TR 6- The Angel of Darkness.                                   

  Dutchyís AoD Walkthrough.                                 Index.

The level numbering can be different; I just gave all levels that showed up in the Save-list a number and I didnít have access to the actual list.

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 A   Parisian Night.   15a The Breath of Hades  I   Kurtis' levels
  1 Parisian backstreets   15b Neptune's Hall   25 The Sanitarium
  2 Derelict Apt. Block   15c Sanctuary of the Flame   26 Max. Containment Area
  3 Industrial Rooftops   15d Wraith of the Beast  J   Search for the 5th Painting
  4 Margot Carviers Apt.   15e The Basement   27 Aquatic Research Area
 B   Parisian Ghetto. E   The Louvre (Part 2)   28 Vault of Trophies
  5 Parisian Ghetto   16 Galleries under Siege  K   Boaz returns
  6 St. Aicard's Church F   Von Croy's Apartment.   29 Boaz
  7 Le Serpent Rouge   17 Von Croy's Apartment.  L   Eckhardt's Labs
  8 Bouchard's Hideout G   The Prague Levels   30 The Last Domain
  9 St. Aicard's Graveyard   18 The Monstrum Crime Scene   31 Eckhardt's Lab
  10 Rennes' Pawnshop   19 The Strahov Fortress   32 Eckhardt's Demise
 C   The Louvre (Part 1) H   Bio Research Facility      
  11 Louvre Storm drains   20 The Garden      
  12 Louvre Galleries   21 Murky Waters      
  13 The Archeological Dig   22 The Valve Puzzle      
 D   Tomb of Ancients   23 The Big garden      
  14 Tomb of Ancients   24 The End      
  15 Hall of Seasons            

There are some nice fancy moves, the backflip from a ledge, to grab it. Just stand with your back to the ledge and hold "shift", push "ctrl" and Lara will backflip, grabbing the ledge.

Lara flat on her stomach, press duck, then stealth and she goes down to the floor, hold the duck key and she will crawl on her belly, nice to crawl under low objects, the short jump, hold shift while you hit jump.

This one you probably know already, pull up on a ledge, holding "shift" and see the nice handstand.

In this new game, Lara will automatically circle her opponents while you are shooting, but I thought it to be more difficult, because she will just run off edges, into walls, pillars etc.

A: The Paris Night levels.

Level 1: Parisian Back Streets. (Training level)

(You are guided through this level by a voice, teaching you the new moves and controls.)

You start the level in a back street alley, rain and Dogs barking, thereís a Medipack (called Health Pack now) on a small balcony behind a gate you cannot open, look for the chocolate bar in the door opening (these will provide health boosts, now look for the dumpster in the corner next to this door and climb on, jump/grab the landing overhead and get on, jump the gap to the next landing and follow to the ladder, climb it and go look for an open window, climb through and get the money and a chocolate bar (look around closely and youíll see that the pickups are sparkling). The cupboard stays closed for now, because you will need a Crowbar to open it.

Get out to the landing again and climb next ladder, find the Antique Doubloons to the left. Now you have to run jump/grab over to the other side of the alley, go left and over the fence to get another chocolate bar and go follow this roof to the rain pipe which will allow you to climb up to the roof and go right, shimmy to the small roof and drop, walk slowly to the right around the corner as far as you can and grab the roof again to go around the corner, to the opening in the fence just around that corner. The Crows will take off, go to the opposite corner of this roof and move the barrel there to climb down to a small ledge where the Crowbar is. Get it and climb back to the roof, make your way back to the open window and go open that cupboard, to get the Valuable Necklace.

When you leave the room now, you can jump over the alley to the small balcony below where the Health Pack is, get it and jump back over the fence to the alley, go up to the roof again and now open the little shack there, open the door and Lara says "she feels stronger now" (you need that to shimmy a long way later), open the cupboard to get your 1st weapon, the MV 9mm. Semi Automatic. Weíre finished here, so go to the small ledge where you got the Crowbar and drop. Go stand to the utmost left side, facing the building and jump/grab the edge of the roof. Quickly shimmy to the landing to the left and just before you loose grip, you are over the landing. Follow it and take the advice, go "Stealth" by hitting ĎEnterí and get against the wall, go around the corner, get the Key on the planks just behind the Baddy, go up the short stairs and stand behind the Guy, hit ĎActioní and take him down (just for training purpose). Go back to where you dropped to this landing and open the gate, climb down to the next level.

Level 2: Derelict Apartment Block.

Inside the building, behind the door thatís being attacked by the Police, is a cupboard, pull it in front of the door to buy a little time, go upstairs and to the right around the elevator.

1st floor: the Police will break down the door and throw in Tear Gas grenades, which will kill you if you stay in the gas to long, run up the next stairs jumping over the gap to

2nd floor: into the left hallway (we will be back here later), the floor will break from falling rubble, so turn and do a run jump/grab to the other side, run into the hallway there, get the ammo and turn, pull the cabinet away from the stairs and run up the stairs to

3rd floor: into the left hallway, get the Health pack and open the door left, check the cabinets inside for ammo and K2 Impactor batteries. Go out and to the opposite hallway, get the bandages and go up the stairs again, pull the crate on the landing as far as you can to the lower stairs and go around, climb up and run jump/grab the railing on the opposite landing, open the door to the right and enter the Maintenance room, take the Apartment Key from the floor and the Elevator Key from the wall, throw the switch on the Machine to get the Elevator going. Get in and go to 2nd floor, go left and run jump/grab over the gap, open the door of Apartment 21 and open the cabinet for the Vector-R35, check the drawers in the desk for ammo and chocolate. Get out quick as the gas is coming in here too, jump over the gap again and ride the elevator up to 4th floor, open the steel door inside the Maintenance room and leave for the next level.

Level 3: Industrial Rooftops.

Climb the ladder to the small roof, a Police chopper is hovering overhead, trying to take aim, so donít wait too long here, stand in the centre of the small roof, under the cable that Lara will notice. Jump/grab the cable and swing to the other side, pull up your legs (by hitting the "duck" button) when you reach a fence below you, blocking the way, release "duck" as soon as youíre over and hurry to the roof top. You will be shot by the Chopper by now, so donít linger around. Take the bandages and go left around the crates, run down the side of the roof and jump/grab to the opposite higher platform, thereís a small opening with some bandages in it, crawl in and get them. Drop/grab from this platform to a lower ledge and drop once more to land on a platform under the gap youíve just jumped. Open the door and get the Doubloons on the floor, open next door and get the chocolate bar on the small cabinet, you can take some now, because you are wounded by the Chopper, find some MV-9 ammo in the other side of the room. Force the next door open and go to the ladder left, climb all the way down, hit "action" to release your grip and drop to the Alley. Turn left and go into the left alley, left again in front of the gate and find a Health Pack in the end. Return to the ladder and move the crate there till itís under the ladder (youíll feel stronger now). Follow the alley to the other side and left, get the MV-9 ammo in the corner, duck and crawl into the half open garage door, get the Health Pack left and climb onto the old airco unit in the back of the garage, run jump/grab the broken walkway on the wall (on the side where the Health Pack was, walk around left and make the long run jump/grab to the opposite side, shimmy left and pull up, climb the ladder and take the ammo on the high ledge, go to the door and open it, go to the r and open the next door, run jump over to the fire escape on the other side and go one floor down to get the Doubloons, now up to the top and open the door. Climb the ladder to the shack on the roof and exit, go left around the shack and get some more Doubloons, see the Chopper hanging over a higher roof in front of you, run jump/grab to it and go down the ladder on other side, turn around and get the Health Pills in the end of this gutter.

Head back up the roof and over to the roof with the shack, run past it to the corner next to the yellow pipes, and make a spectacular escape from the rooftops to

Level 4: Margot Carvier's Apartment.

When Mademoiselle Carvier lets you in, you will have to answer her questions correct, so she will give you the notebook of Werner.

These are the questions and answers I chose:


1. Can I get you anything?

2. Package?

3. Were you able to help him?

4. I wonder why exactly?

5. There was gunfire, thatís all I can recall.

6. Mademoiselle, I was a good friend of WernersÖÖ..

7. I really need Wernerís notebook

After this she will probably give you the notebook and you can get some things now before the Police arrive, go into the kitchen and get the bottle of very, very old Cognac. Thereís nothing else there, go back to the living room and check the desk drawer for some Health Pills, now go to the hallway with the plant and leave the apartment before the Police arrive.

B: The Parisian Ghetto levels.

Level 5: The Parisian Ghetto. (Part 1.)

Seems you took refuge in an old Subway car, you wake up at 6.00 AM. (I would have slept on one of the seats) Get out of this car and go left, there are some homeless standing next to a fire in a barrel, barbequing some meat, go talk to them, always stay friendly and it doesnít matter what you say, the outcome is the same. After this chitchat, you can go back to the car and climb the pipe next to it, grab the roof of the car and climb up, go left and crawl under the pipe to the other end of the roof, get the Health Pack. Lara will notice the old wall she can climb, so get up and turn right, run jump/grab over to the next walkway and notice the goodies in the right corner, behind some fence, on the wall in front of you is a small ridge, stand jump there while grabbing and you should land safely on it, walk to the right slowly and go get the Cash and chocolate, walk back and stand jump to the walkway and a run jump/grab to the next, run jump to the left where the man stands and go talk to him. (Horny French City Guide)

Here too the answer or questions donít matter, the outcome is the same. To the left of the man is a door that you showed to me as if you could open it, but when I did I went through the wall and across to a stack of money in the next part of the level and that didnít look too good, so donít try to open that door. Go right and passed the door right of the guide and follow the path to some steps down, get the Cash there, now return to the door to the right of the guide and open it to go to the next part of the level

Open the door next to him and go to the streets of the ghetto.

The Lady standing to the left has valuable info, so talk to her.


1. Ask her if she has worked in the Neighbourhood for very long.

2. Oh? Trouble?

3. What makes this cafť owner so unlucky?

While talking, youíll see the sign behind you of "Le Serpent Rouge" and youíll find out that Míselle Carvier was killed.

After you find out all thatís been going on in the area, turn around and "Le Serpent Rouge" is to the right of you, cross the street and look in an alcove for a bundle of cash. (Iím sure the top note is 500 Euro, but you donít get that, whoís raking up the rest? CORE or Eidos? (Dutchy LOL). )

Follow the street and at the big truck blocking the path, go left and a Load screen will get you to another part of the level, when the load is finished, turn left and follow the street up, notice the stairs to your right and climb them to the top, get in to the hallway and open the door.

The Willowtree Herbalist.

Approach the counter and talk with the nice man, the outcome will be that to reach Bouchard, you need cash and a password. You can leave now, go down the stairs to the street and go straight, thereís a big church there, open the big doors and go in to


Level 6: St. Aicard's Church.

