Alexander’s Tomb.

Level: Miss Kroft.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

Level 1: Byzantine Palace.

The level begins with Lara standing on the top of a big slide, jmp over the pit in the centre and jmp/grab the pole in the end, go up and backflip into the passage with the door, follow to a pillar room with a burning floor, stand jmp to the 1sr pillar and then standjmp over the sloped one L, slide and jmp/grab to the one with the Shotgun, runjmp to the Ammo W and all the way over to the NW side for a ½ MP, shoot Skeletons off the pillars when they get too close and go for the exit in the W, runjmp/grab to the pillar with the Vase and shoot it to get the Hathor Effigy.

Exit through the passage W, take a flare and sprint down the slope, jmp L around the corner and slide, jmp/roll over the dark pit and slide grab the edge of the slope, drop and go to the crawlspace, there are 2 crawlspaces, an inner one and an outer one parallel on each other, you stand in front of the outer one, R is the Beetle room, L is the inner crawlspace, go L/L and get the Flares and follow this passage to the end, keeping L and reach a room with a pole, climb it and go to the S end, R into passage, follow to a pit, get the Pharos Knot from it and shoot 2 Skeletons into the pit. Go back to the pole and shoot the vase next to it, get the Ammo and return to the crawlspace, go L and get the ½ MP, follow the outer CS (crawlspace) to a pool.

Get the Ammo from the bottom and climb out other side, go on to a L turn and into the Beetle room, look for the receptacle for the Knot on the R side and place it to open the door, go L and climb up into the CS in that corner, the Beetles follow, down the other side and get Secret # 1, the Revolver. Climb back out fast and go to the NE corner and push the button, a block raises in the Beetle room, go over there and through the CS. In the next room we have a door R, which you can open by going L side of the room and into the hole in the floor, stand with your back to the wall and face the centre of the room, jmp out and sprint to the door, get the Lasersight from inside.

Return to the room and go up the ledges on the N wall and shoot 3 vases in alcoves up in the walls, use the rope to go to each alcove and get the Pharos pillar, Ornate Handle and MP. (I had to aim a little L of the rope to grab it and check your health every time you drop back to the floor) Return to the Beetle room and place the Pharos Pillar in the room where you pushed the button, SE corner. The W door in the Beetle room opens.

The Bone room.

Go into the passage and turn to grab the ladder, climb up a bit and backflip/roll/grab the opposite ladder, all the way up and use the lever to open next door. Enter the Bone room, watch the cutscene and take note of all the bones in there. Go shoot 4 sets, on the ledges with the pistols, shooting and ducking will do fine and one set on the floor with the Revolver, go over to the W pool and R, find the ladder on the pillar and climb up to get the Ammo and ½ MP, jmp into the N pool, get the ½ MP and climb out on E side, through the CS and stay close to the floor till you passed the Dart trap, go to the standard to place the Portal Guardian (Hathor Effigy and Ornate handle combined) when facing N and go to the S pool, (just dodge the Skeleton when you meet one) swim L and through the open door to the E pool, get out and shoot a vase for Ammo and the 5th set of bones on the bottom of the pool to open a door in the W pool. Swim back, go over to the W pool and in, swim L for Ammo and then to the N side for the door. Follow to the end of the 1st level and slide to:

Level 2: The Forgotten District of Alexandria.

The Lake area.

You’ll land in a courtyard, shoot the Wild Boar and go R to the passage in the W, shoot Boar 2 and go to the Lake, climb up the rocks on the N side of the lake and follow the path to the small pool in the NW corner, get in to take the Crowbar, climb back out and a Croc appeared, shoot him and go back to the beach, jmp over to the island in the lake and into the hole to get Secret # 2, Ammo. Climb back up and shoot the Wild Boar on the bank, jmp over and open the gate with the crowbar, enter and get the MP from the bottom of the well, look for the place where you can climb to 1st floor in the dark and get the Gate Key in the dark corner, down and out to the gate in the N part of the building.

The Streets.

