Alcazar Raider II.

Level: XiaoYan Ping (Smallmoon)

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

Store room.

When the level starts, you stand in a sort of Temple Complex, go R/R and open the gate to a Store room, get the Ammo and Flares while you climb to the top of the stack and jmp to the walkway, go into the CS and follow up to shoot a Dog in the room, look in the L corner for the Jmpswitch to lower a rope in the Store room, go back there and use it to swing over to the other walkway, (don’t go all the way down on the rope, or you’ll swing too far) and go into the CS L, down the ladder and turn to grab the Jmpswitch below, out of the gate and you are back at the start of the level, go to the Store room and notice one of the crates in the NW lowered, pull out the one that was behind and get the Guardian Key. Climb back to the room where you shot the Dog and go into the CS in the L back, follow to a room with a Ninja, shoot him and the vase and use the Key in the Lock W, the trapdoor opens.

under water Cave.

Dive into the water and swim to the yellowish glow in the SW, get the Crowbar on one of the ledges and go back for some air if you need it, now look for another cave down in the W, swim up into a square hole, look in the NW back corner to get Secret #1, a Red Rose. Swim back E and L/L and swim up into another cave with air, climb out, look for the Torch in the SE corner and take it with you when you enter the Crowbardoor, follow to a room with a burning Altar.

The Temple Key.

On the centre Altar is a Key we need, so go behind the Altar and down the ladder (drop the Torch in first), follow the passage to a green room, go L and at the gate climb up R and turn around, use the Jmpswitch and go get the Torch, light it on the wall torch inside this alcove, return to the green room, where you can light the 2 wall torches to raise a block in a room we go to later. First return to the Altar, the fire at the Key will now be off and get Ammo and the Temple Key. Go back to the gate and climb up R at the Jmpswitch again, follow this passage up here shoot a Ninja (who drops a ˝ MP) and climb down into the room where you raised the block, shoot the Dog and get some Ammo in a window. Climb the block and up to the next floor, shoot the Ninja and open the door to the Temple Area

1st Temple Square.

Shoot the Ninja patrolling the place and open the Big Temple doors, go in and shoot the ninja in next room, go into a gate-passage in the W, run through the Spikes L and get the Shotgun and Ammo, throw the switch in the NE corner and go into the next Temple Area.

2nd Temple Square.

In the R hand fountain is an under water lever, in the L fountain a ˝ MP, a gate opened in the gate-passage, enter and jmp into the passage in N wall, in the pool are several pillars.

Burning Pillar run.

Stand on the edge at the L side of the 1st pillar, hop back twice and take one step forward, runjmp to the 1st pillar, a runningjmp to the sloped 2nd and a runningjmp to the 3rd in the back corner, turn around and hop back, grabbing the edge of the pillar, look for the Jmpswitch on the back of it and drop grab, get some Ammo and a MP on the bottom and go back to the start of the run, do it again, only now turn L on the 3rd pillar and hop back to the wall, runjmp to the far R corner of last pillar, close to the passage and standjmp into it. Inside is a grated floor where you opened a trapdoor with the Jmpswitch.

Boulder tunnel.

Drop in and swim up the sloped Boulder tunnel, against the ceiling and on the R side, as soon as the 1st Boulder passes, swim sharp L and wait for the 2nd Boulder to go over the pit, dive in this pit to throw the under water lever and swim up the Boulder tunnel to where you can climb out. Shoot the Ninja and go up to the Catstairs, down the other side and shoot the Ninja, on the L side of the steps is an open gate in front of the CS, go in and push the button, it will open one of the gates on the Catstairs.


So go back up and standjmp/grab the MS, go to the block on opposite side and drop/grab, go around, down a bit and backflip to the Tile, it will kill the Spikes at the switch, pull it and runjmp (L curve) with a grab into the exit. The gate on opposite side is open.


Runjmp/grab the pillar in R corner, shoot the vase on the next pillar L and runjmp/grab to the Tile (which will kill the fire under a ladder), jmp to the switch and pull it. Runjmp with a R curve and a grab in the last moment back to the exit, go R down the Catstairs and into the room, in the N is the ladder you can climb now (it was possible without killing the flame too) and go up to one square from the top, backflip/roll and grab the Jmpswitch. A Golden door opens. (There’s another CS with a gate, remember) Go out in the SE and return to the 1st Temple Square. Go R into the big red doors and return to the 2nd Temple Square, the W door is open. Get the ˝ MP and slide backwards off the slope, grab the edge and drop to a ledge in the Crossing room.

Crossing room.

There’s some Ammo behind the ledge in the water. Runjmp to the ledge in front of the E room and get a ˝ MP on the bottom, go back to the ledge in the Crossing room.

Yellow room.

