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Level by Loch


Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Saves Folder.


Do shoot every amphora you see, you never know what’s inside.


Perseus’ Sword.


Go right to the N side, wade up and get on the ledge. Go to the left around a corner and look right to spot a ledge with Shotgun ammo, jump there to get it and jump back. Proceed to the other side of the small temple (W) and again take a left. Just pass a group of trees on the right and behind the last tree climb up the ledges on the right (W). A goat is running around and that raven you saw in the opening flyby might also show up. Straight ahead (W) is Perseus’ Sword (Crowbar). If you follow this ledge all the way N, hop over and at the end you’ll find Orange juice (small medipack), shoot some Birds.


Get down from this ledge, climb the terraces of the Temple (NW) and find the lever you can use the sword on. The trapdoor next to it opens; we’ll go there later.


The Uzis.


First climb up one more floor, find a large trapdoor and a statue with 4 wall torches around it, they have to be lit. Under one of the vases you can find Flares.


Cliffhanger, First Torch, the Shotgun.


Go to the left (E) to the back corner (SE) and jump down SE onto the ledges around the pool. Make your way left (E) and jump NE onto the corner block. One more jump with Ctrl in the same direction and now you can jump to that pointy block in the pool (N). Grab up to the ladder on the right and go all the way up and off onto the grassy ledge left. Turn right and hop over to the other corner, then to the right to the next ledge. Shoot a Raven; then run jump to the dark entrance you see behind the waterfall (N). Pick up Uzi Clips in front of the Amphora’s; shoot them for more Uzi clips. Shoot the other Amphora’s to push the button and one of the 4 wall torches ignites (1/4). Jump back over to the grassy ledge through the waterfall.


Walk to the end on the right (W), hop to the ledge left around the corner, stand to the left and back flip onto the slope behind and jump to grab a ledge above (W). From there, jump NW landing under the roof of the temple, grab Shotgun ammo, the Shotgun and Ambrosia.


Secret Detour: Go to NW corner and look for a ledge in the W wall. Back flip to that and jump to grab the roof. From the higher tip left, jump and grab the ledge NE. Shimmy all the way left to a tree, go around the corner and jump one ledge up and shimmy left through the trees. Drop at the end and go into a dark passage around the corner to get Secret #1, an Olympic Laurel. Get out, hop down to the roof of the Temple, turn around and jump with Ctrl into an alcove under that tree (W), grab the edge. Back jump onto the lower floor of the Temple where you got the Shotgun before.


The Uzis.


Walk to the S end of the floor and spot the jump lever below (you can also use it from the floor below).

It will open the gate you saw when you landed in the pool before. Go towards the waterfall and hop down into the pool, turn around and swim into that open gate, don’t dilly dally, but keep a move on. Swim to the right into a passage, through the spikes and in the next room, ignore that lever on the far right hand wall, but turn immediately left and up as you come in to use the ceiling lever (SW). It will retract a block in the exit N. Before you leave, pick up the Uzis and 2x Uzi clips from the floor. You’ll end up in a dark pool; get out at the stairs. Go to the W wall and a bit on the left and find Shotgun ammo in the grass.


The Amphi Theatre, the Torch Quest.


In the middle of the terrace is a trapdoor, open it with the crowbar lever next to it. Drop through the trapdoor into a room with a wooden door. Swim into a tunnel NW, all the way to the end and in between some plants and amphora’s grab another Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Bit tricky to pick up, you’ll have to turn Lara till she does. Turn around and swim in to the left (S) and wade out at the end, into a room behind that wooden door. The amphora there has Flares. Follow through NE, shoot the Amphora’s for 2x Uzi clips and come to the Amphi theatre where the gate will shut behind you. On the middle of the arena floor is the Torch. At the gate E are Amphora’s with Shotgun ammo. Now we have to find a way out…


Take the Torch turn and face the entrance (S). Go up the stairs to the right of the closed entrance, stand against the higher ledge and side flip up to the roof E, (or jump up and hit the #1 “weapons” key and thus drop the Torch on the higher ledge). Ignite the Torch left, get down to the stage and ignite that pedestal E. The gates open up and Gladiators come out. While fighting them, the camera view might change into far view… Three harpies come out to play, best run up the stairs where you went with the Torch and stand back in a corner to shoot those first. And if that wasn’t enough a Minotaur joins the fun. For him you should get back on some stairs before his axe hits the ground. After the battle (If you want, use the look key to get the normal camera back), you can leave the Torch behind in a safe spot and go to those gates. Climb the wall behind the wall torch almost to the top and back flip off, go to the balcony where you’ll find a button left.


Secret Detour: When on the balcony before hitting the button, go to the right, light a flare and hang from the edge, shimmy left around using a crack and then after the second corner climb up a ladder. Through a wooden shaft you’ll reach the Secret Terrace where you’ll find Secret #2, an Olympic Laurel. Climb back down after enjoying the view and drop down into the theatre, go back up to the same balcony and left to the button.


Pushing the button will ignite the Second wall torch at the statue (2/4).  You’ll be transported back…


Traps Galore, 2D Adventure.


Now go to the NW corner of the lower terrace, the one where you might have used the crowbar lever already to open the trapdoor left of it. Safety drop down the trapdoor and from the platform shoot only the vases with orange in them (2 E and 1 S), like you see on the wall with the door (N). That door will open if you shoot the correct vases. Fake door by the way, when you try to jump into it, you’ll end up on that collapsing platform and drop into misery. You slide into the dark, light a flare. (For a next Secret: there is a Timed door in this place, from where you run over the crumbling ledges be fast) Just slide, do nothing and save before you end up on crumbling ledges, run and jump well before the end with Ctrl so you grab the next series. Save there and pull up, run and jump to the single ledge and then hop straight forward onto a safe block.


