BtB 2015-16- Stairway to Hell.


Level by OverRaider



Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


Saves Folder.


3 secrets, the tasks related to getting the secrets are in dark blue.


Bluestone Key


Follow the cave to a small pond, walk onto the ledge and grab the Orange Juice (small medipack). From the left high tip a run jump to grab the rock ledge W and shimmy left, just before the corner pull up and back flip to a ledge with Uzi clips. Hop E and keep jumping the ledges to one a bit left around a grassy mound. Grab up to the grassy ledge and jump over onto the upper ledges N. Go left and follow to where you can take a right into a cave, at a gate Lara will look up to a jump lever only to be reached from above. You can also pick up a Bluestone Key from a pedestal.


Go back out, climb up that yellow rock in front of the cave and turn around, grab up to the ledge above, go left a bit and crawl through to a cave where you’ll find the hole in the floor with that jump lever. Use it to open that gate where you land. Go back out of the cave, to the right and as you might have noticed by now, those yellowish sandstone rocks are hint for paths to follow. So drop from this ledge and walk to the SW tip, S you can see more yellow rock. Run jump S with a right hand curve onto the ridge right and grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy left till you can pull up on the yellow rocks.


Run jump into the gap between the hills and follow the grey path into a cave, to the left are Uzi clips. Continue to the Slide of Fear.


The Double Slide.


For a Secret: Stand left and in a position allowing you to slide jump over the right hand side of the spike trap, triggering the “once only” spikes. You have to time that flame down the slope below the spike trap before you start. If you jump a bit right you will just go right of that pillar at the flame, jump left around the pillar to land on a ledge with a lever, throw that to kill the burners below. Slide down, go left and up the ladder to the ledge where the spikes de-activated. Grab the Secret Key and slide down again. It is also possible to get the Ambrosia from the other slope. Run jump from the spike ledge over the slope between the slides, jump to get lined up with the side of the pillar and jump right around the pillar to get to the ledge with the Ambrosia (Medipack). Slide down.


Without the Secret, slide down the right hand side, but if you manage to jump right around that pillar to a ledge, you can pick up Ambrosia. Slide down (savegame.0 - with Key and Ambrosia).

Go through to a large cave and we have to open that door you can see to the right.


Opening the Grey Door.


Go left into the opening there and stand on top of a yellow rock, when you jump up you can shoot an amphora standing on a column (N). You’ll get a screen of that door (1).


For a Secret: Use the Secret key on the lock to open the gate, go in and gather 3x Uzi clips scattered over the floor and the Uzis, an Olympic Laurel from the tomb as Secret #1. Go out.


Go to the entrance and turn right, from the base of the roof column you can jump and grab up to the rock right, get Shotgun ammo and turn around. Jump and grab up to the roof over the entrance, from the roof jump to the rock ledge on the left (N) and go push a lion button N, you’ll get a screen of that door (2). Stay on this ledge and looking towards that door (E) you can now see two wall torches burning, so some tasks left…


Stay on this ledge and jump to the ledge with the statue SW, on the base of the statue is a Key, the Golden Key. Stand on the N side of the statue and grab the Key from under the shield. Standing on the other side will result in failure… Drop down, go N and at the columns use the Golden Key in the keyhole on the right hand wall, you’ll get a screen of that door (3), there are three wall torches burning.


Turn left from the keyhole, in the end go right through to a terrace with a floor lever and burners protecting it. SE on the terrace are Flares, then go around to the N side and find a lever that is not broken, use it to stop one of the burners. Go back to where you got the Flares and pull that ornament once to the N, then push it into the burner and immediately back flip away. The burner gets diverted making it possible to use the floor lever; you’ll get a screen of that door opening up (4).


To Fill a Pool...


So, back to the entrance and left to the door, left or right around the wall to come to an empty pool with a glass floor above, we need the object hidden underneath. In the plant pot NW is Orange Juice.


The Holy Urn.


Go to the E stage with the statues; pull the left statue once so it is aligned with the right hand statue. The trapdoor in this podium opens up, drop down. Get that pushable lion ornament and pull it over those crystal thingies you can see under the glass floor. One by one pickups appear on the ledge under the trapdoor you came down from. In no particular order: Orange Juice, Shotgun ammo and the Holy Urn (Waterskin).


