BtB 2015-21- City of Sands.


Level by MarciderFan


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


No secrets.


The Holy Key.


Turn left, to the right are the Skull doors we need to open. Proceed and go straight (W) and in a room with all kind of rubbish shoot a crate in the NW corner and get the Holy Key.

Keep going straight and open the wooden door on the right. Some birds attack, afterwards go to the SE corner for Ambrosia (Medipack) and use the Holy Key next to the gate (W).


Perseus’ Sword.


Go in and left and grab the Flares. Go to the other side and shoot a goat, take a right and go around the building to find the Magnum on the floor of a dark room at the end of the passages. Go back and take the first to the right, near the boulder is a small crawlspace, get in and find a floor lever. Go out to the passage and now go left and up in an opening on the left as well. The door is open, so follow through to a room full of rubble. On the bottom of a dry fountain grab Perseus’ Sword, shoot some birds, and get some Orange Juice (small medipack) in the far left corner (SE).


Looking for a Lyre.


In the passage W is a crowbar lever that needs the Sword and the Crowbar door opens (slowly). Go in and loop right around the tree into the NW corner for Flares and Ambrosia behind the tree. Then go into a crawlspace E and use the jump lever you find at the end. Get out and find another open door S behind the statue where we need a Lyre.


Stand on the right and run down, jump down and immediately hop back against the wall so two boulders can roll overhead. On the left is a climbable wall… Better just side flip over that fence and crawl under the next.

Go straight and down a slope and follow through. At the spike pit jump up for a monkey swing and swing to the pillar there. Then use the crack on the left to get to the other side.


The Shotgun, an Old Rusty key.


In the big room, shoot the lion; go to the far left corner (NW) and down the stairs and into the shallow water. To the right are some wet Flares. Go to the opposite corner and climb up, turn N, jump even higher and use the crack N to shimmy to the right and then just before the corner, jump up for some Shotgun ammo. Turn around, and jump to grab the ladder S, go up and right around to the Shotgun.


Then jump up into the opening (W) and on the raised tile is the Old Rusty Key.

Slowly make your way to the water below and go back up the stairs E. Back in the Main room take a left and take the next stairs, doesn’t matter which one, you end up at a door that needs that Old Rusty Key.


Yellow Key.


Go in and on the balcony you’ll hear Pierre shooting another Lion. First take a right and jump over to the corner ledge; use the Sword on the lever then safety drop down, Pierre finished shooting the lion. Kill Pierre, who will leave a Yellow Key behind.

Go back up either stairs NE and once back on the balcony the door on the right wall (E) is open (crowbar lever NW). Enter that door, climb up and back flip and find a lever on the right. Jump over to where the gate opened and take a left, side flip over the fence. Just follow through, side flipping fences as you go and end up at a slope. 


Labyrinth, Happy/Sad Mask.


Slide down and pick up a Torch (for extra light), you could first drop some Torches at crossings like the famous breadcrumbs.

Go into the opening right (S). Go straight and at the wall take a right, around the corner is Ambrosia but also a wraith. So roll, run right around, then go left and straight and jump into the water.

Get out and now go to the opening E. Go straight till you bump into a wall, take a left and shoot a scorpion here. Go around the corner and take the first one on the right. Keep to the right and bump into a crawlspace, drop the Torch. Shoot the three-headed Cerberus and get the Happy/Sad Mask from the crawlspace. Crawl back and turn around (W) go straight till you bump into a wall again, take a left and follow through, take the first right and you are back at the waterhole.


Get into the water and swim to the other end (E), turn to the right (E) and at the end place the Happy/Sad Mask at that blue door.


Get in and go up the stairs and jump over a sandy pile and in the next room take a left (W) all the way to the end. Take a left again and find on the left the keyhole for the Yellow Key.


City Square, an Ornate Bronze Key.


Enter and go down the stairs a bit, turn to the right and go around the house (SW). A Centaur appears, so kill him and get Ambrosia and Shotgun ammo behind the house. Go to the sand pile and climb up the wall W, turn around and jump onto the house for Flares, back to the wall and go left all the way to get Orange Juice. Go back around to the sand hill and go back up the stairs and jump over the fence (E). Around the corner jump onto the house for Uzis and Uzi clips.

Jump back to the wall and go to the right, all the way to the end for Flares. Go back a bit to the corner (SE). Drop into the alley and use the lever to open a door to a house. Out of the alley and loop left and the door to the small house is open. Pick up the Ornate Bronze Key and get back on the square. A Centaur might show up, take care of him (best is to run after them or try to stay behind them so they won’t shoot).


For the Lyre.


Go back to the stairs N, and behind the house on the right (NE) are more Flares. We have to get back to the Main Room. So back to the stairs and now go up and through the big doors straight and a bit right into that small wooden door, follow through left through the gate, then right and across into the next passage, take a right (this is where you got the Magnum at the start) and up left into the wooden door. Go over the square with the dry fountain into the crowbar doors W to the yard with the Lyre Statue. Left through the door and down the boulder slope, just side flip over that fence and crawl under the next.

Go straight and down a slope and follow through. At the spike pit jump up for a monkey swing and swing to the pillar there. Then use the crack on the left to get to the other side and get to the Main room.