Run jump and grab the other side when the flame is down and follow through, you can only go straight, as this whole part is 2D. Dodge a blade and swords, keep hugging the wall. Jump over the lava and time the emitter. Then jump to a rocky ledge where a monkey swing is shown. I couldn’t see where Lara was, but I just jumped and got on the monkey swing. Watch the emitter there.

At the other end hang from the rock and when the flame is down, roll and run jump to the next break ledge.

Back flip onto the slanted rock and jump again to grab a higher slope.


For the Secret: sliding down that high slope, jump into the opening ahead where the Timed door should still be open (savegame.0). Go in where a small door opens and you’ll enter a small café, you’ll find Secret #3, an Olympic Laurel on one of the tables. Go back to the Timed door, turn around and just safety drop down to land on a block.


Just pull up over and don’t touch the keyboard, you’ll end up on a block. Jump to the next, get Ambrosia and push the button to ignite another wall torch (3/4) at the statue. It’s dark all of a sudden…


Night Time.


Here’s something special, to really end the level, because when you don’t, all trapdoors will close again and Lara will drop down into the pool where the level started in the first place, kind of an endless loop, although the level went to load screen/ended when I did…. Playing the “Back to Civilization” version means that you will not visit one of the areas in this level.

This is the text on a scroll you will find at the end of the level, so I have no idea how we should know this now…

Note by Author:

“Lighting a path to escape out of the temple's loop and back to civilization”.

To do this you must have been to the amphitheatre and one other trapdoor area first (doesn't matter which other one).

(Save here in case you want to play the other scenario too and keep this save separate.)


Getting Out…Retrieving the Torch.


Some skeletons appeared, I shot them into the deeper part of the pool, from the lower ledge around the Temple, NE for instance. Go down N, to the second terrace, the one closest to the doors N and drop down through the open trapdoor, make your way to the Amphi Theatre again. Swim into a tunnel NW, around a right corner swim straight to the plants, turn right to swim in S and wade out into a room behind that wooden door. Follow through NE and come to the Amphi theatre.


Find your Torch and go back S into the passage to the room with the wooden door and ignite the wall torch next to it to open the door. In the other room some pillars went up. Run jump with the Torch from the ledge with the wall torch onto that pillar left behind the door. Then hop onto the wall W, right onto the pillar (through the trapdoor) and face E to hop up to the terrace.

Go with the Torch up to the Temple, the floor with the 3 lit torches and go around to the back where you’ll find a wall torch, ignite that and pillars go up. Hop up to the floor above taking the Torch with you. Ignite the wall torch on the NE column and another pillar goes up behind you. Jump up twice then run jump onto a triangle ledge a bit to the right E. Jump to the ledge near the waterfall and jump over. Go into the dark opening and take a left and follow through. Jump up again, ignite the pedestal and a pillar goes up. Drop the Torch and climb up, grab up to the ladder E and get back to civilization. Level ends with 3 secrets….


From the save you made at Night Time:


Mysterious Place, Free the Ghost of Cecil.


Some skeletons appeared, I shot them into the deeper part of the pool, from the lower ledge around the Temple, NE for instance. Go down N, to the first terrace, to the left is another crowbar lever for the trapdoor in the terrace. Go open the trapdoor and get in.

From the raised tile hop to the blue diamond shaped spot on the floor. Then hop to the one in front of the door and it will open up. You’ll see the Ghost of Cecil the Lion running inside, follow it N and go all the way to the dead end, roll and go to the other dead end. A couple of times more and you’ll see the lion again. At one point in time a new passage opens up W.


Go through and jump down onto a wooden bridge. Lara spots a beehive, easiest is to climb back up and shoot the beehive just with pistols from the opening there.

A rope appears, stand under it and grab up, turn to the higher ground W and swing up there. There are 3 statues and behind a screen W you can see Cecil the lion. We have to get him out of there.


Go to the statues and each of them will trigger something behind that screen where Cecil is…

-Push the right hand statue (N side) to the side close to you (E).

-Then move the middle statue to the other side.

-Left statue one push.

-Right hand statue again

-Last the middle statue again and see Cecil run out, a pillar goes up and a door opens.


Go down the rock W, into the water and grab some last ammo, Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips, nothing left to shoot with that, and climb back up. Go over to where the rope is, grab it and swing onto that pillar under the now open door NE.


Secret: Turn around and jump onto the waterfall right (NW), go through the waterfall and grab Secret #4, an Olympic Laurel. Jump back to the pillar.


Climb into the opening and use the button, all 4 wall torches are now lit.


Go down the steps under the opened trapdoors in front of the statue and save at the Timed lever. It will open the doors in the back of the N cave where you saw those skeletons wake up. Quickly make your way down N, jump over into the cave and run over the terraces (don’t fall into the open trapdoors like me) and get to the doors and the timed gate behind them.


Go down that cave and kick that broken wall at the end, go through to pick up a Very Ancient Scroll, examine it:


On Moon rising, beneath the earth, where demons play.

A Fire lights the path.

For a wayward disciple’s home is never lost.


Use the crowbar lever and safety drop (check the health first) into the open trapdoor.

A flyby shows the whole level resetting and Lara drops back into the pool where it all started and the level ends…

You can also start a new level now and play the other ending with the Torch…


G&D- Oct.-2015