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  Title  Author
A Highland Winter Stormchaser Oct'19
A Very Bad Grund Clara&Sponge Sept'19
Recovering the Starship Jose Sept'19
Kartvelishvili Perceiver July'19
Don't Kill the Monkeys Dino14 July'19
The Coast of France Rudolf June'19
The Mystery of the Lost Pyramid. Sabatu May'19
The 4 Secrets abbath81 May'19
Journey to Sumeria Remake Dustie May'19
Imprisoned Spirits Forever GMac May'19
The Chosen Part I Mytly Apr.'19
Tears of a Ptolemaic Dynasty BigFoot Feb.'19
The Replicants Spaceship Franky Feb.'19
   My Favorite Level Series (some of the Custom games with multiple levels) In no particular order
   The King Arthur Project Kap Team 










 Tomb Raider Reflection of Eternity teme9
 Beyond the Scion - Normal version - Hard version EssGee
 Quest of Gold (Gold edition)  QoG (Original edition) TC 14
 Legacy of the Gods (LOTG) revised walkthrough Jedi Master
 Legacy of the Gods Bonus pack 1 revised walkthrough Jedi Master
 Legacy of the Gods Bonus pack 2 revised walkthrough Jedi Master
 Egyptian Mythology Levels   &  South America Levels Jedi Master
 Imprisoned Spirits NGLE George Maciver
 Revenge of Osiris. TRO Online Team
 Jungle Ruins Series   GMac & Raider X (& EssGee)
 Jungle Ruins NG  GMac & Raider X
 TRSearch HQ Emergency TRSearch Team
 Saudi Arabia (Original)     Saudi Arabia (deluxe) DNF Donald Forgues
 Russia 2         The Training - Episode Zero Original. DNF Donald Forgues
 The Training Episode Zero Revised Version  DNF Donald Forgues
 Experiment Series> Exper.2  Exper.3   Exper.3 part 2 Bojrkraider
 Egypt and Beyond QRS
 Coyote Creek. The Team.
 Twin Crystals        Twin Crystals 2 Seifer Zero
 The Jerusalem Project Clara Masha Sponge
 Ice Age 3- '24'  Clara Masha Sponge
 1943 Series sonnyd83 (aka Davep83)
                                                                             The Annual Back to Basics
 Custom levels, built with provided objects and textures.  A nice TRLE. net competition.  










   BtB  2004  Lara at the Movies  Trle Community
 BtB  2005  Original Catacombs Wad  Trle Community
 BtB  2006  Original Asia Wad  Trle Community
 BtB  2007  Original London Wad  Trle Community
 BtB  2008  Provided Peru Wad  Trle Community
 BtB  2009  Classic Wads  Trle Community
 BtB  2010  Venice  Trle Community
 BtB  2011 Steampunk  Trle Community
 BtB 2013  Northern Legends  Trle Community
 BtB 2014  Khmer Empire  Trle Community
 BtB 2015  Greece   Trle Community
 BtB 2016  Persia.  Trle Community
 BtB 2018  Space  Trle Community