Use the Scale, the Sacred Jewel.


Get out of the basement, go over the glass floor to a ladder W, upstairs to the right are Uzi clips, to the left is a scale. Go back down the ladder, out of this room to the cave (W) and to that shallow pool at the crossing.

Fill the Holy Urn, go back to the room with the glass floor, up the ladder and put the water in the scale, watch the flyby. Go down the ladder, onto the podium E and down the open trapdoor, swim through the gap in the W wall and grab the Sacred Jewel. Swim through the gap between the glass floor and the wall to get out.


Back up the ladder and open the double doors (W), inside to the right is a receptacle for the Sacred Jewel, to the right of it is some Shotgun ammo. Placing the Jewel will trigger a chain of events and finally you’ll see the Keyhole for the Bluestone Key you’ve been carrying around. That trapdoor that opened last is right behind you, near the double doors.


Climb up, go through the gate and use the Bluestone Key. Through the gate you’ll get to new terrain, shoot a lion, get Shotgun ammo right and slide down a slope, another lion and Orange Juice right behind the tall grass. Go left to a small waterfall and close by is a beehive Lara looks up to.


For the Holy Key, the Laser sight...


Go right to where the water goes over the edge of the rocks and drop from the left side down into the pool below. Swim forward a bit and climb up right onto the island to get Shotgun ammo from the grass. Run straight into the water and swim in W, follow through the caves up to a grey tunnel (N) and slowly swim to the Laser sight. Swim forward a bit and Lara stands up (Secret hunters; you can swim further N later after that trapdoor closed).


… and the Magnum.


Climb up right (E), go shoot a vase E for Flares, and go left around the wall, pick up Magnum ammo from a wall torch that is not burning (notice the Keyhole). When you come to a small stairs down, stand on the base of one of the statues, grab the ceiling and go into the next room, a bit right and drop/grab to a ledge. Go left around and jump grab up to the roof above, left around and drop/grab to a ledge with the Magnum. Drop out, back up the stairs and out E to the waterfall and beehive.


Shoot it from a spot where you have a clear aim and the bees won’t be too happy, run around a bit to get rid of them (or save and reload), then return to where you shot it, the Holy Key fell to the ground. Head back inside (W) and use the Holy Key in the alcove between the two wall torches. That trapdoor slides closing up the opening.

For the Secret: Go back to the outside, drop from the waterfall and swim in W again, follow up and through the grey tunnel to the room with Secret #2, shoot the vase for Poison arrows, in the tomb are the Bow, Kaboom arrows and Amalthea’s Horn. In the other shoot corner another vase with Arrows. Use the lever to open the gate and go out of the room.


Drop the Hammer.


Go to the SW corner where the trapdoor closed and now you can crawl into the opening. Behind that tree left is Shotgun ammo, then go to that ornament and pull the ring, watch the following events and see the Hammer break the ceiling over the spike trap, triggering some of the spikes.

Head back through the crawlspace, left around the wall and down the steps to where the spike trap de-activated some of the spikes. Only the ones where the dark ceiling tiles are missing are safe now. Go through, up the steps into a large hall.


Over the Abyss.


To the right on a plant pot is Shotgun ammo, a deep abyss blocks progress there but you can see a gate across the abyss. So head around to the other side and a Scorpion drops down. At the end on the left (SW) is a Timed lever, opening the gate across the abyss. Sprint back and use the base of the columns along the side to jump to the open gate and get through (savegame.1 - video-abyss.wmv). It looks harder than it really is…


The Forbidden Stone.


Go through and arrive at a terrace where someone already placed two Minotaur Heads, but the big trapdoor is still closed so we need something else. Look behind the receptacle S for Magnum ammo and head right for Orange Juice (W). Go back around this structure and from the NE corner of it, look up left (NW) shoot that bell there. A weird appearance will create a Gladiator and while shooting him one or two Scorpions appear. After the battle go look for the Forbidden Stone dropped by the Gladiator. Go onto the terrace and use the Stone, the Stairway to Hell will open up.


