Aegean Legends.


Level by Trix.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.


  Eclipse over Knossos       (2 Secrets)

  A Red Thread                 (2 Secrets)

  Santorini Intermezzo       (2 Secrets)

  Thera‘s Sunken Realm     (1 Secret)

Knossos, once astonishing palace and splendid centre of the antique Minoan World, is nowadays only a hardly reconstructed pile of old stones.

Who doesn’t know the classical Greek myths grown up around this place? About Daidalos, who was forced by king Minos  to construct a invincible labyrinth; about  the Minotaur – a monster half man, half bull – banished  in that gloomy hallway system somewhere under the palace, lurking for human sacrifices; about Ariadne, who gave the now proverbial red coloured woolen thread to her lover Theseus preventing him from getting lost  in this maze?

Our well-known adventurer found out about another Legend: it tells that at the moment of a total eclipse exactly over the ruins the palace would appear for some precious moments in it’s former splendour. Of course only a untenable myth, but incidentally this very rare event is imminent – and of course you will give it a try.

Maybe you can find  some hints there about that vanished part of the Minoan Realm, which once was located on the neighboured island Santorini – it sunk 3600 years ago during a heavy volcano eruption. There are  archaeologists who even claim this sunken world to be the mythical Atlantis. Should be an interesting place anyway...

Time to pack up some medipacks and your pistols – it’s no Tourist Season and therefore very quiet, but your rivals never have a time off – and go on a trip for the Aegean Sea.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

 As I found out along the way, there are several ways to deal with certain jmps, the way I described worked for me…

Level 1: Eclipse over Knossos.

Great Title Movie and beginning of the level, gets you right into the proper atmosphere, so does the Music from time to time.

From the cave you’re in, go into the small yard outside the Fence around the Knossos Palace. Shoot the Scorp and go into the SW corner of the rocks, where a Cypress tree is growing, under that tree is a hole, runjmp in and follow the cave to another yard for Secret # 1, look L and shoot a box for some Flares, shoot a nasty Crow and open the hidden trapdoor, which was under the box, drop in and take the L passage, R is the exit, follow to a room with more Flares and pick up the Kiosk Owner’s Bunch of Keys  in an alcove. Open the trapdoor in the ceiling by using the keys and climb up, look behind the chair and get Ammo and Shotgun. Go back down and to the 1st trapdoor, take the R hand exit passage and go up through the CS, drop into a canyon next to the Palace, go S and around the corner, look for an alcove R, shoot the Scorp and get the ½ MP, go back and to the N of the canyon, pull out a block in the rock wall and jmp past to get into the canyon at the Knossos entrance. (There was another entrance to the bridge, by crawling under the fence in the SE of the yard, shooting 2 Scorps, but you would have missed the Secret.)

 The Key Handle.

Go N in this canyon and up a slope R, through the CS to the next canyon and all the way to the end, into a CS in the R hand corner and shoot the Baddy inside, get some Flares and shoot a box to get the Key Handle and notice the burning Lamp stand, the other one is off, you have to get back here later with a Torch to light it. Go back to the entrance of the Palace at the bridge. Climb up at the bridge and go to the big blue doors, which will open for you.

 The Dried Pool yard.

Go to the SE past the dried out pools and into the Big courtyard.

 The Big courtyard.

Go L and notice a hole in the courtyard, when you stand in it, the doors of the Palace open up, but not long enough for you to get in, we have to think of another way to open those, for now, Shoot 2 nasty Crows and go into the Burial Chamber opposite those blue doors and L, just L next to the Tomb is a vase and in front of the vase, shoot it and you will find a hard to see a sharp Stone Fragment just in front of it, pick it up and go outside, L and L into an alley, open the 2nd door R. Up the stairs and there are 3 switches on this balcony, throw the most L and R and the pools below will fill with water.

 Dive in and swim under the bridge, into a small tunnel, go R and follow to a small hole straight S, you’re in one of the pools of the Dried Pool yard. Climb out and get into the S pool, into the small hole and swim the tunnels to a hole in the SE, go up and climb out next to a Vase, shoot it and run past the burner, shoot the next and run through, L of the last vase is a CS. Go in and up the ladder, jmp/grab to the pole and turn with your back to the sloped passage, go up a bit and backflip onto the sloped surface, jmp and land on a ledge on ropes, jmp/grabbing into the next passage and jmp/grab to the pole, backflip into the final passage, up into the CS and follow to the 1st floor of the Burial chamber. Go outside and find the Big Vase, shoot it to release the Boulder in it, it will roll into the hole that triggers the entrance doors. Drop down to the courtyard and go into the Palace.

 Into the Palace.

Go R, as the L room needs some work later on, go down the steps and wade into the NE corner passage, and reach the Fountain room.

 The Fountain room.

In the NE is a door with a receptacle for the Minoan Key, go into the SW passage to a courtyard, shoot a Baddy, a Crow and 2 Scorps, take the Ammo the Baddy dropped and get another Stone Fragment from the small Altar S of the garden.

 The Timed Run.

