BtB 2016 -14 - The Prison of the Daeva.

Level by BtB 2016.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions and completed with all secrets by manarch2.

We won’t mention all the small critters.

In the pool are a Shotgun and Persian Light Sticks. Around the pool are some vases you can shoot, the one on the table W has Barbari Bread.

Go N or S, down the Staircase and come to a pit, to the right in the SW corner is a vase with a Full Survival Kit and behind the pillar is Barbari Bread. NE is Shotgun ammo to be found, there’s also a cage you can pull to the W side so you can use it to get to the jump lever on the corner pillar. You’ll drop into the pit with a snake, shoot it and get Light Sticks. Climb out using the ladder S and go into the gate you opened (W). Up the ladder and run through the first trap, turn around and hop back into the pit grabbing the ladder.

Down with a detour, for a Secret later: Shimmy to the right, stay above the Blade and back jump with a roll to grab a crack, shimmy left and get into the crawlspace. Throw the lever (screen of the wall behind the Tomb) and shoot a critter. Crawl out and hang, right around the corner and back jump with roll to grab the ladder again, go all the way down, through a second Blade trap.

Get down and drop onto the floor. Pull that cage (S) out twice, hop back and grab up to the ladder. Up into the crawlspace and drop out onto the cage, grab the Shotgun ammo and save before you throw the lever to open the wall left. Moving blocks and Wraiths, keep an eye on the health and get through the blocks, jump right or left down into the water.

The Water Puzzle, Open the Tomb.

Throw the underwater lever SW to open the door right of it. Go in and climb out, throw the Valve wheel there to lower the water level. Go out and to the double doors in the E wall, open them (be careful, when you jump to them from the structure you might end up inside and stuck).

Prepare for a Secret: Because the trapdoors in the ceiling closed, the water is blocked upstairs in the pit where the snake was. To get to the Secret, that’s where we have to go now. Go up the ladder on the pillar SW, jump N to the cracks in the blue wall, up twice and right around to a ledge. Over to the cracks in the NW pillar, up to a ledge and from the ledge to the crack W, left to the opening you came from before. Get through the moving blocks and crawl behind the cage to push it once to the ladder. Make your way up through the blades (stay left against the wall and go up as high as you can before going through). Run through the cutters, dive into the snake pit and use the underwater lever N to open a door in the water puzzle room below.

Nope, you cannot get the Secret behind the Tomb yet, the stairs are closed off… So, back through the gate W down the blade ladder and the moving blocks. Safety drop into the shallow water below.

Back through the gate W down the blade ladder and the moving blocks. Safety drop into the shallow water below.

Go back to the valve wheel and raise the water level again, back to the double doors and use the underwater ceiling lever. Swim out and right around to find the block that went up there (NE).

But first the Secret; Be sure to get air first and swim into the door N, make your way through the circular blades, in the room are Secret #1, the Hanging Heart of Semiramis, a Full Survival Kit, Uzi clips and 2x Shotgun ammo. And NO air, so this is up to you… Go back out to the Puzzle room.

-Climb the block NE, grab up the cracks in the pillar, pull up into the gap and jump to grab the crack E, go right and up into the niche. Jump out right to grab the top of the pillar and from there get to the monkey climb to the jump lever (#1 for the Tomb).

-Climb onto the structure in the middle and jump to a series of cracks in the E wall, right of the double doors. Go up and right, get onto the gap in the corner pillar and jump to the crack in the E wall, left to the jump lever, ledge jump up to grab it (#2 for the Tomb).

-Swim to the pillar SW, climb out on the ladder and in the gap grab up to the crack S, left and up to a niche, from there to the ladder on the pillar and climb up to the monkey climb. Over to the jump lever (#3 for the Tomb), and the Tomb slides open.

Go up the pillar SW again, this time jump N to the cracks in the blue wall, up and right around to a niche. Over to the cracks in the NW pillar and from the gap to the crack W, left to the opening you came from before. Get through the moving blocks and crawl behind the cage to push it once to the ladder.

Make your way up through the blades by waiting at the left or right end of the ladder, just one tine below the blade, and climbing up when it goes in the other direction (that is, if you're waiting left, to the right and vice versa), this way you have enough time before it returns. And run through the cutters, at the pit to back up either of the staircases to the start room with the pool and down E where that Tomb moved aside.

Detour for a Secret.