The church has changed into a Gym, walk up to the fat trainer and save before you talk to him. You can place a bet on the outcome of the fight, I chose Carl and I won. (Second time I lost) Try the bet till he gives you his gold watch. After that, go to the Altar and go up the small wooden steps, push the block in front of the statue to the left (youíll feel stronger) and climb on, jump/grab the overhead ledge and look to the other side of the church and see the Health Pack on the pillar, run jump/grab to the small ledge on the 1st pillar and then to the 2nd at the Health Pack, get it and drop to the floor, climb the block at the altar again and look for the climbable wall on the big ledge you jump up to, climb up and into the window, turn and look in the direction of the organ, jump to that side, landing on the wooden beams, walk over to a spot where you can see the beams are broken, run jump to the other side and drop from the lower structure with the boarded roof to the floor at the organ, go inside to get a Diamond ring from the floor. Make your way back to the side of the altar and climb (or drop) down to the ledge, jump over to the one on the other side of the statue and go over the small pillar ledges to the ammo on the ledge opposite the one where the Health pack was. Drop to the floor and leave the church, cross the street and enter the gate of the subway

Level 5: The Parisian Ghetto (part 2.)

The "Metropolitain".

Open the gate and walk to the man standing in the park, this will be the Bernard Janice talked about.


Your name is Bernard; Janice told me I might find you here.

Iím trying to find someone.

Here, now how do I find Bouchard?

He will give you the "Ex-janitors key" and tell you he will give the password in exchange for a box he left on a broken lighting rig in "Le Serpent Rouge".

Letís go sell all the stuff we have now, to get some cash in our pocket. From the exit of the Metropolitain, go left, follow the street till you come to a square after the Load screen, look to your right in a corner is a pile of Cash, now in this neighbourhood is the Cafť Metro, but you already have access to "Le Serpent Rouge", so you donít have to go there, go cross the square and to a small park there. Here is another of those Cash piles, now go down the stairs to the right of the park and go right (near Janice) and to the end of the street (which is blocked) enter the shop, go through the door left.

Rennesí Pawnshop.

Talk to the man and your inventory will open at the ITEM part, sell the lot, including the Cognac, you drunk! Got the cash?, go out of the shop, left and passed Janice, "Le Serpent Rouge" and look right for the entrance to the "Garage", youíve got the Key donít you?

Level 7: Le Serpent Rouge.

Le Garage.

Go to the Carlift and use the switch to raise the Jeep, while itís going up you can see the gun and ammo in the office. Check out the 2 footlockers on the opposite wall and get the "Antique Flintlock", a K2 Impactor battery, Desert ranger ammo and bandages.

On the work bench is a Socket spanner, and a bit further in the corner a machine next to the Garage doors, pull the lever (youíll feel stronger) and a trapdoor under the Jeep opens, go up the stairs to the office and open the door, you can get the "Desert Ranger" and ammo. Go down and drop through the trapdoor under the Jeep, land on some crates and get the chocolate and ammo on the lower one, this must be the secret passage Bernard told about. Go climb the ladder on the other side and into the old store room (no cleaning lady here!). Find the Cognac next to a pile of carton boxes. Go fix the switch on the wall next to it, with something out of your non existing backpack (at least I donít have one) and pull it to activate the kitchen elevator, this will arouse a Baddy. Wait for him, ducking behind the crate on the stairs and take him out with some well placed kicks. Get his gun and go up the stairs. Enter the Disco.

Le Disco.

When you enter there is a Baddy shooting at you, take him out and go left, to the DJís platform, take the record from the table and turn around, thereís a switch on the wall, use it to start a lighting rig to move up and down the lights and music will add some atmosphere to the place, a Baddy will sneak up on you, take him out and look for his Buddy on the dance floor (donít forget to collect all guns they leave behind). Go to the bar and get the Cognac and chocolate bars, look for the switch next to the kitchen elevator to bring it up and get the ammo from inside. Now go up the stairs, shoot the Baddy and go around to the other side, where the boxes are, push the small one in the direction of the DJís platform once and as far as you can to the railing under the lighting rig, climb on and jump/grab the rig, walk over to the other side and a part of the rig will break off, jump to the landing in front and get the Health Pack. Look for Pjotr and Dimitri that will come for you, take them out and go right from the H.P., find some bandages in the end and return a bit to the open part in the fence, stand jump to the moving rig and then stand jump over to the other side of it, walk left and climb the pillar, around the right and up to the top. Stand jump across to the other triangular ledge and then a stand jump to the walkway on the wall. Climb the ladder and off left, see the Brown box on the rig to the left,(weíll be back here later to get the package) go straight and slide off the sloped walkway, jump to the platform in the corner and left to the next, stand jump/grab the rigging with the pipe on top and shimmy left till you can pull up, walk over to the left and stand jump to the walkway at the office, first go kick down the bridge in the walkway left to get stronger and then try the door, thereís a Ticket Office Key on the floor, take it and go to the left, there are some switches, that will move some lighting fixtures in the rig, there is one broken one you can see when Lara pulls the left switch, pull it once more and the broken box is in place to get it closer, pull the right switch to get it to the walkway. Head over there over the bridge, up the ladder and open the door to get Bernardís Trinklet box.

Go to the office and a Baddy is waiting there for you. Get his gun and go down the ladder in the hole, get the chocolate bar in the passage and open the door in the end, you0re back on the 2nd floor walkway, go around to jump to the rig and drop to the box, go down to the dance floor and a Baddy is shooting from behind the broken lighting rig, jump over it to get his gun and look in the corner next to the DJís platform for the Health Pills. Go over to the other side of the dance floor and open the door next to the hallway with the Key. Inside you can get Cash and another Ticket Office Key. Now you can return all the way up to the office and open the door.

Level 5: The Parisian Ghetto (part 3.)

Go out and down the ladder, drop through the hole and down the stairs, drop to the street. In this alley is a manhole, open it and enter

Level 8: Bouchardís Hideout. (Part 1.)

The tunnels.

Follow the tunnel to a crossing and go right to a room with a deep pit, and some broken walkways. Walk onto the right one and drop from the end, hang and shimmy to the left onto the wall, go down and into the alcove there, get a Diamond Ring and go climb up again to the walkway and now you have to run jump/grab to the other side, get the Health Pack and follow the passage up to the upper walkway, there is Cash to get. Return and jump over the pit again, go back to the crossing and go right this time, to a room with boxes and stuff, climb the crate and jump up to the wall with the cracked plaster, climb all the way up and Lara will hang, shimmy right and pull up to the small platform, turn around and jump to the other side and go stand as far left as you can, close to the pipe, to the right in the wall and a little up is an opening, stand with your back to it, facing the pipe and backflip in. Crawl through the opening and in the next room, jump up and crawl into the opening in the wall and follow the passage right to a gate, the pickups are everywhere on the ground. After you got it all, leave the place through the gate, you are in the park where Bernard is waiting for you.

The "Metropolitain". (Revisited)

Go bring Bernard his Trinklet Box and he will give you the Password "Pluit Noir" (Black Rain) and he will tell you where that Doorman is, just across the street, to the left of the

Church. Make a detour to the pawnshop, before you go to the Doorman.

Rennesí Pawnshop. (Revisited)

Sell all the stuff you gathered and go to the Church, talk to the Doorman and he will let you in to the...


Level 9: St. Aicard's Graveyard.

To the left in the corner behind the gravestone is a small Health Pack, follow the path to the end and go right, meet the watch Dog and shoot it, in the end, just before the closed gate is a fenced off area to the left, with a statue in it, we will go there next, first get some bandages to the right behind the Tomb there. Return the way you came and left, climb the 2nd Tomb on the right and run jump to the one in the direction of the church, turn left and run jump over all the Tombs till you can jump to the one in the fenced off area with the statue, drop from it and go open the steel door (you feel stronger now) with the cross and get the ammo inside.

Go over to the statue behind the sarcophagus and climb the small platform behind it, push the statue over and it will crash into the sarcophagus, breaking the lid (this is the entrance to Bouchardís hideout).But first we have one more pickup, go back to the yard and climb the Tomb next to the one you first climbed, itís the one with the small cross on the roof, next to it is another fenced off Tomb, run jump to itís roof and drop, open the door and get the ammo and bandages. Now you can go for the Hideout, so climb 1st Tomb again and go over the rooftops to the statue and climb down the hole.

Level 8: Bouchardís Hideout.(part 2)

The Crypt.

Drop into a tunnel, shoot the nearby Rat and follow the tunnel till the floor gives way, youíll drop in to a deeper tunnel, with a hole right, it is a way back here if you happen to drop into a hole in the floor further into the tunnels, donít bother going in, just run to opposite side and Lara will find the wall she can climb. Go on to next hole in the floor and use the pipe to the right to shimmy over to the other side, donít waste time. The next hole you will encounter is filled with water, drop in and swim to the other side and again Lara will find a wall to her right, which she can climb, go right in the next room and left in the one after that, there is a wounded man on a field bed, ignore him, but not the small Health Pack on the wall. Go out through the open gate and into the opposite one, find some ammo to the right of the wooden door, behind the sarcophagus, go out and right to the door, open it and meet Bouchard finally. You will make a deal with him, to bring passports to the pawnshop, so you can buy some supplies from him.


Easy Bouchard, I lost a friend todayÖÖ

A front, obviously.


After you got the passports, look for a lever at the door left, next to the footlockers, which will open another of the cells back where you came from, so return there, go straight to the last cell left and enter, move the crate sideways to the door twice and to the grating as far as possible, so you can climb up to the floor above, pull the lever there and the door in Bouchards office will open.

St. Aicard's Church. (Revisited)

Go out and you will reach the Church again. The trainer is still scratching his butt, so just go outside and follow the street signs in the direction of the Cafť Metro, remember the Cash you found there, itís back, so pick it up and go to the small park, who knows? Yep, here too. Maybe near Janice? Take that too and go to the Pawnshop.

Level 10: Rennesí Pawnshop.

As you enter, a cut scene takes over, youíll bump in to a stranger and the whole shop is in a mess, wasnít too clean to begin with. After you put the passports on the desk and take them back again, go into the backroom, the owner is dead, killed by the Monstrum obviously, according to the sign on the floor, take Rennesí wallet on the floor next to him and go to the back of the room, to the right youíll find a live Bomb, to the left a trapdoor, in front is a door with a code lock, open the wallet and look for the piece of paper with the code, type in the code

14529 and the door opens, revealing a lot of goodies 2 Maps and 2 guns ( a dart gun, explosives with a timer and the K2 Impactor on the shelf), to your right hand is a button on the wall, look for it first, so you can find it in a hurry later, pick up everything, but the K2 on the shelf as last, it triggers the Bomb, so push the button and run for the trapdoor, open it and run in, drop, roll and run (jumping or sprint, couldnít get the sprint activated on my keyboard) to the end of this passage, drop into the sewer pipe below and sprint (or run with jumps) to the end of it, a cut scene will show you the spectacular escape you make. Kurtis is watching it, not really interested. The following cut scene will show Eckhardt and The Lux Veritatas planning next moves and he will order one of his goons to go to the Louvre with a bunch of his friends, to get the last Obscura Painting to waken the Sleeper.


C: The Louvre Levels Part 1.

Level 11: The Louvre Storm Drains.

Nice outfit Lara!

