BtB 2015-25- The Tale of the Three Brothers.


Level by Tolle87


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Saves Folder.


3 secrets; tasks related to the Secret are in dark blue.


Hop over the ledge, to the right is a horse that has to be moved to a tile in the other side of the room to open the trapdoor in the middle, hop into the bright light and end up in the Hub room.


Hub Room.


You can find Rakija (small medipack), Flares and the Uzis in the grass SE and 2x Uzi clips NE. Go to the NW corner to pick up the Tale of Three Brothers NW and read it:

Oldest brother lived in the green world. He was known by symbol T. Make it appear and you shall find his spirit.

Middle brother lived in the blue world. He was a sculpture. He was well known for making pyramid replicas. Recognize his work and you shall find his spirit.

Youngest brother lived in the red world. He was a gymnast. He was best known for his long handstand. Prove yourself equal and you shall find his spirit.

The Hints in short:

Green World: T

Blue World: Pyramids

Red World: Handstand


All three gates to the different Worlds opened up.

Let’s start with Green as the Scroll suggests; S side.


Secret hunters: If you want the secret in the next section, you’ll have to kill that poor cat running around in the hub room before you enter the Green world.


Green World:


Land in a room with a barricaded door W, in an alcove to the left is Rakija.


Secret: In the opposite NW corner a pillar went down when you shot the cat so you can get Secret #1, a Gold Seahorse.


In the holes in the floor we find 9 tasks to perform to get those bars from the door. Doesn’t matter which one you do first.


- Opening SE where the Orange Juice was: Face W, hop in backwards and duck, crawl off backwards before you catch fire (You have to be as far away as possible from S wall, so the flames don’t catch you). Climb down to the bottom of the room, pick up the Uzi clips and throw the lever to get a block out in the top of the room. Stand next to the potted plant and grab up to the monkey climb to get back to the high block, climb up and grab the block where you entered this room. Shimmy right to the new block, climb over and hang from the other side, shimmy right, drop just around the corner and crawl (or walk) to the button to remove a first bar. Stand back next to the button hop over the fence and grab up left to the blue block to get up and jump out of this room.


- Opening in front of the entrance (E): Drop down a few times and shoot the lions, push the button in the end and thus remove another bar. Climb back up.


- Opening NE: down to a room with a large number of reach-in holes (the faces). There’s no hint, you have to try them all. But only 4 are of any use, S wall left, N wall right, E wall 2nd and 4th from left to get the 4x Female Fertility you need. Place those around the central pillar and blocks move aside in the floor.

The one NE has the button we’re looking for, another bar removed. Climb back up to the room starting from one of the white blocks.


- Opening N middle: climb down, get through the axe and in the back stand against the pillar (face E). Side flip over the cutter and take a sidestep right. Stay close to the walls. Run forward, side step right and forward again, Crawl through the middle of the two cutters and avoid some more axes while going for the button to remove another bar. Make your way back the same way you got here and climb back up to the room.


- Opening in the middle of the floor: Hop down, shoot the vases and get Flares and Rakija and Uzi clips, then push the button to remove another bar.


- Opening S middle: Watch your air supply down there. Into the water and immediately N on the left is an underwater lever, swim down a bit and under the SE block is a ceiling lever, best go back up for air. Swim down one of the S corners and find another ceiling lever, the gate down there opens, throw the underwater lever, swim up along the S side and find another open gate with an underwater lever that will remove another bar. Go up and climb out.


- Opening SW: Drop down, find the hole in the corner of the room (NW) and climb down again, go around to a table (hop over a cart) and move the table into the other corner (N wall). Climb on and grab up into the crawlspace, out the other end and use the lever there to lower the pillar left. Back through the crawlspace and put the table where the pillar was to reach that jump lever up there. Go left around to where the gate opened and use the button to remove another bar, the door opens up. Move the table under the hole behind the NW pillar and climb back up to the room.


