Return for the Amulet Series.

3 Ė The Chase.

 Level by Bruce Zaremba.

 Unauthorized walkthrough made in close cooperation by Dutchy and Gerty. (later to be known as D&G Productions)

The levels can be played separately, but then you will miss weapons and supplies youíve collected in the previous levels.

 CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Names in blue are for reference as youíll visit back later.

The Chase.

Inside the Ship.

Youíre in a Ctrl room, go R and drop down the hole to the 2nd Ctrl room, shoot the 2 Guards and head E. SE is a trapdoor closed, NE a hatch in the ceiling, open it and climb up to a Ctrl room, head out to the next and climb up in the corner (the ladder doesnít work), just grab up and get some Ammo there, go through that white Save thing and shoot the Guard in the dining room, get the Ammo R and L and notice that blue door youíll be returning from later (to get back to the trapdoor in the 2nd Ctrl room). Go on and see a trapdoor in the end of the next passage, go into the R hand room and throw the Jmpswitch to open that trapdoor, get the MP and drop in the hole, crawl and go L, a Flyby will show the decks of the ship, Guards on patrol.

The upper decks.

Climb up and go L, shoot the Guard on the front deck and proceed to the NE corner where youíll find Ammo and a door in the lower passage (later) go R and onto that brown block, itís a timed run to the back of the ship, a lot of time because if you do runjmps and over a crate from time to time, you will have time to spare.

Here is the route: Do a runjmp in the direction of the NW back of the ship, run and jmp over all the crates past the R side of the bridge structure, jmp on the lower crates just past that and onto a brown Timed block to the W behind them, runjmp to the Jmpswitch and pull to open that trapdoor in Ctrl room 2. Could be you saw those 2 Guards in the run. Take care of them now. Go to the S side of the bridge and to that blue door. See the Rat, scared stiff!!! Go in and up the L block, turn around and jmp/grab up to the upper floor, go into the bridge and throw the lever (opens a door that will give access to 2 Secrets) Donít take the Ammo at the windows, you canít get off that panel anymore.

Climb to the roof of the bridge and shoot another Guard, get Uzis and Ammo S and return to the deck of the ship by dropping backwards of the centre front of the bridge. Youíll slide into a hole with a MP, hop out and go to the NE front of the ship, in the lower passage with the door, it will slowly open for you. Inside go R and follow the path back to the 2nd Ctrl room. Into that trapdoor L and go L at the crossing, through the passage (screen of Guard) and crawl to where you can stand (on a trapdoor), climb to one of the decks and get Ammo L, throw the lever in the room to the W to open the trapdoor.

Take the Goodies before you go back, (want to see Lara do funny tricks, save and jmp into the S sea) go down the passage you came from and the trapdoor is open, drop into the room with Secret#1, the Revolver and Ammo, youíll have to shoot a Guard for it. Go back to the dining room, remember? That 1st route you took and straight to the trapdoor and CS from which you came out to the deck 1st time, the R hand tunnel is now open and holds Secret#2, all kinds of Goodies.

Head back up to the deck and to the front (E) of the ship, there's that grey walled structure and you can climb it from the crates., inside is a bike, get on and drive it to the door then leave it there as the door won't open. Go over the wall again, shoot a couple of Guards and go to the back of the ship, the yellow wall  near that Jmpswitch is now lowered, get the Ammo L and go in, the upper decks seems empty, so go down the centre passage down and shoot the Guard, get some Ammo and spot the closed door.

Down in the ship.

Go down the SE hole and follow L to a MP, go on to the W and find the lower burning room. Go in L onto the grey blocks and to a Jmpswitch that will open the door in the room above, so head out and E, up into that door, follow to a hole down in the back, get some Ammo there and drop in, follow to the lever that will make another lever accessible in the burning room. Go back and to the lower level, into the burning room on S side and hop over the grey blocks to the lever SE. Throw that to open the door S. Back over the blocks and into the S passage (crawl to get in) and get the Ammo e before you go into the new door.

Down the steps and a flyby will show a heavily guarded room with 3 levers and the bottom of the ship. Go into L onto the walkway around the room with the Guards and take them out with the Lasersight (before they even fire a single round). Go over to get the MP and Ammo that was dropped. Throw the S lever (others Guards) and an under water door opens, go down into the water and get the Goodies, (also behind those crates E) then swim it that open door, follow to the Personnel quarters, shoot a Guard and explore the rooms before you go into the N passage to the upper level, go either way, shoot a Guard and come to a large room with Goodies, another door will open where you came into this place, go in and up to 3 more levers.

R hand lever: youíll drop back to the bottom of the ship.

Centre lever: Instant death.

L lever: Lower passage back to the steps up to the burning room, so better take that one and go to the W passage at the burning room, then N and find another door opened, problem is, itís opened the wrong way, or was it to mislead Lara. You can in fact sidejmp over that door into the passage leading up to a grey corridor. Go R and past a passage R to the next corner, sprint to the end, set ablaze by a Sentry-gun and run R into the pool. Youíve just found "Secret"#3, Ammo, Revolver and Lasersight. Getting out is a different story, stay close to the L wall and just do a jmp over that alcove and at the right moment, youíll pass the Sentry-gun before he knows youíre gone.

Go into that room you passed earlier, L and to the next room, shoot the Guard and see 3 passages and 3 grey trigger tiles in the corners. Go stand on the SW one and face the N passage (ends up in the same room as the others, but has the Secret), runjmp to it and sprint in, wait on the block to be lifted up and go L into a room with "Secret" #4, Shotgun, MP and Ammo, go back to the block and you can now go up another passage, the next block lowers and you can, for this time only, pass through the glass in the room there is a hole up to an upper passage in the NW.

Go to a room with a green pool and several Balls to shoot, past 3 blue doors. Shoot the Balls and return to the first room R to get the Ammo and shoot the Ball, donít put that gun away just yet as a Guard came out of the next room. Wait for him and take care of him, look up and wonder how this bedroom will look like on a stormy night at seaÖ Go back out R and to the next open room, shoot the Ball and get the Ĺ MP, shoot the Guard and go to the room near the green pool, get MP and Flares. Climb up the hole in the corner and come to a cargo bay. Go to the w side to pick up some Ammo on the crates and then look for the MP on the Tile S, turn E and go over the grey wall and drop into the passage R of the next grey wall, wait in front of the door for it to open and get the Bike out.

Drive it to that Tile S (where you got the MP) and a brown block N will lower Timed though, so be sure to be in the right position to get there fast, running over a bunch of Guards. Inside go L and down the passage to run over some Guards, on the outside you have to hit the brakes!! Jmp down to the pier and the level ends.

Dutchy/Gerty 11/12/2004.

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