The level starts on the bottom of a slide, go forward and keep left at the crossing, get the chocolate bar and go up the stairs, get the Health Pack and return, at the crossing into the water and left, follow to a small tunnel to the left, get in and follow into the water, climb the ladder and enter a room with a valve wheel, shoot the rat and try the wheel

Big crossing.

At the Big crossing (under Place de France) where we will return a few times, look for a pipe which will allow you to climb to a walkway above, climb off to the left and follow to a switch, pull it to shut down a big Fan in the ventilation shaft, go down the pipe and turn right, go into that tunnel and to the right into the next, climb the ladder and go to the Fan and turn it twice, to get the broken blade down, allowing you to crawl through. Pick up the ammo and go turn the Valve Wheel #1 in the room in the end. (Youíll see a light turning green on the control panel in the Big crossing; you have to do 5 more). Go back to the Big crossing and into the opposite tunnel to the end and into the open door, follow to a room with a Rat, shoot the critter and turn Wheel #2.

Go back to the crossing with the pipe and climb back up to the walkway, there is a portal crane spanning the room, walk slowly over to the other side and turn Wheel #3, turn right and get the ammo near the ladder and climb the ladder to the next walkway, to the next ladder and off to the left, walk over the next crane, on your way over, Lara will find a pipe she can climb up to, but first go to the passage in front, to get ammo, now return and jump up to the pipe, and swing all the way to a platform, where you can turn Wheel #4, swing back and ignore the crane, just go over to the other side of the room and drop to the walkway. Go left and make your way back to the bottom level, Save at the pit where the water flows in and dive in, swim down and right at crossing, up at next grating and into a big reservoir, find the broken walkway hanging into the water and climb it and follow it till you can stand jump to the broken crane left, spanning the reservoir, walk over to Wheel #5 and go back onto the crane, jump up to the pipe overhead and swing to the platform left. Climb up the broken walkway. (nice piece of climbing) Follow the path past the tunnel right, jump over the gap and to Wheel #6 (the water stops flowing from the pipe up in the Big crossing), from the Wheel, (Save) turn left and do a run jump over to the walkway at the door, open it and follow to the top of the Big crossing, walk over the crane and onto the big pipe left, so you can jump up into the pipe the water came out of before. Follow the pipe to a gate, open it and reach the room with the Boilers. Lara smells oil, be careful!

Boiler room.

Drop to the landing below and turn right, follow the path to the opposite corner of the room, up and down some ladders, climb up to the walkway near the 2 boilers, and from this walkway you can run jump to the platform with the boilers. Go stand in front of the right one and Lara will think this is the right place, better check the map, just push action and she will place the Explosives, with a 2 second delay, so be quick, backflip quickly into the water and stay down, the surface is burning, look for the tunnel to the left and swim in, go left and follow till you can walk out. Go left and left and reach the top of the room you just blew up, go enjoy what you did.

Drop to the walkway below and turn left, into the direction where you first came from, climb the higher ledge and get up onto the pipe, jump up to the pipe overhead and swing to the broken walkway, drop on to it and follow till you can walk onto the pipe left, go over to the hole in the wall and drop into the Louvre.

Level 12: The Louvre Galleries.

This blue room is a rebuild of a part of "Le Bastille", turn right after the drop and follow to a door, open it and go up the stairs in Stealth mode, a Guard will try to stop you, take him out, (the K2 Impactor (Taser gun) is really effective in the Louvre). The next Guard is already on its way, do the same to him and head up the stairs again. Open the door there and youíre in the exhibition room with all the Lasers.

The Lasers.

To the right is a button on the wall, so if you happen to touch the Lasers (which will bring in Guards and close the exits), you can reset them. Climb the display in front of you and turn left, jump/grab the stone slab on the wall and get the Health Pack on top, turn right (better Save) and run jump to the next display on the wall, drop to the floor and climb the display in the centre of the room, turn left and see the moving Lasers, line yourself up for a run jump to the next display and wait till the Laser moves downwards to about the level of your shoulders and run jump over, stop at once, donít run too far. Next Laser goes on and off, so line up for a stand jump and wait for the right time. From this display you have to drop from the right side and hang, shimmy right and pull up on other side of the Laser on top. Run jump to the last display on the right side of the room and turn to the wall, grab the overhead ledge and shimmy left till you can safely drop down. Go out the door and go Stealth, crawl under the 1st set of Lasers and go right, thereís a Guard in a white shirt standing in front of a door, touch the 2nd set of Lasers and the alarm sounds, shoot him and his buddy that will come in from the outside and get the Louvre Low Security Pass, from the white shirt. Follow the room to the end and get the Health Pack

in the right corner, in the left corner is a door we cannot open yet. Lara will say something about the Notebook when standing in front of the display beside the door. Turn back to where the white shirt was and open the door to the Mona Lisa Room.

The Mona Lisa Room.

Thereís a Guard patrolling the room, so go Stealth and try to take him by surprise (or just electrify him) from behind one of the displays. Past the Mona Lisa is a small display in the corner you can move aside (you feel stronger) to reveal a Card reader, use it to deactivate the Laser at the painting for a while. Look for the big display opposite the painting and move till it is against the chairs, go to the Card reader and use it, roll, run to the Mona Lisa, turn left onto the chairs, climb the display, roll and run jump/grab the ledge under the opening over the painting, pull up and crawl into the ventilation duct, go right and follow, at the crossing, go straight and crawl to the next duct, up the ladder and in front of the grating youíll see a Guard patrolling outside, wait for him to go away (whatís the fool waiting for?) and kick down the grating, go out in Stealth and get that Guy from behind, if he happens to see you just use karate or the K2.


To the right of the opening you came out of, is an other air duct against the wall, with a grey machine under it, climb it and turn towards the Airco unit, jump/grab the overhead edge and shimmy right, past some protection fences, pull up and walk if your grip runs out. Youíll reach a cable overhead, jump up and swing to the other side, donít linger (you feel stronger), drop to the ledge there and turn right, You can climb down the rain pipe, but you only have to do that if you donít have the Crowbar (you can get a Key from a Guard in the window to the right of the rain pipe and some bandages in a room at the roof below), so lets move on, jump over the gap and to the gutter on the roof. Go right and follow to a fenced off area. (Opposite the gate is a ladder down, to go to a door there that is holding a Crowbar and you can open it with the Key from the Guard from the other side, donít bother to go there, you have the Crowbar donít you?). Open the gate with the Crowbar and climb up to the open duct, crawl in and follow to a drop down into a storage room, get out of this room, nothing there and either surprise or shoot the Guard in the corridor. To the right is a door with a Card reader (we donít have that Card yet), so go left and to the end of the corridor, the door in front is Carvierís office, with a Code lock, go into the door right and to the round door with the Guard behind it, take him out and go to the left computer on the desk he was standing in front of. These computers control all cameras in the area, also Carvierís office, so use the left one to have a look in her office and use the Alt button to zoom in, look for the post-it on the monitor and see the code to the lock of her door. Code 14639. Go out and take the Gun on the table left of the round door.

Carvierís office.

Go right into the corridor and open the door to the office, walk up to the desk, look on the PC to get info about the Obscura Engravings and open the drawer, get the High Security Card and turn left, go to the fire place and learn something more about the Obscura paintings Etc. Also the cabinet left of the fire place holds some info (To me it looked like the info was not complete, Lara stopped talking in the middle of a sentence) Go back to the corridor and to the door on the other end, open it and go down the Emergency escape, and into the next hallway. Go to Gallerie 3, to the right and open the door, thereís a Guard, Taser him and go on through the next door with the Card, youíre back in the room where you got the 1st Security Card, go straight to the door in the far right corner and open it with Carvierís High Security Card, follow the passages to a corridor in the basement, with boxes everywhere, go left and right, go to the Big Steel doors and open to reachÖ

Level 13: The Archaeological Dig.

Go through the open gate and go to the right around the Dig site, when you approach the shack there, a Guard will come out, take him down and get the K2 he drops, inside the shack you can pull a switch to put the power on, the lights go on, the machinery starts to work. Go out and to the right, there is a tent there, a Guard comes out, so take him down and get the gun, turn back and left, to the Big steel door, open it and go to the desk with the computer, it will operate the big Scanner over the pit, when you push action, youíll get a screen with old bones, use the arrows to operate the scanner till you find an object that will have a blue square around it, hit the duck button and go get the 1st Ancient Symbol Copy from the printer. Go back to the Site and right, past the tent to the other shack, open it and go to the Fax/copier to get the 2nd Ancient Symbol Tracing, go over to the left computer on the desk and get some info about the Nephilim

Go back out and get ready to shoot another Guard, (bummer! No gun!) Go back around the site to the entrance and see the hole in the fence with the boards to your left, climb down the ladder, to the scaffolding, turn right from the ladder and to another ladder, look right over to a bridge over the pit, see the small wooden platform on the left wall at the bridge, we have to go there, but there is a Guard in the pit that will shoot us, and itís hard to get him from up here, so better go make your way down to the lowest level and take him out, go all the way back to where you saw the wooden platform, when you pull up from the ladder, turn left and take 2 steps back(Save), facing the platform and stand jump/grab to it. Climb to the bridge and go to the middle, left and find a switch to the left to activate an elevator, which will go one floor down, we have to go to it, go back to that wooden platform and drop down to the concrete ledge below, walk in the direction of the elevator and in the corner, turn left and side jump to the elevator (when you jump normally, Lara will grab under the bridge).

The Lock for the Tomb of the Ancients.

Go to the big wheel with all the Symbols on it, itís a big Lock which will open the Tomb of Ancients if you have the right combination. First follow the scaffolding around the corner (direction of the shacks) and find 4 levers there, they will lock or unlock the 4 wheels on the big Lock. I numbered them 1 2 3 4, starting from the left.

Pull 2 3 4, to lock them, go to the wheel and use the lever on it to turn the outer circle, till the Moon symbol is in the Code space left. Go pull lever 1 to lock it and 2 to release it, turn the big wheel till you have the 1st Ancient Symbol (check the inventory) in the Code space. Go pull lever 2+3. Turn the big wheel till the 2nd Ancient Symbol Tracing (check the inventory) in the Code space. Go pull lever 3+4, turn the wheel till the Insect figure is in the right place and youíll se the lock activate and the Tomb opening up.

Go back to elevator, jump to the concrete ledge, pull up to the wooden platform and climb back to centre of the bridge, go to the left and drop into the hole,Ö.. let go!

D:-The Tomb Levels.

Level 14. The Tomb of Ancients. Part 1.

Go forward and reach a pit, drop from the left side and onto a wooden beam below, drop to the floor and walk up to a deep pit. A nice cut scene will show you the surroundings and all the Bats, only a few of them will attack you later, the rest is too shy and a Big ugly looking Skeleton down in the pit. Drop back off the entrance and climb down the wall to a ledge below. Turn left from facing the wall and walk to the edge, stand jump/grab to the wooden beam and pull up, jump into the opening to the right and follow to a pit, drop down a few times to the floor below and see the closed door left, turn right and go to the end of the broken bridge, run jump over and get the bandages in the hall (Boy, this door is closed too, where to go next?), return to the bridge and stand on the far right tip, look right and see the flat ledge without the Gargoyle, run jump over there and then a stand jump/grab to the ornament ledge left, shimmy around the left and drop to the sandy ridge below, turn around and walk to the straight edge a bit further, drop from the edge and climb all the way down, turn around and look over to the other side of the pit.