- Opening in front of the barred door: Face W, drop grab the white block and go left around to drop on the ledge. Turn right (E) and jump to grab the high block, left around and back flip (down key) to the balcony. Face the ledge with the button W and run against the balustrade, then jump and grab the ledge, push the button to remove another bar. Stand jump with a right curve from the corner to grab the E or S edge of the opening and get back up.


- Opening NW: Drop down, a Table push and one of the tables has to end up on the tile in the corner. You cannot climb over the tables it seems.


Push the E table to the S.

Pull/push the W table to the E wall.

Pull/push S table to the N wall and once to the E wall (in the corner)

Middle table goes back to the S wall.

NE table goes to the tile, a block moves aside, dive down and use the underwater lever to remove another bar. Get out of there.


5 Lever Trapdoor Puzzle.


Enter the door and follow through to a floor lever, pick up Rakija and Uzi clips, throw the lever to change the room above and lower pillars E. In the next part is another floor lever, trapdoors change the room even more.

Go through to the right (N) and find 5 levers left, they operate those trapdoors and here the hint on the Scroll comes in handy. With the 5 levers we have to form a T in the room above… Not too hard, if you pulled the wrong one, just put it back up. The result should be from left to right; Up, Down, Down, Up, Down. The gate opens N, through that gate you’ll find your first Brother’s Spirit. Trapdoors open, step in.


Hub Room.


Place the Brother’s Spirit or do it later.


Blue World.


Philosopher’s Eye I and a Torch.


Through the E gate and down the blue screen, shoot a harpy at the pool, first shoot a vase right of that statue at the pool and get Uzi clips, go up W to the Main room and get Flares from a sarcophagus on the right. Back to the pool and swim down, follow the tunnel to a basement where you can climb out, shoot the Gorilla. Pull the table (N) from the object you need and pick up the Philosopher’s Eye I.


Secret: Move the table into the dark NW corner behind that pillar and now you can get into the crawlspace, go to the drop off and stand jump to the ledge with the plants and Secret #2, a Silver Seahorse. Hop into the water, swim down to an underwater gate and open it (Ctrl), follow through and up into the pool in the basement.


Go pick up a Torch in the NE corner, drop it onto that wooden crate SE, you can jump onto the crate from the higher ledge with the columns (E). That’s all for now, swim back through the tunnel E from the pool and up to the pool with the statue. Go to the Main Room W.


Vase Puzzle, Philosopher’s Eye II.


Into the passage left of the sarcophagus (N), up to the Vase Puzzle room. Along the back wall are 3 vases, a fourth is close to where you enter and has to go between the others. Go to a table E, move it around, but you cannot push it between the vase and the raised pillar, you need to get the lower table SW over here to push it in. Now you can move the vase to the pillar. Move the upper table around to the other side of the vase and push the vase onto the ledge, move the upper table to the side of the ledge so you can push the vase W once.

The lower table goes between the vase and the S ledge, the higher table on top of it and now pull/push the vase in between the others.


That small pillar goes down, go there and pick up Philosopher’s Eye II. Let’s find out what they do, go back N to the Main room, place the two Puzzles on the blocks E, blocks slide away on top of the receptacles and the left one has a lever, use that and a pillar lowers into the basement where the Torch is. Drop down there and get the Torch, drop it onto the lowered pillar. No, you cannot grab back up, you have to swim from the pool through the tunnel to get back to the main room. Throw the lever again to bring the Torch up and ignite it carefully on the flame S.


Take the Torch Up.


Go to the stairs in the W wall and ignite the wall torch right of the stairs to open the door on top of the stairs. Go up with the Torch and drop it somewhere safe. Shoot some vases for Uzi clips and Flares and find two levers in the alcove S, use the right hand one, go with the Torch onto one of the low pillars and then jump with it on top of the grey wall, under the opening in the ceiling is a lowered pillar, drop it there. First climb up into the room above, hop onto the red wall E and follow down to an upper section of the Vase Puzzle room, throw the lever left around the corner and see blocks switch position.