Up the stairs right and on the balcony to the opposite doors you can open with the Ornate Bronze Key. Go in, follow through over a pit and around the corner find an opening in the wall. Get in there and find a lever on the left, a blue door opens up on the square where that Centaur was. Hop back to get out of the camera view, turn left and go back to the Main room (follow through W). Take a right on the balcony and into the door you opened before, up the ladder through the gate and side flip through that maze again. Go down the slope to the labyrinth and jump into the water. Swim through, climb out left and get through the blue door E. Up the stairs down the slope, loop around left and you are back at the Square.

Go down to the square and left to the open blue door in the NE house and inside is the Lyre.


Use the Lyre, Old Rusty Key.


Go back up the stairs N, to the right a bit, into the wooden door N, through the gate W, right and right again where you shot the goat. Climb up left into that open wooden door and go N and left. On the square with the dry fountain take a right through the crowbar doors and place the Lyre on the statue. A blue door opens up. And that of course is back on the Village Square again. Hop back again to get out of the camera and retrace your steps again. Left (E), left (NE) up through the door, right and then left around the corner. Passage on the right (S) and left through a gate, right through the small door and sort of straight through the street to the square S. The open door is in the first house on the right, get another Old Rusty Key inside.


Amethyste Jewel.


Out of the house and right around the corner to the building SW, open the door with the Old Rusty Key. Go up the stairs and from the top of the stairs jump and grab the slope over the wall torch, shimmy right and back flip to the ledge. Turn and slide down a slope. Follow through to a shallow pool of water with fountains. To the right are Flares. Go straight from the entrance into the water, to the back and swim in the opening and use the underwater lever.

Swim back and climb out straight ahead (W), go to the left into an open blue door. Pick up the Amethyste Jewel and continue through here until you reach a big slope, look up and spot trouble.


Boulder Slope.


I used the blocks sometimes to hide behind or sometimes jump over. The exit is of course all the way down (N). Go in and follow through, climb the ladder and drop down at the end. Your screen will be shaking from now on because of all these boulders left active.

Go up the stairs (E) and in the Main room go left and up to the balcony. Into the doors straight ahead (S) and left, climb up to where you used the lever before and this time drop down there.

Go N and flip over that fence at the boulder trap, go up to the yard with the Lyre statue, take a right, keep left and jump over the sand, follow to the wooden door. If you jump out of the door onto the ledge ahead there are more Flares if you need them.

Down in the next passage, go right/left (S), at the market stall to the left (S) again and left right into the passage through the small wooden door and left. Straight over the next yard and at the wall torch (where you started the level), go left down the slope. There are Flares to the right, behind that cart.


Through the Skull Doors.


Open the Skull doors by placing the missing Amethyst Jewel on the left. Slide down into a surreal world, step out onto the ledge and wait for some harpies, then jump and grab to the ledge E, go left and follow to a sloped block. As I saw no way to get to the big ledge left from that sloped block in front, I just did a run jump with a bit of a left curve in the end from the corner of the small ledge to grab the corner of the big ledge (NW). Back flip over the top of the next slope, grab the edge and pull up to back flip to the structure.


Zeus’ Thunderbolt.


Grab the crack and shimmy along the inside to the end of the crack, back flip onto the pillar. Grab up to and climb up the ladder W, climb onto the top and walk down straight, hop over the lava to a grassy area in the middle of a large lava cave. Go straight W and hop over to get Zeus’ Thunderbolt. No ammo though.


Go back to the tree, take a left (N) and hop over the lava, go down straight and get to a wide lava cave, a harpy will show up. Line up straight and jump to grab that ledge straight in front, turn right and jump to the wide ledge E. I think the idea was for you to go left now, but that route is totally useless. Just jump SE twice, the monkey swing above doesn’t work and you don’t need it too. Go left and grab up to the pillar. Run jump to the floor NE. Jump and grab the block E, go around and back flip off.


Jump to the roof E, shimmy right and pull up on the ledge where the roof ends. Turn around and run jump to the ledge with the lever opening a gate NE. Jump back to that ledge right of the roof and jump to the other roof E, shimmy left and pull up at the end of the roof, hop over into the open gate. Go up the stairs and left around the corner, jump over to the ledge ahead and jump get to the roof of the structure, up the ladder and look for a crawlspace up there (W). Get in and down to a corridor, that one seems endless, just sprint through and down some slopes till you come to a kind of portal to a large room.


Final Battle, Old Rusty Key and a Bluestone Key.


Save and jump through, quickly try to collect as much Thunderbolt ammo as you can (corners of the lower floor) and take care of a whole range of enemies. There’s 2x Magnum ammo in a side passage NE. One of these monsters dropped an Old Rusty Key, another a Bluestone Key. Go look for those and use the Rusty Key in the passage SE.


A door opened S, go left in the end and find your way up the pitch black passage, run through another endless passage and be careful you don’t fall into the hole, turn around and climb down the ladder, drop, turn around and go out to the tree. Take a right at the tree (S), jump into the structure, jump over to the block and climb the S wall up into an opening. Use the Bluestone Key and up another wall, run through the passage and end this level.


G&D – Oct 2015.