the big Greenhouse with the strange animals and dead guards, the flyby will show you where the entrance to this Greenhouse is. Go L and shoot Baddy and Dog, coming out of the room where the trapdoor to the Greenhouse is, but you need a Key for that, so go on to the NW corner of the room and find the ladder on the E wall, climb up and turn, stand jump/grab to the opening in W wall, go to the crossing and L, get the Flares in the end and look for the grating to shoot in the hole up in the ceiling, follow to Secret #4, Goodies. Return to the crossing and take the other side now, open the door with the switch and slide backwards, grab and pull up, backflip and grab again, go L and backflip, slide/grab and backflip again to land on a safe square with a ˝ MP, climb the wall and reach the Big pool. On the other side you can see the keyhole for a Magnetic Key and in the pool are several closed doors, go over to the W side and climb out on the ledge with the keyhole, turn to the S and see the Jump switch in the SW corner on the pillar, jump/grab the grated ceiling and go over to grab the switch and swim to the NW corner, an under water door opened allowing you to get Secret #5, a MP and Revolver. Go back out and swim to the block in the center and into the hole, the Teleporter beam inside will take you to the strange world.

Level 3, the Strange World.

In the Shaft you are in now are several tunnels, swim into the E one and R in the end where the Eggs are, look for a swim through wall L in this tunnel (light a flare) and get Secret # 6, a MP and Ammo. Go back to the Eggs and up in the shaft there, crawl through the CS to reach a room with platforms and pillars.

The High Room.

The flyby shows you the Key on the platform at the Scorpion up in the room, you can’t reach it now; you have to raise a pillar here first. Shoot the 2 Guards down in the room with your Revolver and drop from the platform into the water below, go to the corner to pull the Jump switch and this will drop a rope from the ceiling. Then go into the water in the E side of the room, swim into the tunnel and climb the looong ladder to the Scorpions hideout, shoot it and get Secret #7, a MP and Ammo. Return to the High room and look for the pushblock under one of the pillars (a flare will help) and push it aside to use the switch, this will raise the pillar in the top of the room, go to the corner and climb the pillar to the brown top and run jump/grab the rope, swing over to the other side (you can also just run jump/grab to the pillar at the gate) and go to the switch in the opposite corner, use it to raise the pillars R of you, so you can climb back up to the top of the room. Throw the switch, turn R, hop back and run jump up the 1st pillar, step forward and jump up to the higher pillar, turn R and hop back, run jump/grab to the ledge over the rope, up the pillar you raised here and jump up the platform at the Scorpions hideout, where you took the Secret.

The Scorpions Nest.

Run jump/grab over to the other side and the gate below opens, get the Key and go down to that gate. Shoot the Eggs and the gate opens, shoot the baby Scorp and Mommy comes running at you, shoot her and go shoot the eggs in the CS in the N wall, get the ˝ MP and shoot 2 more Baby Scorps before you go in. Throw the lever inside to open the gate R, next to the CS in the Scorpions nest. Go through the passage, shoot the Guard and step on the Teleporter.

The Fuse.

You’re back at the Shaft, drop on the lower ledge and jump to the passage across and swim down to get the Fuse, go back up and dive down into the Shaft and into the Teleporter, swim L when you arrive back in the Big pool, climb the ledge and place the Fuse to open the gate L of the ledge, inside is a brown Tile which triggers the gate opposite this one, Timed, so hurry and swim in a straight line. Better save as you are in and roll on the 4th Tile, swim out fast and up as soon as possible to get out of the way of the Spike ball. Follow the tunnel to a room with a switch and a gate, pull the switch, turn L and run jump while shooting the box into the timed gate, you can also shoot the box in one go and then pull again to jump in. Follow up and go L to get some Flares, back to the crossing and L/L go down the hole, go S and L to get back to the Greenhouse room.

The Greenhouse.

Run jump to the desk on top of the ladder and go down, R to the control room and use your key to open the trapdoor, drop in backwards and swim forward into the small tunnel, R in the end to get the Ammo and back to climb out at the fountain, get out and start shooting all the Animals there as they will attack immediately. Climb the high block of the fountain to get the Flares and look over to the N wall, spot the hole in the sloped ground (for later) and go to the NE corner. There’s a passage in the N wall, leading to the next greenhouse, shoot more Animals and see the high grey block on which there is a Key we need. Now, how to get up there? On the E side of the high block is a sloped floor part, and a small pillar with a burning Tile on top. Jmp between the pillar and the high block and grab the pillar, hang R and on the top edge, backflip onto the block and get the Key, go back to the 1st Greenhouse.

The Big Store Room.

Climb the sloped floor on N wall on the brown spot and jump into the hole, get some Ammo and open the gate with the Key, enter the Big Store room, shoot the baddy L on the stairs and push the crate on the track near the entrance to the W, past the grating in the track. Go shove some other crates for ˝ MPs and the crate on the W track onto the brown Tile in the NW corner, a door opens upstairs. Climb the crates on the E wall to get some Ammo on the walkway and now go over to the 1st floor, SW corner to the control room, shoot the Baddy and move the crate in the SW corner aside to enter the CS behind it. Follow the CS to a room where you take the passage and follow it to a ladder, go up and dive into the water outside the second Greenhouse, swim to the E side to get the Key from the small mount, go back to the CS and get some Flares in the far end if you want them. Head back to the control room and use the Key next to the other crate, a screenshot shows the Crane at the passage to the Greenhouse, go down there and find a grating under the Crane open. Drop down in it and throw the lever, go up and to the W side of the centre structure, climb the ladder inside and shoot the Baddy that comes out the door in front, jump to that door and leave for the next level.

Level 4, the End.

Open the door and pull the crate next to the door in E wall aside to enter the CS, reach the electrified pool and look around the R corner and jump to the ledge there. Go up the passage and use the switch to raise a platform in the pool, jump to it and over to the other side, use the remote switch there to open the door in the room where you pushed the crate last, go jump back and out that door, you are back at the lake, L of you is a Snowmobile, take it and go past the door and R into the tunnel at the searchlight. Follow to a cave, climb up the S ledge for a ˝ MP and up the E ledge to jump over to the ledge on N wall and jump/grab the block NW, climb over and use the switch to open the gate below. Go to the gate and jump over to the block, turn r and jump/grab the R hand wall, climb up and R, onto the ledge above the gate to get Secret #8, Ammo and a MP. Jmp into the water, go to the block at the R side, climb the wall and hang to the L and backflip to the block. Go back to the Snowmobile and make some speed to jump the gap behind the gate.

The Loading Dock.

Go up the steep slope and stop on top, get the Ammo L and shoot the Baddy down in the deep room, take out those Dogs too if you see them. Jmp to the pillar on s wall and then to the lower one SW, check the health and safety drop backwards from this pillar to the ledge beloooow! (You were supposed to grab the edge of the pillar R of you, hang on the R side and pull up, slide and jump/grab with a R curve to the ladder on the pillar) Go into the SW corner and use the switch to open the Gates up at the Chopper, look in the E for a moveable crate and get the ˝ MP from under, maybe the Baddy up at the Chopper is shooting at you now, you can take him out from here. Look for the pillar with the ladder in the S and climb it, shoot a Dog at the Chopper and run jump to the pillar NW, when you go for the Chopper the level ends.

Again some nice levels from Agnes. Hope she will go on building.