Thereís a lever, itís our goal, look for a flat ledge on the wall, down and to the right, stand jump over to it and do a stand jump to the wooden beam, walk to the lever there to make beams protrude out of the wall, do a short jump (holding action) a bit diagonal, (or you will overshoot) to the 1st block, stand jump/grab to the higher one and drop down from this one to the one below, turn around and do a run jump to the next. From here we are going to drop to the floor below, the Skeleton is waiting for you, you can shoot him to stun him for a while or just run past to the crawlspace on other side of the pit, get in and pull the lever, former blocks retract and new ones protrude, run back out and go a little left and up the sand hill, jump up to grab the 1st.

Say bye, bye to the Skeleton for now and go up the blocks to the lever, the jumps are not too hard, on the last forward, turn and stand jump/grab the higher one going back, you can see they will lead up to the alcove with the lever, jump to the next and go stand to the wall, and jump grab up to the one above, pull up a little to the right and stand jump from the most inward point to the next, one more jump will take you to the block under the alcove, pull up in and use the lever to open a trapdoor in the pit below, the Skeleton drops in, we have to do the same, so make your way back down and go into the trapdoor, run into the passage and open the door. (Your strength is increasing, you can even kick the Skeleton down, but you donít have to.) Go get the Shotgun and ammo inside and turn to run out and right into the passage, kick in the door in the end and follow these passages to the shiny floored halls. (The cleaning lady we missed in the former levels has surely been working here at the time)

Level 15. The Hall of Seasons.

Timed run.

When you enter the next room, the door falls shut behind you, no way you can escape, look to the right, thereís a lever on the wall, in front are Darts, when you pull that, the door on the other side of this hall will open, timed (sorry) and Spikes will protrude from the walls, making things even harder. Save in front of the lever and pull, turn left and jump, run jump again to go over the 1st set of Spikes, run and jump over the 2nd set, jump and run jump through the Darts, which can slow you down and jump over the last set of Spikes to get through the door, better save if you got here. (This is about how I got through, try a few times, itís not too hard and youíll surely succeed.)

The Hall of Seasons.

Follow the rooms through doors to the Hall of Seasons, in the entrance are 4 receptacles for the 4 Elements you see above the paintings, Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Thereís a Skeleton roaming around here he wonít bother you too much, if you donít start messing with him. So donít waste any time here, the big circle in the centre of the room has 4 Stone quarters in the centre with the symbols of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. They are not too hard to recognize, so hereís what we have to do here, the Sequence of events is not important.

Level15/A: The Breath of Hades.

Letís start with the closest, the Air symbol, stand on it and 3 doors open to the left of the entrance you came from, ignore the symbols over the doors, look for the Air symbol inside the door, itís the left one (if Iím not mistaken), go in and pull the lever in the corner over the big trapdoor. The Gate left of you will open, go in and right to the big door, which will open for you. Now hereís a nice room, looks good! Eh. A bunch of Gargoyles, spilling their filthy breath. Go right and follow the ledge to a piece of pushable wall, push it in, get the ammo on the floor and pull the lever, So thatís the plan, you have to jump over the tree trunks to the other side where the Crystal is, go back to the entrance passage and stand a bit to the right of the centre of it, facing the pit, walk up to the edge and stand jump to the 2nd tree, save, turn right a bit and stand jump to the light coloured one, turn left a bit and stand jump to the dark one, 2nd from the edge and now the final stand jump to the Crystal. Go get it and go back, From the edge, to the left reddish one (2nd), then to the next light coloured one left, turn right a bit and to the last one at the opposite edge, get out of here and to the next stone quarter in the centre of the Hall

Level15/B: Neptuneís Hall.

Stand on the stone quarter next to the one you did before, the Water symbol, and the 3 doors to the right of the entrance will open, the right one behind the rubble is the one with the correct symbol inside, pull the lever and go into the Gate left, right and approach the big door, enter and a Demigod will throw fire balls at you, run like hell and jump straight over the pit in the centre, into the back room and into the hole, which is filled with water, to extinguish the burns on your back, dive down and look for the room with the swinging blade in the entrance, go under the blade and pull the lever inside (the water rises in the centre pit at the Demigod), back and up, climb out and run into the centre pit at the Demigod, fall into the water.

Get some air and have a look around, below you is a Circle shaped grated door, holding the Element you need. Look for the water plants in a corner and dive to them, thereís a small tunnel, swim in and follow to a lever, pull and the water level rises again. This will make it possible to enter the doorways in the top of the room, swim back and look for the opening above the Devilís face, climb into it and go left for a Health Pack, on my way out, I could push action, just left of the opening and Lara walked sideways through the left grating to get some ammo next door, if this doesnít work for you, just go out and to the opening left of this one to get it, now go to the opening opposite this one and enter, go left and to a hole in the floor.

Save here and dive in, follow to a Health Pack, you can go back for air first if you want and then follow the tunnel to a hole in the floor, go down take the next Health Pack and turn, swim through the grating with the hole and to an air pocket. Turn around and Save, swim forward, through the Spikes that will pop out, watch the health and go right in the end, an air pocket will provide for some oxygen, just in the corner at the crossing you came from is some ammo, now go straight into the big room, with the "Water Crystal" on a pillar, take it and the Circle door opens, dive down behind the pillar and look for the lever, pull it to open the door under the Devilís face, the exit, go back for air in the pocket and swim through the Devilís door, into the room you pulled 1st lever, up through the hole and climb out to where the Demigod was, run back to the Hall, when you reach the corridor with the trapdoors, youíll see that one segment of the door has changed colour.

Go for the next Element on the Circle.

Level 15/C: The Sanctuary of the Flame.

Stand on the Fire symbol and the 3 doors open; look for the Fire Symbol inside (right door?) and pull the lever at the trapdoor again, go left/right and to the big doors, great cut scene, wait a bit, this will get better, most of the fire will go out, so when you think youíre ready, head down the stairs and go as far as you can to the other side, some blocks will disappear, go jumping to the opposite side, avoiding fire spouts which make life hell, up the stairs and go get that Fire Crystal, turn and see the magic platforms to your left, from the end of the high stairs, do a run jump to the 1st platform and jump/grab to the next, run jump/grab the edge of the alcove. Get the supplies and another ledge appears to make the jump back possible, run jump back to the stairs, go down and from the 2nd step from the bottom, do a stand jump to the 1st block, turn to the floating ledges right and do a run jump to the left one, so youíll land on the one below, pull up and make a run jump to the next, turn left and stand jump, turn right a bit and new ledges appear, be careful, thereís a hole between them, walk to the 1st ledge and stand jump to the last block, from here a run jump to a safe place on the slope, look out for those holes! Go up the stairs and to the Hall, for the next challenge.

Level 15/D: The Wraith of the Beast.

Go stand on the Earth symbol, the last set of doors open, again look for the Earth symbol inside the rooms and pull the lever and to the big door, walk in slowly and see the whole floor crumble away, leaving some parts hanging by a thread, drop down the edge left and run to the grey part of the floor, (better Save on each safe part) the yellow parts of the floor will surely crumble when you walk over them, Go to the centre grey part and then over to the other side of the pit with a jump in the end, the right side from the entrance.

Turn left and hug the wall, so you can go over the narrow ledge. Now again we go over to the other side of the pit, the big floor part we are on now will take us there, go along the wall to your right and run forward, the floor starts shifting to the other side, jump off to the yellowish parts to the on the wall and side jump to the one right of this one, turn and walk to the small triangular save part. Turn and see the floor parts with the 3 steps in front and down against the back wall, jump over the gap to the bottom of those steps and this is another safe part for now.

You have 2 jumps ahead to a safe part in the dark corner, turn right and stand jump/grab to the higher part, go right a bit and one stand jump/grab will put you on a safe ledge, turn right and see the Crystal with a crumbling bridge leading to it, go as far as possible over this safe ledge and run onto the bridge, do a running jump/grab, just before you start to fall and you should now hang on the edge, pull up and get that Earth Crystal. The floor magically reappears with a hole in the centre and 2 water spouts from the ceiling, on each side (right+left) of the room are levers, you have to pull those to open the exit door, Wait! Iím not finished, 2 Skeletons with big swords, throwing fire balls at you, will make this hard, arm yourself with the Shotgun and you can shoot them a few times to win some time, disarm, pull one of the levers and run to the other side, watch out for the hole and if you happen to get toasted, run through the water spout, go for the 2nd lever and to the door. (When you run with the Shotgun drawn, be careful, Lara will try to position herself for the attack on the Skeletons, but will easily run into the hole)

Return to the Hall and go place all 4 Crystals in the receptacles at the entrance of the hall, almost opposite the door you just came out of. Donít run over the stone centre, so the doors you just came from will stay open. When you place the Crystals, the Lock on an Ancient door will open.

15/E: The Basement.

Return to the doors you came from and take the wrong one this time, the right one and use the lever to fall through the trapdoor, get the ammo left and find the slide to the Basement. Thereís

some more ammo on the floor, turn around and go find out where all the noise is coming from, stand at the entrance of the next passage, the Circle Corridor of Traps. To the right is a big Lawnmower, and to the left youíll see the Lava pits, run left and jump the pit a bit right of the centre of the corridor and see the Button like things on the walls to both sides where Spikes will pop out, but donít wait too long, the Lawnmower is on itís way, just run from one side of the floor to the other, slalom around the tips of the Spikes and run into the left passage, the Lawnmower goes by, get the ammo in the end and turn back to the corridor, run left again and jump 2 pits, see the dark door to the right, but go for the passage left first, get in just before the 2nd Lawnmower will cut you to pieces and get the Health Pack, then return to the door and open it, go down the long spiral stairs and pull the lever behind the big door, enter the room with the big Ancient Machine.

The big Ancient Machine.

Go left on the platform and turn the 1st Valve wheel under the Water symbol, back and to the ladder on other side of the platform, down and look for the next ladder down, a Skeleton roams around these rooms, so try to shoot him off the walkway into the Lava pit.

Go find the ladder on the other side of the Machine and climb up, walk around the Machine, (notice the sealed off Valve Wheel on it) find the chain spanning the gap between the Machine and a beam with a ladder, swing to the beam, go to the ladder and climb up, you have to backflip off to a higher beam. Go to the ladder there and climb up once more, get off to the right and turn the 2nd Valve, go back one ladder and face the Machine, from next to the ladder, do a run jump to the platform on the Machine and go right to a chain, spanning the gap to a platform with a ladder, swing over to it and climb up, use the 3rd Valve, go back and from the platform on the Machine you can run jump/grab to the platform at the entrance of the room.

Go down to the ground floor and to the ladder on the other side, get some ammo next to the big Chain wheel at the ladder and climb up to the 1st platform, the furnace door is open, go around and find the 4th Valve ready to use now, as you turn it, the Machine will come alive and Blades will start turning around you, youíll only have limited time to turn right and run, run jump with a right curve to the platform at the exit. Go to the door and leave, use the lever to open the exit and go up the stairs to the Circle Corridor.

