BtB 2016 - 7 - Sandstorm over Daraya.

Level by BtB2016

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. 

7 Secrets.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder

Flatbread Kebab.

Turn around and go straight, follow to the S and take a right when you get to a market place go sort of straight (NW). Find a niche on the right with a fish stall in it. Lara might look at the wall, so go behind the plant with the flowers (on the right) and use the hidden lever there.

A door opens, roll and go left and then right around a corner; the door is on the left. Climb on the counter, go to the Kebab and get the Flatbread Kebab.

Go back out, go right and left and all the way to a big tent, then go left around the corners to the lady standing behind a small table. Take one step back and offer her that Flatbread Kebab.

The Pool, Swimming.

Another door opens; turn around and head up the slope through that door. Jump in the pool and swim to the far left corner (NE) into the opening there. Go right a bit and immediately left (N), go up for air in the larger room. Swim straight into a passage (N) and follow through around corners to an underwater lever. After using it, roll and swim back, catch your breath in the big underwater room before going in the open door on the right (W). Swim in and at the slope turn around and swim down (E).

Secret: Go around the corner and take the first on the right, loop right around through a small opening and keep swimming through some corridors and at the end up. Collect Secret #1, a Full Survival Kit, Persian Light Sticks, Arrows, a Desert Rose and Poisoned Arrows. Swim back and better catch your breath first in the pool with the slope.

Dive in again and now take the second on the left, follow the twist and turns and swim up into a big room. In the far right corner (NW) you can find Barbari Bread under a vase. Now go all the way around to the N side and find a Note on a Roll, “From Level Builder” in front of the stairs.



The puzzle you encounter is difficult and may be time consuming. Therefore, you can bypass this puzzle by using this button.

In the test phase it seemed like that a lot of tester had problems to solve the puzzle in this room.

After testing I decided to make it optional. But IF you decide to complete the puzzle, you will be rewarded with two secrets including the precious Magnum with some ammo.

So you decide, enjoy!!!

Push the button; you’ll get a camera shot of blocks going down underwater. Return to the waterhole (SE). Scroll down to “Swimming for the Dagger”.

Optional: The Shrine Puzzle for a Nice Secret.

Option 2: Push the button for later and go up the stairs, once up you’ll see there is a pushable Shrine and 10 levers to help you out.

- The main goal is to bring the pushable Shrine from where it is (W) to the S side. To do that, you first have to get the Shrine from W to E, the Raising block in the will go up N, so then you have to push it there. Last stretch is from N to S.


I: Use levers 3-6-9 (counting from the stairs, so from right to left), push the shrine over to the block in the E side. A block goes up N and you will drop down. Quickly jump to the upper floor, or go left back up the stairs.
II: Use levers 1-2-9-10, push the Shrine from E to N.
III: Use 1-3-4-8, push the Shrine from N to S.

You’ll get a camera shot of a door opening up on ground level. Get down via the stairs (if you dropped down the golden blocks are climbable) and go into the door S, get Secret #2, Poisoned Arrows, Barbari Bread and 2x Magum ammo and Secret #3, 3x Magnum ammo and the Magnum.

Go to the N wall and push that button if you didn’t already.

Swimming for the Dagger of Time.

Get into the water (SE), swim down and follow through, through the narrow opening, take a left and then right into the alcove and into the tunnel (NE) around the corner over the blocks you lowered and keep swimming till you can catch your breath. Face N and swim either left or right and in the back is a small opening Lara can pull up (S). Crawl through and climb the long, long ladder (Some wild shaking of the screen can happen in the next area, no reason for concern, seems to be a bug of sorts).

Secret Detour: Run jump straight over to grab the roof and shimmy all the way right around some roofs over the market place and come to a ledge in front of a window with Secret #4, Poisoned Arrows, Normal Arrows, a Survival Kit and a Desert Rose. Shimmy all the way back and when you come to a flat wooden roof below, drop down.

Without the Secret; jump down right over to the flat roof (SW) and jump over the fence at the tent. Go to the corner and pull up onto the roof. Go to the top and jump to the next roof (W) and shimmy around two corners and then pull up onto the rock ledge, run to the left and get 2x Arrows from under the skeleton. Go back to the corner of the roof and drop down there. Watch out for a Tuareg when you enter through the curtains, go through the fly screen and another one attacks. This one drops the Dagger of Time. Get it and leave over the roof and drop down at the W side. Turn left into the cave and to the raised block (W) and open the door with the Dagger of Time.

Little Push Puzzle, Iranian Coins.

When you go through the fly screen another Tuareg appears, and before pushing that red button go back to the first room and push that little statue onto the block outside. Then go back inside to push the red button.

