BtB 2015-24- The Path To Olympus.  

Level by m.julien

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Saves Folder.

5 secrets, tasks related to the Secret are in dark blue.

2015, Somewhere in the Aegean Sea…

There’s air above the bell tower, swim down and around the bell tower to the roof in front of the chapel and find Perseus’s Sword (crowbar) in between the seaweed.

Swim into the opening at the right hand side of the building (near the bottom under a small roof), keep swimming straight (N) through the church and in the back is a passage (left or right) with an opening in the wall (N) where you can get air again. (If you swim to the left there is Orange Juice (small medipack) on the bottom in between the seaweed as soon as you come into the church hall.)

Get out and see the crowbar lever. Use the Sword on it, a trapdoor opened where we go next. To the right are Flares, and Orange Juice at the other end of that passage. In the W passage is a table you have to move all the way to the N, in front of a broken wall you can then kick down.

In the end of that passage is the trapdoor opened by the crowbar lever. Dive down and the current takes you to an underwater gate, open it and swim up to the staircase. On top of the staircase are closed gates we have to open.

Go left over the rocks to where you can jump onto the low pillar in the water, jump up to the terrace on the right (W), go in and push a lion button. Back out, get back onto the staircase and jump to grab the pillar in front of the S terrace, get in there and left around the corner is a lever for a timed trapdoor over the spike pit, turn left, run to the pit and stop (Shift). Jump up to climb on, turn left and jump to grab the crack in the wall, shimmy left around the corner and ledge jump up to the floor above to push the Lion button and a gate opens.

Get back to the stairs and through the gate and inside a Gorilla will attack. Follow the caved in passage and slide down into water. Follow through to the Realm of Poseidon.

The Realm of Poseidon, Cog I.

You can do the next quests in a different order too. Take a right and go into that opening N, left is a floor lever, I heard a gate.. Probably the one all the way up above this passage in the top of the Realm.

Go out, remember this route: Climb the block next to the statue (S side, with the vases) and jump to grab the crack in the tall column (SW). Shimmy left around and ledge jump up, then back flip with a twist and grab an arch, ledge jump up a few times to the rock ledges above. In the tall grass a bit left are Uzi clips. To the E you can see a Cog mechanism; we need three Cogs, so let’s go look for them.

Scale Puzzle and a Torch.

There are several ways to do the next room; this is how I did it:

Jump over to the ledge on top of the tall columns and jump into that opening N (gate opened by that first lever). Climb the block left and then grab the opening in the (N) wall. Drop out the other side and a flyby starts, turn and in front of you are Torches. Pick up a Torch. Hop down to the floor, go right and spot a grey tile left of the balcony E, drop the Torch on it. Turn around and go up the sand hill W and climb up to the balcony. Inside Lara looks to the right, in the fountain is the Small Vase (waterskin). Go through NE and drop down. Use the button to open a trapdoor, climb the grate fence and back flip to the floor.

Just inside to the right is a sloped block, backflip on it and jump to grab the balcony, go to the lever S and it’ll flood the main room.

Go out, swim around the blue white dolphin pillar to the back, keep swimming almost at the surface and Lara will stand up in the corner of the pillar.  Climb to the top, hop to the grey column NE and from there jump to the balcony N witch a scale and the Large Vase, there’s a scale and also a hint on the floor, that not completely filled vase, must be about 4 litres. Hop back to the grey pillar, run off the SW corner so you’ll land back in the corner of the dolphin pillar. Here you can use the Vases (you can also go to one of the fountains in the side rooms).

Fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin.

Get back up the dolphin pillar, jump to the column and to the balcony with the scale, put the 4 litres in the scale. Nice music, but what happened? A pillar went up S so you can leave later…

Hop into the water and climb out at the E balcony, go inside and left, to a sand hill N, grab up to the crevice above and shimmy left. Back flip onto the balcony and use the lever S to drain the main room again. Drop down, turn around and go left (NW) and go down to a lever that will raise a pillar near the entrance, thus bringing the Torch up (if you put it onto that lowered pillar). Climb the fence and backflip and go get the Torch and ignite it in this room. Take it with you to the Main Room and go to the other side (W). You can hop onto the balcony from the left corner of the sand. Ignite the wall torch on the balcony to re-open the gate and go in. Ignite the two wall torches in the fountain and the gate in the Main room opens up. Leave the Torch on the balcony, go back in, as we have to go first back up to the flood lever on the balcony above (block NE and back flip). Swim to that open gate N, grab the Cog there and swim to the exit (S), a pillar raised there when you did the scale puzzle so you can get out.

