Aftermath 1 + 2.


Level by Sheevah.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

Part 1-The Sewers.

Take the Flares and go right, into the vertical shaft youíll see a few times, go down a little and to the right, follow to an air hole (there is a gate there with the Golden Key behind it) turn and swim back, at the shaft go up all the way and pull the lever, take more Flares (notice the wall switch), go back to the air hole for air. Now go up and right at the shaft, right again and follow to pull the lever and get back, in the shaft, swim up to the top room and use the switch, the room is drained. It will drain the rest of the upper tunnels, drop into the shaft and climb back into the tunnel you started the level in, go right and push in the block, pull the switch and take the opposite tunnel at the shaft, go left and follow to the Sewer room.

Sewer room.

Look left with the binoculars and see the dark block in the wall, take the Flares with you, but ignore the MP in the pool for now, push the block in to reach the ladder, climb, notice the block in the passage in front, and go into right hand West passage, push the block once and go to the right, around and pull the block once, go back to the last block and push it in so you can enter the left passage with the sloped floor, push the next block in (take the MP) all the way and go onto find the next bock (this one is behind the one at the ladder).

Go back to the sloped part of the floor, push the block in front of you once and go around, pull the block and go back so you can get the block at the sloped floor out twice, now you can go around again and behind this block, claim Secret # 1, the Shotgun. Go back to the ladder and go to the passage in front of the ladder to push in the block and pull the switch, it will flood the Sewer room.

2 Crocs are waiting for you as you return there, get out and kill the Baddy, take his Ammo and now you can get the MP from the bottom (Eh, kill those Crocs first) and pull a lever over the door you came in from, the gate at the Key opens, go there andÖ Damn, it was a timed lever, go try again and take the Key with you to open the door in the Sewer room. A Croc waits for you in the tunnels. Slide and jmp/grab to the ladder in the hole halfway down, climb up and go left, pull the block and kill a Bat on your way back through the spikes, over the ladder to use the switch there, the spikes at the bottom of the slide are down now, go slide down and pull up, slide into the water.

Torch room.

A Baddy is patrolling the ledges, so stay down for now.

Swim to the far right corner for more Flares and then to the centre of the room to find the round hole in the bottom after you took some air. Go left for Flares and then R/L for Ammo, turn and go straight, left and up to reach the pool with the burners, get air and find the lever in the NE corner, on the bridge over the water you can see the Uzi and another lever on the opposite side ( weíll be back!). Go back to the Torch room and go get the Baddy, where is that guy? (I found him running on the bottom of the pool, shooting at me, is it a bug?) Find the MP on the pillar in the NW. Behind the wooden door is a passage with a bunch of burners. There is a hatch over the pillar in the SW.

Burner passage.

Run around over the tiles on the bridge, which have the round texture and the torches on the wall will start burning, I donít know the exact sequence, but just keep going over them till they all burn. (An underwater gate opens.)

Back to the burner pool trough the hole in the bottom, on the South side of the burner pool is a half circle hole in the bottom, swim straight down in to it and take the East tunnel, go right and through the open gate, right/up to an air hole, look down and pull the lever in the pit (1st burner is off). Swim North, straight, straight and get some Ammo, return for air, now go North, L/L and follow for Secret # 2, some Ammo in the deep pit, back to the Sewer room and into the burner passage, to use the switch. (It will flood the burner pool) Swim back there to get Secret # 3, the Uzis. Pull the lever on the other side, the pillar under the hatch will rise up; go up the pillar and into that hatch, one side for Ammo, the other for a switch, which will lower a block in the burner passage, kill some nasty Bats and go into the burner passage.

Into The Burner Passage.

Over the first burner and take the MP to the left, stand in front of the (grey) block that lowered and climb up, turn and pull the jmpswitch, take a backstep onto the slope and run for your life into the Sewer room, jmp to one of the bridges and go where the boulder came from, Yep, thought so, a switch, use it to extinguish the next burner and go get the Torch from behind it, light it on one of the torches and go over to the South wall to light the 2 torches there. Back to the burner passage and it looks like youíll need a Key, go into the right hand passage and pull the switch and go back through the now flaming burners, go straight into the new passage and take one backstep from the edge, standjmp/standjmp, run forward to last tile, sidejmp right twice, run forward, jmp to the other tile, run around right hand corner, forward and jmp around the right corner to the next tile, around left corner and stop on the edge of the corner tile, standjmp twice and grab the edge of the door, watch the flyby of the Key room.

The Key room.

Drop to the floor of the room and go to the right on the other side, see the switch on the pillar in the SE corner and the ladder on the South side of the pillar, Pull the switch, get to the ladder quick, up and runjmp to the next pillar, so you land on the right side of it, standjmp on to the raised block on the right hand pillar and run to the wall, jmp/grab the crack and go left to the CS, drop to the floor on the other side and look to the right and up for the jmpswitch (which will flood the Key room), go to the ladder on the other side and climb, backflip/roll/grab the pillar behind, go over to the reddish corner quick, the ledges will burn if you stand on them too long, claim Secret # 4, Revolver Ammo and get back to the Key room.

