BtB 2015-22- The Secret of Rhodes Island.


Level by Bojrkraider


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Saves Folder.



9 secrets, tasks related to the Secrets are in dark blue.


A Pythagorean Puzzle Piece I.


Go straight through the streets, right up the steep street and all the way to the end. When you come to a square where Pierre is walking back and fro, go to the right and use the lever at the small tree (NE). This fills the fountain down below. Shoot the beehive in big the tree where Pierre is parading (be sure you’re not aiming at Pierre) and watch the bees attack, the villager jumps into the fountain to escape. A trapdoor he was standing on before opens in the street, get down into the sewer and find a Pythagorean Puzzle Piece I in the water at the end. Get back out.


A Vase, The Happy Mask.


Behind those tables (W) and left you can pick up some Orange Juice (small medipack) and a Vase (waterskin). In the NW corner is another Orange Juice between the tables. Fill the vase in the fountain. In front of the big tree you can find Arrows in the grass.

Go to the scales (SW), put the water in it and the gate opens. Inside grab the Happy Mask from the pedestal and leave. Oooh, Pierre shot the cat…I didn’t…


Timed Run up the block.


Go up the steps straight ahead and on the left pull the TIMED lever at the lion face, this will pull a block out on the right hand side of these stairs. So hop back twice turning right, sprint along the top of the stairs, climb left onto the block, roll and a running jump to the trellis while the block is already retracting. Climb up on the left and jump right, down to the stone bridge between the houses. Jump one further and shoot out the window, get in and grab the Shotgun ammo straight ahead and Orange Juice in the left corner. Shoot the amphora’s to push the table out of the way and open the trapdoor in the ceiling.


Magnum, Bow and Perseus’ Sword.


Climb in and under the small crate left is the Magnum with some ammo. Open the wooden door, get the Bow on the left and reach into the reach-in hole on the right twice for Perseus’ Sword.


Secret Detour: Where the Bow was, grab up left to the rim on the wall, shimmy right to the next balcony. Run jump NW from the balcony to the grassy area, go around the trees and find Shotgun ammo and Secret #1, an Amphora. Jump back to the balcony and shimmy back to where you got the Bow.


Pythagorean Puzzle Piece II, Laser Sight and Shotgun.


Get back inside and down through the trapdoor to the broken window. Take a running jump to the right to land on that balcony. Open the door and get the Flares on the right. Under the crate is the Shotgun, and in the shelves is the Laser Sight and Orange Juice, use Ctrl twice. Jump behind the row of cupboards and find a Pythagorean Puzzle Piece II. Back out the door.


The Sad Mask.


Jump over the fence to the street below, roll and go S to the first square you get to, with the market stall. Go up the stairs (the one made of stone) on the left, halfway up turn to the right (E) and jump to that balcony. Here is another TIMED lever, just leave it for now.


Detour for a Secret: Go to the other end and jump to that breakable tile, I shimmied all the way to the right, pulled up and a running jump gets you to the top of that arch (or shimmy around to the last one and then pull up and run-jump to that arch). Pick up Secret #2, a Honey Pot. Drop down S.


Go all the way back to the beginning of the level (S).


Use the Pythagorean Puzzle (combine the pieces) on the right and go through the gate. Pry the Sad Mask from the wall ahead and combine it to get the Happy/Sad Mask.


Timed Run for the Block, the Symbols Key.


Go back out, take a left and a right, go up the stairs again and jump to the balcony again. This time use the Timed lever, hop back turning left a bit and run jump with a right curve onto the stairs, run up along the left side and at the top jump right around the wall to land on that block behind the stairs and quickly jump up to grab the balcony there. Use the Happy/Sad Mask and jump the trapdoors (W) to the balcony near the fence, grab Shotgun ammo. Jump over to the staircase and get the Flares.

Safety drop down and use the reach-in hole (twice) for the Symbols Key. Turn around; climb over that wall (S) to get to the square and on the stone blocks is Shotgun ammo.


Go down to the theatre and in the small passage left you can pick up Secret #3, Olives.


Go back to the block near the fence where the ammo was and jump back over the fence. Go to the NE corner of this square and up the slope and use the Symbols Key on the door at the top.


Holy Key, Golden Key.


In the corridor kick the door in on the left. Get the Flares and shoot the wooden box. Use the Sword on the lever; you’ll hear something. Go out to the corridor and open the next door (E). Pick up the Flares and find the Holy Key behind the cupboards. Back to the corridor and open the next door.

Find the Golden Key in the hole in the floor (lowered by the crowbar lever), Orange Juice and Flares in the cupboard. Go out and use the Golden and Holy Key.

Open the Sarcophagus for Pandora’s Box and a Very Ancient Scroll, read it:

Thank you. Pandora’s box is finally opened. The underworld shall rule once again.


