Arctic Hole 2.

Level: Agnes.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater,


Lara returns to the place in the Arctic, where she fell into a crevice some time ago. Through a sewage and ventilation system she infiltrates a base. Her goal: to investigate the boxes and to solve the mystery of clandestine activities.

Millions of years ago, the dinosaurs were suddenly wiped out by a comet. Their existence was smudged out by the following Ice Age.

In the Arctic, a group of people discovered some dinosaur DNA remnants which, in the laboratory, hatched into a new and dangerous life form.

But, they lost control of the whole experience and Lara put an end to all of that...

Level 1: The Infiltration.

Déjà vu.

So you’re back in the place you were before, looks like you have some unfinished business here.

Go L into the store room and shoot the Baddie, take his Revolver and pull the L crate aside to get Secret # 1, Ammo and Flares. Go out and R/R to the side of the pillar and climb the ladder to the top, run jump along the R and side to land on the roof of the shack, get into the crawlspace L, follow to a drop off, jump/roll as soon as you land, so you can see where to go, jump on the end of the slope to land on the grey block, the pool is poisonous, jump to the higher block and see the gate R, the hole in the bottom and the crawlspace L, run jump/grab the crawlspace an get in.

The Ducts.

Follow, shoot a Lizard that drops through the air vent and drop into the next passage, go R, turn in the vent, to climb the ladder notice jump switch on your way up, get the MP and drop from the side, so you can grab the jump switch, the poison in the pool drains. Go back in the direction you came from and climb up R to follow the passage again, climb up R in the end and shoot a Lizard from behind and one up in the passage, follow the passage to drop off, go L and get some ammo, return and L up the passage to get Ammo. Turn back and go S, R at next crossing, L up into the passage to get more Ammo, back and down L, pull the switch in the end and run jump to the grey block, turn and shoot the Lizards, maybe they run away, run jump back and get the Shotgun and Ammo fast, drop back off and drop into the dry pool. Climb down the N side of the hole and climb down till you hang, drop/grab and pull up into the lower passage, follow to the poison pit, jump/grab the ladder R to climb up into the crawlspace.

The Store Room.

Follow to another store room, drop and turn quick, 2 Baddies and a Dog attack, take them out and go find the 4 moveable crates, put them on the light grey speckled floor parts. A hatch open on top of the stack of crates at the W wall, climb the stack and go up to 1st floor walkway, go L and pull the crate once, drop/hang from the edge and shimmy l, pull up and jump around the corner pillar, go E and shoot a box to get Secret # 2, Flares and Ammo. Go back past the hole you climbed up and R past the gate, jump around the crate E to the walkway there, drop to the stack of crates and look for a hole with a Key in it. Take it and go back to the gate, open it and follow to the drop off into the Garage.

The Garage.

Shoot about 5 Rats and go out, climb the sloped pillar L of the gate and turn, run jump/grab over to the pillar with the Flares. Stand jump/grab the edge of the E wall and shimmy to the top of the garage, around the corner and drop, get Secret # 3, MP and Ammo. Drop back to the ground and enter the garage, look on R wall for the moveable crates and move 2 of them to reveal a switch; pull it and sprint around the back of the truck to the gate there. Shoot the 2 Lizards and go on to ladder L, go up and a whole bunch of Lizards attack, go W into lower passage and get the ½ MP and Ammo, go back and E, climb down the ladder in the crawlspace and from the edge of the poisoned water, backflip into the passage. Follow and get a cutscene of next room, where you see a key on the bottom of a poisoned pool. Drop and go R to the Ctrl room, shoot the Baddie and go in, turn to shoot a Dog and 2 more Baddies. There are 4 switches and a trapdoor here.

Control room.

Use the 1st switch L of the trapdoor to drain the pool below, then the one on the trapdoor and wait for it to open, drop and get the ammo, pull the switch to open a gate down in the other room. Climb back up and use the 2nd switch L of the trapdoor to raise a block in the lower room, go out and stand in the centre of the edge without the fence, turn R and standjump to the raised block with the grating on it. Turn L and run jump over to the ledge under the pipes on the other side of the pool, enter the gate and use the switch inside to change the poison pool in to normal water. Swim N and into the R hand tunnel, follow around corners to a small tunnel in L wall, follow up to an air hole, go W and R at the crossing, up into the room to pull the switch, a gate opens. Swim back to the air hole and get the ½ MP under it, go on to the main tunnel and L.