Open the gate and sprint straight E, stop when the Boulder dropped and climb the roof it fell from, onto the yellow building and over to the roofs N, get the Gem there and drop into the alley between the N houses. Shoot the fence, jmp over the Spiketrap Tiles and go on, shoot a Croc and another when you enter the CS, go to the N passage and jmp over the Spiketrap to get the Torch. Take the Torch back to the streets and R/L into the yard with the Fire bucket, light the torch and drop it for now, open the crowbar gate shoot the fence and enter.

The 1st Star.

Climb the L ledge and runjmp/grab the pillar S, follow the ledges along the wall to the very top ledge at the pillar holding the Uzis, drop from the ledge on the pillar and get them, back to the higher ledge and go to the E side of the room for Ammo, back to the high ledge and to the crack in the wall W, shimmy R and pull up in the CS, drop into the water on the other side and get out W side, get the 1st Golden Star and go back out to the big room, drop and shoot the Croc, watch out for the Spike Tiles and jmp over them, take your torch outside.

The 2nd Star.

Go to the E side of the village. Light the rope of the hanging Boulder and a gate will open N side. Enter and climb the wall to a bridge with a firetrap, drop from the side and hang/shimmy to the other side, get into the room and jmp through the Spiketraps, endure the Darts and get the 2nd Star, go back to the bridge and jmp/grab the roof E side, go over and drop between 2 Boulders on other side, go to the E side and place the Gem to open the gate, the Boulders will start rolling, backflip 3 times and from here aim for the gate, standjmp and runjmp into the opening when the Boulders roll E, shoot the Croc in the water in the end of the passage and dive in, swim L and to the next Spike room, climb the ladder L and from 3 steps from the top, backflip/roll/grab the pillar. Pull up and slide/jmp/grab the next pillar, go L and standjmp/grab the next pillar, pull up, slide and jmp into the passage ahead go to the Mirror room.

The Mirror room.

There are a lot of Boulders hanging from the ceiling and 2 receptacles for your Stars, stand on the L side of the steps and sprint to the L hand receptacle, place the star and sprint to the other one next to the steps, place the 2nd and the gate will open, turn and just sprint over there. Get to the 3rd level.

Level 3: Necropolis.

You will drop into a big pool, get out on a ledge in SW corner, here is a receptacle for a Gem, look over to the other side of the room and see the Skeleton on the ledge with the lever, shoot him in the head with the Revolver and shoot the orange vase on the bottom too, get the Ammo and go pull the lever on the ledge, swim under the ledge and into the tunnel, get out and jmp over the slope. Get the Ammo and Flares on both sides of the room and enter the next room, be sure to duck, when the Spikes pop from the ceiling, get the Flares.

The Dark Dungeon.

You reach the Dark Dungeon, jmp to the pillar around the L corner. Runjmp/grab to the next and runjmp/grab the rope and go up one step from the bottom, because the next rope is quite close, swing and jmp/grab the next rope, go down to the end of the rope and swing/jmp to the big pillar. A Mummy will wake up, run to the dark spot under the opening up in the wall where the Gem is visible. Drop from the edge and hang, there is a passage below, drop/grab and pull in, climb down the ladder to a dark room. Go over to the green pool in the far L corner and drop back into the room, run for the ½ MP in R corner, shoot the Skeleton off his feet so you have some time and go over to the lever in the opposite corner, now get out quick, go to the block which raised in the previous room, hop on and use the monkeyswing to go to the crack in the wall, L to the ladder and climb up to where the structure on the wall changes and backflip, get the Gem.

Just run out onto the pillar below, over to the L side, a new rope appeared there, jmp/grab to it and climb up to stop the rope from swinging, down and aim for the R corner of the 1st pillar L, swing and jmp, runjmp/grab to the exit and go to the pool room, (don’t forget to duck when you run around the corner) use the Gem to open the door on the other side of this ledge.

