BtB 2016 - The Buried City of Susa

Level by BtB 2016

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

1 Secret.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves folder.


Just start swimming straight right after the flyby is over, go left in the big cave and get the Persian Light Sticks (Flares) from the SW corner. Turn right and swim straight to the Shotgun ammo NW. Now go up and get air in the big pool and now we are going for some more pick-ups.

First floor down, the NE corner has a Full Survival Kit. Second floor down (the bottom) get 3x Shotgun ammo and 1x Persian Light sticks from the corners of the cave.

Mirror Puzzle.

Get air and dive down to the bottom and go to that white pillar in the middle on the N (opens door to Uzis) and S side are underwater levers, use them both, the S one will open a door you can see when you pull the lever. Swim to the SE corner and into the opened door there, get in and up. Turn around and jump over to where the door opened (when you pulled the N side underwater lever), go get the Uzis and 3x Uzi clips.

Go back to the room and get the Cuneiform Piece from the table left and examine it:

“Only a ray of light can open the south door.

Choose wisely by calculating the correct angle of reflection.

Choosing the wrong mirror could lead to fatal consequences.”

You only have to move one mirror and it is the one right of the pedestal with the Cuneiform Piece. Pull/push it onto that coloured tile in the middle, the sunlight is reflected and the door opens. In the back is a valve and that drains the whole cave.

Cage Puzzle.

Go out and down the ladder, straight through the cave to the opposite wall (W) and into that passage. In there are pushable cages. You can use the two in the room to get to a shaft behind the crate in the SW corner.

One way to do it: use one of the cages to push the one on the ledge in the NW corner into the wall to make room. Pull the lower cage to the middle, between the ledge with the cages and the wooden crate. Place the second cage (SE) on the other side of the wooden crate. Then pull the middle cage from the ledge and leave it on the crate in the middle of the room. Now you can pull/push the rest aside to the N so you can get behind the one in the SW corner.

A Star Emblem.

You can’t climb up there, so go outside and back to the mirror room and use the valve to get the water back in the cave. Back out again and swim straight to the room with the crates, now you can swim up in the SW corner and get out. Avoid the knife by using the alcove on the right. In the back is another valve; the wraith won’t bother you anymore (it will probably head for that blue light you can see through the window, if it doesn’t go there, take it with you to the blue light).

Turn the valve, and go back to the waterhole and swim out and up, the upper floor of the cave is drained. Go to the S wall (the area you started this level and stand behind the small statue and push it. Underneath is a Star Emblem. Go out again and jump back in the water, swim through the passage W and up and avoiding the knife, use the valve to fill up the cave again. Get back in the water and swim left to the building (N) and up to get out (savegame.0- in case you had problems in the water caves).

Jump Lever, along the Pillars.

Watch the flyby when you step into the sand.

The Secret Quest: you’ll have to find 5 Quest Items so doors to the Secret will open up. Go the first tent on the left and grab the Desert Rose (quest item 1), hidden in the grass.

Then go to the building and on the right kill the knight on that chariot. When you get to close to the back corner, two leopards might join the battle. Go to the front of the building and when you look up at that building you can see a jump lever to the right (SE corner). Go the pool then go to the last pillar on the left, go to the side (face W) and in the left corner jump up and get to that crack.

Shimmy to the right around two corners and stop at the next corner, back jump with roll to grab the next crack. Shimmy right again around one corner to the next one and back jump with roll to another crack. Shimmy around to the highest point, back jump with roll again.

When you are at the last arch (the right hand one close to the building), grab up to the top. Turn around and jump two arches back and pick up the Shotgun there. Then jump back to the one near the building and take a running jump to that jump lever, the door on the right of the building opened (E side).

Falling Blocks, the Magnum.

Better save before you enter. Just run in and keep running around two bends, then start sprinting around one bend, sprint a bit through the last passage and jump onto the crate, you are safe there (savegame.1).

Jump down and avoiding the knives, pick up the Magnum (a trapdoor opens) and the Magnum ammo. Get back avoiding the knifes again; climb up the crates and up through the trapdoor.  