The Key.

Follow to the room with the gate, up for air and through the gate, into a room with Spikes. Jmp into the alcove in S wall, turn and run jump (no grab) into the opposite alcove over the Spikes, climb over the pillar R and drop to grab the jump switch over the water, go over to the 1st alcove again and jump to the crate, push it W twice and hop on the block R to pull the switch, run back onto the safe floor part and run jump over the pit to the ledge S, go R and run jump from the gate to the floor R, shoot the wall part W of the ledge you land on and go in, follow t the water and get the Key, turn back and run jump/grab into the gate and go back to the entrance ledge E, swim back to the room with the air hole and into the SE tunnel, go R at crossing to get Ammo and back, straight at crossing to room where you will be attacked by hungry Lizards. Find the keyhole next to the entrance to the Test Lab.

Level 2: The Base.

Follow the passage to the Base where you will meet 2 Guards and 2 Dogs, just stay back in the passage a bit and they will show up one by one, like in a Turkey shoot. Enter and go L, shoot a box next to the cage with the Lizards and get the Ammo, go L and up the L crates, shoot the box for Ammo and pull the crate in front once, go down and up behind it, push the other crate aside to enter the crawlspace behind it. Up the ladder in the air vent (great these dark grey Arctic skies) and go R, climb down the ladder in the corner there and get the MP, up and forward to the back of the place and down another ladder to pull the switch. Go back to the area where you entered the Base and past the cage with the Lizards L, go R and shoot Guard,

The Control room.

Go L and to the Ctrl room in the end, look R of the ctrl panel in the dark corner for the place to climb up L, pull the switch and hear a gate open, go out and to the pit, climb down the S side and backflip/roll/grab the opposite wall, R and down into the open gate, get Secret # 4. Climb the N wall and up to the floor, into the passage and L into a room with stairs going down into the poisoned water, see the ledge on other side, grab the ceiling and go over, the gate opens, turn and get there quick, as it is timed, hang over the opening and drop, grab and get in, get the Key and run jump back to the stairs, L in the passage and open the door with the Key.

The Silos.

Enter pomp station 2 and climb down the shaft with a Flare, when the camera view changes look for the passage behind, by going down step by step and backflip into the passage, get Secret # 5, Ammo and MP. Jmp back to the adder and go down to a passage below, backflip and follow to Silo D, jump to the ledge other side and drop to the lower one, into the water and swim the tunnel SE, follow and L, follow to a cave, get the MP and Flares from the bottom and get out on S bank, shoot the Dino Babies and look for the crawlspace in the dark corner on S side, stand in front an turn around to shoot more Babies, follow to the Ammo, then turn back and stand up in the corner, use the jump switch and a rope appears in the cave, go out shoot a Dino Baby and to the pit R, walk over to the rope, stay just s of the spikes and walk forward far as you can, stand jump/grab the rope and go down a bit, watch the Spikes! Start swinging and jump/grab the edge of the alcove, get the Key right in front of you and turn on the spot where you picked up the key, line up for the rope (Look up and the rope has to be right between Lara’s legs) then run in and jump/grab the rope as you land on lower slope, swing and jump back to the side of the pool.

Swim back in the direction of Silo D, but go straight at the crossing, reach Silo D 02, up and out on the ledge, stand facing the sloped ledge and standjump on it so you can jump/grab the wall opposite the slope, go up to the Silo sign R of you and backflip to a ledge, use the Key and see the water level rise in the Silos. Go back down and swim back through the tunnel, you have no other choice than to go back to silo D. Up to the top and up the ledge, jump/grab the crawlspace and go in.

The Lab Area.

The flyby will show some Ammo in an aquarium and a Baddy with Dog below. Shoot the box on the floor and pull the switch, the water in a hole becomes safe, go to the stairs and from halfway the stairs, run jump to the balcony on other side, at the aquarium. Get the Ammo and drop to ground floor, shoot all resistance and get a ½ MP in the NE corner, go to the S corridor and drop backwards into the water in front of the gate, swim N and down into the tunnel, L and straight to the end, R and follow to a L tunnel to get the Ammo, return and get some air at the gate, now go back in and down into lower tunnel, R and follow up to the aquarium with Secret # 6, Ammo. (Great fish.) Go back and pull all the switches on the wall at the gate, one by one so you can take out the Lizards which will show up, the gate opens. Run jump over the water and go R, to pull the switch, follow main passage, shoot all resistance from behind and pull another switch R, shoot the Lizard and get the Ammo in R passage, go out the door and go make your Escape.

