By Sheevah.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

Part I

The Building:
Get out of the pool, for a Croc is in there with you, go left into the SW corner (kill some Warthogs) and climb the pillar there, jmp to the pillar to the right, with the switch, pull it to open the big doors in the building, (get some Ammo on the highest pillar, youíll have to kill a Ninja for it) now go to the pillar against the West rock wall, jmp up against the wall and grab the invisible crack, go to the right, around the corner and to the CS, get in and take some Flares to the right, go on and drop into the box cave.

The Box Cave:
Drop down on the East side of the lowest pillar and start moving the boxes there; find a Hand of Sirius. After that you can move more boxes in the Cave to find a switch on the West wall (which opens an under water gate somewhere) and some Flares, go into the water in the West wall and go L follow and L into the pool, go into the gate you opened and follow, R/R and follow to the shaft, going up in to the blue room, find the switch and ropes drop from the ceiling of the Cave. Go back and go to the back of the pillar you dropped down from, use the jmpswitch to raise a block in front and go climb to the top, use the ropes to go over to the CS and enter. Go L/L and over the pit, through the popping spikes and find the hatch in the ceiling, claim
Secret #1, The Uzi's, Ammo and Flares. Go down and take the other passage.

Watch out for all the pits and follow it to the room you saw in the flyby on the pillar, slide and jmp in the end, so you land on the flat ledge, go around shoot the vases and a Ninja, get the Hand of Orion and find the switch, get up and into the pool quick and back to the box cave. A gate opened in the SE, go and get the 2nd Hand of Orion. Back to the building.

The Building revisited:
Place the 2 Hands in the West wall, enter and see the next door in front opening up, shoot the left vase and get the MP, as you walk, the door closes, go back to the entrance and stay on the brown tile, in the direction of the door, standjmp over the next lighter tile and the door will stay open. Go in and left, into the dark corner, find the switch to open the next door. Follow the passage to the room with a block puzzle, find 2 almost invisible holes in the right hand wall, the crate in the lower goes on to the face tile in the center of the room and the other goes all the way in, to find another passage that leads to
Secret # 2/3, the Crossbow. On your way out you have to pull the crate to the face tile (after you pulled the switch to open a door you come to later) and the big door opens. Go in and left for some Ammo, right to find the 2nd Hand of Sirius next to a gate to be opened later. Go place the 2 Hands in the receptacles in the East wall of the building, when you enter the door you opened before is in front.

Go in and left, get the Flares and the door opens, follow and go R/R and open the ceiling hatch, pull up and meet some Ninjas and a Dog. There are some Goodies on the floor when they are gone enter passage in the SE, pull the lever and an earthquake rocks the room, go back and climb the rubble to reach the CS in the SW. Go left and follow to the switch and some Ammo. The switch will open the 2nd gate in the Box cave. Go to the other side of the CS and climb down into the dark hole, youíll land just in front of a Star. (Whereís that crowbar when you need it!) Go back to the box cave.

Box cave:
Enter the open gate and take the Ammo, go pull the pinkish switch, kill the Ninja and see a gate open, this is the gate near the last Hand you took, yep, you have to go back again. Enter the new passage and kill a Dog, see that even flames run away from you (you must be real frightening), go climb up and follow, use the MS, L/L in the end and pull the switch, a gate opens, go back to the start of the swing and straight into the other passage, over the pool and pull the crate to the tile. Get some Ammo from under it and take a dive into the pool.  Get the Crowbar on the red ledge and go to the SE corner on the bottom, go in and follow R and L when the camera view is from the front, up into the room with the 1st Star. Take it and pull the lever, some Croc is released and the exit in the room on top of the pool opens, so arm yourself, ready to pull and go up there, shoot the Ninja that will start shooting as soon as you stick your head above water and then the Croc. Go out and swing all the way around to the exit, make your way over to the East room to get the other Star. Place them at the big doors.

The Blue caves:
At the 1st set of pillars a couple of Ninjas appear, at the 2nd set 2 Ninjas and a Dog. Look to the end of the cave and see the boulders hanging on each side, just sprint to the end and go to:

Anywhere-Nowhere Part II.

Take one or two steps to the right so you are on the sloped surface, sprint to the pillars, shoot some Dog and go to the big doors in the end, watch out for those holes in the floor, climb the pillar next to the doors and turn, jmp to the group of pillars and then to the sloped one on the left of them, look for the jmpswitch on the side of it and drop to pull it (a door opens in the building). When you drop to the floor, 2 Dogs will attack, go back to the boulders and into the hole between 1st and 2nd boulder. The ladder is on West side of the hole, jmp over the steam blowers and find the jmpswitch in the end, use it (the big doors open) and turn, look up with night vision binoculars and find the CS in the wall opposite the switch. Go climb in and use the lever to open yet another door in the building.

The Building:
Go to the building and to the right, pull the switch on the left and shoot a brown vase on the other side in front of a hidden passage and enter, find
Secret # 4, another Crossbow with explosive arrows, use it immediately on the Skeleton sneaking up from behind. Go back to the entrance of the building and into the other door you opened, left into the CS and down the ladder, notice the trapdoor (different color, donít open yet) shoot the Skeleton guarding the place and take some Ammo behind the high ridge in the passage, step down into the Spike pit.

