Art History.


Level by Leroy Perkins.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing. Jmp =jump, MP= medpack, Have fun!

I've put important names in Red, so you'll recognize them when you have to go back there later and I've made a MAP of the grounds to show you what the place looks like and help you find your way.


Go forward and pull the switch L of the gate to open it. Use the Jmpswitch just L of where you go through the gate and see a trapdoor open somewhere. Go on and arrive at Square 1 (Sq1) enter the house W of the Sq and get the Uzis and Ammo on the pedestal R side, behind the table in the opposite side of the hall is more Ammo, leave for now and go into the SW street of Sq1, follow to the Orange street, leading to a closed gate in the end and several alleys to the R and go into the 2nd alley R, then R, pass under the street and come to the Boulder alley, go up and a Guard (horseman) comes to you, so shoot him in the chest, hopping back, but be careful, on top of the slope a Boulder will come from the L if you get too close. After shooting him go into the passage behind the E fence and follow through to a button on the wall at a fence. The button will open a hatch near Sq2.

Go back to Boulder alley and R, stay close to the fence (when you didn’t trigger the Boulder yet) and run quickly into the corner, then follow up to a MP. Open the gate to Sq1 with the button and go R into the alley NE of Sq 1, follow to a small square with a closed gate to the Graveyard L (needs Graveyard Key), a passage into the building around the R with a closed door to the Basement (needs the Basement Key). Follow the alley to the E and look L in the opening of what I will call the Ammo house just around the next corner to get the Ammo and Flares. NE of this pickup is another alley with a closed door (Red House Key) and gate (Alley Gate Key). So go S and come to Square 2 (Sq2)

Square 2.

Behind the wall of the E building is an alley to enter the building, a Thug comes out, shoot him before he will get to the Ammo hidden in the W building, pick up the Ammo there and notice the open hatch in the ceiling SW, go out and into the SW corner of Sq2 and shoot the Dog to get some more Ammo in that corner. Re-enter the alley the Thug came out of (E building) and follow to a button on the wall, it will open a trapdoor in the S building (just L of the gate you are standing next to), so go out and into the S passage, drop/grab into the pit to use the Jmpswitch (a door opens on the balcony E of Sq2) and get out fast, a Rat is nibbling at your toes. Get out to Sq2 and into the W building, climb up into the hatch facing S.

The Basement Key.

Turn and head N, get the Ammo R and shoot the Guard, follow to the N side where you can do a runjmp/grab to the upper floor of the small building across the street, get the Ammo and crawl back, drop/grab the lower floor and turn, runjmp to the E balcony of the building you came from and runjmp/grab into the S building, get some Ammo L and follow the R hand passage, Shoot a Guard to get his Ammo and follow through the open door to a balcony, shoot the Dog around the corner and get the Ammo. Go back onto the balcony, look N and kick the wooden fence (in the L corner down), shoot the windows of the opposite building and runjmp/grab into the R hand window and get the Basement Key, some Ammo and Flares from that room. Drop down to the street and go back in the direction of Sq1 (W) and just around the corner of the little building where you picked up the Ammo and Flares before is that small square with the passage and the closed door, about straight ahead coming from the alley. Open that door with your Key.

The Waterskin.

Go R and shoot a Thug and some Rats, get the Ammo from the Thug and go into the other passage at the entrance. Shoot the glass on the floor (by ducking and shooting it with the pistols), get up onto the crate and grab the MS above, drop in the end and shoot the rest of the glass, go back to the alcove at the crate and get the Ammo, follow the rest of the passage, shooting a Dog and in a small room to the R is a sloped part of the floor in the SW corner, climb up and get the Flares S, jmp back and into the room E. Get the Ammo on the cabinet and standing in front of the cabinet in the NW, you can open a trapdoor to a room below. Drop and shoot the Thug, get his Ammo and go N, shoot the Dog and get the Waterskin in the L passage.

The Alley Gate Key.

Now go on through the passage in the SE corner, follow the passage over the top of the MS, shoot the Thug around the corner and get his Ammo, follow the passage to a window and shoot it out, look R across the alley to spot the opening. Stand on the R side. Turn L a bit and sidejmp R to land into that opening. Follow to the trapdoor you opened with that 1st Jmpswitch. Shoot the Thug and go climb over a bookcase to come to a small passage with a crate and some Firewood, climb over and shoot the Rat, which will leave the Alley gate Key.

The Bell Key part 1.

Climb back up and go to the opening to the street, standjump/grab up to the roof over the window you shot before. Up there you can shoot the R hand window and get in, shoot the Guard and get the Bell Key part 1, go out to the roof again and L, jmp to the lower roof to get the Ammo and drop to the Square from that roof. (be sure to save some Revolver Ammo for the final part of the level!) Go in the direction of Sq2 and into the alley around L corner at the Ammo house. The gate L in the end can be opened with the Alley Key. Inside is a shallow pool where you can fill the Waterskin. (I had to find the right position first or Lara wouldn’t fill it)

Putting out the Fire.

Go all the way back to the house W on Sq1 where you got the Uzis and enter the W passage, run out onto the R hand ledge when you reach the old broken down staircase and then jmp to the part still up in the E, follow the parts to the W wall and go N (shoot the Rat if you wish). To the L is another pool with a Fire on a block, blocking access to the button behind it. When you reach the N end of this wall, drop hang from the wall on L side and drop onto a sloped block below (ignore the CS for now, that’s for later) slide/jmp and jmp/jmp to land on the very corner of the block with the Fire (exactly on the corner or you will be set ablaze). Use the Waterskin to put out the Fire, then duck and shoot the logs with the pistols. Push the button to drop a trapdoor behind you, so you can use the Jmpswitch that is over it.