Go outside and see the block has moved and a trapdoor appeared next to it.

Push the statue from the block onto the sand and go back to push that button again. Go outside again and push the statue onto the next block S. Back inside to push the button again. Outside the little statue went up; now push it onto the trapdoor S. Now push the button inside for the last time and see that the statue fell through the trapdoors. Safety drop down and jump down again. Run/jump passing the knives; go around the corner to jump over another knife and go right around the corner.

Turn around the corner and spot another kind of knife (E), jump up and over it, push the button. Jump back and into the room W, shoot the vases for Barbari Bread and Persian Light Sticks.

The doors are open, climb the hill with the Golden coins and get the Iranian Coins. Turn around and climb the block that appeared in the other room, face N and open the trapdoor and get out.

The Pool, First Floor.

Go up the hill and straight (S), around the corner and take a right at the lady. Walk to the flute player at the pool and stand on the carpet (face S) to give him the coins.

Get into the rope (stand at the basket and use Ctrl) and climb, turn a bit and backflip onto a ledge. Find a crack in the pillar NE and shimmy around to the other side, jump up to grab the crack above, then a back jump with roll to the next crack.   

Shimmy around two corners and back jump to the ledge.

Cage Push to get up.

Go into the opening and to the left are push cages. Push the one on the left once and run around and pull it once so it is between the two stone blocks.

Jump on it and pull the cage once, then go around it and push it to the wall W. Push/pull the cage on the floor back so it is in the same place it was before (against the S wall). Then push the one on top as well to the S wall. Climb on top and pull up to the ledge above….

With a Secret: Go to the wall (W) and under the monkey swing climb the wall and get on the monkey swing. Turn around and follow it to a ledge on the right. Pick up Secret #5, a Desert Rose, Barabari Bread and 2x Poisoned Arrows. Then run jump down to the floor with the Gazebo (E).

(Without the Secret: Go to the windows and take a right, from the end jump down to the floor with the Gazebo). From the pedestal in the middle you can get the Crossbow, a Full Survival Kit and Persian Light Sticks.

Go to the SE corner and take a running jump over the fence so you can slide down from the slope. In the corner on the left (SE) is a button, pushing it opens the door on the right.

The Pool, Second Floor, Raise the water for the Marking Key.

Go through and take a right on the balcony, go in the opening right again and push one of the cages into the doorway so you can get one floor up Go left (E) and use the valve on the wall.

The water rises so dive in and swim through the NE corner and straight (E) then go up. Climb out and grab the Marking Key. Back in the water and to the pool and climb out on the left (E).

Go to the right and use the Marking Key (E) near the windows.

Cog Wheel Run, the Ornate Key.

Go to the right through the valley and down the first flight of stairs. Look right and spot the door. Now go all the way down the stairs, loop around to the right and use the jump lever you see on the rock wall (E) raising a platform for later.

Now go to the Cog wheel (W) and save before pulling it (you cannot save during the run). Face S and use it 7 or 8 times, turn to the left and sprint jump on the two flight of stairs and run/sprint and jump-grab into the closing door. Quickly crawl in, like into a crawlspace (savegame.0).

Follow through, some boulders are making a racket, crawl till you can stand and I stood in the corner, looking NW. Sprint through the boulders and duck (or roll) to get into the passage there (savegame.1).

Go left and you are way up overlooking the mosque. Run jump to the rocky ledge (S) and take another run jump to grab the next one. Go through and turn around, jump to grab the crack and jump up to get higher. Get the Ornate Key and safety drop a couple of times to the ground.

Go up one flight of stairs and jump into the opening in the rocks straight ahead, use the Ornate Key on the left, turn right and jump up twice so you can push the Star button. The door to the Mosque opens….

The Mosque, Timed Platform Runs, preparing for the Mirror Puzzle.

Jump out to the stairs and turn left to enter the Mosque. Go to the far right hand corner (SW) and open the doors. On the left under a vase is Barbari Bread, then into the passage and at the pit go to the right. There is a Timed lever, pull it, roll and a running jump to the other side and flip another Timed lever. This raises another trapdoor to the left so again a running jump and grab and again one to get to a safe ledge. Now take a running jump to the right around the corner (SW), stand in the higher corner and pull up to yet another Timed lever (savegame.2).

For a secret, jump to the lone pillar (NE) and go left and jump with a curve to the one against the left wall (W). Then another jump to grab even higher and pick up the Persian Light Sticks, a Full Survival Kit, 3x Poisoned Arrows and Secret # 6, another Desert Rose, spread out over the ledge. Jump back to the Timed lever.