The Underworld, the Lyre.


Go out of the passage down the wooden slopes and shoot the two scorpions. Well, the place certainly changed… Jump the blocks in the lava sea to the SW, slide down into the pit and enter the underworld.


Jump the blocks in the lava stream to get to the other side. Into that passage (W), time the spikes and use that TIMED pull lever. Get into the passage right of it and loop around to the left through an opening that you created with that lever. Loop around left and go straight, avoid the spikes and at the end lower yourself down and back jump so you can get the Shotgun ammo, then shoot the Harpy when it shows up.


Get a hold of that crack in the end of the passage and jump up to the next, then a back jump/roll to a crack behind Lara. Jump up again and then shimmy to the right, jump up and then a shimmy to the left. Jump up to a small meadow. Get the Lyre from that potted plant (SE); watch out as knives pop up. Near a rosebush NE is Ambrosia and there’s Shotgun ammo SW. Get back down using the cracks you came up from. Safety drop down and go back to the lava stream.


Onwards, Down the Caves.


Jump to the lowest rock in the stream and better hop to the ledge on the right (W) to take on another harpy. Make your way slowly (picking up some Ambrosia on the way), to the E side; you can see a lever there. Jump over to the ledge right and then to the ledge with the Shotgun ammo above the lever. From there, safety drop down.

When you pull the lever you’ll see spikes, so that means going all the way back up to the upper end of the cave and jump to the spiked ledge when the spikes pop up, keep running with a right curve and jump to the right on that ledge (NE). Go to the end and use the crack to shimmy left and jump up and hoist up.


Centaurs, use the Lyre.


Next room there are two Centaurs, nasty place to kill them, but best from close up and your back to the wall. Jump to the other side N and open the door with the Sword. Watch out for the spikes and two boulders will drop from Atlas’ shoulders, you can safely get through the room when you stay close to the right hand wall. Go to the back (N) and use the cracks on the right to get onto the ledges one floor up. Avoid the swinging axes and the darts and up some steps (S).

Place the Lyre on that statue straight ahead, in the room below some tiles have been raised. But there’s also another Centaur you have to deal with first.

Go to the left side (door there), face S and hang from the ledge, let go and grab the pillar, let go to grab one crack down then shimmy around one corner, drop and go shoot the Centaur. Make your way back up to the upper ledge through the crowbar door.

Hang down near the door on the right (W), drop one time and go around the corner, then back jump with roll to get to the next pillar, shimmy to the right and jump up. Back jump and roll to the platform. Jump over and use the TIMED lever and drop to the ground floor, quickly go left and jump on the small pillar E and from there to the one higher, push the button and roll, run jump back to that pillar with the Timed button because we have to do this once again, to open the second door and the pillars and button are in the NW corner. The jump back to the button saves you the trip back through the crowbar door and traps.


(And this is the route when you aren’t able to jump back to the Timed button: Go back to the room with the boulders and climb up again (the door left (E) is open). Get back to the Timed button.


Pull the ring again. Drop and get to the back of the room, up the pillars NW for the button there to open the W door at the Lyre statue. Go back to the room with the boulders and climb up again (both doors are open) (savegame.0 / Video-rhodespillars.wmv).


We have to visit the E door first to get some items we need W.


E side:  Church, a Cog.


Get in and make your way to the ground floor and into the passage N. Go left and climb up, get the Magnum ammo and drop down at the other side, continue N. Jump up and get outdoors.


In the far right corner (SE) next to the church and between the grass you can find another Bow and a Laser Sight (in case you missed the first one, we didn’t of course). Go back to the front of the church (W) and shoot the left or right side of the cross. Then go to the small statue (NE) and push/pull it to the other statue so the different looking tile is in between them. Get down and get the Holy Image Plaque and use it inside the church on the right. This is a NO WEAPONS ZONE. A skeleton appears, lure him to the barrel in the E section and then get into the crawlspace at the N side, use the lever inside to open the gate. Lure the skeleton in and close the gate again and locking the skeleton up and leave through the crawlspace.   


Back in the E section, grab ambrosia where the barrel was and pull/push the table just outside so when you climb on top of it you can climb on the rafter above the door and find a Cog. The church door opens again.


The Lagoon, Cog #2.


Leave the church, head into the cave (NW) and start climbing up (SW) all the way up to the door. Now go into the other door (W), down to a lagoon and shoot the shark.

Swim to the NE corner where the boxes are and get Shotgun ammo, get into the water and under this island is a small opening, swim in and get Cog #2.


Go to the SE corner and down the slope there. Follow through, pick up some Ambrosia and get Secret #4, a Silver Seahorse a bit more down. Get back and just run into to the water. To the right there is an underwater gate (N), pull it open, grab Secret #5, a Gold Seahorse. Swim out, right and to the N, left around the second pillar in the middle of the lagoon and at the N side of that pillar is a small coral bush with Secret #6, a Bronze Seahorse.