Stairway To Hell, going down.


Go down, find a Shotgun on a pedestal, and immediately back flip away as spikes will pop up. Descend down the Stairway… Come to a deep pit.


Stand left at the abyss and stand jump to grab that spiked pillar, go left around and back jump (down key) to the ledge with Magnum ammo. Shimmy right along the edge and pull up at the end, stand back and jump to grab the spike pillar, shimmy left and back jump again. Go to the end of this ledge to get the Flares. Jump and grab the spike ledge and go right around a corner, drop and grab the sloped wall and go right to the other end. Ledge jump up (Alt) and right around the corner to back jump to the ledge. Shimmy right to a ledge with a button. Spiked retract on a ledge over the sloped wall. For more pickup, shimmy right and get Orange Juice and get back to the ledge at the button. Run jump (S) to the ledge with the Shotgun ammo and from that tile do a run-jump into the opening S where the stairway continues.


Follow the Stairway down to a room with a fluid floor. Hop in and fall into a weird place, some Scorpions attack, follow through to a room with cascades and find Flares to the right on the ledge. At the other end of the room on a ledge right is Shotgun ammo, a Bird of Hell appears (notice the unlit lamp NW).


Torch Puzzle.


Right and left of the opening N are lion statues with Torches in their mouth; grab one Torch. Take it into the room N, right or left and down into a lower section where you can now throw the Torch through the gap near the floor. Go back up, to the Main room and left a bit to a piece of grey rock going through the ledge over the deadly pool. From the rock hop down onto the rock in the deadly pool, go down the N side and grab Uzi clips. Jump the islands to the W and then from the highest tip jump and grab the ledge N, pull up inside. The Torch should be here.

Stand with your back to one of the stone slopes, back flip and jump to grab the ceiling and go to a jump lever on the N wall to ignite a flame on the red ledge. Take the Torch and ignite it there. Run jump from the opening to the islands and go left to that high rock. From where you got the Uzi clips you can hop onto the left side of the rock, run jump S to the island with the red ledge. Ignite the wall torch and jump from island to island to ignite all 5, a rope will appear in this cave.


For a Secret, take the Torch back up with you.


Further down the Stairway.


Get back up to the floor as you came here.

For a Secret, go to that one lamp that isn’t burning W and right, ignite it with the Torch and drop the Torch.

Go into that mysterious window and end up at Secret #3, in the tomb left the Thunderbolt with Thunderbolt Ammo and Pandora’s Box. Scattered around the room you can find 4x Thunderbolt Ammo, one of those in hidden the big statue. Go back through the mysterious window.


Once back on the left is also Shotgun ammo. Enter the N room again, climb that fence N and back flip with twist to grab the upper floor. There’s a fluid wall left, but for now go to the last arch right (SW) and pick up Uzi clips. Jump and grab the rope, turn left a bit and swing to that rock ledge. Go to the other end and left through the arch to get behind the fluid wall. Down the stairway and left around the corner is Shotgun ammo. A bit further right is more Shotgun ammo. Several Scorpions appear, be careful, where those rays from the big statues cross the floor is deadly hot.


The Spiritual Core.


The next section has Orange Juice left, stay on the stone floor and in the end a Fire Demon will wake up with special effects. Best run to the stone floor E and shoot him there. After the battle, pick up Ambrosia from the block E and use the reach-in switch behind it, you’ll get the Spiritual Core and the Skull doors open. (To the N you can see the Secret Room we visited).


Final Battles.


Go down the stairway and in the next room 2 Minotaur’s appear (each takes about 30 shotgun rounds), best shoot then while taking refuge on the stairs and they drop a Summoning Supplement and a Summoning Element, combine the parts into a High Summoner. Place that on the empty stand and a Huge creature appears, shoot that too and go look for God’s Essence it dropped. For me that wasn’t where it died, but somewhere on the floor. Use it on the left wall to open the gates there, some cats roaming around there. Go use the Spiritual Core E and step into the blue tunnel….


You closed the Stairway To Hell forever…



G&D – Oct 2015.