Pull it, hop back turn a bit to the right and take a running jump to that lone pillar in the middle of the room. Jump to the pillar E and grab the crack, shimmy left around two corners and get onto a trapdoor. Take a running jump to grab the next one and from there to a ledge with a button on it. Push it and safety drop to the ledge below and leave this place (savegame.3).

The Mirror Puzzle.

Once in the mosque run into the NE direction and see a mirror has come up. Push that one into the beam (S) and another mirror appears. Push that one all the way to S wall with help of the two levers on the floor, operating blocks. Once S push it to the left (E) and the beam gets reflected again, hitting an object in the wall. Go to the SE corner into the door. Slide down and fight the two guardians of the place.

Last Mirror, Timed Run.

Pull the Timed lever in the SE corner and climb up a crack in the SW corner (face S close to left corner) and back-jump into a crevice, turn right, hop back grabbing the edge and shimmy to the right around the next corner. Immediately back jump again and wait for the block to come up (savegame.4). Jump to the next crack (S) and shimmy left and pull up in an alcove.

Use the rope to get to the other side, jump back and grab the edge and shimmy left around the corner and back jump. Then take a running jump into the opening in the N wall. Go in and jump over the gap, shoot the vase for Barbari Bread and use the reach-in switch. The last mirror comes up. Safety drop down and go into the Mosque and push the last mirror in the beam, ouch, straight in your face. Watch the flyby before you’re blinded.

Taking a Swim.

Leave the Mosque and go up the stairs to the valley where two leopards attack and go back inside to the pool. Dive in and the current will drag you over a waterfall (keep a bit left there or you’ll drop dead) into a lake. If the current pulls you against a pillar, go up, turn left or right (whatever works) and dive again. You’ll end up at a pool with a lot of purple flowers.

Up above you can see a structure with a broken bridge.

Up into the Cave, the Baghdad Battery.

Swim behind the wide pillar under the structure, climb the grate and get onto the monkey climb (just keep climbing up), turn around and follow to the other end. From the opening in the wall jump out right and get on the ledge, grab up to the crack above the crawlspace and back flip with roll to grab a crack behind you. Make some ledge jumps up to the roof and pull up. Detour for some pickups: If you drop onto the broken bridge at the front and jump left and right into the alcove for Light Sticks and Barbari Bread, on the other side you can find Arrows. But then you’ll have to make your way back up to the roof again as I saw no other way to get back up.

From the roof jump E into the cave with the pool, and run along the edge to the other side (S); then hop onto the ledge around the corner. Go left around the corner, stand against the wall and run-jump off onto a slope way down (E) then jump to grab either the crack or the top of a block. From the block stand jump onto a sloped ledge E and back flip to a ledge above the block you came from, jump once more to land on a ledge at the top of the waterfall. 

Face W, stand left (higher ceiling) and run jump to grab the sandy ledge, go straight over towards the edge to spot a kind of hanging bridge, jump there. Out the other end, safety drop onto the sandy ledge below.

Secret: turn left (N), go behind that hanging pillar on the end of the ledge and climb up, stand left to jump to a ledge left of the hanging bridge. Get Secret #7, a Desert Rose and 3x Poisoned Arrows. Jump back and go down to the sandy ledge. 

Go to the other end of the ledge (S), you probably already tried to jump there from the blocks in the water, but now you can run jump (stand on the straight edge left) around the wall S onto that ledge S. When you go to the other end, Lara will look up right to a jump lever. Climb the structure and turn right, grab up to the crack, go right and then jump up to grab the top. Shimmy all the way right to the corner, drop down twice to a lower crack. Shimmy left to the jump lever, which will open the door in the structure left. Go get the Baghdad Battery and a Bull will appear, shoot him with your poisoned arrows (I climbed onto the roof and shot him from there).

Using the Battery. 

Jump E up into the lake, swim a bit left to the E side and go wade up right into the corner (SE), into the niche and turn left to grab up into a crawlspace. Hang out the end and jump up to the ledge above, jump to the grey ledge W, from there stand jump and grab the rope. Swing and jump to the next rope and turn right so you will face a ledge behind that grey rock you just came from. Get to that ledge and inside jump to the left and turn around. Jump up to get the Barbari Bread (Lara wouldn’t climb up at my end) then safety drop down to the plateau with the receptacle for the Battery.

Two ways of getting to where you have to go:

Pretty hard: Face W and run along the right hand side of the receptacle, curve right and jump down to that sloped block NW, landing on the left side, slide far and jump to the next, just before touching it, turn a bit left a bit so you’ll jump off forward and then steer had right to hit the next block. Keep jumping the blocks steering right till you end up on the raised block in the cave’s entrance.

