BtB 2016 -13 - Finding Aladdin.

Level by BtB 2016.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Secrets: 5

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder

Sugar Cubes.

On the left are the big doors we need to enter. Go straight, shoot some critters, up left on a ledge are vases, shoot those for the Barbari Bread underneath. Proceed along the City walls and near the corner where the camera goes in a kind of wide angle, a Warrior on a chariot will come around the corner. Shoot him till he’s dead and look for a small awning just around the corner of the wall on top of a door, grab up and jump to the one W, keep going to the last and shoot the vase to get inside. On a table in the back are Sugar Cubes, when you grab them a Bandit will attack. Go through the fly screen he came from and loop left around the corner. Pull the sculpture out of the corner to get a Full Survival Kit. Get out and drop down.

A Horse.

Go along the wall to the W, there is an open door where the valley becomes narrow. Go in and the door closes, shoot the Warrior and pick up the Stable Key. Use it on the gate to get to the horse and give the Sugar to the horse. Ride it out and left, outside and left again, around the corner of the City walls and stop at some dark blocks blocking the path.

The Bridge.

There’s a bridge we need to extend so we can get the horse over. Leave the horse there, climb that wall next to the bridge and jump over the pit and go straight into the yard in the back. To the right you can climb into a niche (left one) and get Magnum ammo. Now go to the opposite corner (NE) and up the ledges so you can jump into the opening on top of the steep hill. Slide down the other side, on a ledge straight ahead (E) is a lever; that one is for later. Climb the ledges right (S) and spot the jump lever on the block SE, stand under the lever, back flip on the slope and jump to grab the jump lever, a door opens up. Go up in the SW corner and get the Persian Light Sticks.

For a Secret: Jump from that ledge up to the ledge left or right and jump the breakable ledges to the NE corner, inside the opening is Secret #1, Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

Through the NW corner you can get back over the steep hill and to the area with the Bridge. Get the horse and ride it back N, to the right is the door you opened, inside is a gazebo, run the horse through (breaking everything) and the Architect’s lost door Key will drop. Get it and take the horse back to the bridge again and leave it there. Jump over the pit once more and go left up the stairs to open the door there.

Inside, on a table is the City Architect’s Scroll:

Mahaji forgot to water the plants and sadly most have died. Count the living ones. (a hint for much later)

Elsewhere, watch the lions- they will guide you.

Go into the right hand passage and throw the lever there to bring up a ladder in the front room. Go through the curtain right (SE), at the intersection take a right through a fly-screen and shoot a vase for Barbari Bread, also shoot a scorpion. Go back to the front room and right around to the NE corner and up the ladder there. Turn left and get Light Sticks at the bookcase NW. Turn around and loop to the left and to the right into that passage (E). Follow through, hmm it sounds like you have woken something up.

Climb the bookcase left and crawl into a crawlspace for Secret #2, Shotgun ammo and Barbari Bread. Crawl back out.

Follow the passage down to a room and get into the wide crawlspace, around the corner and find a Creepy Woman with a Knife, take the Creepy Woman’s Knife.

Go back through the passage to the crowbar lever, a big Bloke with Swords will show up kill him and then use Creepy Woman’s Knife on the lever, run down W and a leopard will show shoot it as well.

Return to the crowbar lever; go right up the sloped passage and in the end left where a wall lowered releasing that Sword Guy. Go in and down and to the right is a niche with Secret #3, a Full Survival Kit. Go back to the crowbar lever.

Down W to a ledge overlooking the bridge area, grab the crack left and shimmy around the corner to the next ledge, at the other end is a button that will roll out the Bridge. Save before using it as a nasty Fire Wraith will pester you all the way to some water. Safety drop from this ledge onto the stairs below, down to the bridge and sprint N, a bit further than the door you went in with the horse, is an opening in the wall on the right. You can already hear the flow of water. Hop into the pool and let the wraith kill itself. There are snakes down in this pool, but they won’t come up so stay near the surface.

Preparations for another Secret: dive into the hole in the bottom, swim down and into a passage to get a totally useless object and down in the pit at the end is the Gunsmiths Key. Watch your health and get out quick… (S)

Horse Race to the Timed Doors.

Time to get the Horse in action, take it over the bridge, straight into the yard and left over that steep hill and leave it facing the steep hill. Use the lever on the ledge E and get onto the horse, over the hill, right and over the bridge. Straight along the City walls and right around corners to the area where we started, right and through those big doors (savegame.0).

Inner City.

Hop through the gap in the N wall and climb down the other side, wait for the rubble to fall and proceed, through the arches and left around the corner to a square with a fountain. Shoot the two leopards.

