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2 – Throne Room.

 Level by Bruce Zaremba.

 Unauthorized walkthrough made in close cooperation by Dutchy and Gerty. (later to be known as D&G Productions)

 The levels can be played separately, but then you will miss weapons and supplies you’ve collected in the previous levels.


 Familiar territory!

Watch the fly by and turn around to get the flares, there is nothing else to do than walk forward. There is a ramp on the S wall and on top, some shotgun ammo. Next to it, on the floor is a medipack, guarded by a scorpion. There are some dogs roaming around, so keep your eyes open. Keep going to the W and there will be a fly by. Hop back and take the opening N, jump over the pit and find a block on your right. Climb on it and jump to the next (N) for SECRET # 1, small medipack. Jump down and keep going, on a ramp (W) is a medipack. On the right of this gate you see in front of you, you can grab a small medipack.

 Go into the building and you get to a hall, with a closed gate on the right and an opening straight forwards and also another opening left. Take the opening on the left and arrive at a room with a lever. Save here. Look at the ceiling, because there is an indication which tiles are save and which not. Jump diagonally to the lever and keep some medipacks handy as Lara gets scorched a bit (sidestep slowly to get in position for the lever and wait a bit for the scorpion and dog to come into the room, so they don’t attack when you are trying to get out, there’s some ammo in the corner you can get as the tiles there are safe, again jump diagonally). There is a cut scene, so go back and now go straight (W), pick the grenade ammo, and you see that there are three reach-in holes and only one block is up. Climb the block and reach in the first opening. The gate outside this room opens. Dogs alert!.

 Climb the stairs and you are in a big room with a couple of pillars and in every corner a tile.  Step on every tile in the corners and go W and swim to the other end, the gate is open. In the room is a lever, and get into the water again. Once you are back in the canal, get out as in the N a wall has revealed an opening. In this room is another reach-in hole (cut scene) and suddenly some bats appear. Swim back and jump on the second block to use the reach-in hole. A gate in the NE corner in this room opens.

 Save before entering and again the solution to get through this room is at the ceiling (side jumps will do the trick!).  Get the flares and oops, in the SW is some texture missing. Climb the pole (or just climb up) and use the lever there plus get the medipack. There is another cur scene so go back (watch the burning floor) and reach-in the last hole. Watch the fly by, and go to the door that just opened in the NW corner of this room. On the left, before the wall torch are some arrows.There is a fly by and go to the left and you get in the room you just saw in the fly by

 Near the first wall torch right, you can get down and pick up some arrows. In the NW is also a block you can lower yourself to and with a running jump get to the other side. (watch out as the other blocks have spikes popping up) Drop down another time and find SECRET # 2, GRENADE LAUNCHER and grenade ammo. Climb back up and get on the golden walkway. Get to the other side and get down. In that area find in the NE corner arrows and in the NW corner you can climb down. Near that place (N) is a reach-in hole, which opens a gate W.

The flare bug will be present from this point on.

 Follow through and use the lever in that room. The corridor is now full of water so swim back and once out off the corridor up and climb into the room, use the lever to open the big black block on the bridge and go to the door again, in front and a bit R is a ledge jump there and climb up the big pillar, turn left and jump to the ledge at the bridge.

Climb up, shoot the dog that is howling and get back on the golden walkway. W is an opening and in the next room you can find shotgun ammo and THE TIMELESS SANDS. The gate in the corner opens and pass the four statue’s, be careful for a spiked boulder though (better stay on the left side). Climb on the black tile (S) and get the uzi ammo on the right. Keep an eye out for dogs and follow through and find the opening SW.

You end up in a lava room. Lots of jumping to do and there are some places you can save. (short cut, after the standjump to the 2nd flat pillar do a run jump to the sloped ledge SE at the wall, the one leading into (what looks like lava, but isn’t) and slide backwards holding grab to hang on the end of the slope, pull up and backflip into the dark room with SECRET#3, you have to light flare and throw them to get some light in there, pick up grenades, arrows and shotgun ammo. Then drop from the room into the pool below. On the bottom are flares and uzi ammo and by climbing out off the water S a fly by starts.

First go W and climb up, at the end in the corner N is an opening in the floor and you enter a MAZE. Tip: you need to find reach-in switches and use them twice so if by accident you get to the same reach-in hole, it wont work, so you know you have done that one.

Keep going straight (N) all the way to the end, then be sure to keep the wall on your left side, pick up some arrows and after a bit you find a closed gate. Keep going and pick up some shotgun ammo. Go back, still keep the wall to your left and find the first reach-in hole. A dog comes snooping around. Keep going (W) and keep the wall to your left, find the second reach-in hole with the SHOTGUN next to it. Another dog appears, and if you keep going left you get back to the start of this maze. Go now N again and still keep the wall on your left and find the gate now as that is open.

 Another maze….

In this one I went always to the right till I found the third reach-in hole and another dog comes sniffing around. Now go back, so keep the walls to your left and find the gate. Once through keep to the right till you van get out of this maze and back to the room with the pool (S). A running jump (S) and back to the other side. Go al he way (E) and climb the ladder there. A gate is open and in this room find the statue and place The TIMELESS SANDS (cut scene) so back down the ladder and enter that door.

Pick up the uzi ammo and enter the corridor.

 Go right (has more goodies and the last secret) and follow through till you come to a lava room with a bridge. Halfway on the bridge use a flare and throw it to the right, there is a crawlspace there.

At the end get SECRET # 4, flares, medipack and LASER SIGHT. Crawl back and jump to the bridge. Go up some stairs and climb the wall (E). Once up, get the revolver ammo on the right and use the lever.

In the new cave, shoot the dog and watch the fly by. Go E and find the revolver ammo. There is more on the corner of that building, a running jump will do the trick and look at the tile you are standing on. There is more revolver ammo and a small medipack to get all around the building and also two more tiles. Watch out for a dog and scorpions.

 In the NW is also a gate but that slams shut the minute you try to get in, that is the exit if you took a left instead of a right after placing the SANDS. After triggering all the tiles go inside the pyramid, follow through and pick up some grenade ammo and a bit further you see you need a Cartouche. Go into the opening next to it and shoot the dogs and get the BA CARTOUCHE from the pedestal. Return and get the flares (left) and place the Cartouche.Enter and see the fly by, go right and take the left gate, which opens up when you approach. Slide down and the level ends.


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