Enter the room in the SE corner and notice the pole, in the adjacent S room, you have to shoot the vase and see the switch over a trapdoor. You have to pull the switch later, run to the pole and end up against it, facing NE, then jmp up/grab, go up one step and backflip/roll off so you land facing a passage you have to sprint into upstairs, go check it out. In the end of the passage past the Blade Minotaurs, is a cage which will lower with the switch over the wooden trapdoor, that’s where you have to end up.

 So here we go;

Go down and to the courtyard, into a room NW and L in the end, there’s a switch on the S wall. You have to pull, roll while you get a cutscene and sprint out to the Courtyard, stay R of the pillar opposite the entrance and jmp over the fences around the garden, straight into the room with the pole, R and to the switch on the trapdoor. Pull it and you will get a cutscene of the cage going down (Sometimes you don’t get that cutscene, mostly when you get to the trapdoor a bit late) backflip when Lara is pulling the switch and she will do it while you get the cutscene, then sprint to the pole, remember to face NW and jmp up, grab and go up one step, backflip/roll and sprint into the passage, just sprint and hit “Alt” when you get to the Blades, you won’t get hurt much.

 Inside the cage you can open the door with the Stone Fragment and run in, go directly after the Baddy that enters the 2nd L door and shoot him. Get some Ammo in the next room The exit opens, on approach, shoot Baddy #2 and get the Minotaurs Head he drops, go into the opposite door in the passage, get some Ammo there too and return to the cage, L of it is a hole in the floor, drop through and go back to the courtyard, to the Fountain room NE and place the Minoan Key (Handle and Head combined)

 The Torches.

Shoot a vase to get 2 Torches, take one and go back to the room with the steps, jmp up the steps (stand against and jmp forward) to the entrance of the Palace. You will get a flyby of a Baddy blowing out the Lamp stands (B…..!) Don’t shoot him yet, just run to the alley NW of the Burial Chamber and the 1st door R is open, shoot the Baddy inside and go light the torch in the adjacent room at the Altar. Go back into the Palace and L into a room with an old wooden floor, throw the Torch on it and it will burn.

 Shoot that other Baddy and go get the 2nd Torch, go out to the Bridge over the canyon in front of the palace and throw it in N. Go down after it and take it all the way to that room (where you got the Handle) in the end (at the CS halfway, stand with your back in the corner of the walls and face NW, throw the torch in and follow behind, pick it up and throw it again when it didn’t quite go through). In the room you have to light the 2nd Lamp stand and the door opens and you found Secret #2,

Sprint through the Blade Minotaurs and light another Lamp stand, go into the room, shoot a Vase for a MP and go into the NW CS behind the pillar in the opposite corner.

 Push the block out into the canyon, go R and look for a place where you can climb out of this small canyon, there’s an old shack with Goodies inside, go back into the canyon, past the block and go up the S side slope, look in the other corner of the wall with the CS and pull out a block once and go into the CS L, behind the block and push it out all the way, turn around and pull another block out all the way, go behind it through the CS and you’re back in the Canyon, go back to the Bridge, climb up and into the palace to the burnt out floor, drop down and look for a switch in the E wall, pull it to see where the elevator is, pull the switch again to lower it, get a block from the W wall and put on the elevator, throw the switch and climb back up to ground floor, pull the block to the hall and on a grey tile next to the E door, hop back to step on another (crooked) Tile and the door will open.

 The Pool Rooms.

Go R and get some Flares in a vase behind a pillar. Go back to the door and straight to the Pool rooms, go in and L, up the ladder, L and into a CS behind a pedestal S, climb back out backwards and hold on to the wall, climb L and into the opposite CS, follow the passage to a small room, pull out the L block and pull it aside to go behind and down to another courtyard, jmp into one of the windows of the S building and get the Key Handle in front of the Fresco.

 Go back through the CS to the room with the ladders and go down the ladder in the N, go in the L side of the room and shoot 2 Vases, a Baddy drops through the trapdoor, shoot him and go R through the small window, out to the pool S and see the 2 Vases at the Fountains, pull them under the water spouts and the pools will partially drain. Go into the pool here and look for a switch on S side. A door will open on the centre level, (for later) go to the N room where you shot the Baddy and up into the trapdoor, follow to the Boulder room.

 The Boulder room.

Lara looks up to a Vase in the corner, Climb the ladder in opposite corner and turn to the vase, jmp up and shoot it, to release a Boulder which will roll to and fro, go back down the ladder and step on the grey Tile L of it, the cage next to it will lower, crawl under the wooden fence and stand on the Tile with the closed sign, stand with your back to the wall, so you can keep an eye on the Boulder, sidestep R onto the open Tile and as soon as you see the Boulder fall through the top trapdoor, sidejmp L so the trapdoors close again and the Boulder will roll over the Bottom Tiles, the cage with the Minotaurs Head will open. Jmp past the Boulder and get it, go back to the pool room with the Vases and drop from the W side of the floor into the pool below, climb out on the N side and get a ½ MP, go to the SW side of the room and climb to the bridge, go into the open door and go to the room with the Throne, down the passage L and place the Minoan Key from the backside of the receptacle, the cage lowers, go in and throw the switch, the Throne moves from the wall, go up and drop into the trapdoor. Slide to level 2.

 level 2: A Red Thread.