Go right, the Lawnmower doesnít work anymore, so jump over the left spike, run jump over the pit to the Sledge hammer. Be careful donít run under, When the thing is down, walk against it and stay there, when it goes up, run jump and stop at once, those things there will chop your toes off, walk carefully around them, just out of reach and to the next trap, walk as far as you can to the centre of the Hacking blades, as soon as they go up and aside, run through. One more set of Hacking blades; you can crawl under them against the left wall, taking light damage.

Enter the Elevator to the left and go to the chain, let Lara pull it and when she stops, turn and go get the Ammo and bandages, to the chain and pull once more, now youíre at the top, turn and walk out to the Hall, opening some doors. You will enter through the door with the Ancient lock you opened with the Crystals. Go around to the right side of the broken floor part in front and go up to the highest point, turn right and see the Pillars going up and down, (So, thatís what that Machine was for) Stand jump to the pillar with the Scorpion sign and then to the next when it is on itís lowest point, standjumps will do fine, on the highest pillar, turn to the Metal Circle left and jump/grab up, walk over to the flat beam, going to the 1st floor landing, jump over the railing and go right, run past the Skeletons, popping out of the wall.

Go up the stairs on the other side and out to 2nd floor landing, turn right and if there happens to be a Skeleton bothering you, shoot it off the landing. There are 2 sharp points on the edge of the gap in the floor to the right, stand on the one closest to the centre of the room and turn towards the alcove left, walk back and do a run jump/grab with a right curve to grab the edge of the alcove, ( you can also go all the way around the landing and climb up here) pull the lever in there to open the door in the passage you just came out of, notice the climbable wall left of the lever, youíll be back here when youíre stronger, climb back to the landing and go around to the passage, into the door and get the ammo, turn right and push in the wall twice,(You feel stronger) get the Health Pack left and return to the alcove.

Go climb the wall and Lara will turn towards the centre of the room, go left a bit and find the small ledge, you can just reach before loosing grip. When your strength is back, turn so you are standing parallel to the edge of the alcove and grab the ceiling again, go forward and a bit left to the centre of the Dome, Lara will go up the side of the Dome and into a small room, backflip off when your strength is fading.

The Ghost Boss.

Go into the black door and follow to the next to the left, up the stairs and into a room with Ghost statues and a Coffin, Lara will walk up to it and read the Latin text, a big ugly Ghost will try to kill you and he will certainly succeed a few times before you leave this room.

When you move around, use the crawl option to avoid most of his attacks.

To the right + left in this room are several pickups, ammo, Shotgun, Health Pack. You can get those by just crawling over the floor, he canít harm you then.

The 1st Obscura Painting you need is being held by the statues around the room (the one with the blue light is holding it for the moment), but it changes place every time, just before you want to get it itís gone, the only way to stop the moving is to shoot the Ghost, so he will stop moving for a short while. As I had great difficulty in doing this, I asked around and came up with this:

Donít stand on the centre floor, inside the fire circle, but for instance in the left back side of the room, when the blue light is on there, shoot the Ghost and duck as he will go over your head, release the "Keys" for a moment and Lara will turn to aim at him again, duck and start shooting again, try to keep track as to where the blue light is, as soon as he stops moving and stays motionless (only for a very short time), holster the Shotgun and run for the Painting, hit action as soon as the hand shows up, Lara will get the 1st Obscura Painting and as soon as you get the control back, duck and crawl to the now open exit, all the way down if you like, the passage is filled with water, better save here, go straight and through the door, the next passage will totally fill with water, swim forward and up, youíll reach the big pit, through one of the closed doors at the broken bridge, where you entered the Archaeological Dig. Swim up to the top and look for an alcove where you can get air and bandages. Swim back down and look for the tunnel at the climbable wall to the and up from which you entered the pit a while back, swim in and follow all the way up, youíll go through a manhole and reach the Archaeological Dig Site under the Louvre.

Go right and climb the crate, pull up to the fence and hop over, go right and open the big steel doors, left and to the right, up those stairs.

E: The Louvre, Part 2.

Level 16: The Galleries under Siege.

Go up the stairs and a door is open in front, a Guard comes out, shoot him to get the ammo from him and head up the stairs again, a cut scene will show you Eckhardtís Goon and his buddies taking over the Galleries. They throw in Gas, go up the stairs again and the next Guard is waiting for us, take him down and get the ammo, follow the passage to the door, open it and Lara will say she canít breathe, so we have to find some Gasmask, (there was a cabinet full of them in the corridor at Carvierís office as the screen shot will show you). Go left and take out the Baddie there, get his Mag Vega, thereís one more Baddie somewhere behind you, but he carries nothing interesting, so lets move on, go through the door here into the gallerie, shoot the Baddie that drops in on a rope, (if you take him down from up close you can kick him upright again before he hits the ground, looks like you can keep him standing while heís dead already)

Take the ammo he drops and go through the door to the hall, see the door in front, youíll be back here once you got the Gasmask, go left and another Baddie is waiting to be dropped, we can use his ammo too, head up the stairs and into the corridor at Carvierís Office , shoot the Baddie on the other side and go into the 1st door right, take some Health Pills in the 1st cabinet right and head through the automatic doors right, get the Gasmask from the cabinet and be sure to go to your Items inventory to use it. You also gained the Sprint upgrade, so practice in the corridor and go back for the stairs, to the door you will see opening up in the screenshot, downstairs, in the hall near that door, 2 Baddies will wait for you, so proceed with caution and try to get one in the doorway, then run in and take out the other, follow the sign Gallerie 2, left open the door and shoot the Baddie that will drop in on a rope, no more ammo from here on, so donít waste time, go to the next Gallery and shoot the Goon on the rope, go through right passage and 1 more Baddie, down the stairs and the last one is on the right. Go down the next stairs and into the opening right, need to go to the Toilet first? Go right, otherwise go left and run into the next Gallery.

A long Movie will show you a meeting with Kurtis and the escape to the streets, where you will be overtaken by Baddies. Looks like Bouchard is trying to help you, takes you to von Croyís Apartment, but then you will see the Rat that he is, he calls in the Cleaner.

F: von Croyís Apartment.

Level 17: von Croyís apartment.

Go Stealth. To the right is Von Croyís Jackal Walking stick, take it and near the dinner table at the pillar is ammo, you can take as much as you want, it will reappear as long as you donít take the Rigg 09 to the right, get a lot of ammo and then go for the ammo on the other side of the table. Save, go for the gun and at this point the Cleaner will show up, in my case in the Kitchen, but in the next time I tried, he showed up in the other room, just run up to him shooting and he will run off, or go stand behind pillars etc. and shoot from there (Watch the health), when he ran off, he left ammo everywhere, check out the kitchen and go to the desks in this room to get more info about the Cabal and the Sanglyph, now look under he spiral stairs and get some bandages, open the door (legs stronger) there and get 3x ammo in there before you head upstairs, get the Ĺ Health Pack right on the wall next to the shower and ammo on the floor, go up the short stairs and kick in the door to the bedroom. Explore the room for all the ammo and a Health Pack, the desk will give more info on the Lux Veritatas, go down the stairs and look for the doorway the Cleaner left through, between 2 bookcases. Enter the corridor and see all the Dynamite Booby-traps set for you, go right and open the fire exit door in the end, get the Ĺ Health Pack on the wall and ammo, return to the corridor and go in 1st opening right, get the ammo near the turned-over sofa with the paint on it and turn left, see a weak part in the wall, and some ammo on the floor in the other corner, as soon as you take that, the Cleanersí buddy shoots the wall out and comes in, his weapon is empty, so he drops it. Get out the old Rigg 09, run to him and start shooting, (Watch the health) Again he will run off, into the corridor, follow him to the small room he was in, get the Viper SMG, ammo and a chocolate bar in there before you follow the Cleaner. Go into the corridor and now you have to use one of your new abilities, duck and hit the Stealth button to get flat on the floor, go under the Lasers right and to the corner in the end, stand up and go around, youíll see the Booby-traps in the staircase go off, leaving nothing but misery. When you look over to the other side in the corridor, you can see the Ĺ Health Pack, do a run jump from this landing, over the railing on the other side and go get it. Return to the landing and see the small part of the stairs in the corner, a little down, turn around and do a backflip to land on it, turn around and just walk backwards off this ledge to land on the stairs below, go down to the ground floor and look for ammo under the stairs and a Health Pack on the table, go back up the stairs and jump over the rubble to the 1st floor landing, go left and look around the corner.

More Booby-traps and the Cleaner waiting in the end of this corridor to see you blow yourself up. Stand with your back to the 1st set of Lasers and backflip through, in the corner here is some ammo, take it and jump over the next Laser at the Laundry basket, run into the alcove to the left get the ammo and run over to the other alcove on the other side, next to the Lasers, while the Cleaner takes a shot at you. Pull out the Viper and look in the direction of the Cleaner, the 1st Laser, goes on and off, time your run and run shooting through that Laser, stop in front of the 2nd set and the Cleaner is history! The cut scene takes over, youíll see Lara checking the Cleaners pockets and talking to Bouchard the Rat. According to Lara itís time to go to Prague.

So take the Cleaners nice Jeep (he wonít need it anymore) and head for Prague.

G: The Prague Levels.

Level 18: The Monstrum Crime Scene.

On the big square you stand on while it is snowing, a mean is standing next to his car, obviously heís watching Vasileyís apartment. Go up to him and hear him out, itíll cost some Euros, but it is worth it.


1: the one youíre watching... with the police tape.

2: I gather Vasiley wasÖ art dealer.

3: Keep talking till the money runs out.

4: All of them?

When the conversation is over, go into the alley left next to the car, walk to the end and look around the corner, a Baddie is taking a leak. Try to sneak up on him and take him out, get the Hammer lying on the floor and go to the opposite side of the square, into the alley there and look for 2 Baddies and a Dog around the corner. Try to lure the 1st one into the alley youíre in, so you can take them out one by one. The Dog comes in as a bonus. Look in the Alley to the left and see the steaming Manhole, open the padlock with the hammer (why the hammer, I have 2 Crowbars) and go into the Sewer. Follow to the big sewage tunnel and go right, to the hole blown into the wall to the right, get in to the basement of Vasileyís apartment. The red door to the right stays closed for now, go left and up the stairs, follow the passage and find Bouchard searching for something. Lara will take him out and handcuff him to the radiator. Question him to get all the info he has on Eckhardt, the Cabal, the Sleeper and the Paintings etc.


1: so you sold out.

2: the Cabal at the Strahov

Go through the door and enter the apartments living room, lots of nice Antiques, notice the old clock and the circle on the floor, head up the spiral staircase and go over to the other side of the landing, push the drawer cabinet against the scaffolding, youíll have to get an upgrade, otherwise pull and push it again till you got it (Feel stronger). Climb on it, grab the scaffolding and go all the way up, turn left stand jump the gap and see the Chain there, pull it 4 times and a cabinet downstairs rolls aside to reveal a Ĺ Health Pack, turn right and run jump to the scaffold on other side of the room.

