BtB 2015-17- Kolonakiís Square.


Level by Amethyste


Walkthrough G&D Productions.



5 secrets, tasks related to the Secrets are in dark blue.


The Magnum.


Go straight and follow through and open a wooden door, inside climb the wooden planks on the left. Back flip into a bedroom and get the Ambrosia (medipack). Go out (W) and climb up the steps ahead. Push the vase to the E, the gate on the right opens and a Gorilla attacks. Go in the gate (S) and follow through, to the left and up a sand hill, boulders fall down, apart from one. Go into the opening in the floor and get the Magnum, stay in there and let the boulder run over the hole. Climb out and climb the planks where the boulder was (E). From the top, immediately jump with a roll before you slide down landing on a ledge, now safety drop down. If you just slide down youíll lose quite some health.


Go down the sandy steps and run jump with a right curve into the opening between the roofs right (OR: jump down onto that ledge (you are back at the bedroom). Step up on the left, turn around and jump up to the left and hoist up). Put on the flying shoes and drop on a balcony. Go left and jump over, shoot the vase for Orange Juice (small medipack).


The Outbuilding Key.


Jump back and use the ladder to get down, go up the stairs SW and open the blue door, go to the wine cellar and shoot the barrels. One has the Outbuilding Key. Back on the steps and look up, climb those planks and back flip. Jump to the ledge in the corner and hoist up on the next for Ambrosia.


Horse Tracks, House Keys.


Better jump back to the ledge in the corner and from there into the passage with the spikes N. Go through and come to a place where there are three horses. In the far left corner (NW) is a Very Ancient Scroll and it reads:


Eros: My stallion Xanthe runs 2 times faster than your Balios.

Cleo: May be, but beware of Nessos over there. Iíve been told that it goes one time faster than yours.


Pull/Push the left horse, Nessos (when facing N) 6 times, the middle horse Balios 2 times (on the tile) and the right horse Xanthe 4 times. The door N should go open. Once in there, go to the pedestal and grab the House Keys.


Go back to the horses and down the stairs S.

Through the passage with spikes, drop down into the wine cellar and up the steps and down the stairs to the house on the left (N).


Go in shoot the vase on the right for Magnum Ammo. Go up the steps and climb up one floor to the bedroom. Pull the table away for Ambrosia and flip the lever in the NW corner to open a gate in an alley outside.


Go back downstairs.

For a Secret: While still on ground floor, look for a jump lever on the back of the white pillars left, stand under it and jump up to operate the lever, pillars go up in the pits on the horse track.

If you want the Secret, go up the steps E, climb up to the first floor and push the table to the chair in the NE corner, so you get into the opening over the grey wall NE. Follow through to the Horse Tracks and move the winning horse (left from pushing it N) onto the raised pillar N, then the right hand horse that was in second position and finally the deadbeat last horse, they will lower down (you have to do it in this order or else it will not work). Turn around, go to the other end of the track and at the top of the stairs look to the right, go into that passage (gate just opened). Go in and get Secret #1, a Silver Seahorse. Go back to the tracks, through the passage E to the house and get down to the stairs.


Go out of the house, go straight and then take a left into the alley and a right into the gate. Poor goats they only wanted to escape the lion.

Go to the blue door left (NE) and use the Outbuilding Key there. Donít go in yet, but turn around, dive into the fountain on the square and swim through the passage, at the end swim a bit up and loop around the pillar there for Flares. Swim down and find an underwater lever in the back of the same pillar. Swim out and to the left to get out of the fountain, to the open door NE, up the stairs, jump up the block and get onto a balcony.


The Harbor Key.


Jump over the fence to the central floor and behind the grass find Orange Juice.

Then jump to the ledge E, go around and jump to a ledge in front of a window, from there make your way to the W wall (last jump without Ctrl) and then jump to it the crack you see in the wall. Shimmy to the left and pull up, jump down at the other end, go through a small orange passage and into the opening on the right. Jump to the pillar in the spike pit.


For a secret, first hop down to a spike free spot, a gorilla escapes and after it is dead go into his cage (SW), into a crawlspace on the right and get Secret #2, a Bronze Seahorse. Climb the pole and back flip off to the pillar at the N wall.


Then jump to the slope (W), slide a bit and grab the edge of the next pillar. Then a running jump to the one near the wall with the vines and slide/jump and grab them. Shimmy to the left and climb up. Push the button and watch the flyby. Go through the open gate and sprint as a ball is chasing Lara, jump to the left and once outside better shoot the Centaur as he will keep on firing (if you have only pistols, jump to the central platform via the SE ledge and try to stay behind the Centaur so he wonít shoot). Jump to the SE ledge and climb the vines there. Almost at the top back jump and go up the glass tiles (a detour to the ledge left gives you Orange Juice) and shoot the lion after you pulled up to the trees. Get the Harbor Key and get a screen where to use it.


To the Harbor.


Go down the glass steps and down the vines and safety drop down. The door you are looking for is in the W wall.