Turn when you walk into the new room and shoot a Baddy following in behind you, get his Shotgun and pick up some Flares, open the trapdoor with the chain and climb down to a room where a Torch lies on a ledge, it’s kind of a crossing of rooms.

Crossing of Rooms.

Pick up that Torch and go down the N side, be careful, the Tile with the Skeleton is a trap, jmp over it and look around in the next room, 2 switches next to the entrance and a burning lamp on the ceiling, Lara is looking at.

Lighting Torch One.

In the centre of the room are 2 Raising blocks, activated by the switches, go stand in the W alcove, back to the wall and look into the room, take about 2 steps forward and throw the Torch, so it will land on the centre of the closest raising block. Then go to the R hand switch on S wall and pull, sidejmp L and pull the other fast, roll and runjmp onto the lowest block, pull up to the higher one in one of the corners and go around (when you pull up under the lamp, you will burn) pull up where you only have to take one step forward for the Torch and take it. Turn to the lamp and light the Torch fast, the pillar will probably have gone down already, but it is possible this way. (Be careful the Torch isn’t extinguished by your sweat  ;«). )

Drop the Torch and go into the E room, look for the Pillar L, walk down the slope till you can jmp/grab that pillar and climb R around the corner, follow the passage to a room with Chains, jmp to the other side and pick up a ½ MP, jmp W and then into the alcove with the Ammo S (jmp with a grab) Now go back to the room where you lit the Torch.

Take the burning Torch and go back to the crossing of rooms. Go W and follow the Red Thread and in the room with the low wall and closed door, face the lower part of the wall S and jump up, hit the #1 key and Lara will drop the Torch on the wall, grab the wall and climb up holding the crawl key, get the Torch and throw it with the Space bar, now go over the wall yourself. It’s a bit tricky because of the objects above, but after a few tries you will manage. Leave the Torch for now and go out to the room with the burners E.

Room with the Burners.

Stand facing the pit and in front of the sloped burner just a small step back from the edge of the pit, backflip onto the sloped block when the flame goes down and jmp/grab the MS on the ceiling, go over the other burner to the end of the MS. Drop and throw the lever to open the NW door. Stand next to the pit, back to the burner and do the backflip trick again, quickly turn R and head back over. Go into the room with your Torch and take it into the S passage. Follow the Red thread and go past the chain, L over the pit and onto a bridge over the Block Puzzle.

The Block Puzzle.

Leave the torch upstairs and go down the ladder, there are 4 blocks, and faint lines on the floor. One block is already in one of the alcoves, but not the right one. Number the alcoves 1-2-3-4 from L to R and pull/push the block in #2 to #3, the SE block goes into #4, the SW block in #1 the last N block in #2 and the door on the bridge opens, climb back up and take the Torch when you go in.


Go L and the gate opens, follow the passage around the corner over the pit, and Go L after the next gate, into the S gate and R/L, into a room where the Red Thread goes R, there are 2 Skeletons, so don’t wait around too long and go into the W passage, take out the Shotgun, run over the corner of the pit into the Skeleton room and shoot all 3 Skeletons into one of the many the pits.

The Lava room.

Take the torch with you and go over the SW pit to the Lava pool, jmp on the sloped block and jmp/jmp to land on a breakledge in the Lava, jmp onto the next block and jmp/jmp to the floor with the vases, shoot them and light the wall-torch, drop your Torch get some Ammo N (a rope lowers from the ceiling when you step on the grey Tile behind the pillar) and go into the lowered S wall. Into Secret area #1. Dive into the pool and swim into the small E tunnel, climb out in the next room to throw the lever, a door opens in the pillar room. Go back and out of the pool, up the stairs and to a couple of big stairs, go up the SW one to shoot a Baddy and get some Goodies in Vases. Now head up the other side of the big stairs and follow to a room with a burning floor, use the MS to go around the pillar and shoot the vase to throw the lever (a gate opens at the 2nd Torch). Drop into the pit behind you to get the flares and head back to the Lava room. Swing over the pool on the rope and go to the Skeleton room, now over the pit in the E. 

The 2nd Torch.

A Skeleton wakes up, hop back over the pit and shoot him in when he jmps after you. Be careful, there are moving pillars here. Go L as you re-enter the room and through the door you opened, follow the bypass to the steps leading up to the Torch room. Notice the red thread going into the passage L of the open door. Get the Torch from the room and light it. Go out of the room to continue  following the Red Thread again, so immediately turn right into the passage W, run onto the L bridge and drop the Torch where Lara looks up, notice the CS in the N wall, jmp/grab to it and go in to get the Bull’s Left Eye, drop back out of the CS to the Maze and make your way back up to your Torch through the Skeleton- and Pillar room.

Go into the passage at the end of the bridge and throw your Torch through a gap in the R wall, from which you can see a Chain swinging, go to the end of the room and climb onto the grated wall, L to the Chain and down a column just before you reach the floor, go R around the corner and into a niche with some Ammo, climb back up  high and go L so you can drop past the Chain, get into the gap to get the Torch and go throw it into the CS in the NW corner, you jmp/grab into the W wall and follow to a Cave, runjmp into the NW corner.