Bullfight, the Laser Sight and Well Handle.

On this roof you cannot use your guns. There is a Full Survival Kit on the floor and a bull is waiting at the other end. So entice the bull to shatter the 3 bright lights in the corners of this roof. Then get to the middle and get the Laser Sight from one table and a Well Handle from the other. Go to the N side and drop down from the opening in the ramparts. Safety drop down and watch out, as two leopards might sneak upon you (maybe you shot them already).

Use the Star Emblem, the Gold Emblem.

Go to the pool (S) and behind that building there. Shoot two scorpions and use the Star Emblem under the opening in the ramparts. Climb up and run to the other side and climb up again. Turn left and pick up the Hanging Heart of Semriamis (quest item 2) hidden in the grass. Use the Well Handle on the other side of the well, grab the Gold Emblem from the bucket and get back to the ground floor. More scorpions will scurry around. (Secret hunters; be sure to have BOTH quest items from this area before using the Gold Emblem). Go to the front and use that Gold Emblem in the receptacle at that red tile.

Down the Cave, open the Doors.

The whole cave is drained now. Go to the N side and do the trick with back jump with Ctrl to land on a ledge below where you see a column OR turn around and take a diagonal running jump with Ctrl to either ledge where the columns are. Run jump straight S onto the rock floor, find the nearby hole in the floor, bit right and then safety drop down again to the bottom of the cave. Go to the building (N) and now you can use the button to open the doors.

The Buried City.

Follow through and watch out for a dart trap further down. Go up the stairs and right, shoot the vase and get another Shotgun. Turn left and under that vase W, pick up 4x Uzi clips. Walk forward and a flyby will show you around.

Quest for the 4 Persian Scimitars. (can be done in a different order)

In the next area are doors you have to open. Go left to the S wall under the archway and find the small door a bit further to the right.

Jump the Lava room, First Scimitar.

Take a running jump to the rocks and a wraith appears, roll, wait for the flame to go down and jump back (with Ctrl) and get into the pool fast. Then back to the lava room, jump from rock to rock to the one at the S wall. Climb up and then look down, you have to stay on the safe spots, which are the ones above the rocks below. Jump rock from rock to the other side.

Grab Persian Scimitar #1 and run jump around the table into the doorway with Ctrl. Open the doors and go left along the balcony, left around the corner and a bit further turn right and jump over the railing into the pool below.

Look for some red plants on the bottom along the W side of the pool and right of the plants is the Plant of Immortality (quest item 3).

Get out of the pool and go to the small door S.

Torch Puzzle, Second Scimitar.

Go in and to the left (NE), around the corner is a small red button on the pillar there. This is a Timed switch for later. Climb one of the corner pillars with a statue of a Griffon is and spot the opening in the balustrade. I went up E, jump over to the lower pillar near the gap in the fence and shoot the vase. Take a running jump and grab the edge and pick up the Full Survival Kit, run around the balcony and watch out for a Demi God. On the W side get 2x Magnum ammo and a Barbari Bread from the small tables next to the couch. There is a double door at the N side you can open.

On the left or right of that door you see some pots and pillows on the floor and in between grab the Oil Lamp. Jump down to the floor and go outside (N). OR go through the double doors N and jump over the balustrade onto the ground below.

Once outside go to the left along side of the pool to the waterfall, ignite the Oil Lamp on one of the fire spitting statues. Go back to the previous room, straight to the back (S) and put the Oil Lamp on the rug in front of the golden block you see. Go to the NE corner and now use the Timed switch. Get to the golden block as fast as you can, pick up the Oil Lamp and run onto the block that will go up again. OR, drop the Oil Lamp just near the Timed button and pick it up and then run to the S wall to get onto the block.

Now you have to jump down onto the smaller block and go to the front and ignite the Sconce. Do that with all the other three, jumping from block to block.

The cage goes up, so drop the Oil Lamp and jump there. Grab Persian Scimitar #2. Leave the room (N).

Drop the Balls, Third Scimitar.

