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5 ĖZazarís Library.

 Level by Bruce Zaremba.

 Unauthorized walkthrough made in close cooperation by Dutchy and Gerty. (later to  be known as D&G Productions)

 The levels can be played separately, but then you will miss weapons and supplies youíve collected in the previous levels.

Lara starts in a small corridor, the gate opens when she approaches. A fly by starts, and the need of a scroll is apparent. Go into the room where you need the scroll for and find scattered around, the LASER SIGHT, revolver ammo and in the other corner the CROWBAR. There are 3 globes in this room.

Pull the yellow globe once (to the W) the block in the 1st room is gone, so go there and climb the ladder. Take a running jump to the ledge with the pole and climb the pole, get off with a back flip (or just grab up to the upper floor). Get the small medipack and arrows and behind the globe in this room is a walk through bookcase.

Down the ramp pick up the revolver ammo and open the trapdoor W. Jump in the water and swim N. Another room with globes. Get the medipack, and push the blue globe (NW) to the white tile near it. That raises a block in the other room. Climb up and use the chain (cut scene). Jump down and swim back to the room with the swinging chains (watch out as a certain tile in this room might trigger two balls) and find the GOLDEN STAR NE. Leave this room and drop as you can see, through a walkthrough ceiling.

 Back in the room, place the Golden Star on the S side of the column and the gate behind is open now (cut scene). Go in and slay the horseman on his horse. The pick ups are scattered around the room like a medipack, a REVOLVER and revolver ammo. Use the three dragon levers and climb onto the raised blocks. Pick up uzi ammo and medipack and enter the blue doors. The next room is another library, get down, find shotgun, revolver and uzi ammo. Stand in the middle of the room and face S and up, shoot the ball, that makes the cogwheel turn. There is even a REVOLVER and SIGHT on the block next to it.

Next to the cogwheel is an opening, get the medipack inside, stand facing W and open the trapdoor in the middle of the room. Swim to the E and take the right tunnel, find the shotgun ammo, and a bit further down SECRET # 1, revolver and shotgun ammo and a medipack. You better get back for this, cause you wonít have enough air.Now go E left and find the arrows and the HORSEMANíS GEM. (this opens a gate in the N tunnel) Now swim N, follow through, down and up and climb out, see fly by.

In the pool find the grenade ammo, and climb in the opening N. In this room is another batch of grenade ammo and the minute you step on the stairs some 3 wraiths will pester Lara, so run out side and dive into the pool. Go  back and climb the stairs and stand to the W wall, next to the burning pedestal. The ceiling is walkthrough and hides a jump lever.

Go to the other gate next to the pool outside, crawl in and on the right is a medipack, crawl back and now head straight and left. Save here. When you are all the way up the stairs, more fire wraiths come out and the only thing to do is get out as fast as you can pumping medipacs when set ablaze, through the (not fair) crawlspace and to the pool. Get back in again and follow (Save here),  run up another staircase, the gate opens and you are back on familiar ground.

This time insert the Gem in its receptacle, N side of the pillar and a door behind you opens. To the left is a medipack and all the way to the other end when you go left past the ladder, some uzi ammo. Go to the ladder and climb it and halfway back flip onto a ledge (see fly by). There is a horseman roaming around downstairs. Lower to the floor and take care of him. You can get a medipack near the E wall, and that triggers another horseman. In the corners find another medipack and uzi ammo. Now push the door E open. Left on a pedestal is MUSIC SCROLL and right a block that is still up.

Back to the room and go through the red curtain and in the pool get the small medipack and the 1st (of 3) HORSEMANíS GEM. Behind the white pillar SE is a climbable bookcase and once up youíll see a pole. On this first level is another red curtain (SE), walk through and get a flyby of a nasty room with sloped pillars. Drop back from the edge and grab, go L and pull up to the ledge, jump to the SW ledge and go in that room to get the S 2nd HORSEMANíS GEM, the other (N) one is a trap, go out and to the S side of the ledge, runjmp to the pillar E and grab, slide down and jmp to grab the pillar E of the slope, drop from the other side and get Secret#2, goodies. Go up the ladder in the room to drop back at the red curtain and to the pole to go up to the top room, past the Saw blade.

Get down the stairs, and you come to a room with a globe and also you see that you need 3 Gems to open up the gates. Go to the S wall and shoot the vase left for some flares. Around the corner is another vase with grenade ammo. Go further S and take a running jump into the water. Swim through the opening and climb out and run immediately to the middle of this room as there is an indentation, you can hide from 4 rolling balls. Climb out and enter the room under the ladder for your 3rd HORSEMANíS GEM.

Climb the ladder and once on top shoot the vase for revolver ammo. The room on the right has nothing, so go straight, a fly by starts and a fire wraith is chasing Lara. Watch out because around the corner is a fall-through floor with a deadly trap in it, it is the fourth tile so a running jump will get you over the trap and at the end you fall through the ceiling and run to the pool to get rid of that nasty wraith.

The Globe Puzzle:

The way it was intended:

Open all the gates and stand behind the yellow globe (facing E) and push once, this opens the opening N. Blocks have to be raised there in order to cross that room. Go to the NE globe and pull it to the 2nd brown tile straight out of its room (1st block up in the chain room). The NW one goes straight out to the 3rd brown tile (2nd  block up) The S one goes straight out and to the 3rd white tile, all blocks are up in the chain room N. Now you can run past the chains into the passage with another globe. This Globe pushing could be short cutted by just run jumping past the chains and a grab to catch the edge. The Globe there seems to be a red herring.


Go to the N. Take a running jump (when the chains cross) to the other side with grab. Go left and standing jump to the pole, slide down (the floor is safe) and aim to the next pole, donít stand to close to the edge of that tile or Lara will burn when she jumps. Grab the other pole with a standing jump and slide down again. In the next room jump the stairs (who forgot to put the stairs in?) and crawl in, and pull the chain once. This lowers the block W in the previous room. Climb in go right, through the doors and climb the bookcase R of the alcove in W wall towards the ladder. Descend the ladder and go N and through the door. Place the Scroll and watch the fly by when you enter.

In the room there are three horsemen running around, Jump down and take care of them. Scattered around find the medpacks, uzi ammo and arrows (under a vase). In the SE corner is a trapdoor but before you get down better go to the other corner of this big room and entice the fire wraith to follow you to the water under the trapdoor. Swim through and up and pull the chain (cut scene). Climb up as the gate is open as well and get the revolver ammo and exit (arenít you glad you triggered that wraith earlier LOL). Now climb the block and get to the ledge. Run up the stairs, the gates open and the level ends.

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