For the Secret: Go into the passage in the SW corner, up a ramp onto a grate and shoot a vase left for Barbari Bread. Then open the door SW with the Gunsmiths Key to get Secret #4, the Magnum. Head back to the square.

From the square go N, on a ledge left is a lever, use that and go into the opening. Left around the corner is a cage, pull it out once and move it left once so it is under the hole in the ceiling. Pull up there and use the lever, the entrance closes off. Drop down, move the cage into the entrance passage against the block that went up and climb up there, hang out and ledge jump up. Snakes there; shoot them or just run for the button in the corner left. A block will rise below the entrance, creating a shortcut back up here in case you fall in the next part. Go to the entrance and run jump out sharp left to a ledge with Magnum ammo.

Jump up onto the ledge N, go to the right and from the corner jump up into an opening in the E wall (above that blue column). Inside, you can get “something that was stuck to the wall” from the pillar and behind the pillar is a trapdoor in the ceiling, open that to get Secret #5, Light Sticks and a Full Survival Kit. Get back down and drop out to the blue column. Jump back to the opening W, the snake room.

Jump out right onto the trapdoor; jump to the column E and up right into the opening in the wall. Get through the bird blades and turn left on the ledge. There is a Timed lever (S), it will open a door across the square (W) and you have to run through those pushwalls to get there in time (savegame.1).

Mahaji’s Apartment, Small Gold Jug.

Shoot the two bandits and one will drop Mahaji’s Apartment Key. Use that N and enter the apartment. Here we need the hint on that Scroll, go through all the rooms and count the plants (in the green vases) that survived (two).

Go through to a room with a scale and a small pool, in the pool is a trapdoor. Open it and throw the Timed underwater lever there to raise a timed block E of the scale. In the opening in the wall you can reach that way is the Small Gold Jug.

The Large Jug.

Now we need the Large Jug, go out of the apartment, straight to a small door SW and at the slope save. Run down the slope shooting so you hit that Star and Crescent symbol, a trapdoor will open. Jump over it and the boulder will drop into that hole. Look down into the hole and see a small crawlspace. So hop over and hang from the ledge, grab the one underneath and crawl in. At the end drop down and get the Well Handle. Get back through the crawlspace and hang from the other side and jump up to the slope. Turn around and jump onto the block which appeared. Climb up right (N) and use the handle on the well to get the Large Gold Jug. In a niche in the back of the room are Light Sticks. Go back to the apartment.


Scale Puzzle, the Rubiza Zomtu.

There were two plants still alive, that’s the hint for the amount of water needed. Step into the pool, fill the large jug, combine it with the small leaving two liters in the large. Put that in the Scale and watch what happens. Go out S and left to the Tomb that moved, get the Rubiza Zomtu. Big doors open on the square with the fountain. Go back outside and left through the Timed doors which opened. Drop from the bridge with the push walls into the water at the fountain and stay in the water.

Swimming for the Carpet Key.

Dive down under the fountain (W side), follow the tunnel to where you can go up for air. In the bottom are two holes, swim down into the smaller one, turn right and stay on this level going E to a crossing and take a left, keep left and at the end of that tunnel in the right hand corner is an underwater lever lowering blocks. Swim back, first right (W) and the keep left around corners through the lowered blocks, up and turn around (W) to go up to air.

Go to the end and wade out and come to some traps, side flip through the circular blade. Stand against the wall at the moving blocks, jump up once to break free of the water surface so you can stand jump forward through the blocks.

At the tree Lara will look up, jump and grab up to the branches and climb straight forward. At the last tree turn right and drop to grab the edge of the rock (a bit buggy). Go right and at the wall grab up to the ledge with the statue. On a small table between the statues is the Carpet Key. The wall goes down, go through and you’re back in the valley where you started.

The Magic Carpet.

Slide down, go left (S) a bit and then right through the doors where the horse is. Jump over the wall, through the arches and left to the square with the fountain. Go into the Big Doors straight ahead (W) of the fountain. Follow to a Hall with the Magic Carpet, go up the steps on the left, jump to the receptacle over the entrance (E) and place the Carpet Key, jump to the Carpet and step on….

Free Aladdin, 2 Stone Prayers.

From the carpet jump to the wall E for Barbari Bread and jump back W for Magnum ammo. Drop onto a slope next to the wall and head through to the area S. You can see Aladdin in a cage S. In the right hand corner SW is Shotgun ammo. Save and use the Rubiza Zomtu on the pedestal E and two Big Guys with Hammers come running, shoot them and each will drop a Stone Prayer (If the enemy dies to close to the base of the pillar, the object might end up in the pillar, you’ll have to try again). If you need it, there’s another Shotgun in the passage one of them came from (W).

Go into the room S and place the Stone Prayers left and right, the cage is lifted, go get him out of there….

G&D- April2017