Searching for the Amber Room.

Level by Commari.

Walkthrough Dutchy.  (revised 10-10-2011)                                                

The  Story of the Amber Room.

In the year 1716 the Amberroom, which was a Present of the Soldierking Friedrich Wilhelm the 1st, reached the Russian Zar Peter the 1st in Memel.
Later it was stored in the zarristic Summerresident Zaraskoje Selo in the Katharinpalace near St. Petersburg.
At the end of WW2 St. Petersburg (Leningrad) was conquered by the Soldiers of the Wehrmacht.
Many treasure pieces of art were stolen by them, also the Amberroom.
It was brought to Königsberg by the Nazis, where it became part of the Königsberger Artmuseum, which was imputed to Dr. Alfred Rhode.
After a bombing night at the 30 of August 1944, the trace of the Amberroom was lost.
Rhode said that the Amberroom was destroyed by fire.
This possibility is rather unbelievable, as no pieces of mirrors and metal were found.
Experts think, that the Amberroom was saved by a Special Unit of the SS or Wehrmacht.
Many Tomb Raiders searched for the legendary treasure.
Some of them died, hats why some people speak about curses of the Amberroom.
Till now has not been completely discovered expect for some pieces.


Searching for the Amber Room 1.

Next to the red brick building in the N is a small grassy slope so you can reach a crawlspace in the wall to your left, go pull the jump switch there so you can climb from a raised block onto the ledge with the barbed wire in the W of the yard. Shoot the grating and get into the bunker, shoot some rats on the lower level and look for a jump switch behind the NE pillar, go back up and climb the SE pillar up to the ledge, look for the rope to swing to the other side (you can also jump and grab the rope from the ground floor and swing up to the upper W ledge).

The Ducts, the Uzi.

Shoot the grating in the SW, get into the ducts and climb around to the W side of the shaft, into the opening and follow this duct into a shaft, go around to the E side and into the duct for the Uzi and ammo, go back and down into the first shaft and into the duct down there.

Store Room, the Crowbar.

In the store room, move the steel crates in the S to get the Crowbar from the one in the SW corner. Put those one back, so you have some room to move the crates in the N, get some Flares and find the crowbar door. Kill the bat and into the next duct a Rat will greet you here, drop into the water below and follow the tunnel, go right and left into the small colored hole.                                                                                                                                                      

The Sunken Rooms.

In the first room you can get air, swim into the next and find 2 underwater levers, one to the right and one to the left, pull them both to open doors in the passage E. Get some Uzi ammo along the N wall (NE) and go back for some air. Swim through the second room into the passage E and go left into the toilets, stick your head in the right and left hand bowls to get the Uzi ammo and small medipack in front of them and head back for air. Back to the passage E and take a right to get to the office, look for Uzi ammo to your right and swim through the broken window, go left and left into the next broken window, left and pull the lever in the corner. Go out and left to find the open trapdoor in the upper corner, get some air and get back into last office to get the Uzi ammo on the book case W and some more in the under water room with the trapdoor, along the S wall.

The Kommandatur.

Get out through the trapdoor and get ready to shoot the Dog and 2 Guards, one of them drops Uzi ammo, 2 steel crates hold some goodies, S a Medipack and W Uzi ammo. Go through the blue door W and into the door in the end of the corridor, take care of 2 Guards and get Uzi ammo from one and the Commando Key from the other, go back to the corridor and open the door S with the key, inside you’ll find a Dog and a jump switch, pull it and return to the room where you killed the last 2 Guards, open the blue door to the toilet and see an open trapdoor.

Drop down and get ready for a Dog and 2 Guards. Go to the brown door and it will open, go right and kill another Dog and the Guard that comes from behind the book cases, get the Uzi ammo he drops and look for the lever in the SE corner, to lower a book case in the S wall, run through the passage as the floor beneath you gives way. On the other side is a dark wall, left is a small medipack and to the right some Uzi ammo.