The familiar route: Into the water, up the ladder under the structure N, monkey climb and up to the roof as before. Jump into the E cave, go to the SW corner and there run down onto the sloped block in front of the raised block, jump inside. Jump to the last ledge against the far wall and turn left, run jump into the pool N and swim along the right hand wall. In the back (N) take a left along the wall again and in the corner near the structure is a ledge where you can just pull up if you do it carefully.

Jump and grab the crawlspace in the structure and inside shoot vases for 4x Barbari Bread, 4x Arrows and Light Sticks. 

The Sandstorm Generator.

Grab up to the opening N, follow through down a steep slope and find the Notes from a dead man. Examine:

In order to reach your goal you must master the four levers. Each lever represents a picture. Match the pictures you see on the wall with the levers. And each lever will change their colour, which represents an on/off indicator.

Beware the powerful force contained here, I will probably die here, I have no more energy to carry on. And the storm is still here, that’s probably the reason for all the sandstorms in the City..


But I have no energy left!!!

Save Often…

There’s a nasty enemy around, keep clear of him, you cannot kill him. There are 4 crowbar levers around that Yellow Sandstorm Generator. If a crowbar lever is active, it should have a different colour on the side, indicating it is active… 

Aladdin’s Lamp (Torch).

The Lamp is in a room SE (E wall), immediately right of the entrance (red light), on the wall is a grey texture, find that same texture next to the crowbar lever S side of that Yellow Sandstorm Generator and use the lever (facing W), a block goes up at the entrance to the room with the Lamps. Get in there, shoot a vase for Arrows and a Survival Kit. Pick up a Lamp in the back and get out, leave the Lamp where you can find it again. You could also throw out all of them…

Igniting the Lamp.

This can be done in a room NW (N wall), on the wall are a grey and a blue circle texture. Well we already activated the grey, so use the lever W (face N) of the generator. Pick up the lamp and jump up into the room NW, ignite the Lamp there. The vases in that room hold 2x Arrows and Barbari Bread, under a skeleton are some more Arrows. Get out.

Igniting the Scones.

-In the SW corner is a Scone on the wall, throw the lamp on the block underneath. Next to it you can see the blue circle texture. So use only the S side lever from facing E to de-activate it. Go to the raised block and ignite the Scone. Take the lamp with you for the next challenge.

-Next one is in the SE corner (E wall), left of the room where you got the Lamp. To raise the block you need to activate the N side lever (face E), so W and N are active. Go to the raised block and ignite the Scone.

- Next one is in the NE corner (N wall), this one only needs the N side lever active, so use W again (face S) and go ignite the next Scone. A door opens in the W wall. Leave the Lamp.

W Side Door, Boss Fight I, the Gold Emblem.

Inside shoot the vase left for Arrows, around the corner one with Arrows and a Survival Kit. Proceed and slide down through the open door at the end (or through the green fence, no Hammer guys) and shoot two Hammer Guys while jumping around. One drops the Gold Emblem. The door in the back opens up, open the double doors and get back to the Generator.

Use the Gold Emblem.

The receptacle is NE (E wall), you need E and N activated, N is still active, so only use the E side lever (face S). Go to the E side and use the Gold Emblem. The door opens behind you.

E Side Door, Boss Fight II, the Star Emblem.

Follow through, up some stairs and shoot a vase for a Survival Kit before you enter left. Once inside there are 2 Demigods waiting, one after the other, you know… duck and shoot.

Through the door in the back left (NW) and get the Star Emblem from the pedestal there. Go through the double doors back to the Generator. 

Use the Star Emblem. 

The receptacle is in the NW corner (N wall), this block only needs the E lever, so use the N side lever again (face W), go to the W side and place the Star Emblem on the left. the door behind you opens up.

N Side Door, Boss Fight III, the Stone Prayer.

Slide down and meet the Croc, your last Boss. You can stand on a ledge S, behind the blocks, although I think it doesn’t really matter. Shoot with all you have, save when the fireballs come and reload again. Watch the health and after the croc died, go to the ledge under the door N (can be awkward due to the collision of the Croc), get in and hop into the red light to get the Stone Prayer. The door to the right opens up. Go back out to the Generator.

Using the Stone Prayer. 

The receptacle is SW (S wall), it needs lever S and E, E is still active, so only use the S lever (face W), jump on the block and place the Stone Prayer.

Watch the cut scene and go get the EnKiDu (Enchanted Kinetic Dumper), step away and see the City comes back to life after decades of Sand Storms…

G&D – March 2017.