BtB 2016 -12 - A Perfume from Ispahan.

Level by BtB 2016.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

4 Secrets.

Slide down, climb up and watch the flyby. Drop down, go to the corner straight ahead and climb over the corner there. Follow though and halfway look up and climb the ladder on the left (W).

The Relic Skull.

In the room with the Skull receptacle, take a left and run-jump to the ladder straight ahead, climb up and slide down. Climb the ladder on the W wall to the top and backflip onto a pillar. Jump over to the next ledge and push the button. Jump back and turn left, jump to the next ledge (S) and then jump over to the one near the wall. Then jump over to the left (E) and from there into the opening on the left (E). Go behind the Tomb and drop down, use the button you find there and go back to the Tomb. Grab the Relic Skull and a trapdoor in the corner (SW) opens, jump down and crawl though. Use the ladder to get down. Continue through a short passage and use another ladder to get down.

A wooden gate opens, go through and get Barbari Bread from the table.

Behind you is an opening, jump up and down and take a running jump to the ladder straight ahead and climb up. Climb to the top of the ladder (not the wall) and backflip/roll to grab the alcove. From there jump to the floor (N). Take a left and place the Relic Skull in the small opening there… the pool is open!

Raise the Pillars.

Leave (E) down the ladder and over the block. First dive in and get out to shoot the three snakes in the water, then get in and pick up a Full Survival Kit from the bottom (N wall). Swim a bit to the W and find a small opening on the right. Swim through and through the rotating knives and up, pull out and slide deep, jump and grab the edge to avoid the spikes (with health loss).

In the next room push both Shrines once so they are against the wall (S). There are nasty creepy crawlers so make haste to get to the SW corner and get in.

This is the passage we’ve been in just before, get up the block in the end and you are back at the garden. Go straight (E) and jump on the golden block E, turn around to jump to the pillar W.

Take a running jump to the wall straight ahead and swirl a bit to the right so you can grab the crack there. Shimmy all the way to the right and pull up.

Turn around and jump to the pillar with the vase. Under the vase you can find Barbari Bread. Then take a running jump to the jump lever (E). Go back to the golden block and get on it, jump up the pillar and then jump to the one on the left. Turn right and take a running jump plus Ctrl into the opening in the wall (W). Go down the slope and save your game.

Down the Trapdoor.

There are two ways to do the next bit with the Wraith.

Hang from the edge and wait a sec, a wraith will show up, pull back up and run up the slope, safety drop down, roll and run around to the left and dive in the water. Use the golden block again to get into the opening on the wall and down the slope.

The other way: safety-drop down, turn right and run to the back of the room. There is a trapdoor there, open it and jump down in the water and wait for the wraith to kill itself.

The Market Key.

Climb up on the left, go into the corner and jump over the pit. To the right is a gate with the Stone Prayer behind it. To open this gate one has to shoot vases that are spread around. On the left pick up the Cuneiform Plate and read it:

For the serpent to live, all must first be stilled. Provoke each in turn and the circle will burn complete.

Go straight to a square with camels. Shoot the vases around the corner on the right (1/5). Retrace your steps a bit and go to the opening S, shoot on the left another bundle of vases (2/5). In the SW corner behind a plant is a crawlspace. Go in and left, up the stairs and around the next corner watch out for a boulder. There is another one waiting there but there is no need to go look for it. So up the stairs and once up and looking to the outside, take a running jump to the right to the ledge with the potted plants. Shimmy to the next one, and then a running jump to the ladder. Do climb up as high as and do shimmy around all the way to the end or else you will kill yourself. Get the Market Key from de pedestal and safety drop down. Turn around (N) and go left into the passage there to use the Iron Key next to the gate. Go through the gate to the Market. Kill the bandit that comes for you. Just right around the corner at the entrance is a white vase, shoot that one (3/5).

The Market, the Rest Key.

Go straight and go to the small table on the left and grab the Rest Room. On the next table is Barbari Bread.