Go wade through these tunnels, R/straight/L at crossings and into a wider tunnel, up to a caved in room, look on S wall next to the fire for a ½ MP, climb the high block and go up to the SE passage, Go R to the door and follow to your Torch in the CS, get it and return through the door, light a wall-torch in the next room and a ½ MP appears between your feet.

 The Bull.

Go to the next room and play some Harp and see the Bull come out of the door next to the harp, turn L and sprint into the E passage, R onto the bridge and roll in front of the door, look for the Bull and jmp forward over the Bull when he is about to squash you, run away and wait in the other passage for the Bull to come out (or jmp up and grab the ceiling, drop after the bull went into the room and go in while he is getting his head out of the pillar), then run into the room he just opened and go get the Bull’s Right eye on the block behind the pillar (see a wall lower in a CS), go back to the Harp and stand in front of the w door let him break that one too and go in, roll and sidejmp onto the sloped block, jmp/grab the CS and follow to a room with a Chain to pull, it will open a trapdoor to the room with the low wall. Look up to the ceiling and see the red Thread come out of the trapdoor, follow it into the CS.

 The Bridge.

Drop into the N pit in the next room and enter the CS, climb down to a cave where you can pick up some Flares and look out into a huge Cave with a wooden multi-level bridge. Enter a water hole in the NW corner, swim W and through a small gap, R and stay R to swim up to a hole, go out and to the bridge, runjmp/grab over and go to the other side, pull the L of the 2 Chains there to turn the bridge and go N to the door in next room, now you’re in the bottom part of a room where you picked up some Goodies before.

 Go L and into another door to a lava-pit, runjmp onto one of the sloped sides and start jmping to the other side, go S to get a Gold plated Skull and return to the lava-pit, jmp/grab into the N passage and go up the stairs L, on top of them you’ll find a hole to climb up in and backflip off, go S and follow to the bridge again, go over to 2nd level S and don’t turn the bridge with those chains, go S and up in a CS.

 Up a ladder and go R when you come out of this passage, L to the top level of the bridge, go over to the N and L, shoot the pointy rock and runjmp to the ledge on W wall, turn around and standjmp down into a pool in the bottom of this cave, swim into the small tunnel and get Secret #2, let yourself be taken by the current and climb out of the water, pick up a MP and Ammo in the waterfalls and go into the NE room, pull the lever to raise a wooden walkway which will come in handy later, go out and into the opposite room, drop down the SW hole, go to the crossing and R, over the stone bridge again and jmp over, go L and to a room where you can pull the L (SW at the gate) of the 2 chains to turn the bridge once more, go out E and over to the room on E side of the bridge, drop down the hole behind the pillar, go W to come out at the bridge again, go to the W side 2nd level and find the door with the Bull’s Heads you saw in the earlier flyby, place the Bull’s Eyes and enter.

 Go R and to a Lava-pit with ropes, (when you didn’t get the 2nd Secret you have to do this: jmp/grab the 1st and go up 2 steps, swing a couple of times and jmp just over the sloped pillar, slide/jmp/grab the next rope and swing to the ledge with the door) Run over the bridge you raised to the ledge with the door, go L and to a room where you’ll find a Torch next to a burner, get the torch, turn R and when the burner is down, go up to the small flame and  hit backflip as Lara lights the Torch to get out of the way in time. Go back to the room with the ropes and light the fire wood in front of the door, which will open to reveal the 2nd Gold plated Skull.

 Go back over the lava-pit the way you came and place the 2 Skulls at the golden Skeletons hanging on the wall in the hall, the door R of you opens. Go in there to get the Old Papyrus Sheet on the top block. Go out and to the S, another nice room, trapdoors banging up and down, stand in the centre of the passage, one step back from the edge and standjmp onto the R corner of the L trapdoor, turn R a bit and jmp to the next on the l side, walk forward turning L a bit and standjmp to the last, turn r and jmp/grab into the opening, follow past the open door to a MP L and go up to the room with the switches.

 The Room with the Switches.

Stand at the entrance and examine the Papyrus Sheet to find out what switches to pull. Go up to the L Man figure, turn R and run for the Staff figure, roll and runjmp across the pit to the Axe, turn L and do the Waves next to it, sidejmp L to the Bird in the corner and roll, run out through the opened door.

 The Minotaur and the Bull.

Go L first and crawl through the CS past the closed door, pull a chain in the Bull-pen and run out, let the Bull follow and go l into a room with 4 wooden racks, the Bull has to break them all, a Minotaur with a big Hammer will accompany him in the chase, so check the health (draw guns while you run around) regularly. When all 4 are broken, you can run back to the Bull-pen and wait for both fools to come in, pull the chain fast to close them in (you could always just run over all 4 Tiles while they are chasing you) and get out through the CS, go back to the room and run over all 4 grey Tiles which were under the racks, the gate on the pillar opens, jmp/grab up and get the Discus of Thera. Now you can climb up in the hole above, runjmp/grab to climb up the next hole and turn around at the ladder to spot the Jmpswitch, use it to open the trapdoor above. Climb up and get out into a totally ruined Palace. After the flyby you will be taken to the next level.

Level 3: Santorini Intermezzo.