Hop into the water and swim through the hole in the bottom to the other pool and re-climb the stairs to the wall and now drop/grab the CS you saw, drop/grab once more to the crack below and go R to the corner, drop/grab and go R all the way to where you can climb up the ledge next to the Jmpswitch, get into the alcove and runjmp/grab the switch to open the door N in the staircase. So swim back again, go climb to the wall and jmp over to the door.

Follow to a balcony over the Hall, runjmp to the S landing and go jmp to the balcony SE, go down to a room where you can pick up the Shotgun on a cabinet. Return to the landing S and jmp/grab the Chandelier, jmp to the next and over to the N landing. The L door is open, go follow the passage to the button to open the other door on the landing. Enter that door and follow the passage to a crossing, straight leads to the room where you got the Shotgun (maybe it was meant to get that now), so go R and down to the Painting Gallery.

The Painting Gallery.

In the are 3 paintings on the wall. I numbered them from L to R as 1/2/3

Push the paintings 1/2/3 to open the SW gate R of you. It will lead you to the Spike bag room, hop in the water and look under the 2nd Pillar for a crack you can swim in, follow the tunnel to Secret#1, some Goodies, you can just shoot this Log Fire to get the Ammo from under it. Swim back and to the S side of the Spike bag room to climb up the ledges and pull the switch (which will open the exit back up) Standjmp/grab to the pillars and then shimmy around to the opposite side and go on like this till you can get back into the Painting Gallery

Push the paintings 2/1/3 and the NW gate opens, go in to collect the Ammo there.

Push the paintings 3/1/2 and the SE gate opens, go in and on the first block, turn around and use the Jmpswitch to re-open the gate, nothing much to do here for now, so go back.

Push the paintings 1/3/2 and the centre W gate opens, go in and up to the 1st floor of the room you were before, jmp around the L wall to the landing after you opened the door with the button, shoot the Guard and get the Revolver. Drop down and go back.

Push the paintings 3/2/1 and the NE gate opens, go in for the Lasersight and push the button to re-open the gate, go back.

Push the paintings 2/3/1 and the centre E gate opens, go in and up the stairs, pull a switch L and push open the doors R and go out to an alley, shoot the Thug and his Dog and head to the E end, push the button near the fences to open a door behind them. Now the job’s done here.

The Red House Key.

Go back to the Painting Gallery and out the N entrance passage, at the crossing R and through the room where you picked up the shotgun to the balcony, jmp to the landing and drop to the ground floor of the Hall. Out to Sq1 and into the SE corner Orange streets, 2nd Alley R and L/R/R to come to the open door at the fences, push the button there to open the door at the other side of the fence, go back to the street and L, 1st Alley L and into that open door to the Store room. Shoot the 2 Guards and look behind the SE shelves for Ammo, climb the centre shelf and from looking at the blue doors N, grab up to the walkway above, turn R and go around, jmping the gaps and over some breaktiles to the far NW corner to get the Red House Key. Drop down, go out the N blue doors and across Sq1 to the Ammo house in the direction of Sq2, L into the alley where you filled the Waterskin and open the Red House on the R.

The Red House and Graveyard Key.

Get the ½ MP on the cabinet and follow the stairs up to the window you saw before when you kicked the balcony’s fence, hanging in the window is the Graveyard Key. Go drop from the window and head around the Ammo House and to the R.

The Graveyard and Bell Key part 2.

Open the gate to the Graveyard and there are 2 Dogs and a Thug to be shot. Go into the SW corner of the yard and climb the L wall, go L and look for the switch on NW wall to open a gate in a CS, go back to where you climbed up to this wall. Look L and from here you can jmp to the roof of the Basement house and get the MP. Jmp back or drop down and go into the L hand building of the Yard and look for a trapdoor around the dark corner, open it to go in, follow to the switch and open the door behind the fence with it. (the one in the SE gate of the Painting Gallery.) Go back out and into building on the opposite side of the Graveyard has a CS leading to the opened gate. Get the Bell Key part 2. Go back outside and look in front of the small building for the cross with the circular ornament, under the cross is Secret#2, a ½ MP.

Drop from the roof and head to Sq1, into the W house and up to the door in the broken staircase, jmp over the fence of the balcony and go through the room of the Shotgun to the passage and L at the crossing to get back to the Painting Gallery, enter the SE gate and follow up to the alley, open the trapdoor in the corner and go through the sewer to the murky water. Save here and remember to go N wherever possible, when you are taken by current, try to cut corners, because when you go past the turn, it’s hard to get back into the side-tunnel. You’ll finally reach the room with the open door (Graveyard switch)

The Bell Tower.

Follow the tunnel to inside the Church. Skeletons drop down from the ceiling in the flyby, showing you the Bell in the bell tower. L of the hole you came out of is some Ammo under the glass, shoot the glass to get it and then look under the stairs for some more. The Skeletons are a bit boring as they are only dangerous when the swing their Sword, so grab up to the centre of the2nd part of the steps on E wall and turn R, wait for Skellie to come down the steps and run past him, the steps will crumble under your feet, time the next move from the 1st step around the corner and make your way up like this. On top you’ll find the receptacle for the Bell Key, so combine the 2 parts and place them to open the doors covering the Bell. Make your way back down and swim back through the sewer (1st R and follow the current), shoot the Thug upon climbing out of the Sewer go through the Painting Gallery, Shogun room, drop from the landing and head outside to Sq1 and shoot a couple of Dogs, 2 Thugs and a Guard.

The Finale.

Go to the Graveyard and up the wall again and from the side where you pulled the switch you can shoot Bell in the Tower. The Flyby will show the gate in the Orange street opening up, so head back to Sq1 and go into the Orange street to shoot 2 Guards and leave this Historic City through the open gate…

The End.

Dutchy 8-10-2004