Look up to find the crawlspace in the dark wall, opposite the entrance. Go through to the other side and pull the jump switch on the right and then the one left, go to the W side and find a crawlspace with a lever to open the exit near the jump switches S. A Guard will come out and drops some Uzi ammo for you. In the next store room, pull the crate to your right out and push it into the entrance, pull the lever that was behind it, now pull the crate opposite the entrance out and aside. Enter the office and find the lever behind the curtain in the bedroom W, a Dog comes from the left. Go through the open door in the E, go right and to the next level.

Searching for the Amber Room 2.

Walk to the door and go right, find the alcove in the wall to climb to, turn and jump to the roof, slide off and hang/shimmy right till you are over the entrance door, pull up and backflip to a roof behind you, climb higher and go pull the lever on the block, after you took another Uzi with ammo from the top of it, go down and enter the Theme Room.

The Theme Room.

Here are 3 themes on display, Africa, Egypt and The Middle ages.

African Room Key.

Dive into the pool and go right into the gate as it opens, follow through, get some Flares and follow to a lever, pull it and turn left to follow the tunnel again, go left, right and up into a room with 2 Rats. Climb up in the NE corner and in the higher room you'll find a jump switch SW behind the crates, the lower room filled with water. Dive in and into the small hole in S wall, to claim Secret #1, Uzi and ammo, get some air and into the other hole in the W wall, swim over the crates to the NW corner and get the African Room Key. Go back to the Theme room and use the key to open the African Room S.

Egypt Room Key.

In the hut is the Shotgun and ammo for it, go into the passage to the left of the hut and into the crawlspace, to get the Egypt Room Key. To the Theme room and open the Egypt room W.

Knight Room Key.

There’s  Shotgun ammo in the sarcophagus and then go through one of the big doors W. In next room, pull the statues to the brown ceiling tiles and enter the gate that opens, in the sarcophagus there is the Knight Room Key. To the Theme room and open the Knight Room N.

The Knight Room, a Horseman's Gem.

When you jump into one of the alcoves with the hanging harnesses, a Horseman appears, take him out with the shotgun, moving backwards. Take the Horseman's Gem he drops and use it in the receptacle on the W wall, get into the trapdoor that opens and proceed with caution, because there are some nasty moving pillars. Run to the left behind the second pillar to get the 2x Uzi ammo there, then to the left behind the third, to pull the lever, now go N to the room with the 2 horses and run to the other side, you’ll see 2 Horsemen mounting their horses.

Blast them with all you have keeping to the left of them, to avoid the axes they use. It’s also possible to get them over to the wall near the entrance and they will get stuck in the wall, then take them out, when they drop from the horse, just shoot, backing up till they drop and leave their Horseman's Gems for the taking.

The Scroll for the Amber Piece.

Use the Gems to open the gate to the Scroll, take it and return through the moving pillars to the receptacle in the 1st Knight room and place the Scroll. One of the doors in the Theme room opens (SE), go pull the jump switch there (to open the door to the staircase) and look for a Torch on the floor, light that in the African room and get upstairs (NE), light the 2 oil lamps and a gate will open in the N wall, go pull the lever in the butt of the Golden Cow and return to the gate between the oil lamps, go in and take the Amber Piece next to the exit. Go outside to the Jeep and leave this level.

The Search goes on.                                                                                                   

The Wreck.                                                                                                

You got into the water somewhere, behind you is an air pocket. There's a nasty fish you'll have to avoid as much as possible. On the bottom of the cave in front are a small medipack NW and Uzi ammo NE between the plants. Back at the air pocket you are safe from that fish.

Swim into the cave again, turn around and look for the small hole containing Secret #2, a Shotgun and ammo (can be a bit hard to get in there, line up straight at the correct height). Get back for some air and swim W and down/left through the hole in the wall, left again and right into the ship, chased by some Barracudas. Go down into the hole in the grating and look for the lever in the NE corner, swim over the crates to the SW corner and left into the passage, to the end to get some air under a closed trapdoor. Now swim left, right and up into the passage on top of the ladder E, find the lever there, pull and get back to the trapdoor where you got air before. There's a scuba diver down here...

The Captain's Key.

Climb the ladder and get some ammo from the beds, kill the Rats and go SW to look for more Uzi ammo in the toilets and the showers, open the hatch in the end of that passage and climb the ladder. Kill 2 Rats and jump over the railing, swim left and through the hole in the rocks, left into the wreck again and in the kitchen E you’ll find the Captain's Key for the door on the deck.