Boulder Run, Cog II.

Get down at the other side and jump to the ledge on the columns, then over to the left side rock ledges (W).

Detour for two Secrets (can also be done earlier or later): Walk to the right towards the dark corner (NW), face W and hop back to grab the edge, drop/grab down to a crevice with Secret #1, 2x Uzi clips. Pull up holding the crouch key. Couldn’t find a way back up, so safety drop down and go left into the SW corner and walk up into the dark corner as high as you can get, run jump and grab the ledge E and go left around to pull up at Secret #2, the Uzis. Drop down and make your way back up to the W side rock ledge. Climb the block at the statue and use the column and the cracks to get up and jump over to the W side.

Go inside, watch a flyby and walk straight to the waterfall, bit tricky, but you should just walk down a bit angled and fall straight down into the room below, in deep water to soften the fall (closed door). Go to the front of the room and throw the floor lever, the gate opens and a platform goes up in the upper part of the room, make a note of the lion face in the alcove S.

Go back to the back room, spot 2 more lion faces (all together there are 3) and grab up to a crack in the NW pillar, ledge jump up to the ledge with the column and jump to grab a crack in the right hand wall (N). Jump up twice to an alcove and hop onto the raised pillar in the same corner as where you came up. Now you can jump over the platform you raised to the S balcony (get a hit of the lion face). Use the left hand lever there (lion face in the room below), jump back over the platform to the N side and use also the left hand lever (lion face in the room below). Take a right to the front room and jump over to the S side where you have to use the right hand lever (lion face in the room below), you’ll get a screen of a door opening up. Jump down into the deeper part of the water below and go to the back room (down from the waterfall again) or go back to the other side of the room where you can go down the cracks to the ground floor.

Through the door and jump over to the stone bridge, take a right and climb up to the floor above using the pillar in that passage. Pick up Flares and hop into the opening S.

Secret: Look left, light one of those flares and spot an alcove in the dark, jump there to get Secret #3, 3x Uzi clips. Jump back to the ledge.

Go to the right (W) end and jump onto the block, then to the left onto the top of the arch. Run jump to grab the crack S and ledge jump up to the next inactive spike ledge, go left over some trapdoors to a lever. Use it; slide back down onto the bridge. Make your way back up the same route (by climbing the pillar straight ahead and so on), now go right after the ledge jumps and follow all the ramps up to the Cog. The ramp suggests a Ball, so save while facing N and pick up the Cog. Do a run jump towards the N slope with a bit of a left curve so you can sprint down the slope, several spike traps you’ll have to avoid, follow down to those trapdoors and slide down to the bridge. It will crumble when that ball comes near, so slide as far as possible and jump to grab the other side (savegame.0 / video 24-boulderrun.wmv). Jump back E and exit to the Realm.

 “Mirror” Symbol Puzzle, Cog III.


Go to the open gate S and get a flyby of the rooms. In the first part of the room you can see a pushable ornament S, go through the “glass” wall what looked like a mirror and look E, best with the spyglass from standing W. Look left and right and on the left you can see the only out of order symbol, the diamond. Pull the pushable out, move it left to the trapdoors along the E wall and place it on the third trapdoor from the left.

Ball of Yarn.

Go to the back of the room and right (SW), grab up to a crack S, shimmy right and jump to grab the ledge above, shimmy left because of the spike trap before you pull up. Turn around, jump to the pedestal and grab a Lenght of Yarn. Drop down, go through the “mirror” to the N end of the room and do the same to get More Yarn, combine both parts into a Ball of Yarn and drop down, go S trough the “mirror” again to the back and into the opening, use the Ball of Yarn on the yellow tile to de-activate the spike traps.

Open the trapdoor, drop the pushable.

But first turn right and grab up to the ledge in the pillar, turn around and jump to grab the balcony, jump to the S side and use the lever, you can see something of a trapdoor, but nothing else. Get back to the other side, down to the floor and when you go check the mirror room you can see the pushable is gone. You could also hear a trapdoor slide open.