Perseusí Sword


Go in to the end, shoot a lion and take a left and get onto the sand hills. Near the corner is a waterhole, jump in and swim to the end (stay on the right side). Use the underwater lever at the wall, roll and swim in the gate on the right. Get Perseusí Sword and swim out, go left around and swim back up. Face E and climb that wall a bit and back flip. Shoot a Raven (if it shows up), get down to the ground floor; go N and then a left through an arch and up some steps.


The Harbour.


Go left and behind the tree is Orange Juice; some birds and a goat might pester you. Go to the other side of the canal and open the white door with the Sword.

Inside shoot the big vase on the left for Orange Juice, go into the passage on the other side and loop around left to push the button. Further in the back and left in a crawlspace is Secret #3, a Gold Seahorse.

Then go back out. Climb up the now accessible pole and back flip. Up the block in the corner (NW) and push the button. Back down and jump onto the next block. Turn around and grab the climb wall there, shimmy to the left around the corner to almost the end and back flip.


Use the reach-in hole and safety drop down. Go out the door (NE) and straight. At the next balcony jump through that white window (E), go right and open a glass door.


The Warehouse Key.


Go along the left side, shoot a vase for Orange Juice, to the S side of the pool and climb up behind the fish statue, turn around, hop back and run-jump down, grabbing the jump lever. Turn around to go up the ladder again and through the now open gate. Use the lever and immediately roll and run out into the pool before Lara is set on fire by a wraith. Get Orange Juice SE and use the underwater lever W.


A pillar in the W wall is gone, just run through the window there and use that button, watch that fly by. Jump over the button and from the left corner into the water. Climb out and from the quay run into the water and into that hole. Get the Warehouse Key at the bottom and get back out onto the quay.


Go behind the boxes, left of the market stall (E side) and climb the vines, climb off to the roof left. Jump over the button and then a running jump to grab the edge of the balcony (there can be a nasty collision in the air, on the left).

Go in and use the Warehouse Key on the left and enter.


Go to the gap in the fence and jump down, on the right are two small stacked crates, you can shoot them, under them is a lever, use your sword and hear a door opening. Climb up the crates and to the room above and in the S wall is the gate that opened. Slide down and run jump up onto the ledge you can see left (when you jump down into the trees the level ends).


Run-jump down to the block W you can just see between the trees, then jump to the right to the next, take a right again and run jump to the palm tree E, behind the tree is Secret #4, Amalteaís Horn. Jump back to that large island and from the NW corner jump to the wooden platforms NW, then to that ledge with the statue and go up the ladder to back flip to the sandy plateau.


Last Secret: Jump to the ledge with the palm tree S, then left to the next and onwards to the ledge at the wall (it was possible to jump here from the red column above Secret 4 also, because that wasnít the intended route I skipped that), climb up or Secret #5, Pandoraís Box. Jump back to the sandy plateau.


The Laser Sight.


Go up the slopes through the arch and take a left, just before the row of arches, climb up left and take the Laser Sight and Magnum ammo. Return as you came and to the right through the archway, from the sandy plateau look up in the far distance to spot a bell you have to shoot. A door opens behind you, in the courtyard where you just took the Sight. So go back there and left or right around to the open door straight ahead (N).


The Ancient Jewels.


In the red hall where you need a Minotaur head, look left of the entrance for a floor lever; a flyby shows that window with the flowers outside. Go out of the hall and to the right to that window, nice view, but thatís not why weíre here. Climb the wooden planks on the right (NW) into a passage and follow through to the top of the red hall. Hop onto the ledge left, then jump NE. Climb that grey wall in front, go right around and up to the monkey climb, follow to the other side and drop/grab. Go right and pull up to pick up the Ancient Jewels. A trapdoor opens below.


Flooded Temple, Minotaur Head and Tool Handle.


Safety drop down next to the pedestal and go to the left side of the entrance door. Just drop into the water, follow through keeping left and end up in a large room, up in the ceiling is air. Swim into the opening S, close to the bottom and come to a mirror room. Up in the ceiling is air as you can see in the mirror. From that air pocket you can also spot a low tunnel in the right hand wall close to the NW corner, swim through that and in the next room is the Minotaur Head.


Go back to the water and notice the place magically transformed. Looking in the mirror you can see an opening in the ceiling, from the pillar without the vase, face a bit SW and stand jump grab into the opening. Go up and off left, follow the passage and get the Tool Handle in the next hall. Shoot the two Cerberus and leave through a gate (E), youíll be back in the red hall. Drop down and combine Minotaur Head and Tool Handle to use the Minotaur Head Tool to open the door N.




Go in and shoot a Minotaur, not much ammo left probably. Just keep as close to him as possible while jumping up and down firing pistols. Most of the times he doesnít even hit the floor. Then go look for a lever right of the grey door W and push the button in that passage. Back to the transformed Minotaur room and get Pandoraís Box E. Go through the opened gate N, to the left you can pick an Apple of the Gods from the tree to give to the horse. Ride up the hill and through the Skull doors.


G&D - Oct.2015