BtB2016 - 3 - Banditís Keep.

Level by BtB2016

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

3 secrets.

Hidden lever for starters.

Go forwards towards the curtains and get onto the windowsill and spot a lever on the right. It will open a door weíll get to in a bit.

The Storeroom Key.

Go down the stairs SE, open the door straight ahead and on a small table in this bathroom is a Full Survival Kit. Go out and right and then left into the room, in the right hand corner is a vase with the Store Room Key underneath. Go out N, right and left over a kind of bridge all the way and down the staircase. Once down take a left and open the door (E) down some more steps and you get to the door you just opened. Pick up the Persian Light Sticks and shoot the critter and go left to use the floor lever. A door in a tunnel opens.

The Storeroom, Sword Blade.

Go out of the room, left and in the far left corner of the Kebab shop you can use the Storeroom Key next to a door.

Get in and open a trapdoor on the left and climb down the ladder. Follow through and on the left behind that swinging axe you can find Uzi clips. Make your way to the end of the corridor and jump into the water. Swim through the door (opened by the floor lever) and straight ahead are some nasty looking circular knifes, you can try to swim through or take a left or a right and swim high over another knife contraption. At the end (N) swim up and end up in a pool. Get out and grab a Sword Blade from the small table and see a gate opening up behind you.

Go through that gate and up the stairs (that is the floor lever you used before), back to the ground floor.

Fountain Square, Surprise from the Well.

Go straight this time and left to another huge room, take right through the fly curtain down some steps and open the door at the end of this passage. Go into the opening on the right (N) to a Market place. Follow through and at the end next to the hanging tapestry get the Well Handle from the table. Shoot a Bandit, he leaves some Barbari Bread then go outside (E), left to the square to get to the well and use the handle on the wheel. Grab the Shotgun from the bucket, then go to the NW corner and pick up some Arrows from the floor.

Push Puzzle, to the roof for the Iranian Coins.

Go to the E wall and open the big double doors, go through to the next room and behind the statue on the left is a button you can push. Go back to the first room and on the right a door opened. Pull out the statue so you can get behind it. Look at the tile on the floor and find the same tile in the room. Push the statue on it (the SE tile). A block rises in the Well area so go there (on the left), climb it and jump onto the awning. Jump onto that wooden structure around the corner.

Secret Detour: Face the roof, jump and grab the roof edge and shimmy to the left around some corners and get Secret #1, the Magnum. Shimmy back to the wooden structure.

Jump to the next awning (S, no Ctrl). Then jump to the one on the right and from there into the opening on the wall (E). Jump down and go left, push the button to start up the Kebab machine and drop down into the trapdoor. Shoot the vases in the passage (S) and grab the Barbari Bread, on the small table is your reward for fixing the machine, some Iranian Coins.

The Laser Sight and Crossbow. 

Climb out of this room, through the passage and jump over to the roof, safety drop down and fight two nasty Bandits. Leave SW, through the market place (W) to the fountain square. Go into the opening on the right (W) and go left. Go behind the pool and to the left are shootable vases with a snake, to the right is a jump lever on the right hand wall. It will open a door in the room in the N, to the left of the door is a lady behind a market stall, place the Coins at the table (might take a step or two back) and youíll get the Laser sight. That open door is in the wall on the right (N), get in and grab the Crossbow, another door opens.

The Sword Grip.

Go out again and to the left back to the fountain square, go left again through the market place and left to the square with the well. The door is straight ahead. Go to the next door; turn around and shoot that bright light by aiming with your Shotgun or Crossbow.

Get in and find the Sword Grip. Combine the Grip with the Sword Blade and get the Bandit Sword.  

Use the Sword.

Time to use that Sword now. Go out and straight, through the market place into the fountain square. Take a right and on the right of those doors you can use your Bandit Sword. 

Boulder Puzzle, Open the Doors.

Slide down and pull the chain on the left. The door there will open but very slow, kill the two leopards and get in. Left of the opening to a cave is a ladder, climb up to the top and transfer to the right around two corners. Then from the bottom of that ladder backflip to the top of a hanging plant. Jump to the wall (N) and to the right you can pick up Magnum- and Shotgun ammo. Jump back to the hanging plant, just hop to the ledge under the ladder and grab the edge. Pull up and push the button. Get down to the ground floor and go into the cave (S). In the back is a pushable cage and it is now safe to push/pull it to the other side. Climb up and use the lever, one boulder drops down.