Slide down and wait for the Spikeball to come down, runjmp over the ball and walk up on the R side as far as possible, hop back once and runjmp into the far R corner of the room, you have to land on a flat part of the floor, climb up the ladder and R, drop and go to the next pool, look in the pool to see the Ammo and swim to get it, into the tunnel and climb out, turn and jmp/grab the wall.

Pillar Puzzle.

Climb up and pull push the R hand pillar (get the MP from under) to the Tile on the bridge, turn around and there is pillar 2, pull/push that one to the Tile on the other side of the ledge and hop into the pool after the cutscene showed you where to go, swim to the room with the door puzzle.

Door Puzzle.

Runjmp to the pillar in front and shoot the bones R and down on the ledge. Turn and see the 1st door open, runjmp/grabbing into room 1 and throw the lever there, notice the closed door, runjmp back to the pillar and over to door 2 where you can see the Pillar. Runjmp/grab in and do a roll/runjmp back to the pillar fast, jmp back in when the Spikeball is away and get the Pharos Pillar, back to room 1 and shimmy R along the crack in the wall, pull up into room 3, pull the lever and use the Pillar in the receptacle, to get a block out of the wall where the bones were. Go back to room 1, jmp to the pillar and onto the block, grab the crack in the wall and shimmy to room 4. Take the Pharos Knot inside and return to room 1, place the Knot in the now open door and go back to room 4, a block raised there, shimmy past room 4 to the block and runjmp/grab to the ledge in the NE corner and over to the ledge with the ladder, climb up to the alcove with the monkeyswing, go over to the bridge, you will drop automatically. Go L and duck into the elevator, stay in the corner where you got in turn L and duck into the CS, with the Beetles on your heels, get the MP R and follow to a drop into a room with a Mummy, go R and into Mummy alley. Hop into several alcoves to shoot bones, get Ammo and ½ MP and push a button, chased by those Mummies. Run to the end of the passage and get into the passage R, push the button to close the door so you can enter the passage behind it.

The Tombs.

In this Tomb room, go behind the high tomb on other side of the room, climb the pole and backflip to the roof, grab the monkeyswing and go over to the tomb in the SE, drop to the roof and drop into the Tomb, get the 1st Star and throw the lever, run through the Spikes when they are down and R/R into the water, swim through the tunnel to a room where you can place the Star, go back to the Tomb room and onto the high Tomb again, runjmp/grab the rope and swing to the CS in the N wall, get the 2nd Star and drop out after you checked the health. Go over to the SW corner of the room and into the hole there to place the 2nd Star, climb out and run into the opened door in the s wall when the Spikes are down, drop into the water to extinguish the flames and proceed to Alexander’s Tomb.

Alexander’s Tomb.

The cutscene will show the great fresco on the wall and some vases on Arches L and R. Run L and follow the path to the 1st vase, shoot it and get the Arrows, turn back and wait at the end of the arch for a Skeleton coming over the gap, just when he lands your side, shoot him into the gap, then go to the other side for the second vase, get the Crossbow and drop to the floor of the Tomb after you armed the Crossbow with explosive arrows. Shoot all Skeletons and a vase for a MP, go to the Arch on E side of the room and L of it is a pillar you can pull all the way to the other side of the Arch, go to the room in the NE and into the room beyond, up the hill and R side of the door, look up and R, shoot the vase and wait for the Spikeballs to drop, then enter the door and wade to the end of the passage, swim to the room with the Scroll, get it from the pedestal and go back to the Tomb, to NW corner. Take the Ammo and drop into the hole back in the next room, follow the CS and turn, climb the ladder and run through the darts jmp into the pool on the structure, get Pharos Knot and jmp/grab into the CS up in the S wall, drop into the Skeleton room, blast them away with one arrow and look behind the wall, a closed door and a passage, enter the passage and go L/R, get the Arrows. Now go on and R, L is a closed door, R/L/R/L/R and pull the lever, turn to shoot the Skeleton sneaking up on you and go back to that closed door, place the Knot and go to the Skeleton room, the other door is open now, go out and finish these great levels.

Not sure I got all Secrets, even Miss K didn’t remember, so that’s up to you