Arctic Hole I.

Level by Agnes.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

The Pool Room.

Drop into the small room and find the passage going down, just run in and slide down the next slope, fall into a pool room, in the center of the pool on the highest block you’ll find the Shotgun, hard to see, but it’s there. Swim NW and find the flares in the corner, now up the ledge in the NE and push the block on it for Secret # 1, a MP.

The Labyrinth.

Return S and open the under water door in SW corner, take a breath of air and swim in, get the ammo in the end and swim up and R, follow this tunnel to the end and get air in the air pocket, take the MP on the grating below and return, to the main tunnel, find the tunnel L and follow this to a room with 2 under water doors, open the R and go into that room, 2 vases, 3 gates and a MP behind a window (we’ll get that later).

Room with the Vases.

Look for a different textured tile in the corner and stand facing the gate in the SW, sprint in and pull the switch, go to the 2nd gate and pull the jmpswitch in the back, the 3rd gate is a trap, opened with the vase at the window, you can try, but will surely die…

Back to the room with the 2 under water doors and now open the opposite one, swim in a bit and quickly return to the vase room, take care of those Crocs here and swim back, follow the tunnel, climb out and backflip to the medpack, draw the pistols to shoot some Bats. Return to the room with the 2 under water doors and go back into the R tunnel, you can also get some air first in the vase room.

Just inside the tunnel going back to the beginning of the level, there is a hole in the ceiling, go up and L, down and L in the end and get Secret # 2, Ammo and MP. Return to the vase room for air and swim back to the pool room, follow/down/R/L/down/L and into the pool, Crocs wait for you, so get out on a ledge and take them out.

The “Blue Diamond”.

Go climb that block on W wall and jmp/grab the ladder in the hole in the ceiling, climb up and L, follow to a ladder R, climb up (what’s this, Lara cracked her pretty white pants?) better Save on top and slide/jmp at the last moment to grab the edge on other side of the spike pit, kill Bats and push the button, go back using the monkeyswing to the ladder and drop/grab, go down and R follow the passage to the end, climb down and go get the “Blue Diamond”. When you get back up. An “Ice Demon” is waiting for you, either try to shoot it or just jmp over and run for the lower part of the passage, crawl and go to the pool, swim to the N and sprint into the NE corner, there’s a ladder there, be careful from the gray slope L, you can expect 1st Boulder.

The 2nd Boulder.

Climb the ladder, get rid of some Bats, place the Diamond and enter the gate (great place for a Boulder, wouldn’t you say so?), follow the passage up and at the 4 way crossing with the pit L, take the Ammo from the pit, climb back out and go forward to the center of the flat square at the bottom of the slope, turn around face the passage L or R and do 3 back hops, sprint back into the passage you aimed at to get out of harms way. After the Boulder you can safely go up the ladder where that Boulder came from.

The 2nd “Blue Diamond”.

Follow the crawlspace to a shack, go around the corner and get the 2nd “Blue Diamond”.

There’s nothing else here so go back to the crawlspace, from the crate do a angled standjmp/grab onto the shack again and go back to the Boulder slope, go up the slope armed with the Shotgun and blow the 2 Baddies that will come for you away, enter the place with the Snow Mobile.

The Snow Mobile.

Climb the pillar and go to the roof of the shack get the Ammo and drop from the roof at the E wall, notice the closed gate here and go place the 2nd “Blue Diamond”, to open next gate, mount the bike and take it through the next cave, up the ramp, keep R and stop, there is a chasm to the L, with some pickups, but when you go in a Ice Demon will appear, so what I did was: put the Bike as close to the ladder as possible and go down the ladder, get the Flares and climb the other ladder till Lara’s hands are one block from the top, backflip/roll/grab and get the Ammo, down and up the ladder to the Bike, as soon as you mount it the Ice Demon will die instantly when he gets too close, now drive the Bike forward and dismount.

Look N and to the L for an opening in the ice wall, climb to it and pull the jmpswitch, a gate opens further in the cave. Look outside and L and see another gate on the E side of the cave go back to the Bike and drive N, around R corner and 2 Ice Demons will throw themselves under the Bike. Dismount and look for the ladder on N wall, jmp up and grab, climb up one step and backflip slide/jmp the edge of the slop, pull up and backflip to a ledge under the gate. Go in and pull the switch to open the gate at the chasm, drive the bike back to the little mount in front of it and dismount, climb the low pillar R on the W wall and up the next, runjmp/grab the high pillar over to the E side of the cave and then a standjmp/grab into the alcove at the gate, get Secret # 3, supplies and drop down, go to the other end of the cave and go stand with the Bike in the SE corner, facing the cave N and run it up the slope along the L wall of this cave, jmp the pit and stop. Climb down in the pit and throw the switch there, the flyby will show you where to go next.

The Secret Base.

Climb in the passages and go L over a pit, kill 2 Baddies and climb the crates to the R, jmp/grab to the opening and follow to a room where you can pull the switch to open the hangar, now backtrack to the crossing where you entered the Base and go E, L shoot the Baddy and enter the hanger to fly the B-2 bomber out of here.

End of the level.