 The Harbour.

 Great harbour, the boats rocking on the waves, nice music… Time to get going, shoot the Dogs and a smelly Fisherman behind you, jmp on the big Barge and climb up the mast, drop/grab onto the Jmpswitch and a hatch opens in the bottom, drop into the water and swim into Secret #1, shoot boxes, get Flares and go up to shoot more boxes and get the Key to Miguel’s Workshop. Go back into the water and swim NE to where the speedboats are, climb out on the small scaffold.

 The Crowbar.

 Go to the SE harbour entrance and L to the 1st Square, N under the arch to the workshop square, open the Workshop and get the Crowbar on the 2nd L work-bench. Get some Ammo in one of the boxes and go out to 1st Square. Go back to the Harbour entrance SW and just past it into the R hand alley, come out to a beautiful terrace (like you find them on the Greek Islands) overlooking the Ocean.

 The Ice Cream shop.

 Go onto the terrace and face the Ice cream shop, stand one step back from the exit of the terrace and backflip over the railing at the Ocean to land on a rock below, slide a bit and jmp/grab the MS under the terrace and go over to the boat house, drop, shoot a Rat and get a ½ MP in front of a grating L (which leads back to the Harbour) open the door with the Kiosk Owner’s Keys. Go in for Secret #2. Go R/R to a store room for Ammo and up the stairs into the Ice cream shop, look for some Ammo behind a counter and go back down the stairs to a garden behind the Ice cream shop, shoot the Dog and jmp into the little shack, open the trapdoor with the red ball switch and go down into the Sewers.

 The Sewers-part 1.

 Go E and shoot some Rats around the corner. Go E and R, stand in a corner at a grating to jmp up and shoot the grating on a CS E, go in and shoot the Rat, open a Crowbar door NW to get a ½ MP from inside and throw the red ball switch on E wall to open the trapdoor over the ladder, go up and into the L door, get the Missing Notebook Page and go out of the front door and cross the Library square to the NW alley. Go L around the Ice cream shop’s garden and to the 1st Square again.

 For the Sewer Key.

 Up the E stairs to the square at the yellow house, enter the yellow house and go out onto the balcony L, face SE and see an alcove in the wall, runjmp/grab over the fence to get in, stand in the L corner and face SE, sidejmp L to land on a roof, sloped N, grab the edge and go L all the way, pull up/backflip/roll/grab to a ledge with a plant, standjmp over the next roof N slide/grab the wooden slope (hard jmp, seems you are always to early or too late with the jmp), hang L and pull up/slide and jmp with a L curve to land on a roof facing a balcony.

Open the door and follow the passages down to the house door, go into the R hand blue door and through the kitchen to another blue door, open it and just in front of the old rusty door is a Key on the floor, hard to see, it’s the Sewer Key.

 The House Door Keys. (Jesus Icon)

 Go back though the kitchen and leave the house, go L on the Jmp square and shoot the 2 Baddies and a Dog in the corner (when you hop back to the entrance of the house you can shoot them easily, they just run around between the bullets and it will not cost you any Shotgun Ammo), pick up the House Door Keys one of them drops and go through the alley N, (Great that Bougainville) open the door to the house and go to a store room, shoot the Baddy and get the Jesus Icon from a box on a crate.

 The Sewers-part 2.

 Go back to the Jmp square and up a small ramp W under the Yellow house, open the door L and pick up some Flares before you open the trapdoor to the Sewers, climb down and run into the water E, go R/L/R and follow to a ½ MP, return and where you see the stone sidewalk, go straight into the deeper pool, R and into the E tunnel, follow R/L and shoot a Rat, go straight to the e end and up the L floor, throw a red ball switch and go up a ladder, backflip from the top and go outside.

 Mary Icon, the Taverna and the Winecellar Key.

Shoot the Dog and go L to a square behind the church, go into the arched alley S and deal with a Baddy to get the Mary Icon, back to the church and go t the NW gate, it will open for you, go on to the R/R and come out on the Taverna Square, open the door of the Taverna and go behind the counter, there’s a Key in the cupboard R, it’s the Wine Cellar Key.

 Go back to the church and around to the entrance of the sewers, climb down and follow W to the 2nd crossing, go N and follow through a deeper part at a crossing to the N tunnel, shoot a Rat and get some Ammo there, return to the deep part and climb up in E tunnel climb the ladder to the Wine Cellar.

 The Wine Cellar, Library key.

 Open the door and stand on the grating between the Barrels, shoot 3 of them to let the wine flood the lower cellar, drop down the SW corner and dive into the wine, (don’t drink it or you will come up short, but I know it’s tempting) go to the under water lever and throw it. A trapdoor opens in front of you, shoot the grating on the duct after you climbed into the trapdoor, when you go in, somebody’s being shot!! Take care, shoot another grating and go out fast, run for the red ball switch in R corner and throw it to open a door R of you, run out and get some distance between you and the Baddies, shoot them as they come out one by one, go back in and have a look at the T-shirt of the bloke on the floor, it’s the Librarian (I Love Books) take the Library Key he dropped and go to the Taverna, out to the church and R, past the church entrance and into the SW alley, you’ll finally come to the Library square.