Jump through the curtain E, into a corridor filled with traps, hop from pool to pool and before you jump through the last trap into the large room… The floor is a big trap, there are only a few save tiles you can use. The first is just left through the opening. Second E and a bit right, then right to the S, S to the wall between the waterfalls. To the NE, and then onto the ledge with Barbari Bread, Shotgun ammo, Secret #2, a Desert Rose and finally more Shotgun ammo. Jump back to the trap corridor and get back to the Tomb.

Now drop down in the pit where the tomb was and go to a Cave, grab a Full Survival Kit.

Timed Run through the Cave.

Jump right to the ledge around the pit and jump into a niche for some Uzi clips, now jump to the NE corner with the Cog Wheel. You can see the door we need to get to left. Pull 6-7 times, run against the wheel turning left to jump to the ledge, go around the cave to get to the door and roll to get inside after running against the door. There’s a ladder on the right hand wall.

Daeva Prison, the Unicorn Key.

Go down the ladder in the back, back flip from the bottom and go into the central part to shoot a Daeva. Couldn’t spare the crystals, will be explained in a bit. Pick up the Unicorn Key and go back up the ladder to the top of the structure. Climb up the ladder in the ceiling and in the passage with the Timed door up the ladder left. Back flip into a now open door and get the Assyrian Credit Roll, Examine:

Long time ago the Daeva were considered gods. But we were wrong, in fact they are terrible Demons. We went to war against them… They won. Many times. But we finally managed to lock them up.

If you find their prison, do not destroy the Crystals. If you have already done so, there is still hope. There’s another prison on the other side of town, But you’ll have to hurry. Good luck.

Use the Key, Mosaic Pieces.

Go down behind the pedestal and slide back into the cave, jump to the passage S, climb back up to the Tomb and go up to the pool, straight up the stairs W and use the key to open the doors. Left of the entrance is Barbari Bread, right is Shotgun ammo. Go into the open and two Daeva bulls attack, you have to kill those and keep good track where they die, because both drop a Mosaic Piece, pick them up.

Now head S and E to the high building, at the back side of the NE pillar is a ladder. Climb up and use the floor lever on top to open a trapdoor somewhere else. Get down, head W, N and E again and in the SE corner is said trapdoor. Drop down the ladder, follow the passage and take sideflips through the circular blade traps. At the end there's also a nasty Bird blade trap so be careful. In the chamber you can find Secret #3, the Plant of Immortality, 2x Full Survival Kit, 4x Shotgun ammo and 2x Barbari Bread. Get back the way you came and climb back outside, return S.

Use the Mosaic Pieces at the gate W and go through.

Back Street, Daeva Prison 2.

Go left and at a pit stand right against the wall, run jump straight over, you won’t make it across, but if you jump a few times from the slopes steering to the other side, you’ll get there. Go up the passage W, just keep going up stairs wherever you find them, keep moving with that Demon on your tail…

(I only managed getting the Stone Prayers by shooting at the wraith till it went into the walls and didn’t bother me till I got outside).

Run with the Wraith, and 3 Stone Prayers for a Secret.

Once on the landing, run left and open a small door. Go through, in this room are vases, there’s one you have to shoot, left side on a table and inside is a Stone Prayer (#1). Sprint to the far end and go left up the stairs, in the passage with the windows, left around up the stairs, then in the next long room is another vase, left at the last window, shoot it for the Second Stone Prayer (#2).

Turn right and head up the stairs N. A blue window, left of it is an open window, run jump from that window to the roof terrace with a blue crowbar door (which seems to be a red herring). Go straight and jump over to the terrace N, a bit right, in the grass, is the Third Stone Prayer (#3). Run to the brown floor and turn right (E), climb on the edge and run jump straight into the unknown. You should end up way down in a flooded corridor.

Swim N a bit and up left to place the Stone Prayers. The door left opens up, inside on the table is Secret #4, the Scapegoat Timewaster, on the floor 2x Full Survival Kit, 4x Barbari Bread and 2x Shotgun ammo. Get out of the room.

Go left (N) over the ledge and around the corner till you reach a sloped entrance in the N wall.

Boss “Fight”.

Slide down and if you run a few meters in this area the Master Daeva appears, bullets are of no use against him and he's making life hard during the next task. Try to avoid him best as possible and head in all four corner antechambers in this area that have a movable mirror in them (NW are even two). Move all on the respective marked tiles nearby and a cut scene shows the Master Daeva being trapped in the middle of the area. Head into the middle W chamber and exit this palace. Run up the ramp and slide down into the water current which will take you to the end of the passage. Climb out of the water and head towards the light opening to finish this level.


End of the level...