Go back inside and down to the Torch, go down to the ground floor and now use the left hand lever S and the Torch goes up.

Leave E, in the Main room go left up to the Vase puzzle room, loop around to the right and climb the block NW. Jump over to the balcony, go in right and get the Torch, bring it to the balcony, jump to the red walkway and ignite the wall torch, a block appears NE (you may leave the Torch here).


Walk left onto the red ledge E and jump to the lever S. Another block appears in the SW corner. Turn to the right and jump up onto the grey block and jump back down to the balcony where you came in (N).


Throw the lever on the balcony again. Safety drop down to the white ledge below, go up the new block NE and climb up to a passage in the blue wall. Follow to a lever and throw that to raise a tall pillar in the S end of the room. Get back out, to the ground floor and out N to the Main room, right up the stairs to the room with the two levers, throw the left hand one again to lower the upper pillar and use that opening to get back to the balcony in the Vase Puzzle room.


Last Block.


Jump to the block SW (without Ctrl), grab up left and jump to the tall pillar E, then turn left and jump to the boulder slope balcony (ledge with the plant). Throw the lever for another shortcut block, pick up Uzi clips and get onto the boulder slope. From the boulder slope jump and grab up (NW) to the ledge with the Pyramids. Carefully make your way (best just shimmy) over to that button NE and a gate opens at the boulder slope. Go back to the boulder slope, through the gate down the sloped passage and hop into the water. Swim left and climb out around the corner, pull the lever and see another block appear on the boulder slope balcony. Check your health, face NW and hop backwards onto the trapdoor in the back and drop into a lower part with a shark. Because you hopped backwards onto the trapdoor you can now swim sort of straight (NW) to where you can climb out. Climb over a wall, use the lever and you’re back in the Vase Puzzle Room.


Time to go all the way up…


Climb the blocks SW, to the tall pillar and jump to the balcony at the boulder slope where that last block went up. From that block jump to the white block SW and use the monkey climb to get to the red ledge with the floor lever releasing that ball finally. Hope it hit that shark…


While you’re up here, remember the hint on the Scroll and make a note of the position of the Pyramids. Make your way back to the boulder slope using the monkey climb. Go down that slide after the ball and drop into the water, shark is gone…


Pyramid Puzzle.


Grab up S at the trapdoor and now you can get into the crawlspace S. Here you’ll find copies of the Pyramids (when you enter this room, exactly in front of you is a lever that gives you a look at the pyramids from previous room, you can use it as many times as you like). 10 Pyramids and 10 buttons between the white walls left. Use only the buttons corresponding with the correct pyramids


Explained: Facing S at the buttons, the second, fourth and fifth left and the third and fourth right.


Go through the open door S and right up the steps to get the Brother’s Spirit #2. Turn around and get through the trapdoors.


Hub Room, Red World.


Take the last opening, Red (N), through the trapdoor and already spot lava under the floor…

Slide and don’t go faster than normal speed, you’ll see why.


Get out of the pool and use the lever on the block W to open the Skull doors, step through and shoot a couple of Raven. Next part you could encounter a skeleton; mine went down into the lava. Go straight through that structure (around the fire) and over to the structure on the right from there. Jump to the S and pull that table once out from under the wooden wall.

Go all the way back to the entrance, jump to the left corner of the E structure and grab the opening from there to where you pulled the table from (N). Crawl in and turn right, stand up just in the corner of the fence and the crawlspace and grab up to the roof, grab the Uzi clips. Jump W and grab the Marijuana Fumes (Medipack), aim for the hole in the roof of the structure W and jump with Ctrl at the last moment to land inside and not on the slope.