Now go where you disabled the spikes, pick up the Yarn and go down the hole to the lower section (trapdoor opened when you went back to the mirror room and IF it isn’t go back through the mirror and return). Find the pushable right (E) and push it onto the tile as suggested if you look to the left. The gate opens left (W), get in there and follow up to another room full of spikes, climb the cracks on the right and shimmy to the right around the corner to a balcony with 5 levers.

Spike Room, 5 Levers.

They control the spikes; you’ll have to create a path through. Use 1-2 and 4-5 from left to right, drop down, go through to the other side of the room and into the passage. Climb up right and jump over to the ledge in the room, then to the column with a Laser Sight and Cog III.

Using the Cogs.

Go back E, out to the right (S) and up the cracks, though the spikes into the Mirror Room and get out straight ahead (N) back to the Realm. Make your way back up to the ledge on the columns, go E and jump a bit left to the ledge, go up to the mechanism and place the 3 Cogs. A new cave opening below the ledge is now accessible, slide down backwards from the ledge opposite the 2nd and 3rd Cog and drop to a block, jump into the cave. Swim through the narrow gap and get out near a door, loop around left or right to use the button at the other side (W) and the door opens. Go through and come to a room with a strange blue tornado. Shoot a vase right for Secret #4, another Uzi.

Now go up the stairs and grab Zeus’ Thunderbolt. You’ll end up in a different place, a pottery workshop. Go straight down the stairs; follow the street to where two Centaurs attack. Kill them and return to the room where you came in. To the right is a passage (N) where a pillar went up now, climb up to the room above, pull/push the table into the doorway of the next room. Climb up and grab the trellis (monkey climb) Follow that over the street to the house on the other side and drop onto a balcony. Go further and jump left over the fence to grab the roof N, shimmy to the left and pull up. Crawl into the passage and follow to a crowbar lever. Face S and use it, a door opens below where you shot those Centaurs. Get down to the street, to the W and grab Ambrosia before going into the door left.


Jump over to the platform in the big room, pick up the Very Ancient Scroll and examine it.

Apollo, you must help Paris to kill Achilles, he isn’t immortal… Remember it, Zeus.

Kill Achilles.

To the right in the sarcophagus is the Bow with Arrows, left of it are even more Arrows and also an Apple, pinned to the wall with an arrow. Someone’s been practicing… Turn around and go to that ladder in the alcove S, up and back flip onto the ledge. Jump straight over to the walkway and then a run jump out to the right to get to that wooden platform. Onwards to the balcony E and you’ll get a screen of Achilles’ or at least what’s left of him over the years.

Pick up some more Arrows, and from where you stand, aim for the lower part of the legs (heel) and shoot with arrows. If you hit him correctly an explosion occurs and he’s killed.


Hop back onto the wooden platform and safety drop down, a path of light appeared to the opening W, so jump over and grab the edge and at the end jump over. Slide down and step on the hot grate left to pull the lever. The gate opens up W; save before going in, the floor will collapse. Slide and jump over towards Medusa.

Two Fire Dragons will attack too, so better get far away from them and run to the N side where you’ll find two sets of Thunderbolt ammo. Don’t use the Thunderbolt from close up or you’ll die too. I shot the two with pistols… You are safe from Medusa’s attacks on the S end of the platform. From the S side, when she is firing to the left, sneak and jump into that opening right (E), face S at the pole, go up and back flip roll to grab the ledge. Stand behind the block to be safe for a bit.

When looking W you can see a lava flow, just left of it is a pickup, and that’s a Secret.

Now go down N onto the ledge you can see, jump from that ledge a bit left to the next and then a left curved running jump up to the block at the N wall. Go left a bit to jump right around the wall to the ledge, grab up left and ledge jump up to the floor above. Go out S…

Before using that lever… from the SW tip of the ledges, run jump with Ctrl to land right of the lava flow, jump over to the other side and grab Secret #5, Pandora’s Box. Jump back to the battle floor and make your way back up N. Once Medusa is dead this Secret will be burning and is unavailable.

Go back up to the ledge with the Hammer and use the lever to kill the B…. Medusa. Now the whole place stars shaking..

Go in and to Pegasus, give him the Apple from the pedestal left and ride him down the hole to the lava, up the S slope and take a right up the steep slopes.

G&D – Oct. 2015.