The Chain there you have to pull 3 times and youíll see the old clock opening up. Make your way down from this side of the scaffold and go get that Ĺ Health Pack, go to the clock, stand in front and "action" will allow you to turn the clocks hands with the arrow keys, put it on 3 oíclock and hit "enter", the vault in the centre of the room will open up, go down and walk up to the pillar with the display, youíll get info about those Shards in your inventory, the other displays have more info about the Sleeper and the other is not translated, I donít understand Latin, so just go on to the desk, get the Fax on the floor in front of it and see itís addressed to Carvier, it has a Code on it, 31597, use this code to open the vault behind the painting on the wall.

Get the Last Obscura Engraving from it and go back up to the library, go out the door to talk to Bouchard, whereís the Dude? Check the corridor to the basement and open the door to your left, Bouchard falls out, quite dead, get the Keys he drops. Head down to the red door in the basement and open it, you will be back in the Alley where the 2 Baddies were, only now Luddick is waiting for you with more info, the Strahov Low Security Pass and he has a nice gun for sale, a Scorpion X.

Luddick will take you to the Strahov Fortress with his car.

Level 19: The Strahov Fortress.

You are in a big loading area when the level starts, go to the back and find an open container, inside you can get a Health Pack, turn back and from going out of the container, head towards the container right of the 3 stacked containers, climb it and see the Portal Crane take the top one off, this will make the climb to it possible, run jump/grab the top and climb up, go right and see the Airco on the wall, go run jump/grab to it and pull up, turn right again and do a run jump to the open place at the walkway, from here on in, be careful as there are Guards everywhere. Climb on the little grating left, turn right and jump over the railing of the walkway going over to the opposite side. Follow it to the end and climb down the ladder, itís broken, just drop onto the crate below and get behind them to hide from the Guards.

There are 3 of them, I tried taking them out in Stealth, but thatís a lot of work, just show yourself around the corner of the container and pull back get the gun out and shoot the 1st Guard that comes around the corner, wait for the 2nd and take the ammo they drop. The last one didnít get out of his little shack, so I had to go get him, you can circle around, in Stealth so you end up behind him and take him out, if he notices you just shoot him, get the Low Security Pass he drops, we really didnít need that, the one we got from our buddy Luddick, that one works fine on the door we have to open too.

In this area is a little elevator up some storage racks, but I didnít find any use for it. A move-able box, the same story. Go back up the highest crate and jump/grab the walkway again, go over to the door next to it and open the door there with the Low Security Pass, 2 Guards are patrolling the walkways here, better take them out first and get their ammo, return in the direction of the door you entered from and climb the ladder to a control room. Shoot the Guard (get his Mag Vega) inside from close range with the Rigg 09, old thing but good at close range. Pull the lever on the control panel to activate the Portal Crane, go out and over to the other side of the walkway, there is a ladder going up to an upper walkway that will take us to the Crane, enter the crane and youíll see Lara taking out some Sentry-Guns down in the Loading dock. Now back to the door again and see the ladder going down to the right.

Climb down and go over to the small door on the other side of the docks, enter and go to the concrete circle, turn right and find some loose crates and a pile of them at the Fence where the Dog is trying to get to you. Lara will see a pipe she can climb, the light coloured one, going over the Fence. Itís not possible yet, because the pipe next to it is leaking lethal gas. We have to shut that down first. First thing is to kill the Dog, then go push the light colour crate with the tree symbol on it all the way against the stack, now put the other one next to it, climb it and pull the crate on 1st level onto it, this way you can move the crate to the wall onto the light coloured crate and under the highest crate, you can climb up this crate now and push the top crate to the fence. You just got an upgrade, go down the stack and to the circle, right and find 2 crates on top of each other, pull them under the Airco and climb up, grab up the Airco and turn the valve on the pipe shut.

Itís safe now to go over the fence, grab the pipe from the top of the stack and pull up your legs (duck), drop on the other side and kill the 2nd Dog if you didnít already. Climb the ladder there to the control panel and use the lever to activate the big saw machine, the Blades cut into the stone slabs, but one of them breaks and cuts an overhead duct. Turn left and jump up to the rail of the machine, pull up and walk to the beam, go left and climb the duct, drop from the end and drop/grab to pull in there. Crawl through to the other end, go down the vertical duct by using forward and action and then you see that your buddy Luddick wasnít so lucky, now youíll see what the Monstrum is capable of, he toasts Luddick, after the cut scene, you can go forward again to reach an area where a Guard is patrolling, hard to shoot him from here, just flip out of the duct when he passed and shoot him, get the Security Card.

Donít shoot the red cylinder yet and be careful of those mines at the Lasers, go to the right from the duct you came out of and see the room with a Guard inside, itís hard to approach unseen, so just open the door with the card and shoot him close range with the Rigg 09, inside around the corner are 2 more Guards, try to lure them out one by one and shoot them, get the ammo and a chocolate bar. Go back to former room and get the ammo in the 2 file cabinets, turn and see the control panel, pull the lever on it and shut off the power in the Bio area, go out and to the Lasers, to the left is a passage, go in and open the door, Luddick is still smoking, get the bandages from the cabinet and the gun from the bed.

Leave the room and head for the red cylinder, shoot it and the big cable wheel starts rolling to the Lasers, taking care of the mines. Go crawl flat on your belly under the Lasers, after you took the Mag Vega on the shelf to the right of the Lasers, keep to the left as one mine is still active. Make your way back to the concrete circle and go right to the small green door that will give access to the Bio Research Facility.

H: Bio Research Facility.

Level 20:The Garden.

Go on till you come to a beautiful Garden with strange plants, at the fountain down there, a fat man (Dr. Muller) is tending to these plants, go talk to him and he will bring you up to date, about whatís going on here, they are breeding a new race of Nephilim and he will warn you not to mock the Cabal, you have no idea what youíre dealing with.

In the far left corner is some ammo to get, on the path and behind a Gas spitting plant, stay low on the path, as one of the plants tries to eat you alive, run into the dirt behind the Gas spitter and get the ammo, now return to the fountain and find the Gargoyle that can be turned to open a Secret passage in the right corner to the entrance, go over and into the right passage, climb the ladder and get the ammo, look for the switch and use it to open another door on the other side of the garden. Go out to the garden and up the stairs on the other side, this seems to be some kind of airlock, push the yellow button on right wall and the door will open.

The Incubator.

Enter the room where they are breeding the Nephilim. A Mutant creature with Blade hands will break out of a cell we will have to gat into later. The trick here is to get to the stairs in the left back of the room, because on the ledge to the left with the tunnels coming out of the wall is a pipe we have to climb, the Mutant (easy to kill) with blade arms will come for you and also Creepy Crawlers (easy to avoid) are released. Go off the stairs left of the entrance quick and sprint passed the incubators to the back of the room, there are the stairs to the left run up and left onto the ledge, just passed the 2nd tunnel out of the right wall, is ammo on the floor, the pipe youíll have to climb is over your head here, in the end is ammo (if you want).

Climb the pipe and shimmy to the walkways on the incubator. To the right + left are 2 Valves, go to the one on the right and open it, now over the walkways to the other side, standjumps from a few steps back, will get you over the gaps, the second jump from the small piece, you better aim left a bit, when you opened the 2nd Valve, the incubator cell just under where you are standing breaks open, revealing a passage, be sure to have full health and climb down the ladder. You have to drop the last part, because the ladder is too short. In my case, (I already killed the big Mutant) the Creepy Crawlers were all trying to get into corners of the stairs, not bothering me anymore, but in your game it can be different.

Level 21: Murky waters.

Go to the open cell and drop down in to a pool of murky water, climb out at the ledge under the passage and follow to a water filled pit with a Health Pack on the other side, slidejump/grab the ladder and get it, open the door and follow this steamy passage to another door, open and shoot the Guard inside. (If you happen to miss the ladder, youíll drop into the water and go through the hole in the grating under water. Thereís some big Mutant Shrimp making things hard, look for a ladder hanging in the water a bit forward and left, climb it from the backside from where you are coming and on the platform there, (this is the same room you would have reached if you took the route with the Health Pack) run to the wall and turn left, arming yourself as a Guard will come down the stairs. Shoot him and look behind you, on the other side of the room is a blue door, where we have to get to. First, head up all the stairs, run jump over the gap, up a ladder, to get some ammo and Health Pills behind the flower bed. Now go back to the point where you saw the Guard coming from and see the green area with the tree and the plants, in the left corner on the little mount youíll see vines on the wall, climb them and go right, then up all the way to a ledge with a yellow striped door. Opposite this door is a ladder leading to a walkway, in the end of that is a switch, use it to bring a Cable car platform to the other side of the room. Youíll need that to get over to that side.

Go back down to the yellow striped door and drop down the edge next to the ladder you came down from, drop to the walkway below and go down to the lowest platform, where you came out of the water, there is a big pipe on the wall, with a valve on it, jump onto the pipe, get the ammo and close the valve, to stop the lethal gas coming out of the pipe you have to climb now to go over to the other side of the room. Go back to the gap in the walkway and run jump to the platform where you can see a small ledge leading to those pipes, ( Save) hug the wall and go over to the pipe going up, climb it and shimmy left along the next small ledge, pullup to the platform there and look for the vine on the wall. Go study the route first, you donít have much time here, you have to go up all the way and Lara will climb to the Centre of the room, now turn around and go right a bit to get over that Cable car platform where you can drop to. From here go down to the water level again and to the blue door. Open it with the button on the wall and go into this airlock. Use the button right to open the next door.

Level 22- Valve Puzzle.

Walk the bridge to a ladder and you see a Mutant Plant closing the Gate for you, if you look closely, youíll see a pipe coming from the trunk and leading to some kind of control room, from where the plant is being fed (under that room is some ammo). Go in there and see all the Valves with a Tank and a lever. There is a table you can move out of the way so you can study the bulletin board on the wall with the sketches on it, one of the sketches has a red cross through it, seems that will be the wrong mixture. Look for the Symbols on the sketch and go to the Valves, over the Valves are the Symbols, open Valve 1, 2 and 4, from the left and the Tank will fill, use the lever to get that mixture to the plant and youíll see it taking the green stuff, it will wither and die, releasing itís grip on the Gate. Go down and through the Gate.

Level23: The Big Gardens.

This will probably be the place where we saw that Mutant Beast killing all the Guards in an earlier cut scene. Itís a big Garden with several levels of walkways, heavily guarded. One of the Guards is patrolling the ground level, go find him and take him out. He will drop his High Security Pass, the first of 3 you have to get. Now look for the higher part of the garden and go up there, have a look at those nice butterflies on the plant and go for the ladder leading to 1st floor walkway, go left and up the stairs to 2nd floor walkway. To the left is a closed door and in front you can see the roof of a greenhouse, with flat grey areas, stand jump to the first on the roof and do a run jump to the 2nd low one, a little left. (if you happen to slide off the roof, try to grab the edge and shimmy to one of the rain pipes, go down and get the bandages on the ledge in the corner before you go up again)

From this ledge you can take out a Guard on the walkway we have to jump to, the broken part in the fence is your goal, a stand jump/grab will get you up there. Go left and to the crossing at the plant, go straight to the gap in the walkway and try to shoot the Guard on the platform right and down. He will drop his High Security Pass; we will go get later as this gap is a little too much for Lara. Turn back to the plant and go right to the tree, right and left in the end, left again and to the gap in the walkway, run jump over and get the upgrade as you stand close to the gap, run jump back and now youíre strong enough for the jump on the other side. Go back there and run jump/grab over, go left and up the stairs to get a Health Pack there, now go to the end and there is a pipe behind the vine, climb it to the top, right and up to the top walkway.