Slide down backwards from the opposite side (W), grab the edge and drop/grab to pull up in the lower section. Pick up Rakija and Uzi clips and throw the two floor levers. One raises pillars at the entrance and one opening a gate above this structure. Hang back out W, ledge jump up and shimmy left to pull up at the corner, stand as high as possible and stand jump back up to the floor. Slide off E and jump to grab the central structure. Go to those pillars at the entrance and climb up, jump to the central structure (maybe a bit left of the high roof part) and then jump over to the E structure again, this time onto the roof, pick up Flares on a balcony left and go over to the gate. Get the Flares in the back and Uzi clips from the box you can shoot and then stand on the raised tile next to those. Grab up to the ledge above and enter.


Open the Timed Gate.


The door closes and a huge Mutant appears, shoot it. Grab up to the wooden pillar close to the entrance, jump to the one S and turn left. Remember the next part of the route; Jump and grab the slope on the wall and go left to pull up. Turn around on the high part and back flip over the top, grab the edge and shimmy left. Pull up and back flip with a twist to grab the end of the sloped wall there. Go left up to the top, spot the Gate N. To get to the Timed lever, jump over to the stone pillar left. Gain left to the one S and SW without Ctrl to the lever, save.

Pull and while the gate is showing, do a blind roll, sidestep left and hop back, at this moment you get the view back, so you’re ready to run jump to the wooden pillar, land against the wall, turn right and then jump to the sloped wall, left to the ledge and back flip over the top, shimmy left to the end and pull up to back flip with a twist to grab the end of the sloped wall, left fast and jump from the op to the wooden pillar N and a bit right. Pull up and run jump to the floor, sprint through the gate (savegame.0). Drop down at the end of the passage.


Run with the Ball.


You’ll land in front of a gate with a Ball; go down the slope till you get to a lever, release the ball with it and the gate will open too. As soon as you have control back, sprint as fast as you can down the slopes. At the end of the slopes is a gate, no lever. Just run into the far corner against the gate and wait it out (savegame.1).


Secret: Side flip over the ball and go back up the slopes to where the ball came from, the classic “Secret hideout” and this time we find Secret #3, a Bronze Seahorse. Go back and over the ball.


More Balls.


Go through the gate and climb up the wall, go through to a room with a lion button and a bunch of balls up a slope behind you. When you push the button, the trapdoors open up, run down the slope and jump over a pit (in the dark) to grab the slope. Just hanging there won’t save you, here the “Handstand” from the Scroll comes in handy, pull up with “Shift” and Lara will do a handstand while the balls pass underneath. Hold Ctrl when Lara comes down and do a back flip over the pit from that slope. The gate there opens up (savegame.2).


In the next room shoot a vase for Flares; to the left is the Brother’s Spirit #3, get down the open trapdoors.


Hub Room.


Place all Minotaur Head Tools and slide down behind the grey door, pick up Marijuana Fumes  and Rakija and enter the next room after you saved the game.


Serpents Lair, the Brotherhood Key.


Here you have to jump along the outer walls to get to a white pillar ledge up Sand get a Key while dodging the 3 Serpent attacks. Save often and start to run to the right immediately when you enter, get under the cover of the floor N and look SW to spot a button (1) (Note by author; those serpents don’t actually attack at all for about 15 seconds). Dive into the water, swim to the other side (S) and climb up right, right around the corner is another button (2). A trapdoor now opened in the wooden ledge SE. Climb up facing N and run behind the white wall to take cover. Run and jump over that roof, to the next hiding place. Run left around that wall and jump to the pillar to do a running jump to the wooden floor N. Run to the other side, curve left and jump to that white pillar SW. Get close to the wall and jump up to grab the monkey climb. They don’t seem to notice you here? Go to the end, drop and run again, jump straight S and grab the white ledge right of the high pillar. Pull up right on the pillar E and run with a left curve to jump (No Ctrl) to the wall NE, curve right at the end and jump around the high pillar to grab the lower one with the Brotherhood Key (savegame.3). Run jump back to the wall N and then into the pool, swim down the hole in the middle and follow through to where the Key can be used.

Go through and pick up the Sword of Trinity.


Step into the bright light…


G&D Oct. 2015.