 The Library.

 Open the big Library doors and go up the stairs, L and over the walkway, to the NW corner bookcase (this is the one you have to sprint to later)go R along the bookcases and find one of the books sticking out, pull it to move a bookcase away from a CS. Go to ground floor, SE and drop down into the CS, get the Librarians Notebook from the crate and stand in front of the red ball switch (to open the NW bookcase upstairs), notice the Key in the CS R of it (later, later!)

 Timed Run.

 When you pull, run for the ladder, up and R sprint to the chair, go L hop on the stairs, go jmp up a bit and roll, runjmp onto the walkway curved L and runjmp to one of the arches NW and straight into the (hopefully) open bookcase.

 Church Key.

 Follow the triangular passage to the end and jmp/grab onto the wooden balcony, runjmp/grab to the R hand balcony and go into the house, down the stairs and shoot the grating on the CS, climb down to get the Church Key from behind another grating. Climb back up and go to the brown wooden balcony next to the Library again.

 Look out over the square and notice a thin wooden ledge around the R hand corner. A long runjmp will get you there, (if not, jmp onto the small roof and slide/jmp with a sharp R curve onto the thin ledge) open the Crowbar door and step out onto another balcony, climb down and get a ½ MP under the balcony, open a door to the house and go in to the kitchen, throw the red ball switch on the stove to light another stove. (in the Sewer Key house?) Go back outside and R into the corner, open another house there to get some Ammo, back outside, up the balcony and drop to the Library square.

 The Torch.

 Go into the alley back to the front of the Church, go around the L side to the square behind the Church and into the NE alley, open a door L and go into the L room, find the Torch in the corner at the window and go into the opposite corner kitchen where I had to hop on the burning stove to light the Torch. Go back to the front of the Church and open the door.

 The Church.

 Take your Torch with you, pull the Altar on the red carpet and the gate opens, place the Icons L+R and a trapdoor to the crypt opens on the spot where the Altar was.

 The Crypt.

 Drop the Torch in and climb down after it. In this crossing of crypts, there is a burner behind the S gate in case your Torch doesn’t burn, (you have to work to get it lit) but yours is, so go into the E crypt and follow E along the R and come to a room with a grated floor, many torches on the walls, here’s where the Notebook comes in handy:

 Torch puzzle:

 -1st: middle of centre, is the centre one of W wall

-2nd: middle of Right, is the centre one of N wall

-3rd: left of left, is the L one on S wall.

 A block in the E wall lowers. Go in and swim to level 4.

Level 4: Thera’s Depths. (Sunken Realm.)

 1st Cave.

 When you swim down, the current will take you, swim past the pillar in front along the L side and look up for an airpocket in the ceiling, go up for air and face SE, swim down and into an alcove in that corner, through a small gap and R at a pointy rock, find the plant covered under water ceilingswitch and pull it to lower a wall in the back of this cave, swim E and R in the end, into that open wall opposite the blue grating, pull an under water lever and an elevator takes you up to the Block Puzzle.

 The Block Puzzle, Secret #1.

 Go into the S room and shoot a Lizard, get a ½ MP at the N fountain and look on the Missing Notebook Page for the clue to this puzzle:

 The Waves don’t mirror heavens colour-

The Axe died with either blood or grass-

Blue or Red shine the Falcon’s feathers-

The colour of the Shield is neither yellow nor green-

But the Blue one is not alive..

 So you’ll have to agree with me that this is the solution...;-)

Waves – Yellow

Axe – Green

Bird – Red

Shield – Blue

 Push the blocks into the alcoves and when you hit the Trigger, the gate closes behind you, roll and jmp/grab forward into the CS above and do the next, when you are done the Secret sounds for Secret #1, go into the open SW door, climb up to the top of the room (to 1st floor in the W and to 2nd floor in the E) and shoot a big vase in the S, a block drops into the dry pool below and triggers a cave in which will fill up the pool with water. Go into the S wall and head to the W side of the room to pick up a ½ MP as your reward, not much eh? Have a look in the NW room, where there’s a hint on the wall for the Maze we will get too later on. (Remember, Blue, Red, Green, Green… Have to be honest, didn’t notice that, Trix pointed it out to me.)

Go back to the pool and find a Shark swimming around, shoot it and dive down, look S and find a wall fell down there. Get a lung full of air and swim in along the right hand side, turn right to the W and swim into the alcove, keep left and go down into the hole in the bottom. Leave the Flares there for now and proceed through the small opening E, take a right to the S and in the end right again. To the right you will find some air, climb up and shoot all the oil drums you can find for 4x Shotgun ammo. Back to the water, swim down SW for more Shotgun Ammo. Get air and swim back into the opening SE, left and N, left again through the small opening, grab the Flares and go up and to the N. Quickly get back to the room N and up for air. (scottie found this cave!16/06/2011)

Swim back through the room with the Block puzzle, down the hole at the elevator and through the cave to the 1st cave, up for air again.

Cave with the Ropes for 1st Urn.

 Face N and swim into the cave under the hole you came out of at the start of the level, stay on the L side and notice the Spiketrap, when you stay in the L corner, you can swim up unharmed and into the Cave with the ropes.

