Return for the Amulet Series.

4 Ė The Docks.

Level by Bruce Zaremba.

Unauthorized walkthrough made in close cooperation by Dutchy and Gerty. (later to  be known as D&G Productions)

The levels can be played separately, but then you will miss weapons and supplies youíve collected in the previous levels.

Watch the fly by and Lara is on a bridge overlooking some green water. Dive in and swim to the SE corner. Climb out and shoot the guard there. On the boxes are goodies. In the S is an opening and in the fly by we saw a trapdoor. Open it and climb in. Get the revolver ammo and medpack under the prayer wheels and flip that switch. (Cut scene of the door on the jetty). Make your way to the jetty and enter the door. Watch out for a dog and a guard. Once in there jump into the water and find an opening W to swim in and swim down, get that medpack and follow through and all the way up.

Take the N corridor and in the next room in the SE corner is a jump switch, this opens a trapdoor, lowers the wall behind a curtain in the E corridor and triggers a guard in there. For now go E and through that curtain at the end. SECRET # 1, revolver and grenade ammo and arrows. Now back into the water and climb out onto the jetty, go around the corner (in the water there is revolver ammo) and in the NW is a ladder and a running jump get you there. Crawl into the crawlspace and lower yourself in the now open trapdoor.


Go right, pick up the uzi ammo, follow through and flip the lever. A guard will be waiting when you run back. Go S now and around the corner you can choose which way you want to go

Straight  (W) leads to a closed door.

Right (N) and immediately go left you can pick up some arrows at the end.

Second left, leads to the same door if you went straight. And the third to the left leads to a ladder. Donít go there yet, have a look at that rat in the water, is it pointing with his snout to something? Yes it is a swim-through crawlspace. Swim in and right and at the end climb out. At the end of that corridor there is a cut scene, go on and shoot the guard. Enter where he came from and get that small medpack on the left in the water. The door will open when you approach and climb the ladder, halfway up, jump/roll and grab to another ladder. Keep climbing and once up, flip the lever and pick up the revolver ammo.

Get down the ladder again by jump/roll and grab to the other ladder. Swim back and through the swim-through crawlspace and up, as the rat might be in the way a bit. Now you can go to the ladder and climb down. You are in another part of the sewer, so follow through and find another ladder (W). In the small room at the top, this is the ladder you saw in the cut scene. In the room at the top is a lever, use it and climb all the way down, and up the other and with a back flip you are back at the first sewers. Now go and find that door in the 1st passage right after the swim.

Room with poisonous gas.

Take a running jump to the first tile, than a running jump to the wall SW, you wont make it, but the gas isnít poisonous there. There is an opening beside the block there, pick up some shotgun ammo and flares. Around the corner you can get up and use the lever. See a cut scene (that door is in the water at the start of the level). Go into the water and follow through and you are back at the beginning. Swim to the S as there is the door from the cut scene and climb out.

The Docks.

 There are guards here and lot of crates and in the water some goodies are scattered here and there, you can shoot the barriers, but I donít think they trigger anything. Some guards drop ammo and some donít.

Go to that single pier W with the 2 guards on it, shoot them and get the ammo, then throw the lever to open a door E, more guards come out, deal with them and enter the door you opened, follow to a small door you can open, pick up some ammo in the prayer wheels and come to a closed door, head back out and L on the pier. Into the open room L after you picked up the ammo, inside is a Jump switch for that closed door, but also a Timed trigger tile. The texture is the same as over that E door.

 So after the Jump switch you have to step on the tile, sprint out and R, over those crates and R into the door, through that small door, follow the passage to the now open door and the raised block and climb up fast. Follow through and while you are picking up the grenade ammo Lara gets shot in the back, so kill the guard and use the lever. Watch the fly by and the gate is all the way on the other side (SW). Drop down the hole at the timed block and get the uzi and shotgun ammo. Go out of here and swim SW on that small pier with the fences you saw in the flyby is some ammo if you didnít get it yet, then go into the open gate.

 Once you are in the opening, dive in the water again and find the uzi ammo and arrows. Climb out at the right side, watch out as there are quite a few guards around. You might want to jump across and take care of them there, but you can do that later as well. Pick up the medpack, go further and go right, the door opens and climb up left. Get down at the other side and better save here. Walk into the room and when Lara stops do a running jump to the SE corner, which stops the burning floor and then a standing jump to the lever. Use the lever and stand looking W and go down of that side of the ledge. Below is SECRET # 2, small medpack and arrows, grab and pull up and a running jump to the other side again and leave this place.

Go N and Lara gets shot at, kill the guard and climb up (E), to get the uzi ammo. Get back again and look W, remember this as that is where you have to go later with the bike. Go back (S) and left and jump to the other side of the canal. On the wall S on the left side you can climb up, pick up revolver ammo and arrows as SECRET # 3. Get down and enter the open door W. Climb into the crawlspace SW, get the small medpack and use the lever. Back out again, draw your guns as a guard is there, and after taking care of him enter the other door, up the stairs, and find the uzi ammo and use the lever. The trapdoor in the same room is open so descend the ladder and get the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER.

Get back and jump the canal (N) and around the corner going N the door there is open now and put the Feeder on the bike. Go right and left and you have to jump a pit, the right place is the second barrier from the left or right (both do the job) and use the sprint key to boost the bike.

Once at the other side, get off and use the lever and by entering the level ends.

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