Aftermath 3- One step further.


Level by Sheevah.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

The Gardens.

When the level starts, youíre looking at the corner where you have to go first, behind the plant is a CS, go in and climb up. Get some Ammo and pull the switch, the gate to the next garden will open. Go back out and into garden2.

Go past the pillars and look behind the 2nd to see the Star (later!), way up there. Go on to garden 3 with lava pools and a key on the burning pedestal. A Fire Wraith will appear so sprint for water and get back here. Go into garden 4 and look left to see the opening in the hedges, go in and climb up the hedges, find the hole in front and jmp to the switch. The block under the Star will raise, go and climb up, watch the spikes and time your jmp up the pillar and on to he next, get Secret #1, the Uzis and get out of there quick, or end up like the other bloke. Make your way through the gardens and past garden 4 you will reach the Temple garden. Go around the Temple once and get a MP and some Ammo, go stand next to the hedge to your right as you stand on the steps, looking in the direction of garden 4 and see the deep pit to the right. Sidejmp over the fence to the right so you land on the slope in front of the hedge, slide/grab and shimmy left to the ladder, go down and into the labyrinth

The Labyrinth.

Pull the switch in room 1, turn to the water while you watch the flyby and run in, swim fast to room 2, a door opened (timed) to reveal another switch (notice the Star on the opposite wall, later!), pull this one and a block lowers in room 3, go there and climb out On the left side, in front are Spikes, run through the first spikes and look right, runjmp through next spikes onto the higher ledge, run straight for Secret #2, the Shotgun and jmp back immediately, get back and to room 4, to use another switch, the Wraith that will haunt you will follow you to room 5, wait in the water till it kills itself and take the MP inside. Take some Ammo from room 6, donít use the switch. Go to room 7 for the 2nd switch for the burner under another jmpswitch.

Get the Temple Key.

Return to the Temple garden and go to the right, thereís a ladder on the hedge in front, go pull thereís a ladder on the hedge in front, go pull the jmpswitch to open a gate in the pool of the 4th garden. Enter the tunnel and follow around corners to the very end, donít take the left at a crossing but go around to the air hole, youíll see a lever to pull and a MP. Leave it there, itís a trap. Go back out to the garden and to the 3rd garden, dive into the right hand pool and find the lever behind the pillar, now go to the pool with the Key and take it. Go to the Temple and open the door, get ready to shoot a 5 Ton spider and enter, donít shoot any of the vases and not too close to the pedestal, ignore the Bats for a moment or stand in a save place so you donít shoot the vases, go to the NW corner and run over the breaktile, there is a ladder down, go take Secret # 3, Ammo.

When you approach the pedestal to get the "Magic Star" a Wraith will haunt you, you can try if it will die down where you got the secret, but for me that didnít work, I went down the pit again and to room 5, stay in the water. There is a Star hidden in the window near the ladder in the Temple. Before you leave, use the switch to the left of the exit. Return to the 1st garden and into the under water gate in the pool. Pull the lever and an earthquake rocks the pool, get out and go to the NW corner of the 3rd garden, look for the gate thatís open now, go in to this green labyrinth.

The Green Labyrinth.

Go left, pull the block out once and back to the crossing, L/L and kill some Spiders, pull the block, go around and see the hole in the ceiling, pull up in the passage without the block (see the passage behind the block) and go around to pull the block so you can enter the West passage from the hole and follow it up climb into hole, jmp back over the hole to get some Ammo and follow the passage again, push the block, kill Spiders and move the blocks so that you can enter the NW passage, kill more Spiders, youíll drop into a passage below with Mama Spider (Angry of course, you just finished off her offspring), so do what you have to do and follow the lower passage, till you meet Mamaís Spirit, run back to the end of the passage, roll and jmp/grab the edge of upper passage, just hang it out till the Spirit kills itself at the statue, go where it came from and over the hole for some Ammo, now down the hole and look for the "Magic Star" receptacle and place it, some Spiders have survived, so deal with them and look for the pedestal with the Crowbar. Push the block all the way and enter the right hand passage to reach the exit.

Go collect the 3 Stars, 1- Temple, 2-Water Labyrinth room 2, 3- the pillar on your way to the 1st garden. Enter the passage in the South wall and go over the pit, return to the pool quick to get rid of the Wraith and try again, open the door and follow the nasty stairs ( notice the Tiles, giving a clue how many Stars you should have). At the trapdoor in the ceiling youíll understand what I mean, go down all the way to the last set of Teeth doors and step on the break tile in front of it, step back while it breaks and drop back into the pit, climb to the passage and use the switch to open the trapdoor you saw before, go back there and in to open the steel door downstairs, hang on the ladder in the pit, one step down and time the backflip/roll/run through the Teeth doors, enter the spike room.

The Spike room.

Go left to get 4th Star. When you stand on upper ledge, the door down there will be open but as soon as you go over the timer starts, so take the Flares first, go back up and run past the Spikes into the door.

Going for Star#5.

In the sloped passage, at the crossing runjmp over the pit and youíll see the 5 Tiles with Stars and a Key hole, so weíll look for those first, drop back from the pit and shimmy to the West passage, go to the pillar room and at the entrance, turn and shoot the Baddy behind you.

The Boulder room.  Save!

Standjmp to the first left pillar and keep jmping and steering left as you reach the last slopes in front of the switch, use the switch and turn left, runjmp over the high pillar, slide to the end and jmp/jmp/jmp/grab to land in the passage with another switch, use it and a door opens somewhere, drop to the floor of the room and get the 5th Star in the NW corner. Climb back to the entrance and go over the pit, into the Pillar room.

The Pillar room.

Make your way through those moving pillars to the NE corner; be careful of those Burning tiles. Get the Torch and return to the Spike room to light it. Return and go SE in the Pillar room, youíll see 2 torches on the wall near the steel door, light them and enter to get the Magic Star, turn, kill a Baddy and go West to find the switch, shoot the Baddy and return to the door, go left and find another room in the NE and enter the door behind the moving pillar to get the Key and kill the last Baddy quickly and go to the open gate to leave the level. Now return to the passage with the key hole and use the Key, climb the ladder and place 2 Stars" on the West wall and place the "Magic Star". Get the Revolver and place the rest of your Stars on the East wall, enter and go take the "Mystic Star", jmp back

The End.