Second Boulder.

Get back to the room with the pool, kill the snake in the pool and jump into the water. To the right (N) is an opening and in the next area swim to the back and grab the Shotgun ammo on the floor.

Swim back to the pool and use the Timed underwater lever on the right (W). Roll and swim up, climb out and run to the pole that is near the wall on the left (N). There are cracks in the wall so grab the first (at the pole) shimmy left a bit, jump up to grab up to the wall and take a running jump to the raised block a bit on the left and from there hop onto the ledge against the wall. Push the button and see another boulder falling and a door opening. Safety drop down to the ground floor and climb the ladder to get up on the wall.

The Vault Key.

Get down and use the bridge to get into the door behind the waterfall (W).

Take a left and go to the piece of tapestry, jump up and grab into to a crawlspace for Secret #2, Uzi clips and Vizierís Staff Normal ammo.

Go to the pit and take a running jump over it (right hand side has a safe tile, see the ceiling hint), watch the flyby and go to the cave with the two waterfalls. Jump in the water and near the purple plant on the right (E) in the sand (where the bubbles are) is the Vault Key.

The Mosaic Star.

Climb out of the pool (N) and when you go further into the square with the fountain, two Bandits appear. First go to the opening on the right and in the far left corner behind a statue is a lever; flip it to open a trapdoor. Go back to the fountain and into the open trapdoor; swim through to the pool under the room you just visited. Flip the underwater lever there, roll and pick up the Uzi and swim back and get out of the fountain. Go into the same room where you used the wall lever (E) and the door is open there. Get the Mosaic Star from the pedestal. 

Key of Wings and the Key of Horses.

Go out and back to the fountain and take a right. Go to the back to that wooden barrier and turn around, then shoot that white star object. To the left against the (E) wall are more Arrows. Go back out and loop around to the left, there is a ladder you can now climb up to the next floor. Go to the back (S) and use your Mosaic Star and enter to shoot a Bandit. Pick up the Key of Wings and a Key of Horses to the right. Back to the balcony and go left (W wall), there is a lever that opens a door (for later).

For the Dagger of Time.

Go back to the ladder and climb down then enter the opening W and use the Key of Wings on the left (S). Go down the ramp and to the right. Up left here is the door you just opened. In the left corner (SW) is a small opening you can walk through. Flip the lever and go back to the room, jump on the block and face E, stand to the left and jump to the cracks in the wall there. Shimmy to the right and around the corner and then grab up into the open door. Turn around and jump to the platform (if you went back up the ramp to the upper level after using the lever SW, this trapdoor is down again). Use the lever, a wooden gate opens. Make your way down to the floor and go back up the ramp to ground floor.

Now use the Key of Horses near the other wooden gate (N).

Go down the ramp and watch the fly by, now you have to fight the Bandit on the chariot. Go into the opening where he came from (NE) and grab the Uzi clips and Magnum ammo. On the S wall is a jump lever so use it.

Go to the previous room and find a trapdoor that opened in the SW corner. Get in the water and avoid the snake (if you canít shoot it).

At the wall (N) and to the right is a Full Survival Kit, roll and use the underwater lever there. Get out of the water and leave SE. Up the ramp and left to the fountain, take a left and the wooden barriers are now gone.

The Vault.

Get in and go to the far left corner for some Uzi clips.

Go to the E wall, use your Vault Key and enter. Straight ahead are some Persian Light Sticks, and on a pedestal is the Dagger of Time. Go back where you found the Persian Light Sticks and go to the right. In the back use the Dagger of Time on that lever and retrace your steps. The Tomb has shifted to reveal a hole in the floor.

Secret: Stand on the back side (E) of the hole and hang from the edge, drop/grab into a crawlspace and get Secret #3, Vizierís Staff Normal ammo and the Vizierís Staff. Drop out into the pool below.

The Key of Circles and Stone Key.

Go pick up a Full Survival Kit (NE) and get out of the water. Shoot the beasts which leaves a Key of Circles behind. Shoot the next one as well for the Stone Key and use them at the W wall.

Go up the ramp and this is the end.

G&D- Jan 2017.