Runjmp to the Yellow passage W, stand on the R side, take 2 steps back from the edge and standjmp/standjmp/sidejmp L/standjmp/standjmp to the other side, shoot the Ninja and go L, hop behind the crates and push the block in, push the R block to the end into a room with walkways, push it onto the Tile R and do the same with the block on the other walkway, (a screenshot of a door) shoot the vase at the switch and go shimmy there, use the switch to open the door. Go back out of this room and hop over the crates to where you shot the Ninja, stand facing the breaktile passage and hop back from the sloped edge of the deep pit behind, grab the edge and drop to the lower yellow ledge, go hang over the door and drop/grab, go to a room with a pole and go up, use the Jmpswitch and dive into the now flooded room below, look for the under water lever in the corner over the block. Go back up and out of the gate after you shoot the Dog, stand with your back to the slope L and backflip on, keep jmping till you stand on a flat ledge, runjmp/grab the ladder and go up to one square from the top, backflip and turn around, standjmp/grab the ledge over the ladder and climb into a passage, shoot Dog L and get some Ammo R, follow passage to slope, leading back to the Crossing room.

Lava rooms.

Standjmp to the lavapassage N and grab the edge, pull up and jmp with a R curve onto the slope, grab the edge and go all the way L around the corner, pull up and runjmp to the crack, go all the way around to the L and get some Flares and a ˝ MP on the ledge there, look for a CS up in the N wall and standjmp/grab there, go in and follow to another lavaroom, drop out and grab the edge of the slope, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the sloped block, pull up on the R side and slidejmp/jmp with a L curve to land next to the burner tile, go to the button SE and push it to open a gate in the 1st passage, go back N and jmp over the burner tile along the side, jmp into the L corner and use the MS to get back to the CS, go in and where you can stand, go up L into the CS, drop out where you got the Flares and climb up in the CS in SW corner, follow to where you can stand and go up in CS up L, get Secret #2, Red Rose and Revolver (although I didn’t get the sound) and go back out.

At the end of the passage you can use the MS or just run out and slide/jmp/grab the opposite CS, follow to next room, shoot Bat and runjmp to the Timer Tile, it will raise a block opposite the Tile, so you can runjmp onto it on the L side and do a running jmp/grab to the passage in the R hand corner. Shoot the Dog and follow to a slide, the second slide you have to do backwards, grab the edge and pull up/backflip into the Crossing room. Water turned to Lava. Runjmp to the E room, where the water turned into Ice, now you can enter the passage in the back and reach a water room, go over to the other side and L, get some Flares on a block behind the Palm tree and go climb the rocks in the NE corner, follow the N wall to the W and at the ledge with the plants, grab the crack in the wall, go to the roof and circle the building to get a ˝ MP, drop from the edge in the NW corner to grab the Jmpswitch you probably saw already, an earthquake rocks the room, go back to the opposite corner where you got the Flares and the block raised.

Climb back up and find the ladder in the E side of the building, go up and reach another part of the Temple grounds, go get some Ammo and go L/L to shoot the Ninja guarding the Hand of Sirius on the block, go back and L, the door opens and you’re back in the 2nd Temple square. Go to the 1st temple square and find the NE door open. Go in to the 3rd Temple square.

3rd Temple square.

Find a button on the pillar R of the red doors W and the trapdoor in the SW corner opens. Go there and run in facing W, so you’ll slide backwards, grab the edge and shimmy R to a breaktile, drop, sidejmp R, jmp/grab up to the crack and go R to a CS, use the Jmpswitch inside to open a gate in the 3rd Temple square (You’ll see a couple of Ninjas guarding the second Hand). Go climb the ladders and reach the roof of the structure in 3rd Temple square, jmp/grab the W wall and shimmy to the Vase, shoot it and drop from the N side of the grey pillar to grab the Jmpswitch there to raise a block so you can reach the red doors on the S ledge of 1st Temple square. Go to the open gate NW of you and shoot yourself some Ninjas, go get the 2nd Hand of Sirius on the pedestal and drop behind it to push a button. (which will probably open a gate to get the last Secret)

Get some Ammo the Ninja dropped and some in one of the plants on a block and go back to 1st Temple square, hop on the block and find a switch in the W, open the last door (SE) in this square with it and go in. Shoot a Ninja and some Dogs and go into the reddish L passage, L up some steps to use the Jmpswitch, which will open the door to the Key in the 2nd Temple square. First go back to the 1st temple square and into the open NW door, look L next to the Lions steps and get Secret #3, the Red Rose inside. Make your way back to 2nd Temple square and get the Guardian Key from the S door, go back into the passage where the spikes are and into the small store room L you opened before. Behind the crates is a Tile which will trigger the Timed gate in the gate-passage W of this room, first stand on it and wait for the Ninja to go out to the passage, so you can shoot him before attempting the Timed run.

Timed run.

Stand with your back against the wall, looking at the exit, jmp on the crates, runjmp off to the L side of the exit with a R curve in the air, so you land facing R a bit already and sprint sharp around the R corner and straight to the gate, it’s a tight run, but possible after some practice. Inside, there is a button in the corner to open a gate in opposite corner. Go up the sloped passage and use your Key in the lock.

Amulet of Horus.

Shoot the Dog and open the red doors in the end, shoot Dog and 2 Ninjas and open the centre Altar with the Hands to get the Amulet of Horus, the gate in the SE opens. Drop into the lower grated part of the room first and drop/hang from the hole, grab the red wall below and get a MP from it, jmp/grab back up and exit through the SE gate, the level ends.