As you go forward a cut scene will show you the discussion between Eckhardt and his Goons, Muller and Boaz. After that, follow the walkway to the dead Guard and get his High Security Pass. Now go back and drop at the pipe, make your way back to the 1st floor walkway, open the door there and go along the wall to the ladder to ground floor, go past it and to the right, thereís another long jump/grab to the other side. Go get the High Security Pass on the higher platform and return below to get some ammo in the end of this walkway, climb down the ladder, drop the last bit and go over to the far right corner from the entrance. In the passage there are 3 Card readers, use the High Security Passes to open the door.

Level 24- End.

Go down the stairs and into the other room down some more, this basement is filled with poisonous gas, so hold your breath and sprint to the hole in the floor, thereís water in it, swim to the next room and climb up the ladder, pull the small box left to the opening in the platform above so you can get up and jump/grab up here. Check out those footlockers for Health Pills and bandages. The door is jammed, go back to the gas basement and run for the stairs, go up and run over the walkway to the doors, which will open for you. Push the button to open the next door, in this crossing of corridors you have no choice but left, open the door and go for the next button to open the airlock, fat chance! Kurtis will take over from here as he locks us in here.

I: Kurtisí Levels.

Level 25: The Sanatorium.

Now hereís Kurtis, he has abilities we donít know yet, the farsee for instance, we will get to that later. Kurtis has a Boran X gun, a prototype he made himself. Shame he canít use that cool throwblade on his belt like he did in the Louvre. He also has the 3rd Shard in his possession.

Try nor to use the gun too much, saving ammo, youíll need it later, just try to take the first mutants out by kicking them, later on they get stronger and you have to shoot them.

The Elevator.

He is standing on a landing in front of an elevator shaft, take the ammo right and go drop down the door of the elevator, hang/drop/grab to the lower door and pull up to get some ammo behind the elevator, drop once more and to the brown floor, where you see some health pills to the right, drop one more floor and pull up, turn around and run in to the shaft, youíll land on the roof of the cabin, open the hatch and drop in. Go to the door and open get ready to kill some Blade Handed Mutant, go through the gate, take the ammo from the dead Guard and youíll see another one being taken away by the Proto, go on and right into the corridor; the Mutant there wonít bother you much, go into the open cell right and talk to the man on the bed.

He tells you he drove from Turkey with the Proto, but now he will be fed to the Beast. Go out and right, open the gate and Kurtis will use his farsee to get the code for the gate (06289). Itís in your inventory too. Open the gate and go for the next, this Mutant is very aggressive and can harm you bad. Kill it without hesitation and go on to open next gate and left into the corridor, to some white doors.

The Cafeteria.

Open them and you are in the area with the cafeteria, kill the Mutant and one more in the cell right, get the chocolate bar inside and back to the corridor, right and to the cafeteria left, some Mutants are roaming the place, (the orange guy didnít bother me so I let him be, saving ammo) take them all out, and notice the white door with the number opposite the cafeteria, remember that number. Get some ammo on the floor and go to the counter, take the Mutant behind it out and see the door in the far right hand corner, with the Card reader, back to the corridor and left, maybe some more Mutants here, run past or take out, open the doors in the end and you are in a small lab, take some ammo next to he beast hanging there and look for the Assistants Low Access Card next to the dead scientist. This is the card for the door in the cafeteria, so head back and open that door, between the tables is another chocolate bar. Head up the stairs and go right, get the Health Pack and now go to the other side of the landing, jump over the gap and there is a control panel left, use the code you saw at the door (38471) to open those doors below, opposite the cafeteria, go there and enterÖ

The Research area.

Go to the right and a cut scene will show you another scientist being attacked by the Proto, go on to the corner and take out the Mutant, open the grating on the ventilation duct and get in, go to the room where the scientist was eaten and go to the other side, open another grating and go follow the ducts to a small machine room with a big Fan, (the cut scene shows the Proto having dinner) ammo on the floor, shoot the yellow cylinders left at the fan and the ladder will fall off the platform, now you can climb up and pull the switch to close down the fan, go through and get into the duct, follow it toÖ.

Level 26: The Maximum Containment Area.

Follow the passage and open the gate, hereís another control room, but we donít have a code yet, so go right and run jump over the hole with the deadly water, to get some ammo on the other side, (you can also shimmy the cable on right wall, from standing as close to the water as possible) go back to the crossing and open the gate right and go through the white doors, at next crossing, go right and to the 2nd cell door left, a cut scene will show the code on some poor bastardís back. Now go back to the control room and get in, use the Code (17068) to unlock the cell door you just came from. Go into the cell and get the ammo, a chocolate bar on the desk and the Security Pass from the dead Guard.

A Mutant will come in, take him out and leave, go left and around that corner to the door with the Card reader, go straight at the crossing and get the ammo on the bed in the cell right of the closed doors. Go out and left at the crossing, open the door with the Pass, There are 2 mean Mutants here and a Guard in front behind a half open door in the end of the passage, better go look for those Mutants first, so you can take them out one by one, then from the door where you entered these labs go right and open the Lab door left, a cut scene will show the Proto slipping through the door past Kurtis. It will kill the Guard behind the door, so go there and crawl in; follow to a staircase down and go left in the next corridor, open the steel door in the end and walk onto the walkway in the pit where they used to keep the Proto till Lara shut the Power off. Go right and to the ladder going up, on next walkway, go left and to the bridge at the control room, there you can see the container the Proto was in.

Go to it and climb up to the roof, walk right and see the bended walkway you can stand jump to.

Go to the end of it, jumping over the gap and pull yourself into the duct, forward to a drop and down to an old ventilation shaft, climb the ladder and more dead Guards, take the Medium Security Access Card and push the button on the wall to open the door in the end of the passage. Youíre back in the passages where the Proto slipped by you, go left/left and find the door you can open with the Card, go through and down the stairs, a cut scene shows the Proto coming for you, but Kurtis will close the door with his magic hands, but to no avail, the Proto is smarter, he finds a way through the ducts and is ready to attack.

Save when the cut scene stops, arm yourself and start shooting the beast, try to keep moving back and when he drops, you can go look for a Health Pack quickly, there is some ammo on the other side of this room, get that the next time. He has to be dropped 4 times and he will take a rest between. After the 4th time the cut scene will show Kurtis finishing it off with the Crystal Shard. Go find the big switch in one end of the room, with all the small pipes going into it and pull it to end this level, Kurtis meets Lara again and they will have a chat.

I for me am glad this was the last of Kurtis, the stupid moves he makes, Duck with the right leg forward and then crawl, he will put his left leg forward first, then when he stands up again the change of legs, stupid. And that nice weapon he uses on Lara, where was it when we needed it on those Mutants and the Proto. SeeÖ Lara kills the Mutant with one round; Kurtis needed at least 5 rounds each, if not more. Ok, enough. Címon Lara lets goÖ.

J: The Search for the 5th Painting.

Level 27: The Aquatic Research Area.

So itís Lara once again, open the doors in front with the button and go to the platform, look down and seethe Sentry Guns there, they have Laser triggers. See the Valve to the right in and alcove?, thatís what we are going for, go left and drop from the platform to the floor below, go flat on your belly and crawl left and into the alcove there, through the small hole to the next alcove and stand up in front of the Valve, open it to release smoke into the room, wait till the smoke thickens and go for the pipe on the wall, left of the 2nd Gun, climb up and right, up and right again and go over to a ledge to pull up, drop to the platform below and go into that passage, follow right to a screen on the wall in front, use the button to look into the next room with the surveillance camera. If you look left of the 2 Sentry Guns, youíll see a box on the wall, with a sign saying it is dangerous, crawl into the next room and keep left along the wall, around some boxes and stop at the end of the 2nd arch, draw a gun and look if Lara is aiming at that box, otherwise change your position a bit, shoot the box and it will explode, the 2 Guns are a goner. Open the door in the end and go up the ladder in the silo, follow the passage to theÖ

The Research Area.

There are 4 pools around a central pool, we are standing over pool 1, opposite is pool 2, right is pool 3, left #4. A control panel shows the power is off, we will have to get it back online. Down in the water is one of those Mutant Shrimps we saw before.

Getting the Power back on.

Go down the right stairs and along the walkways to pool 3. The Shrimp cannot get in here, so dive in and go through the broken windows, swim left and pull the lever, (the power is back on the right hand panel, opening some doors) you can go back up for air if youíre low, a door opened behind you in the same room, so swim in and up, through a black/yellow blocked opening and up through a hole. Climb out at the Caution door and follow to a room with fences on both sides, the left side is interesting, thereís a Ĺ Health Pack, go out the door and reach the research area again. (All this work because they forgot to put a ladder in the 3rd pool.)

Go over to the other side of the area, along the left side of the centre pool, to pool 4 and into the door there. Go right and open he door, inside is another door, 2 buttons, the left one for the camera and the right one for the door, open it and step into the elevator, go down one level and get out, open the door in front and drop off the floor in front, go into the next room and look for the lever on the opposite wall. When you pull this one the power on the left panel goes on too. Go back to the elevator and call it with the right button, when you go back to the Research area, a cut scene will show how to feed the Shrimp.

Feeding Time.

Go right and make your way over to the platform high up over the central pool using the stairs. On the Crane Platform there is a big feeding bucket, pull it off the platform and onto the yellow car on the rail, push the button next to it and it will go in he direction of the control room, follow it and push it all the way in. Pull the lever and it will fill with bloody remains, now put it back on the car and you will get an upgrade (feel stronger). Push the button to get the thing over to the Crane platform. Go back to pool 3 and over to the control room there, up the ladder and push both button right to see 2 levers you have to pull somewhere, #1 is in pool #1, go out the door and onto the broken walkway, climb the pipe up, right, up, left and over to the walkway with the Cable car. Push the button to get it over to where you are and get on, over to the other side and into the doors, which will open for you. Go left to the door of the Crane control room and use the switch under the Crane sign, the bucket goes down, Shrimp happy!

Go back to the corridor and to the left door, enter and behind the 2nd door you can try to take out a Guard in Stealth, or just shoot him, look left and right for 2 cabinets with ammo. There is one of those Shrimps waiting to be released.

Getting out.

Go back to the automatic doors at the Cable car and right, drop down at the ladder and turn around, you can see the 1st lever to pull from here, the Shrimp has finished his dinner and is looking for more, but if you stay clear of him he wonít bother you much. Go to pool 1 over the walkways and stand on the low walkway near the ladder, run jump to the lever and swim down, pull and roll (a big door in the central pool opens) swim for pool 2 on the opposite side, go up for air at the ladder and dive to the tunnel that opened. Swim in and follow up, youíll see Lara hitting a button after she took a Scuba outfit, (why didnít she take some oxygen canisters?) the room fills with water, so you can pull lever #2 in there, go up for air and Save.