Drop into the water and get on to one of the pillars, kill the Croc and swim over to the South to get on to one of the Steel ledges, get that Baddy and look for a hole near the bottom in the far South, near the entrance of the room, pull the lever and swim to opposite wall, gate open, pull lever and the pillars raise, swim quickly to the pillar with the ladder and runjmp/grab the next runjmp/grab to the 2nd , aiming to land on the right side, centre, turn and runjmp/grab the jmpswitch, hidden in the plants under the small window, get back to the lever to raise the pillars again and this time runjmp to the open gate with the Key from the 2nd Pillar, get the Key and swim to the exit, jmp to the MS and when you approach the platform, look for the jmpswitch on the right wall, pull to raise next trapdoor, standjmp, standjmp and run to the dark ledge around the corner, runjmp/grab the opposite wall and shimmy left to next platform and runjmp to go and use the Key, drop in to the shaft and swim forward to;

Part 2- The Underground Caves.

The Caves.

Get past the Croc and let him follow you, swim through 2 caves and into the 3rd, get out and get that Croc. Go back to 2nd cave and look for the hole in the ceiling, get the Flares and use the switch. In the 3rd cave South side a block raised, allowing you to reach the jmpswitch over it. Swim into 2nd cave and go left, look behind the pillar on left wall for the tunnel, use the lever and get the Flares, get some air in the hole in the ceiling (remember?) and go back to 3rd cave North side, a waterfall appeared, climb into t and drop in to 4th cave, kill a Bug and a Baddy (get his Ammo) and get the Ammo to the right.

Look for the Crowbar in the pool and go back to 2nd cave, in right hand wall near the bottom is a tunnel, get in and open the crowbar door, claim Secret # 5, another Shotgun, look up for the hatch and open it to claim Secret #6, Ammo. Go to the SW side of the 4th cave and kill 4 Baddies, get the stuff they drop and Flares on the table, there is some Ammo under the table (at least in my game), but you canít get that, look for the crates to move on the North side of the track, move 1st East and 2nd out, get a MP from under and enter, over the rock and into lower part, backflip 2x quickly and jmp over the boulder that came down, up the ladder and through spikes to pull the switch, Explosion. Back down and kill the Baddy, pull the crate on the track in the South out and open the door, kill some Bear and go left up the ladder, get the Ammo (no Secret?) and down again, go left outside and over the crates, enter he passage and open the door. Watch the flyby (this will be fun again) and did I see the Lasersight?

The Lava Room.

Go to the right, stand on the right hand corner near the break tiles, walk 2 steps back and standjmp/grab, pull up standjmp/grab and hang on the tile, shimmy left to the centre of the tile, pull up, backflip and jmp/jmp and slide to a flat ledge, turn and shoot the Firebird. See the jmpswitch on the West wall and the crack with the burner.

Runjmp to the sloped pillar South and jmp/slide/grab, hang on this one to see where you are going, pull up/slide/standjmp/slidejmp/turn left one step/standjmp/slidejmp/jmp/slidejmp/grab the ledge with the Lasersight. Get it and shoot some Dinobird, pull the switch and use the ropes over the lava to swing West, donít go all the way down on the ropes, swing/grab the jmpswitch and land onÖ a block that raised.

Jmp to the crack and go left, over the burner and slide/jmp/grab the ladder, go down and into left passage, with Laraís head in the ceiling of the passage you can get in, pull the switch and runjmp forward from the edge of the passage, grab the opposite passage and go kill the Dinobird, donít go too far into the passage yet. After the Bird, go a few steps to the Revolver lying there and roll quickly, run back and jmp/grab in the end, so youíll land in the switch passage, run forward to get out of the way of the Boulder, return and get the Revolver. Go where the boulder came from and look for a jmp switch, pull it to open a passage where the revolver was, a Bear will come out of there, so be careful, go in and up the slope, find the crack in the wall, look through and see the Artifact on the wall, shoot it. Go down the shaft and look behind the Boulder, shoot another Artifact, a new passage opened in the shaft, get in and claim Secret # 7, Ammo. Go to the jmpswitch and see a new opening in the wall, climb in and follow to the swinging Blades.

Blade Room.

Stand on right side and walk forward as far as you can, standjmp shooting to kill the Bat before it will push you into the Spikes, walk up to the blade again and standjmp. At the 3rd blade, look left to see the pink wall, walk over the fake spike trap and go in to get Secret # 8, a MP ( and not too soon), kill some Bats and return, go over to the other side of the blade passage and go through the rest of the blades, behind the last one is a CS, get in backwards and fall through the breaktile, slide backwards and grab the edge, pull up after the Boulder went by, jmp/roll/grab the CS with the switch to flood the pit below, drop in and swim into the tunnel, follow through some rooms with spike traps ( donít get too close) and up under the Croc, get out quick to shoot the Baddy and 2 Big Bugs, shoot the Croc to get revenge if you want. Go over to the Gate and leave this level.

Donít know if I got all Secrets, found 8. Great levels again by Sheevah.