Alcazar Raider I.

Level: Smallmoon (Xiao Yan Ping)

 Walkthrough: Dutchy. 

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

 Most of the Ninjas  you shoot leave Ammo and such, so always check, I will not mention it.

 The Canyon.

Get out of the passage and drop to the canyon floor, go to the far NW corner for some Ammo, shoot the Croc, go back to the start passage and climb in, runjmp around the L corner to the rock there and runjmp/grab over to the rock W, jmp to the other side of this rock and get into the CS, follow to the other side, turn R and runjmp/grab the vines on the hanging rock, go around the corner and backflip to a ledge, runjmp/grab the pillar N and pull up, slide to the end and jmp/grab the crack in the rock face, go R and up on the vines there, get Secret # 1, Revolver and MP  on top of the wall and go back to the crack, by climbing down over it and drop/grab, go all the way L to a CS passage and follow to a pool. Shoot the Croc in the pool and dive in, get the Lasersight and some Goodies in the N and swim back S to climb out there, go N and crawl under the Dart traps  to the other side.

 The Vase room and the Guardian Keys.

Shoot the Scorps  in the Vase room and shoot the 2 Vases on the pillars, the door between them will open. Slide backwards down the slope and grab the ladder, go down and up the next stairs, shoot a Ninja and grab his Shotgun, take some Ammo on the stairs and look for a CS in the wall between the 2 stairs, get the 1st Guardian Key  from it and go up the passage on top of the stairs, follow killing the Ninjas. At the end of the stairs, you can jmp/grab up to a higher CS, follow and climb up the ladder, backflip/roll and shoot the Ninja, drop on the other side and look for a CS L in the wall, get the 2nd Guardian Key and a ˝ MP from it, follow the passage to the Vase room and place both Keys to open the door between the gates. Get some Ammo and follow the passage to a slope, you’ll drop into the water, swim S and L/R and get some Ammo there fast, turn around and swim past the Crocs to the W, follow to the 1st Temple area.

 The 1st Temple area.

Go to the Labyrinth in the W and shoot the Ninja, go L and get Ammo there, go back and into the other side, R and one more Ninja with Ammo, now go into the NW corner, there is a passage there for later, go L and follow looking around for pickups and shooting Ninjas to a Store room, get the MP and go into the Store room, in the R hand (green corner) you can get the Canopic jar behind the crates, go over the crates to the other dark corner and shoot a Ninja for his Goodies, go out to the Labyrinth and R into the corner there, more Ammo and a button to push, which will open a door. Now stand on the sloped entrance of the store room, so you can jmp/grab up to the hedge there and go to the highest part to runjmp/grab up to the temple roof, on the N side of it you can get Secret # 2, a pile of Goodies, go over to the Se corner and jmp to the ledge there, get the Flares and runjmp grabbing into the opening of the wall below in the S wall, drop down and go into the passage there, shoot the Ninjas and Scorps below and follow the passage to the open door L, climb the pillars and ledges to get into the passage up in S wall, light a flare to see where the pits are and follow to a slide, look in the R hand wall for the alcove you have to jmp in and enter the big empty room. Except for the Ninjas, there’s nothing else to find than the receptacle for the Canopic Jar at the window. A gate opens. Go back to the slide and jmp onto it, backwards grabbing the edge to break the fall, drop into a passage and explore E to find a Guardian Key behind a gate (remember as you can pick it up in the end of the level), go back to the other end of the passage and hop into the passage there, go to the other end to drop down into the passage at the stairs, go up to the Labyrinth and into the NW corner passage.

 The Bridge Pool.

Shoot the 2 Crocs in this pool and enter the open gate NW, stand between the 2 Statues, back to the slope and hop back twice, take one more step back and runjmp out of here to the L or R, now you can go up safely and follow the passage up, shooting a Ninja to a MS into a room with a water hole, go till you hang over the hole (Last square) and drop in, get out and go to the red room, jmp over the safe Tiles (different structure) to the other side and finish off the Ninja R, get the Hand of Sirius and go back to the big room, into the Scissor passage on the other side and shoot the Ninja, place the Hand in the end ( The 2nd gate at the bridge pool opens), shoot the Ninja and go back to dive into the water hole, follow to an under water door R and open it, go in and climb out, use the Reach-in switch to open a trapdoor in the Bridge pool.

 Swim back and straight at the crossing, the current will take you to that pool, which is now totally filled with water, so you can climb up on the bridge, go to the other side and find the Golden Vraeus in the NE corner and some Ammo next to the Boulder in the NW, go to the open gate in the SW, up the pole and backflip into the passage, go L and shoot a Ninja past the closed door, pull a block out and return to the entrance, get the ˝ MP and push the block opposite the entrance to reveal the button, push it to open the door in the other corner. Follow this passage which will take you past a window overlooking the store room in the Labyrinth, where you can shoot yourself another Ninja and climb down the ladder, next lavaroom, jmp/grab the pillar in the lava, go hang L and pull up, slide and jmp/grab the crack in the wall, go L and take some hits by the darts, drop in the passage other side and get some Ammo down the slope, go up to the Temple.

 The 2nd Temple Area.

Go L/L and shoot the Ninja in the dark corner, enter the passage in the NE and drop into the water below, swim and climb out to get into the CS, go sharp R and follow to a deep room, shimmy around the pillar R and runjmp/grab up to the passage in the E wall, push the button in the pit (opens the trapdoor at the Vraeus  receptacle) and go dive into the now water filled room and swim into the tunnel under you in the E wall, follow to a fenced off part of the Temple moat and get Secret # 3, some Goodies and the 1st Guardian Key on the other side of the ledge. Swim back and get back into the CS, go R again and runjmp to one of the sloped sides of the Spike trap room, keep jmping to the other side and slide/grab the edge. Get into the next room and place the Vraeus, the Temple bridge lowers and the doors open.

 The 2nd Guardian Key.

Drop into the trapdoor and follow to a closed door, open it with the button and shoot the Ninja jmping in, go straight and up the pillars and ledges in the high room again (remember that other Guardian Key?) Jmp into the passage and beware of the pits. Slide backwards down the slope and shoot a Ninja, go E and get the 2nd Guardian Key, go to the other end of the passage and up into the passage back to the drop at the stairs, No!, you cannot get back through the Vraeus room, so you have to go all the way through Bridge pool, Pole, Lava room, the slide and over the bridge to the Temple. Shoot the 2 Ninjas coming out and go into the CS in the SW corner, shoot the Ninjas on your way to a big carpeted room where you can place both Guardian Keys, the big doors behind this wall open, go out on the balcony and L, get some Goodies and runjmp around the golden fence to the wall around the yard next to the temple, climb down the ladder and pick up some Goodies, go back to the balcony and perform the same trick on the other side, get the Grenade Gun and go into the CS in the dark corner, get Secret # 4 inside, a MP and some posters. Go back to the Temple ground floor and get the Amulet of Horus on the pedestal and the level ends.

                                                                      Alcazar 2