Level 3: The Escape.

Reach the Garage, run jump over to the walkway on E wall, next to the crate there and pull the crate once, drop/hang on the walkway and go L, pull up behind the crate and shoot the wall, get in and climb down the ladder, pull the switch on E wall to open the gate to the Snowmobile move the crates on N wall out of the way to get Secret # 7, the Uzis. Get back up the ladder and to the garage, pull the SE crate on the 1st floor walkway to get the Ammo and drop to ground floor, move some crates on N side to get Flares. Get outside and hop on the Snowmobile, go into the next cave and stay R of the pool, park the snowmobile near the MP in the pool so that you can get on quick, get the MP and hop on the mobile, 2 Snow dragons will come for you, but as soon as they come too close to the snowmobile they will die.

First Key.

Run the bike up the cave in the L back corner and get the Flares there, return and go into the cave N, go up to the flat part in front of a pit, park the machine and go down the slope to about halfway down, there is a blue spot on the overhang R side, climb the low block there and get into the crawlspace, take the 1st Key and return to the pit, run jump over to the opposite side and climb down the NW corner ladder, drop into the water and swim to the S side get the Ammo and go up to the surface fast, as a Boulder will crash into the pit, get out and climb back up the ladder, jump to the Snowmobile an run it around the L corner into the cave there, stay R side and go past the water pits, stop in next cave and return walking to the small water pit to get the Ammo from the bottom, then drive on into the next caves, small corridor.

Second Key.

When you hit the brakes in the end, a Snow Dragon will run into the Snowmobile and die. Get off the Snowmobile in this cave and look for the ladder in the ceiling, park the mobile so that when you drop from the ladder later, you’ll drop on the R side of it and only have to push "action" to get on. Then look for the crawlspace in the W wall, slide down the slope backwards and jump just on the last part to backflip over the Spikes before they pop up (or do it the Sissy way and sliding forward jump/grab the monkeyswing halfway down the slope to go over the Spikes.) Turn L when you drop and look for the grey wall next to the Spikes and jump/grab to climb R around the corner and up into an alcove, pull the switch there and see the water drained from the pool, climb back and over the jump switch, drop/grab and the gate opens on the bottom of the pit, get the 2nd Key inside and pull the switch to open the exit. Climb the grey wall again and L onto the walkway, go over to the black/white ladder and climb up to the exit. Follow to where you can climb down and see the Snowmobile with the 2 Snow Dragons running around. If you did what I said, you can drop and immediately hit action, and the Dragons will die instantly.

It’s possible you end up on the Snowmobile in a strange position (see Pic.) but you can still go on, follow the cave to the next corner and step off. Get on the blocks in the R hand corner and jump into the blue window, get Secret # 8, Ammo. Mount the bike and sprint jump over the pit in front of the big gate, get the Ammo R and use both Keys to open the gate. Slide down the R side of the slope and start jumping L as soon as the 1st Boulder went by, the next will roll over the R side of the slope, get the Ammo and hop on the Snowmobile quick, run it over the Dog and the Baddies in the passage R and go on to a poison pool. Park the Snowmobile and run jump to the L side of the black/white ladder wall in the pool. Go around 1 corner L and backflip/roll/grab to the pipe wall; climb all the way over to the R and on the last wall, from the L side of it, about 1 ½ blocks from the top, backflip to the platform with the Pump. Get the Ammo and use the switch.

Go back the way you came and from the L side of the pipe wall, backflip/roll/grab the ladder wall, go around R corner and backflip to the Snowmobile, run up the passage and into the R passage, enter Docking Bay 3 after shooting the Baddy and go R, shoot the Guard and Dog and up the passage there. Go R/R into the corner and turn around, the Tile you are on opens the 3 gates, Timed, so save here and sprint into the first, R/L and L through next, and R into the last gate. See the sign on the wall "You did a good job" and get the Key on the floor in front of it. Go back to Bay 3 by sliding into one of the R hand passages and use the Key on the Silver block next to the Sub.

End of yet another fine level by Agnes.