Now make your way to the opening in the S wall and climb in, kick down the wooden wall at the end and use the first of two Cogs on the wall. Shoot the harpy in before using the second Cog. Watch the flyby and go back to the water. The water level has risen so swim to the N wall and use the underwater lever there. Get out (E wall where you came from) go to the room with the Lyre statue if you want the secret, if not you can swim to the SE corner and the current will take you away.


Secret Detour: Look down left; a pillar has come up (N side). Safety drop onto the pillar and then jump to the N to get Secret #7, the Ancient Jewels. Hop back to the grey pillar and drop to the floor.


Lava Caves: Snake Goddesses.


From the ground floor into one of the hole in the floor S, hop onto the part where the water flows and follow down to the waterfall, now you have to go down the ledges again as the Lava below is still deadly. Get to the ledge with the lever you used before. Run-jump into the opening under the waterfall. Shoot a scorpion, and take his Snake Goddess, follow through and turn around to climb up at the end. Crawl onto the block right to get the Second Snake Goddess, climb out and ledge jump up to the next ledge, turn around a bit and grab the next and the next. Climb the pole and back flip off.


Use the Snake Goddesses, Medusa.


Grab the Flares from the corner, then place the two Snake Goddesses at the door.

Shoot the giant Mutant (when you run around a bit there might be a second one showing up), get Ambrosia from the large pool near the entrance and push the wooden horse (S) away from the Lion lever.


Timed Run with Medusa.


Save a lot in separate slots and do this as much as possible in corners against the wall.

Pull the TIMED lever, roll and sprint to the other side, jump up and grab the crack on the right, jump up once and shimmy to the right, back jump with twist to grab the next pillar, shimmy around right and pull the jump lever #1 there. If you get torched, you could jump into the small pool.

Now you have to do that Timed lever again and this time shimmy passing that first jump lever. Around a pillar and jump up. At the other side back jump to grab the next crack and jump up again. Shimmy around the corner and do a couple of jump ups (2 wooden platforms) and shimmy right again till you can drop on the walkways.

Go to the N side and climb the block next to the statue and crawl in, drop down behind the statue and use the button #2, there.

Go to the W wall and to the right of the statue and hang from the ledge, let go and grab and get in, use button #3 there. Crawl to the right (S), hang back out and jump up, pull up and use lever #4 behind the statue. Turn left (S) and take a running jump, grab the crack and lower down to use that jump lever #5.

When you drop down a pillar comes up underneath.


From the raised pillar, jump up the same cracks to the wooden platform in the pillar, go right along the crack to get back up to the ledges. Go around the N side to the SE corner (Medusa will be confused) and run jump to the upper crack in the S wall, go left and drop along the wooden platforms to the lower crack and go right to use the last jump lever #6, a last Ball will destroy Medusa (savegame.1).

Once Medusa is dead pick up Hade’s Eye and jump out of the way quick.


From the SW pillar, get back up to the crack. Jump up once, shimmy left around the corner and back jump with a twist to grab some collapsible tiles. Pull up and run jump a bit up to the left

to grab that platform where you get Secret #8, Amaltea’s Horn.


Hade’s Eye, the Apple of Gods.


Go to the SW corner and jump up the cracks (4x) and shimmy to the right to get onto the walkway again.

Go N and hang on the pillar next to the statue and jump up 2 times.

Turn around and find a crack in the wall (SE), shimmy to the right, jump up once and back jump to a walkway. Get the Apple of Gods from the pedestal at the other side and go out W. Jump over to the horse and give him the apple and carefully ride straight down the blocks to the lava, S down the street. Go straight avoiding the lake.


Route with the last Secret: Take the horse (fireproof hooves) through the lava flow S to the square with the wooden doors, dismount and pick up Secret #9, the Golden Fleece E. A block lowers left, go through to a wooden wall, kick it and in the next yard are Flares, near the wooden fence you would have broken with the horse is Orange Juice.


Route without the Secret: From the lake left around the stairs break the fence. Dismount, pick up Orange Juice where the fence was and Flares SE, use the Hade’s Eye E and get through to Hell.  

Lure the Skeletons away to grab (W) Zeus’ Thunderbolt and some Thunderbolt ammo then shoot the skeletons to Hell (Oh, they were there already, to Kingdom Come then). You better use a Flare to find 5 Amethyste Jewels (hard to see) and place them at the E wall. Turn around and go to the glass wall (W) and pick up the Olympic Laurel.


You are back at the village, turn around and go out on the right, down the wooden slopes and the village is back to normal, take a left and straight to the double doors. The doors open and watch the final flyby.


G&D - Oct 2015.