Amazing Tower.

Level by Sheevah.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

Great looking level, difficulty hard at some points, another fine job by Sheevah.

The Tower- in and around the Pool.

Stop right there! Turn around and swim into the small tunnel behind you and pull the switch in the small room. A gate opens up in the start tunnel you came from, return there and swim into the pool. There are some Pickups on the bottom get them and climb out. There are 3 Wooden doors in the South wall, open the middle one and get the MP, go into the left room and get the Ammo there, you will meet some resistance from a Bat and Spider. (The other room is empty) Go to SE corner at the spidersí web, you are warned already for Bats and Spiders by big signs on the wall. Look for a cleverly hidden jmpswitch on the pillar near the web, which will open a trapdoor to 1st floor. Kill the Spiders and shoot the vase for some Ammo, climb the ladder and backflip, kill a Crow and go to the North side of the room, jmp over the fence to the edge of the floor and look over the edge for the jmpswitch, jmp back, pull it and drop right in front of the gate you opened under water. Swim to reach another switch room, pull the switch, take the Ammo and go to the trapdoor you opened in the start tunnel. Get out and move the blocks, so you can access the passage behind the block in the North, go in and climb up, left to get the Ornate key and right to shoot a vase (shoot all those vases in front of the gratings you will find, I have the idea they form some sort of a trigger) . Back to the Tower. Open the gate in the East wall.

Lava room.

On the bridge, stand left, so you wonít stumble over the Skeleton, from just in front of the first swinging ball, runjmp and stop, you will land in front of a MP, get it and do the same runjmp at the next Swinging ball, get the Library Key and get back through those horrible traps. A Skeleton is waiting for you, run to the ladder and go to 1st floor West side, open the library, kill the Spider.

The Library.

First go left after killing the Spider and look for the book case you can push in and aside, get the next one opposite the entrance and push it into the entrance to get some room, now the one that was behind it and youíll find Secret # 1, the Uzis ( no mistake about this, it is clearly a secret!). Back to the Library.

The flyby gave some clues, locate the ladder between the book cases on the west wall, you have to sprint here later, go right and pull the switch to open the gate in front of the duct, sprint to the ladder on the book case, climb up and run over the top of the book cases to the duct, jmp over to the duct, grab the edge and pull up quick. Follow over the 1st trapdoor to the 2nd trapdoor, which will open as you run over it, drop in, shoot the vase and push the block in the passage in the direction of the 1st trapdoor, which will open now (notice the 3rd trapdoor to your left), turn, kill the Spider and pull the block back once, go to the 1st trapdoor, so you can get behind the block, shoot the vase and push it onto the marked tile, the gate at the 3rd trapdoor opens, pull the switch and drop back into the now open trapdoor, climb down and claim Secret # 2, the Shotgun and Ammo and get out, follow the upper passage to a CS and get in, turn around and stay in the middle of it, hang on the ladder, backflip/roll/grab the pole, turn and backflip to the book case with the Ammo. Jmp/grab up into the higher room and go through the corridor with the Blades, side jmping did it for me, save a lot and keep on the side where the blades are not attached.

The Mirror room.

Get on to the ledge in front of the mirror and step on every Tile with a round marking on it, look in the mirror to see the Crossbow on the pedestal and over to the opened gate to get the Lasersight and pull the switch, another gate opens in the tower. Go to the mirror again and from there standjmps to the gate. Jmp the gap and go left to shoot a vase from the ledge in the corner and then arm yourself with the shotgun for some Skeletons when you return to the other side of the room.

Lava ridge.

Enter the room after you shot another vase in the tower and look on the left wall, just over the lava ridge for 3 dark doors, shoot them with the crossbow and climb the pillar which will rise. Now you can jmp to the break ledges so you can make it to the gate. Stand in the SE corner of the pillar and runjmp aiming left to the West ledge and roll/runjmp/grab the next ledge, pullup and runjmp/grab again, one more time and youíre in the passage with the switch, pull it to get some water in the lava pit. Return and run to the right, on to the extinguished ridge, down into the water and look to your right for a small grating under water, shoot it out and go in to claim Secret #3, Arrows. Back out and find the Key under second Fountain going West. Leave the room there and get Flares, proceed and watch the flyby so you know where to put the Key. (Thereís a gate to the tower to your left, get back here later)

Rolling balls.

3 switches with rolling ball traps, stand on the grey blocked floor in front of the switch and run forward till you are in the centre of the square which will trigger the ball rolling, wait for it and as soon as it is at the switch (be sure to stand in the centre of the switch, you donít have time to move around at the switch), run forward/pull/backflip and the job is done, do the other 2 and look for the trapdoor that will allow you to get back into the Library. But donít go there.

Go back through the gate you entered and to the gate that leads to the tower. Step out onto the terrace shoot a nasty Crow and turn left, look up next to the gate and find another cleverly hidden jmpswitch, pull to raise some blocks behind you, climb up and open 2 doors in East and West wall to get the Goodies inside and shoot some Skeletons and a Crow on your way, then go to the South wall and open both sets of doors and enter the SW doors.

Block puzzle.

Make it through the Swinging bags and check the right hand wall for a crack, after the 2nd Bag and shoot the Swinging ball inside with crossbow and lasersight. Proceed to a room with a keyhole and on your way you can shoot the grating in front of the alcove in the passage, look up right just before you get to the room with the keyhole and find the CS in the wall, holding Secret #4, more Arrows. Take the passage in the SW and follow to another Blade trap, sidejmp over the first blade and shoot the Swinging ball in the crack to the right, the route that will bring you least damage to your health is over the blades, through the tower and through the Swinging bag passage, push in the bock where you shot the grating and go around the wall, pull it to the grey tile in the Key room, see it will be activated, go get the one in the other passage and do the same, the gate in the passage you got the blocks from is open and you can get the key, shoot the Skeleton and use the Silver key to raise a block behind you, open the ceiling hatch and climb the ladder.

The Top.

Shoot the Crow after the flyby and standjmp/grab the MS to go over to the other side, shoot the next Crow and go East to pull the switch. A rope drops from the MS, go back on it and hang at the rope, drop/grab the rope and swing to the West side to pull switch #2. Use the Magic steps to climb in top of the Monkeyswing, get Gate key #1. DONíT run off the MS to get down quick, go back the way you came and back to ground floor. Now the trapdoor to the Library will come in handy

The Gate.

That big Fellow down there wonít die, climb down the ladder and backflip over his head, go into the passage from the beginning of the level and go left/right and follow up into the room holding the 2nd Gate key, shoot the gratings and get it, return to your Big friend and find even 2 more Skeletons there, take them out and go place the 2 Gate keyís, while dodging the Fire Bolts, boy this guy never runs out of Ammo!. Enter the Gate and get the Golden Key inside, Sprint to the ladder and climb to the ground floor, open the door in the West and slide out of this level.

The End