Return for the Amulet Series.

6 ĖZazarís Hideout.

Level by Bruce Zaremba.

Unauthorized walkthrough made in close cooperation by Dutchy and Gerty. (later to  be known as D&G Productions)

The levels can be played separately, but then you will miss weapons and supplies youíve collected in the previous levels.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Names in blue are for reference as youíll visit back later.

A Nice flyby shows the Amulet youíre after, but itís guarded by Crocs.

In the 1st room is a closed door to the L in the corner and a passage L, behind the bowl and follow to a room with Darts, get the Ammo L and then use the reach0in switch to open a door further in the level. Go back and shoot the Ninja as you come out of the passage, go E and in the next (2nd room) room are several pickups, like Shotgun and Ammo, 2 closed gates N and S and the door youíve just opened to the E. Go E and come a room with a trap floor, be sure not to stand on (or too close to) the dark tiles after the 1st row.

Do a runjmp straight over the red grating to the one in front and then 2 standjmps to the other side, sprint through the Dart hall, taking minor injury and arrive in that big Hall with the Amulet cage, thereís a gate in the NW and in the NE is some Ammo, shoot the Ninja and he will drop his Uzi, go back along the front of the cage (W) and see a red structure L, thereís a gate in it and a pit in front. Runjmp straight over the pit to the carpet tile in front of the gate and roll, runjmp back while you get a cutscene of the N gate opening up in the 2nd room. head back and donít forget to go easy at the trap floor, shoot the Scorps and go into the open gate (stupid camera!) Runjmp/grab the rope and swing to the 2nd, into the opposite passage and follow to the Scissor pit.

The Tile L around the corner will lower the cage in the corner after the Scissors, better save on it and run to the corner, jmp the corners to cut off some track and I just sprinted through, most were sill in the open position, so I took little injury. Into the gate you can run through the window and go pick up the Golden Vraeus, see the gate NW gate (big hall) opening up. Go back, shoot the Scorp and past the 1st Scissor you can shimmy the edge and go back over the ropes to the big Hall. Go L and shoot the Ninja coming out of the open NW gate, in the back is a hole you can climb up in and go to the deep pit, donít go N, you will not get out again!

Stand straight opposite the vase in the opening across the pit (look at the ceiling) and runjmp to the 1st invisible ledge, stand far R and aim for the R hand opening in the opposite wall, standjmp to the next ledge, walk up to the far L side an aim straight for the L opening and standjmp, then a runjmp and youíre over. Get the Ammo from the vase and go push the button between the bowls and go over the ledges in the other pit and drop to the lower path there, to get Secret#1, inside is some Ammo L and R and then get the Revolver from the back, go back up on the ledges and immediately make use of the Ammo you just collected to shoot the Ninjas. Go back over those invisible ledges (look L in the other pit, for their position) and to the big Hall, SW corner passage.

Get the Ammo from the 1st vase R and head to the grated room in the end, there are 3 safe gratings (the ones with the steam). Use them to get into the L passage and R into the side room of this red place, push the button and roll, shoot the Ninja thatís sneaking up from behind, go for the MP, but duck when you do, now head E and into a new passage youíve opened. Get some Ammo R from the vase and then push a button in the back (opens S gate in 2nd room). Head back to the big Hall and then to 2nd room. L into the open gate and into the pool, swim through the tunnel to a cave and get a MP S of the pool, go NW and find the Ammo near a CS in the corner. Go in to get Secret#2, Crossbow and Ammo. Head out and straight to the pool with the Crocs, shoot the critters and swim into the NW tunnel, follow to a red corridor.

Ammo R and ladders in the back, leading up to the same place, so pick one and climb to the upper room, go over a walkway and run off to the R hand ledge, shoot the 2 Ninjas from here and go get the 2nd Golden Vraeus. Follow the passage that will lead you back to the 1st room. Go to the big hall and into that now open cage S to place both the Golden Vraeus. A fly by shows the pool inside the Amulet cage filling with water, the hole in front of the room youíre in leads to it. A Ninja will be hacking into you as you regain control, so shoot him and hop into the hole in front of the room.

Swim to the cage, get some Ammo on the bottom of the pool there and shoot the Crocs. Pick up the Amulet of Horus and head back out as the NW door in the 1st room is now open. Go in and slide to the next placeÖ.

Epilog- The End.

Hop to the ledge and get the Crossbow, pick up the Ammo and climb down go along the road, picking up a number of Skeletons and the fun is to first collect them all and team them up so you can use one arrow if possible to get them all :0). Max. was 2 arrows.

Go to the end of the street and dive into the pool, swim to the end of this Series

Dutchy/Gerty 11/12/2004.