Go back left (E) and to the right near the entrance in the SE corner you can use the Rest Room. Climb up the ladder on the side of the bookcase and grab the Barbari Bread.

Get down and go through the curtains to the next room. In the far left corner (SE) is an opening, just grab the wall and you can climb in. Get the Secret Key from the table and get out and down. Go back to the market, go straight and at the first stall take a right, open the small door and enter. Shoot some scorpions and pick up the Full Survival Kit and look up. Get up on the left and go to the right, up the steps.

Use the Secret Key on the lock, the door to a balcony opened, go in and pick up Secret #1, a Desert Rose. Get back down to the street.

Loop around left (NE at the market stalls) and climb up the ladder behind the vases. Almost on the top backflip, then jump to the balcony. Go to the end and jump over the corner of the fence to the next balcony. Get through the curtains; go to the right and shoot the vase left of the door (4/5). Open the door and go through the passage, kill the bandit and push the big button in the room. The door on the left opens, so enter and at the end jump to the right to grab the ledge and pull up. Make your way all around (pick up some Barabari Bread SW) and use the floor lever, some gates will open in the square below. Safety drop down losing a bit of health and kill the leopard.

The Temple Key.

Go through the new opening E, shoot the vases there (5/5) and get a screen of the gate opening up. If you shot all previous vases, go E through the market, straight through the open gate and left where you see the camels. Left again to the open gate and get the Stone Prayer. A screenshot shows where it has to be used.

The Temple.

Go back to the Market, straight through (W) and to the right of that big tree is an opening in the floor. Safety-drop down onto a ledge, then jump to the one in the corner (NW) at last to the ground floor. In the W wall is a small corridor, use the lever and see a gate going up. Go to the NE corner and backflip on the slope to jump to the block (S). From there jump to the ledge further down (S), Turn to the right and jump to the crack, shimmy a bit to the right and jump up grabbing the edge. Shimmy right again around the corner and drop one crack down, back-jump to a ledge. Climb up the ledge in the corner and jump back to the ledge where you dropped down. Now take a running jump with a light curve to the left to the slope against the E wall, grabbing the edge. Shimmy to the end and back-jump to the ledge under a ladder and up you go.

Turn to the left and go down the steps on the right (S), at the lava pit stand on the left side and turn around. Grab the edge, let go and crawl in. Get Secret #2, the Plant of Immortality, pull up with the crawl button pressed to get out and hang from the edge, then ledge jump up.

Jump over the spike pit and shoot scorpions. Straight ahead (S) on the block is a trapdoor, open it and go up to get Secret #3, the Hanging Heart of Semiramis. Get back down.

Go E up the stairs and come to a slope, turn left and go down and immediately left around the corner as boulders will drop down. Go down the slope and jump into the opening and climb the ladder.

A Temple Key.

Go down the steps and the door will open when you approach. Jump over towards the gazebo and then to the ledge in front of the door (E). Turn left and jump over, loop around the corner and place the Stone Prayer in its receptacle. Jump back to the ledge with the door and enter. Climb up on the left and take a running jump to grab the edge of the pillars. Time the emitter to take another running jump to the second one. The last one is rather tricky, pull up and run to the edge, stop and hop/grab the next one. Time the last emitter and run/jump avoiding the moving blocks and grab the ladder and climb up. Follow through and grab the Temple Key, in the corner on the right is some Barbari Bread and in the other corner is the exit.

Go up a slope and jump up, grab the edge and pull up then slide down. Jump to the right and around the ledges and then to the gazebo and place the Temple Key. The door straight ahead (S) opens so go there. Go up the stairs and to the NW corner into a crawlspace. Climb up at the end and use the valve; this floods the whole area.

Jump in the water and swim back to the gazebo room. In the middle of the ceiling is another breathing hole. Face SE and dive down to the gazebo and swim to the corner into a crawlspace you find Secret # 4, the Sword of Damascus.

The exit is in the NE corner (one floor up) so follow through and there the level ends.

 G&D April 2017