 Cave with the Ropes

 Swim to the rope hanging in the SE corner, go up against the sloped brick wall E and do a pull up/backflip/roll/grab to the rope, swing to the N pillar and climb around R corners till you can climb onto the dark brown sloped block, pull up and slide/jmp/grab the next rope, swing to the W and grab a green covered MS on the ceiling of the cave (where all the plants hang down from) go forward along the R side to just before the next hanging plant and turn L, drop onto a sloped rock below, jmp L curved and jmp/grab the pillar with a L curve. (if you happen to miss the 2nd sloped rock, just keep jmping L till you slide and jmp/grab the pillar)

 Climb around the R corner and go up to about the level of a ridge R, backflip/ roll/ grab the wall behind and go all the way L to the S wall, when you backflip here, you land on a sloped pillar, jmp again and land on the 2nd sloped pillar, jmp and grab the green MS above, turn around and go E, L to the pillar the rope hangs from and around R, up on the brown surface and climb off on the R side, turn L and jmp over the hole, turn and start shooting the Fire Dragon with your pistols, there’s no place for him to hide, the room S has nothing interesting, unless you want to fight a Lizard and shoot some vases.

 Go N and climb up to the roof of this structure at the NW window, go S and drop from the roof onto a green ledge with some barrels, shoot them and get the Ammo, back up the roof and NW, past the box there and to the corner L of the hanging rock, you can see an opening in the N building below, back off from the roof and drop onto a sloped block, grab the edge and pull up/backflip/roll/grab into that passage, go L and open a set of golden doors, go into the Fish room, stand with your back to the lower block and backflip on, jmp to the higher block and jmp/grab the crevice above, climb L and pull up into the CS, follow to the next cave.

 2nd Cave.

 There seem to be several ways to get going here, best way was just back off from the edge of the CS opposite the one you came out of and see a sloped block below, drop and slide about halfway down, jmp/grab the green MS, turn R and drop against the pillar, grab and go L around the corner, climb up and R till you hang over the MS part, now you can backflip/roll/grab to a pillar behind, climb up and when you go over the edge, jmp/roll so you slide off backwards, grab the end of the slope and climb L around the corner to a brick wall, go up as far as possible and backflip/roll/grab the wall behind, climb up into a CS, shoot the 2 Lizards here and go E, follow to a CS on the R and come out into the Urn Cave.

 The Urn Cave.

 Stand on the pointy ledge sticking out of the floor and look down for a moment, see the Piranhas circling the Skeleton, great!

From this ledge you can runjmp to the SW building and land on a ledge under the window, if you happen to fall into the water, no problemo, just climb out at this flat ledge. Runjmp/grab up to the W rockface and from there you can (it’s possible) runjmp/grab up to the roof and shimmy L to pull up in the corner. Or jump/grab into the window and climb up inside. Or just hop into the water and swim around the SW building and walk onto the S shore, as far as possible, look for the window and only use Ctrl to get up into it, you see there are more ways to get there…  

 From the NE point of the roof, runjmp/grab the edge of the roof over the Urn and go R to where you hang over a pillar with blue circles on it, from here you can backflip/roll/grab a green ledge. (found a shortcut by accident, go R all the way and pull up, drop just past the edge and immediately hit the Ctrl button again and Lara will land inside at the Urn.) The official route is a MS from the green ledge to the pointy part of the roof, drop on top and walk to the rope E, run off the roof and slide/jmp/grab the rope, turn around and swing into the place where the Urn is. Get the hard earned 1st Urn and dive into the beautiful pool, swim to the NW corner and climb out, from here you can runjmp/grab that pointy ledge at the entrance.

 Go back and dive into the water of the 2nd Cave, swim to the SW corner and look for a green pillar on W wall, climb up the brick slope just R of it and backflip to a sloped block, jmp/grab with a L curve and grab the pillar. Go L and up to the brown wall, from where you can climb back up into the CS to the Fish room, go back to the Rope Cave and dive in, pass the Spiketrap from the E side this time and come out into 1st Cave, there is a pillar right in front of you, swim by L of it as you did before and go up in that air pocket in the ceiling. Take a rest and get ready for the next challenge.

 The Spikewall Tunnels for 2nd Urn.

 Face E and swim through 2 narrow crevices to the E Cave with an airpocket in the ceiling, save and face S, swim down to the bottom hole and in S, quickly to an under water lever on R hand wall, just past a gate, pull it quickly and swim into that gate as a Spikewall comes at you, swim out when it passed and to the N side, into a tunnel R and into another wide tunnel at the end of it, roll and quickly swim back into the sloped tunnel.

 Break the surface of the airpocket and wait for a Spikewall to pass by, when it is gone, swim after it and go around L corner, another wall comes at you, go back and wait for this one to disappear, (small bug?: when I reloaded after saving, the 1st Spikewall reappeared, the 2nd not) then swim L around the corner into the tunnel it came from, up at a ladder and R/L, swim to 2 yellow vases in the NW, look for an under water ceiling switch behind the plants and use it to open a gate NE in the opposite wall, swim in, up and L, get the 2nd Urn and swim out the S small tunnel, through the Moving Pillars, most of the times you can just swim on and Lara won’t be hurt, swim up just after the last Pillar and up into an airpocket in this big Cave. Face NE and swim down to another cave, with a ruined building, go L and down to a door where plants hang from the ceiling, underneath you’ll find a ½ MP, go back to the airpocket. will Face S and swim down and a bit L, to a small hole in S wall, R into the next cave, follow back into the E Cave. Get air and dive down, go W and up the crevices to a couple of roots from a tree, swim R there and follow this N cave to the end, go R into the tunnel and L/L, get some air.