The Spike Pit:
One ledge to the left is spikeless, jmp to it. When you stand on it another will become safe, go on repeating this till you reach the switch in the high SW corner (donít panic if you happen to slide to the bottom, just start jmping and you can get to one of the lower ledges again, this will raise pillars in the pit, allowing you to climb into the ceiling hatch, look for the Hand behind the steps and pull the lever on top of them, the shaft under the trapdoor you saw earlier is now open, go back and open the trapdoor, drop in and swim to the green corner to get the Gem, take the Flares on the pillar under the shaft and find the small tunnel in the blue light, North. Follow and get bitten by a Croc, get out in to a room with a couple of blocks to push. You can shoot the Crocs if you want the Ammo in there, move the block on the South side of the pool and get the 2nd Hand of Sirius. Go place your Gem near the door in the North and get into the dark cave.

The Dark Cave:
Find the blocks to climb in the North and get into the passage, go right and slow, to make sure the spikes are deactivated before you crawl on to them, go right again in the far end and drop into the deep cave, find the ladder in the South and climb in the hole, drop into a shaft, swim down and into the passage, go 2nd left, right at the crossing and up for air and Flares in the room. Back in the water and South, left and in the red light district you can find
Secret # 5, the Shotgun. There are some more Flares in the SW of the maze, back to the shaft and use the jmpswitch near the ladder. Climb the ladder opposite the one you came down from and to one block from the top, backflip/roll/grab and get back into the cave, notice the tile under the ladder and go get the crate in the NW and put it on this tile. This will raise a block at the exit so you can climb out; follow the CS to the end and into the room. Hereís the door you opened. Shoot the right hand vase for some Ammo and enter the spike/ flame room.

The Spike/Flame Room:
Walk in slowly left and walk around the corner through the spikes, taking some damage, go on to the NW corner and see the flyby under the ladder, there are 2 floors with gates and a jmpswitch all the way on top, check your health before you start, get up he ladder and to the top, 3 steps down and backflip/roll/grab the jmpswitch, land hard and run/grab into the shaft, grab the ladder and go down 9 steps, backflip/roll and go pull the lever, runjmp back to the ladder and go 5 steps up, backflip and go pull the lever to kill the flames under the Hand.

Go down the ladder and go right at the corner (you can go get the MP, but it will almost cost you as much as you get). Take the same route back to the CS and back to the room with the blocks, on the lower part of the floor are 2 blocks, move the SE block to the tile near the pillar and the door will open, the exit to the entrance of the building. Open the big doors and enter, get into the CS under the pillar and follow to boulder alley.

Boulder Alley:
Wait a for bit at the entrance or youíll have a head ache for sure and see the Uzi to the right, go get it but get out of that hole quick, to the block at the entrance is best, and see all the Boulders roll into the spot you where just standing, go to the left side of this place and drop down, go find the jmpswitch and get back onto the ledges, go to NW and climb down (notice the trapdoor), get into the gate and take a backstep as the Boulders come down, find the switch on top of the slope to the left and go up to pull it, itís timed, so runjmp into the open gate.

Spike Room:
About the same trick as the spike pit, stepping on ledges will kill spikes on others.

Pull the lever, and the flames on top of a ledge you have to climb go off, only problem is that the floor starts burning now, go left, jmp over the burner to get behind the pillar and go all the way around to the NE and climb the ledge, step on the higher ledge at the flame and do a standjmp to the ledge NW and to the ledge with the Skeleton on top, shimmy around and drop, turn South and runjmp to the ledge in the direction of the Gem, turn NW and jmp to the ledge on the wall, standjmp grab the ledge up and pullup/drop back quick, the spikes at the Gem should be off now, go over to get it. Get back the way you came and from the start ledge, jmp to the ledge with the other skeleton SW, the spikes at the ledge on South wall, with the Ammo are off, get it and drop to the floor, kill the Ninja and go to the NE corner and open the trapdoor in the floor, go down, kill the Skeleton and open the trapdoor on top of the ladder, climb back into boulder alley, go forward to a hole with a blue door, place the Gem.
Those doors will never open fast enough when boulders start rolling, donít hurry you have time. In this cave, look behind the block to the right and place the 3rd "Hand" to open the door.

Treasure Room:
Starting from the SE corner, this is the sequence: 1st window, ignore. 2nd window, shoot the white vase and the window itself, walk to the block inside, turn to shoot the Ninja and pull it to the square the vase was on, to get it out of the way. Pull the 2nd block out and to the other side of the entrance, go in and pull the switch in the left passage, follow the passage further in to
Secret # 6, a MP. Go out and to the 4th passage, pull the switch and mind the spikes on your way out. Window 8 for another switch. Window 9 for the last and another Ninja. Go to window 5 and push the block in all the way, go left and enter the Scroll cave, go to the Scroll and the level ends.

Great levels, liked them very much.