The 2nd Amber Piece.

Swim out of the wreck, to the right and through the hole in the rocks. Up for air there and climb back onto the deck, open the door and go in. SW is a small medipack, shoot the rat and pull the lever NW, go through the N door and left around the structure is another small medipack. Back to the door and into the trapdoor next to it. Climb the crates E, shoot the rat and pull the lever in the SE corner, enter the NW gate to the store room and go over to the hole in the floor. In the underwater room, you’ll find the 2nd Amber Piece near a lever N. Go outside and swim through the hole S, follow the tunnel to a big lake with a speedboat (pity you cannot use it), just swim over and go to the Mine.

In the Mine.

The Mine Key.

Nice! A Rental Motorbike appeared, shoot the dog and beware of more dogs around here. Take the bike so you can run them over. Go to the shack SW, open the door, shoot the rat and get the Uzi ammo. Now go to the back of the big barrack and open the wood fence with the Crowbar. Go through the corridor in the middle, shoot the dog and in the room at the front is the Mine Key in the NW corner. Shoot the rat and return to the back room, two more doors there, in the toilets SE is some Uzi ammo.

Back to the bike and take it to that gate NW, open the gate and go in with the bike. Take a right at the first intersection, the left hand side is closed off. After a bridge and a right corner you'll be going through a S tunnel. Leave the bike there and go into the tunnel W. Follow down and to the left is a closed gate, the one to the right will open up for you. Follow through to a larger room with a cave in, go up the mount of debris along the S wall and face the wall to side jump right over the top into the hole in the SW corner.

Swim to the flooded cavern under the bridge and get the Mine Key from the bottom. Go up the ladder S and follow the tunnel, save and slide down. Run through the next room and jump up into the tunnel ahead. The spike walls will stop moving, so you can look back and grab that Medipack. Through the tunnel S to a crossing, hop twice backwards up the slope in the right hand passage till you trigger the boulder. Sprint back and left into the safe passage. Now go to where the boulder went (N) and through the opened gate, save here and the next gate will open for you on approach.

Run into the room and quickly pull two levers E and W to open the gate N and get in there before the ceiling gets to low. Up the ladder through the gate and take a right to get back to the bike. Take the bike S and left and open the gate there.

In the Mine 2.

Ride the bike down a steep track and get some Flares in the first corner. Go on and steer the bike over the slope to your left to reach the other side, a bunch of boulders will crash down, so be quick, leave the bike in front of the gate and jump to the slope, so you’ll slide backwards. Drop and grab the crack, shimmy to the crawlspace in the wall under the slope and get in, follow to a lava room, drop and look for the crack in the wall to your left, shimmy to the other side and follow the passage up, use the monkey swing, go left in the centre of the room and pull the lever there to open the gate at the bike, swing to the left and reach the pit with the boulders.

Jump to the slope and shimmy to the bike, get the Flares in the next corner and mount the bike, go through the green room and stop at the railroad crossing and get off the bike, look for a crawlspace next to the gate, go in to open the door of the shack with the crowbar, pull the lever, kill a Rat and get some Uzi ammo near the door on your way out, back to the bike and first run N a bit, look for a crawlspace in the right hand wall, go in to claim Secret #3, some Uzi and Shotgun ammo. Return for the bike and go with top speed through the next gate, you’ll jump over a lava pit. Stop in the next corner and proceed on foot, run off the E end of the broken bridge and land on the ledge below, get the Uzi ammo on it and go jump right, to pull a lever and pick up a small medipack. Go back over the ledges to a ladder NW so you can climb/shimmy back to the bridge. A rope dropped, swing to the other side and follow the track, guns drawn to take care of 4 Guards.

The (Another Mine) Key you’ll need is in the cage with the Dogs, get into the small building next to it and pull the lever, run out and get onto the roof, kill the Dogs and get the Key. Open the big doors and in the next room you can place the 2 Amber Pieces. 

You’ve found the Lost Amber Room, as you will see in the flyby; this is the end, no end trigger. So enjoy the music and stop as you please.