Go left along the pool to the far end (far N wall) and open another door. Walk in and watch the flyby.

Take a running jump straight ahead to a slope, slide jump and slide into trench with colours. Now be fast!  A coloured ball will drop down, take notice of the colour and find the button on the left of the same colour (blue), the next ball will drop down so side flip left and push the red button (use the “look” key to restore the camera when needed), then go to the green one and push that one as well. If you were fast enough, the balls should be blocked (savegame.2). Then climb the ladder onto the block (N, top of the block is deadly!) and limb around two corners and then back flip over the “green” ball.

Go up the slope and traps are triggered. Go left (anti-clockwise) through this room, avoiding the traps.

When you are ready to jump over to the “blue” ledge, just run off down to the floor below and pick up a Sword of Damascus (quest item 4) from under the blue ledge. Turn around and go to the N side around the corner and jump back onto the green slope.

Go left around again, picking up a Full Survival Kit (S), to get to the ledge NE. Flip the floor lever and face SW, run jump to the rope and swing over to the central platform. Don’t step on one of those smoking tiles (pillar tops). Get Persian Scimitar #3. 

Jump over the balustrade to the red or blue side and drop down to the ground floor to leave (S).

Go left following the wall, around a corner and come to the next small door (NE) to your left.

Move the Tomb, Fourth Scimitar.

If you run around on the ground floor you meet two Bandits. Go to the structure in the middle and left of the blue pillar you’ll find a pushable object. Push it aside and get the Scapegoat Timewaster from underneath (quest item 5). Run up the stairs in the NE corner and get Secret #1, the EnKiDu. Back down the stairs (If you used the Gold Emblem before you picked up the first two quest items, the door might not be open. In that case you can use savegame.2).

Timed Run to the upper ledges.

Go to the NW corner near the staircase and find a Timed lever on the right. This raises a block near the SE corner of this area. Side flip and sprint straight and near the wall (E) turn to the right and jump to the block, turning right take a running jump straight to grab the blue ledge W (savegame.3).

Once up there the timed block goes up again so you don’t have to do the timed run again in case you fall. Look to the middle of the room and you see two red tiles at the Tomb. Turn around and find another one on the SE corner ledge. It is easy to jump to it from the raised block. You get a screenshot from the Tomb. Another one is in the SW corner (look W).

Take a running jump NW to the blue ledge, again NW onto the central ledge with that Tomb.  Jump to the blue ledge SW. From there, jump to the pillar in the corner SW. Again a camera shot, the Tomb moves. So, jump to that middle area with the Tomb (grab the edge and shimmy) and pick up the Persian Scimitar #4. Jump NW to the blue ledge and pick up the Uzis. The door S gets you to the balcony surrounding the pool area.

Use the Scimitars.

Safety drop down and leave through the small door S. When you go out to the outside, take a right and make your way to the grand stairway (W) and kill a couple of Huge Swordsmen. Place the Persian Scimitars in their receptacles (W).                             

Boss Battle, Dagger of Time for the Jewels.

Go through the doors and blocks appear so you are locked in, watch the flyby and be aware that Seth is flying around and you can’t kill him. Run to the left behind the pillars and find the one with a crack. Grab it and shimmy to the left and after passing another pillar you can pull up. Jump over left to the next ledge and crawl under it. Climb over the next obstacle and shimmy around the one after that.

Shimmy left again with the next pillar and jump left to the next ledge to that light you see. You’ll get transported way up, run to the opposite side and take a curved running jump to the building in the middle. Grab a Full Survival Kit and the Dagger of Time. Jump back to the ledge and go to the W side. I ran from the ledge in the corner to a lower ledge and safety dropped down.

Next part you can do in any order, it all depends where Seth is.

NE you can pry the Jewel of Indus from the wall, go to the E wall on the right of the door for the Jewel of Amu Darya. NW you can get the Jewel of Euphrates and SW the Jewel of Tigris. The Spell is broken. Get out as the blocks lowered (E) at where you got into this room and watch the flyby where you see a horse waiting behind a lowered wall in the Cave….

G&D March 2016.