Return for the Amulet Series.

1 Ė The Temple of Seth.

Level by Bruce Zaremba.

Unauthorized walkthrough made in close cooperation by Dutchy and Gerty.  (later to be known as D&G Productions)

The levels can be played separately, but then you will miss weapons and supplies youíve collected in the previous levels.

Lara starts with a long slide in the dark and ends up in a cave.

There is shotgun ammo on the left and flares on the right.

At the end take a safety drop and in the SW of this cave is an opening in the floor (camera of a ninja). Drop through the hole and this time Lara is on a ledge. There is water down and lots of sand and also a ninja that will try to shoot the girl.

Keep going E and find flares. In the NE corner in the E wall is a gate, still closed.

There are a couple of different ways to get down, like jumping to the block under the gate, or hanging down from the ledge, looking S.

Kill the ninja and scorpions. Pick up shotgun ammo in the NE corner and a small medipack on that block there.

Push the statue to the SW corner, this opens a gate in the water E. Also in the NW corner is a still closed gate, you will be coming out from soon.

In the NE corner, underwater get the shotgun ammo and swim in the now open gate. You are in a big room and on top of the pedestal is the BA CARTOUCHE, (gate opens SW).

Go SW, and enter the opening there and the gate closes behind you. Pick up the medipack and donít go any further or else you burn. A jump to the left on that grate looking floor tile and a jump with grab to the wall so you can shimmy to that torch on the wall. Take a back flip and you are save. The gate opens when you approach*.* Take a running jump to the opposite side, roll and immediately a running jump back as a boulder comes down. Climb the grated ledge and do a running jump to that medipack, roll and jump back as there is another boulder. Now you can jump back and pick it up safely. Keep on hopping from tile to tile and climb the ladder at the end. Climb up and you are in another cave with a lava lake.

Go down onto the ledge in the corner where you are and keep going W, to a grey pillar, climb up L and follow the rocks to find SECRET #1, uzi ammo and arrows almost at the end.

Go back a bit, look down and see that walkway (N) slide down backwards and at the end shimmy till you are above the walkway and you can drop on it.

Walk over the walkway, shooting the scorpions and take a right and halfway, a running jump to a column N and another one to get some arrows. Jump back to the first and turn to E. Jump to that block there. Get on that walkway, as in the S is a lever, and a scorpion (camera shot of the pool and the gate there that opened). Go back to the N side of the lower walkway, get on the block there and turn S, runjump onto the upper walkway and go to the centre pillar of the cave, a long runjmp grab will get you back to that S ledge, runjump grab back to the ledge in the SE corner and runjmp grab to the ledge N of that on E wall, walk to the end and go into the path R, climb to the top and head N, then left to find an opening there.

Drop down in the shaft and follow the red tunnel past a gate R and a tunnel down (you come back through that later for the secret) go around a corner to the R and get the ammo on the floor, find a very convenient air pocket in the next corner. Go to the end of the tunnel and just past the narrow gap is a hole up to a dark room where I couldnít climb up normally because of a *bug*, but you can get up!

If you try one time the normal way, youíll see Lara falling underwater and then up the edge again, exactly that moment you have to hit jump and forward and she will hop into that room.

Go SW for the Uzis, E for a MP and SE for the lever to open the gate W. (screenshot of ninjas in the pool area) Go out that gate ,itís the one you saw closed before and head NW, jump into the pool and quickly get out to shoot the ninjas. Enter the gate to shoot the ninja and a vase L for some arrows and enter the next room where you can place the BA CARTOUCHE to open the door next to it, go into a room with 3 gates, that will open on approach, one leading down, one up and the L one to a ground floor passage.

The 2 right hand gates are traps!

L gate: Glass Labyrinth-

Go straight through the main passage, past the centre passage in the windows to the back and a U-turn left, shoot the ninja (he can hurt you) and return to the corner, back to main passage and R into centre passage, not into the 1st opening left, but the walkthrough wall left just after that, get the ammo and go straight, around left U-turn and left in centre passage, just before that back room left and right for some ammo, roll and out right, follow into a solid Star passage, shoot the ninja and go back for the MP, get the ammo in the corner and follow the passage past several windows, then R until you come to an opening right. Take that and you are back at the beginning again of this glass maze. Now go S, take the first right and next right, shoot the ninja and follow this passage all the way through, picking up some shotgun ammo and at the end use the lever (opens a door in the maze, but also gives access to 2 Secrets). Go back and where you get back in the passage heading E, with left a star wall and right glass, you can go straight through the panel in front, go left to find the corridor with the glass doors again, go right to the last one, which you can walkthrough. Thatís SECRET # 2, you only have to follow this corridor all the way to the end (W) and climb the wall there.

In the next room is an opening filled with water, jump in, swim down and up (youíre back into the red tunnel near that gate), go right and get the flares and medipack. Swim W into a corridor and if you are in need of some air, swim up, this is a breathing hole. So get down again and follow through (E) around a corner and you can get some air at the end. You can get out at the room where you can use the same trick to get into the room and go out to the cave again. Drop down to the sandy floor and in the pool (NW corner) is an opening with SECRET # 3, shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN.

Get out off the pool and enter the door in the N wall again and follow through till you are back at the glass maze. Keep going all the way E (main passage) and then take a left (where you shot the ninja), second left, keep going and you end up at an opening for a golden room. You see you need a Cartouche, but there is none in the backpack. So get into the water and climb out in the E. In this room are four statues and in the NE corner grenade ammo and on the S wall are some arrows.

Statue Puzzle room

Push 3 statues into the SW, NW and NE corner and enter the door E and get the CARTOUCHE piece 1 (camera shot). Shoot the vase NW and climb in, the S wall is climbable, SECRET # 4, arrows, shotgun and uzi ammo. Get out (the other vase hides nothing) and get into the water to find that gate you saw opening in the camera shot. Swim in and up and at the end of this water is a see through tile. Stand on it and look E and take an angled jump with grab to that lower ridge on E wall and shimmy right all the way till you can climb up again. Walk W and jump with a grab (to land under the pillar) into the opening down and enter this room.


The left and middle corridors have some goodies like a small medipack and arrows. The right corridor however keep the wall always on your right and you end up in a room with a lever (see camera shot). Going back keep the wall on your left and jump into the water. You can pick up the arrows and the medipack and get some air before diving into the opening S all the way at the bottom. Swim through and climb out and grab the CARTOUCHE piece 2. Get in the water and swim out and up and climb out N. Climb the blocks and once at the top, get into the water and swim back to the room where you can place the Cartouche. Shoot the ninjaís and place the Cartouche.

Lava room.

Ninjaís are shooting and jump to the pole and climb it. At the end do a back flip and get the EYE PIECE.

When the wall torches start to burn, the flare bug kicks in, canít use Binoculars too, the game crashes!!

Go back to the pole first and down, a part of the floor turned into stone, go into the room in the NE corner to get SECRET # 5, crossbow, flares and medipack. Go back to the EYE PIECE room.

Get into the open door and watch the fly by.

At the end is the receptacle for the Eye of Horus, but we need the second piece of the Eye. Drop down on the block just past the first right hand pillar and to the floor below, N under the bridge is a lever. The door in the SW corner is open now and the only thing you can do is jump to the side and keep on jumping till the end. The gate opens when you approach and on the pedestal grab the other EYE PIECE. Now you have to go all the way back again (boring) and outside there are mummies roaming a round.

Around the floor you can find arrows and revolver ammo and go under the bridge (where the lever is to) the other side, go right and to that block you can climb to get on the bridge. Combine the Eye Pieces and place the EYE OF HORUS and here the levels ends.

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