Dive down and swim for the big door in the central pool you saw opening up. Swim down and into the tunnel on 2nd level down, follow it to the Ö

Level 28: The Vault of Trophies.

Swim forward and left around the corner, stay high and a bit right or left of the centre, as Spikes will pop out of the walls, just after the spikes at the crossing, thereís an air pocket in the ceiling. Save here and go forward again. More spikes, stay high again and up for air, Save and go left and to a light coloured tunnel left in the end, swim down and at the wooden pillar right into the old mine tunnel, go left/right and up for air, climb out to get an aqua lung and bandages, this is a safe haven weíll get back to, swim to the crossing and go straight, you can kick in the brick wall, swim through the hole, (this is the time you can use the aqua lung, it saves you a trip back to the safe haven) and right, behind all the Statues in this room are chains, you only have to pull 2, the one behind the Statue of Limoux (go right and 3rd ) and after you get control back, swim back to your safe haven for air, only when you didnít use the aqua lung. The 2nd chain is left through the brick wall and 3rd Statue of Vasiley. After the cut scene you can roll and swim up into the hole and youíll get another cut scene where Lara gets rid of the Scuba outfit. Follow the tunnels to a Hammer block, falling down in front of you, you know what to do here, walk up against it and run jump as soon as it goes up, and follow the tunnel to a deep pit. To the right is a lever, pull it to get the magic platforms up. Turn left at the lever and take 1 step in the direction of the dark rock to the right of the central rock and aim for the 2nd magic platform from the edge, stand jump and land on it while the rest crumbles, turn right and see the platform in the corner, do a shortjump to it.(shift and jump) Turn left a bit and walk to the platform that will come up a little higher, jump and grab, pull up and turn right, jump/grab into the alcove to get another aqua lung. Turn and walk up to the edge, aim for the central rock and do a stand jump to it, now do a run jump from the point, closest to the passage where we have to go and over the ridge on the rock, you should land safely on the ledge. Save here and go to the Room with the Knights.

The 5th painting.

There are 2 Knights here, shoot them to gain some time, or just run in to the right and sprint to the lever right next to the fire place, pull it and it will open a book case with bandages, ignore for now, roll and sprint to the opposite side of the room, pull the chain left of the tapestry, it will roll up, revealing a climbable wall, if you still have time (Knights), go to the wall and climb up, right and up, right and to the crack you can shimmy right, hang and go to the platform, pull up and turn around. Jump grab the grating overhead and go over to the platform in front, drop to it and turn left, another grating will allow you to go over to the hanging wooden thing, drop to it and this will trigger another book case to open. The "5thObscura Painting" is behind it, drop from the thing youíre on and run over, maybe you have to get those Knights out of the way first. Get the Painting and maybe you have time to get the bandages, otherwise run for the fire place, crawl and get out of here. Open the next door and drop into the water, use the Lung if you want, it is not necessary; there are enough air pockets in the ceiling on your way. Save and swim down, follow the tunnels, going right every time where you can and up into the big round pit. The cut scene will show Eckhardt and his goons are waiting for you, holding Kurtis prisoner. Dr. Muller will be thanked for a job well done and Kurtis will have to deal with Boaz. With little or none ammo I might add. I had one bullet left from previous levels.

Second thing I didnít understand is why he is holding his magic Flying Disc Knife thingy in the Load screen, but you canít use it.

Third thing, why does this Slowboat have to kill Boaz, no speed at all in that Guy.

SoÖ., Iíll stop now. Enough complaining.

K: Boaz Returns. And so does Kurtis :0(

Level 29: Boaz.

As I could not do this myself, even with advice from the best raiders, maybe I will try again someday, I can only give the advice from others, on

Hereís how Joseph Borrut did it:

It is hard but not so much. It is easy if you do it with the back to one wall. Press 1 and wait for the attack. After the attack Boaz will wait for a while use this time to shoot Boazís head 4 times. Then Boaz will spread the green substance for a while, jump to one side a shoot against one of the lateral wings, it will be destroyed. You must repeat three times more to break all 4 wings. For the back wing of each side you must use the "End" button first to change the target, if not you will continue shooting the broken wing.


This is how crbutler did it:

Killing Boaz is easy on the PC if you know these things.

1) Run across the room away from it.
2) Take out you gun.
3) press the end key to face towards it and shoot it in the head when it's close enough
4) Jump (somersault) backward , shoot it in the head a few more times!!

5) Now the acid starts to be spat at you!

Now, the end key will re-select another target on the PC, but only if you press NO other keys at the same time!!!

6) If you are not moving or jumping and you probably have 4 shots before the acid kills you so shoot, re-select jump sideways

Making sure you have not lost more then 1/8 of your health, because you will need it later. Repeat and save after each wing you shoot out or each clip of ammo you pick up.

When Boaz is down, she will return as a giant Moth, you will have to shoot her again till she dies, sheís on the ground, but not dead yet, go over to her and shoot her again, a cut scene will show Boaz stabbing Kurtis in the back, but finally he will take out that magic weapon of his and cut her head off. Bit late for that weapon! (Dutchy)

L: Eckhardtís Labs.

Level 30: The Last Domain.

Go right into the tunnel and past the gate with the Health Pack, be careful, thereís a slide up ahead. Slide and jump to the 1st pillar, go to the far edge of it and do a short jump to the next small pillar, from this one a stand jump and you are at the lever (youíll get an upgrade), pull it and the gate opens, climb up the wooden walkway and go get the H.P., go out the gate, left and at the crossing right.

A lever in front of a pit, when you pull the lever, the door on the other side will open, timed, so you donít have much time (I saved after I got the control back), run jump from this ledge to the 1st pillar and sprint/jump to the next, probably you have to grab it at the last moment, at least I had to, pull up and another sprint/jump will get you on the other side, sprint into the door. Follow the tunnel to a beautiful pit, walk onto the lower small rock, do a short jump to the next and turn left, stand jump to the ladder, climb both to a broken rope bridge, run jump to he other side, walk up to the sloped part left and thereís a wooden platform on the wall, you canít see from here, stand to the wall and slide, jump/grab with a right curve and pull up to this platform, throw the lever (the lights go out at the Statues) and drop down to the rock below.

From here, you can do a run jump to the stairs, go up to the door and watch how it opens.

Level 31: Eckhardtís Lab.

Getting the 3rd Crystal Shard.

Follow the tunnel to a slide, with a rock ledge sticking out of the left wall, slide down the left side for a bit and jump on to that ledge, stand on the left back side, face a little right of the lamp further on in the tunnel and do a run jump into that, just going over the next set of Spikes. Youíll probably loose some health, so check that. So you made it to the Lab. Better not pull any levers yet, it will bring out 2 Knights, go up the steps left, to a higher part of the room, in the far right corner is the Alchemic Phial #1, (containing Purified Oxygen)get it and turn left, thereís a Ĺ HP under the wooden platform.

After that you can go for the lever in the lower part of the room, (a big wooden trapdoor opens in the floor and also the 1st floor becomes accessible) turn right and go up the ladder next to the entrance door, right on the landing and to the Stone there, it has a receptacle for the Phial #1, go behind it and stand jump/grab the wooden beam on the wall, there is a Health pack to the right, pull up and get it, go back to the stone with a short hop and go over to the ladder, stand at the left side of the hole, with your right foot on the corner of it, do a backflip and you should fall right through the trapdoor in the top of the cage hanging in the centre of the room. Get the Alchemic Phial #2 (containing Purified Hydrogen) and go back to the trapdoor quick, climb the grating of the wall and up/left to the hanging trapdoor, up to the top of the cage before it goes down into the deadly water below, climb into the opening in the wall to get Alchemic Phial #3 and get back to the cage, climb the wall of the pit on the side where the ladder in the room is and backflip to the ground floor again, turn right and run up the steps to the 2nd Stone to place the Phial #2, turn around and see the last receptacle in the room on the other side, run over and circle the pool of deadly water, place Phial #3 (containing Purified Salt)and while the cut scene plays, the Knights will be sneaking up on you. A certain substance (Iím no chemist, so I donít know what those 3 elements will bring) pours into the pool making it healthy water again, backflip in and get the 3rd Crystal Shard form the pedestal (by now I have 8 of them in the inventory).

Level 32: Eckhardtís Demise.

The exit door of the Lab opens, climb back out of the pool and run out, slide down the slope and open the door to reach the Big Lab where Eckhardt is performing his ugly business, run to the centre of the 3 pillars and the cut scene will show you whatís going on, Eckhardt is completing the final phase of the Sleepers Rebirth. He puts the 5 metal parts from the Obscura Paintings together to a deadly weapon. You will be trapped inside the big circle. Stay in the centre circle and go flat on your belly (shooting him is pointless), watch Eckhardt throwing about 6 Electric charges at you, follow the movement by turning yourself, after a while he will jump up out of sight (now you can stand up and check your health, eat a chocolate bar.) and return, he starts making 3 Clones of himself, after the 3rd, they will charge in, you can stay in the centre circle loosing some health, they will collide and as soon as they do, kick Eckhardt himself who remains from the collision, while he is standing bend and the cut scene will show Lara putting the 1st of 3 Shards into his miserable body.

He will then jump up again and return outside the ring for the next series, Fire now, do the same as before and kick him when he is bend over, the 2nd Shard will hit itís goal, the next series is some kind of Laser beams, again do the same and after Lara kicks him, the cut scene will show that Eckhardt drops at one of the pillars, Lara will go over to put in the 3rd Shard, but suddenly The Goon Gundersson appears, Karel?she calls out. Eckhardt will tell him to kill Lara, Lara pulls the gun on Gundersson, but instead of killing Lara he will do the job for her and stab Eckhardt in his head with the 3rd Shard. Gundersson isnít really Gundersson but a Nephilim that can take on different personalities. He was helping Lara all along; you get a flashback of the von Croy murder. Karel also invites her to join him in his new world order, but she kindly refuses.

Karel then turns on her, throwing Thunderbolts at her. From the centre of the room, go over to Eckhardt and get the Glove with the Weapon and from here turn left and sprint to the backside of the next pillar, behind it is a sort of switch, Lara will put the Glove in (itís no longer in the inventory) and this way lower 2 ladders on each side of this level, allowing you to climb to 1st floor, go over to one of them and climb up, run or sprint the walkway till you find another ladder going up, again go around the walkway and to the next ladder up a small hole, look for a platform sticking out to the Sleeper hanging in the centre of the room and run jump to the Sleeper, the final cut scene shows Lara putting that special Glove with the round Weapon on the Sleepers leg, which will start a chain reaction that will cause the whole Lab to explode, including Karel who goes first. Of course our Lara will just escape this inferno and reach the place where Kurtis fought Boaz, she only finds a puddle of blood and that amazing weapon of his, it pulls Lara in a certain direction and she followsÖ..

Lara walks into the dark tunnelsÖ..

                                                                              The End.

(Hope that in a next TR game she CAN use that great new weapon.)