 The Timed Swim for 3rd Urn.

 You have to make some preparations for this Timed swim to succeed.

 Swim E, notice the pink coral plant R at an under water gate, go L along the structure in the room and R around it, swim back upstream to the under water gate in the end, open it and swim back W for air. In the timed swim you can make use of the current in that tunnel you just opened. Go through it and to the next room in the end, up and W into an opening with steps, look R when you come into next room and shoot the vase in the alcove, the waterlevel rises. Swim W and through the next steps passage, down a sloped passage (keep R) to an under water lever on R wall, pull it to open a gate, a rock comes out and blocks off the strong current in the hole. Notice the grey door in the end of the tunnel, this one will open up when you pull the timed switch upstairs.

So now you know where you have to go you can go back to the upper w tunnel and get out in the room there, save in front of the switch and pull, roll and sprint to the water, jmp as far as you can and swim over the Coral plant, to the end room, up and into the rooms with the steps, down the R side of the tunnel to the door and in quick.

Get the 3rd Urn and swim out of the hole in front of you, be taken by the current and come out opposite the entrance to the timed swim, go in for air and then swim back, to the cave and S, R and up the W crevices to 1st Cave, up in that air pocket.

 The Maze for the 4th Urn.

 Face SW and swim into the far cave, where you will find a tunnel in the W wall, swim SW in next room and through the tunnel in the back to the hart of the Maze. Now… remember the sequence Blue, Red, Green, Green. Swim into the R hand N tunnel and the current takes you to the next room, roll and swim straight into the Red one to a room with Fish statues, go L into the Green tunnel and L into the next Green tunnel, take the 4th Urn and get air in the ceiling, swim into the Blue NW tunnel to get back to the centre room, swim into the exit NE and go back to 1st Cave. After you took some air, go look for a hole in the W wall, at a fallen Amphora behind a block and swim L, around the corner over the amphora stand and R in to the next tunnel, straight to the end of the big room with the arches and L under the last Arch, R into a small tunnel under the fore last arch and L, up the sloped tunnel, R up the next, fighting the current.

 Placing the Urns.

 Shoot the 2 Fire Dragons in this hall and go L, open the Golden Doors and follow the white line to the Statues which will take the Urns, but first go into the W and E passage, pull the chains there to open 2 gates, one to get rid of Wraiths (water) and one with a Statue for Spirits. Memorize where to run after you placed an Urn, because Hell brakes loose. (better do them one by one, but I didn’t have to tell you that) After you placed all the urns, the N Door opens and you can go to next room.

 The Clam Puzzle.

 In this Hall are 2 tunnels and a passage N to a room we’ll get to later, go into the W tunnel and swim to a room with big hammers, swim L into a hole in the corner to come out into the Clam Cave, go E and open an under water door in front of a Clam, go N along the e side and find another door, open it from the N side and swim to the chain N, there’s a hole in the wall behind it, go up to the Chain room and pull the L chain to drain the Clam Cave, climb down the shaft you just came up from and pull the chain in front of the entrance to change the position of the pillars E+W, go push/pull the Clams to those pillars and pull the chain again to raise the Clams, climb up to the pillars and put the Clams under the holes in the ceiling, the W Clam you have to jmp up at the pink coral bush in the SW and shimmy along the side of the pillar to where you are behind the Clam.

 Starfish and Octopus Amulet

 When they are in position, pull the N chain again and go up to the Chain room, climb down one of the Ladders E or W and go to the Hammer room, jmp past the Hammers to the blue signed Tile, which will trigger the Hammers stop, go put the Clam in the centre of the room and step on the other blue Tile again to start the Hammers back up, the Clam gets crushed and leaves an Amulet, get it and go back up to the Chain room, to the other ladder, to the hammer room and repeat the trick to end up with the Starfish and Octopus Amulet, go back up to the Chain room and pull the R hand one to re-flood the Cave. Swim back past one of the Hammers to the Hall, go into the N room.

 Grand Finale…

 Climb up to the ledge above the pool and open the door with the Amulets, go to the room with the deadly pool and the Shining Crystal on the centre pillar, a Fire Dragon roams around the room (think you can’t kill it, and not really necessary too) run onto a ledge below the entrance and start jmping to the opposite side block, where you can place the Discus of Thera, shields come up out of the water and block the deadly rays, so the pool gets safe. Run/jmp for the centre pillar and jmp/grab the ladder on it. climb up to get the Crystal and the doors above open up, the pillar raises and you can jmp straight up into the water above.

Climb up onto the pillar where you are all alone in a huge endless Ocean, hope somebody’s on his way to get you…

 The end of a magnificent level series…